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Time to take a good look in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Kay B. 4 days ago

I was looking at some profile photos in growth and a2a. And I was shocked at what I was seeing.

With so many sign-ups never even posting a profile photo, there were also many who posted non-professional profile photos.

Yes, we have the great freedom to wear what we want when we do the computer part of this business, but our public part should be very professional. Remember, our prospects know nothing about SFI. It is what they think about you that determines if they will sign-up.

Let's look at some of those photos. Yes, casual is nice at times, but it may convey that you are too relaxed. T-shirts with other advertising or messages are not wise choices. What message do you want to send out to prospects.

Spouses and babies or pets send messages to specific groups of people, but can signal that you have pre-occupations. Ones with spouses can be particularly confusing because you can not tell who is the sponsor just by looking.

Selfies are rarely good professional photos. The angles are wrong, the background often cluttered, and the lighting all wrong. Watch where the shadows fall. Especially for those with darker skin, it is important to find the right placement of the light to the face so facial features will show,

How about the eyes? Where are they looking? They should be open and looking at the camera. The eyes are the gateway to the soul, so they say. People like a direct look, otherwise they think you are hiding something.

Your facial expression does much. There are some photos with scowls that can be frightening. Lighten up smile so wide it reaches your eyes. Look like you are pleasant to be around. If you zoom in and have your face extend to the edges it looks like you are coming out of the photo, getting in my face. Back off.

But not so much that you show your whole body, your face is too small then. Show some of your body in your photo. Not a lot, but shoulders. It helps position your face in the area provided.

Show your current identity, your current age. We had a recent Forum thread started by someone who looked fresh out of school. The posts answered to a young person. It was revealed that the poster was decades older. Our answers for her question would have been different. If we want an honest relationship with our downline, we must honestly reveal our self.

You will have opportunities to show off our family and pets later. But the profile pic for your business should reflect your capability and seriousness you give to the business and your affiliates. Your media profiles can be more relaxed.

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Are You An Autodidact? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Randy I. 11 days ago

Are you an autodidact? (A self-taught person)

Many people complain about not having a Sponsor, or Co-Sponsor that is helpful. Can you still be successful? YES!

Many famous people had no formal training in the field where they became famous. They had an interest, and they pursued that interest through self-study.

Many people that join SFI have no training in marketing. Sounds a little bit crazy, doesn't it. We see an ad, consider the possibilities, and the adventure begins.

I am going to suggest there are some very basic MUST DO's if you are serious about learning this business.

1. The LaunchPad www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/ is like your Syllabus. Here you will learn the foundational stones to building something great. Sorry, but if you can't get serious about the LaunchPad, I question your seriousness about using this platform for a successful business.

2. Rules of Success www.sfimg.com/ROS/Index
SFI President Gery Carson has listed 20 key truth's that will help put the wind in your sails! To ignore them is self-defeating.

3. Know where to look www.sfimg.com/Reference/Sitemap?referrer=search
The Sitemap will give you a comprehensive overview of everything SFI. It may be the most underutilized tool available.

4. Just Do It!
This is a trademark of shoe company Nike, but is a major motivation for success at anything we do! We can have all the books, the budget, the dreams, the support, etc. but at some point we just have to just do it!

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The Ultimate Success Formula That I Follow Daily Without Fail... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

Reply by Tommie K. 26 days ago

Hi SFI'ers,

"The path to success is to take massive, determined action." - Tony Robbins

If I had a Secret or steps to my success online and offline it would be, Tony Robbins Ultimate Success Formula.

Tony Robbins' The Ultimate Success Formula:

1. Know Your Outcome. Be specific on WHAT you want!
2. Know Your WHY. When you know your why, the how’s will work itself out.
3. Take Massive Action.
4. Know What Your Getting. You need to assess your progress.
5. Change Your Approach. Based upon your assessment of your progress, you may need to work on some new strategies or beliefs. If you have hit a plateau or find yourself spiraling downhill, this is the time to ask for help. Spiraling often happen because we missed our opportunity to assess and missed the plateau that happened before the spiral.

If our newest affiliates follow Tony's Ultimate Success Formula they will be our next BTL, STL, GTL, PTL, and DLT and will blow pass our current team leaders if they're not following the USF.

Tip: Follow Tony Robbins' Ultimate Success Formula and take massive, determined action.

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Are You Ready for 2018? in Miscellaneous

Reply by Karen S. 27 days ago

If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got – is it enough?

My wording may not be 100% true to the quote, but I’m sure you get the point. This is a phrase that I’ve heard many times, maybe you have too. It’s supposed to be a definition on insanity and can be applied to so many areas of our lives. SFI is no exception.

How many times do we approach a task and employ the same methods and tactics that we are comfortable with and used to? You know what I’m talking about don’t you? I have to admit that travelling the old familiar road would be my choice too. However, the result is usually the same too, and in many cases, it’s just not enough.

Did you try something new in 2017 for your SFI business? A new marketing method? Did you start to promote TripleClicks? Perhaps you purchased PSAs or CSAs. Maybe it was something as simple as posting in Stream or helping someone in the Forum. Every little positive change you make in how you work your SFI business gets you a little farther down the road to success.

A New Year will be here in just a few short days. 2018 offers us a new beginning – a chance to try new methods of promoting and working our SFI business. What will you try? Getting out of that comfort zone begins with a single step. That’s all it takes. Take a look through the Marketing Methods and pick one you’ve never tried before. Make your first purchase on TripleClicks. Answer the Biz Quiz every day. Complete the Goals tab! When you write your goals down there is a much greater possibility that you will actually achieve them.

Make a commitment to yourself to be farther down the road to success in December 2018 than you are today. Every journey begins with a single step. The steps you choose to reach your destination are up to you. Push yourself a tad further, you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish, you just have to try. Remember, you don't have to make this trip alone. When you hit a bump in the road, reach out to your sponsor or the SFI Forum – it’s like having your own personal support system at your fingertips.

I’m planning my journey for 2018, incorporating some new challenges and techniques. Perhaps I’ll be able to prove that you really can teach an old dog new tricks!

All the best of the season to everyone! See you in 2018.

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When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then... in Miscellaneous

Reply by Tommie K. 27 days ago

Hi SFI'ers,

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful.” ― Eric Thomas

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you become unstoppable.

For me, I wanted to succeed with free advertising because Gurus, Experts, Veteran Marketers, and others told me that it was a waste of time and effort.

Actually they did me a favor and set me on a journey to show them better than I can tell them how successful that I could be using free advertising .

My benefits of wanting to succeed as bad as I wanted to breath
- I'm the top referrer in most programs that I promote
- I have won numerous referral contest
- Forum Moderator
- I know and chat with Top Promoters
- Been asked to write a book on my advertising methods
- Had my own weekly ezine column
- Offer to become partners in numerous online ventures
- And the list goes on...

How did I attain my goals of using free advertising?
- I took massive action to attain them
- They were the first thing that I thought about when I woke up
- They were the last thing that I thought about when I fell asleep
- I worked on posting ads morning, noon, and night
- I leverage my time and effort thru the help of others using free advertising

I Posted Ads While:
- At the computer
- Watching TV
- Listening to the Radio
- Waiting in the doctors office
- Waiting in the dentist office
- At parties
- While posting in the forum
- Etc...

Tip: Follow Eric Thomas advice, When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful.

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Inactive PSA in Suggestion Box #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

Reply by Howard B. about 1 month ago

When I visit the forum, and talk to people that are on my team most of the frustration and the biggest complaint I see in the forum is about PSA that are non responsive or not active.

I have a few suggestions that may be helpful and beneficial to some of you. First visit your genealogy report at least once a week. Look at the sign up dates of your PSA then look at the last log in day. Some of your PSA you'll notice they have not logged in since joining that is ok ....our focus here is going to be the sign up day. ..and the last log in. If it is different by a few months these are the affiliates we are going to email. And when we reach out to them simply let them know who you are. Explain that you noticed that they had been on a few months ago but haven't uploaded a pic, finished goals and so on. Then ask them if there is something they didn't understand or are confused about and that you are available to personally help them through the whole process.

I have done this about 5 times with my own team and much to my suprise have brought at least 3 people back to SFI using this simple technique. It will take you some time to go through your report and email each of these individually but it can surely give your business a boost in the end. And you'll want to individualize each email not just write one and copy and paste it mass producing one message for all. Look over their profile see how many VP they earned if any, what goals they posted, if any....go through each person's profile use the info at your fingertips and write personal email for each.

Doing so shows you're actually concerned for them, builds trust, shows leadership, and really can only help you in the long run!

Next I just wanted to let you know another tip I use are the ecards. Even if people are inactive but you get notified that it's their birthday send them an ecard. And just like I explained above let them know who you are, and let them know all the exciting stuff you and your team is doing! Let them know they are missing out on fun, and could really be getting in on the ground level of 2 new programs that promises to produce even more commission and success!

Hope this helps and who knows you may eventually get all the inactive affiliates to come back and be Super Stars!

Best of luck to all that read this. Do something to advance your business everyday no matter how small. Everything you do today will bring you more success tomorrow!


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Rewardical is here to Stay, Rule and Support - You & Me!! in VersaPoints #Localvantia #Marketing #Rewardical

Reply by Sampath Kumar S. 2 months ago

When small adjustments are made in the pricing or something new is introduced replacing the existing one, many times the human mind will resent it initially.

But, once the big picture is clearly understood then it will adjust itself to the realities and will work duly following the new process.

Here in SFI we come across situations like this.

For example, when the MRP price of single TCredit was adjusted or when Rewardical (RT) was announced we had a good brain storming session in the Forum and Gery was patiently explaining and answering all of our questions. In fact, one of our fellow affiliate took pains to compare the benefits of Badge Quest in detail.

While reading all these, we came across the term, "Big Picture"! What exactly does it mean to us here?

Collins Dictionary defines it as, " a long-range or overall view or account of some complex matter".
Dictionary.com defines it as, " a broad, overall view or perspective of an issue or problem."

To simply put, the immediate impact may not be acceptable; But if we look at these issues from the long range perspective we can certainly understand how the Change will result for the better in future.

Author Denis Waitley in his Article titled, " 3 Ways to Stay Motivated and Keep Moving Forward" has the following to say on Big Picture:

Keep the end result in sight.
Always see the big picture of the ultimate goal you’re working for and the benefits that come with it.

During World War II, parachutes were being constructed by the thousands. From the workers point of view, the job was tedious and repetitive. It involved crouching over a sewing machine eight to 10 hours a day, stitching endless lengths of colorless fabric. The result was a seamless heap of cloth. But every morning the workers were reminded that each stitch was part of a life-saving operation. As they sewed, they were asked to think that this might be the parachute worn by their husband, brother or son. Although the work was hard and the hours long, the women and men on the assembly line understood their contribution to the larger picture.

The same should be true with your work. Each thing you do benefits someone, something—the lives and well-being of adults and children throughout the world, not just generally, but specifically. These are the visions that drive us through tedious details to the top.


The last paragraph, if we read carefully, we will understand and realise that Gery has been doing the best possible corrections, to the existing policies and procedures, from time to time, keeping the emerging business trends and the future impacts they will make on our business.

Let's understand, we all have set goals to achieve here. We can not go back on them. As Walt Whitman says in one of his well known poems,

" Allons! through struggles and wars!
The goal that was named cannot be countermanded. "

Let's visualise the "Big Picture" associated with our business and move on energetically to realise our Dreams!

Rewardical (RT) is here to stay and rule!

As Gery explained earlier, more exciting things will be unveiled soon!
The excitement is only growing, Every day!!

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This is called "teamwork". in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by John M. 4 months ago

We had a very exciting day today. A chain reaction! 2 people in my 2nd generation went to BTL. That put my 1st generation into STL status. With that I went to GTL status. And with team support we put my sponsor and mentor into PTL status.

Talk about "teamwork".

Thank you to everyone in all levels for supporting your sponsors and being a positive force. We are all in this together.

Keep the team spirit alive! Learn all you can and make your future count!

After all. This is just so much fun to be a part of! I'm having a blast.

I wish everyone much success.

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The SFI Mission Statement in Miscellaneous #Leadership

Reply by Scott L. 4 months ago

Have you read this lately?

To build a community where people from every culture and country in the world can join together, and through the synergy of the community, create income and security, build life-long mutually-benefitting relationships, and better their lives in myriad ways.

To provide a vehicle that is accessible by all, regardless of financial stature, that can bring those who are impoverished out of poverty, to bring meaning to lives, to teach the immense value of self-reliance and respect, and to experience the joy of hard work and personal achievement.

To provide a vehicle that delivers financial enrichment but that never compromises on integrity or quality, to always do the right thing and not just what is expedient.

To never stop innovating, to never settle for second best, to always strive for perfection in every space where we operate.

To give every member of the SFI community a voice and a role in the direction of the company.

To always go the extra mile to serve and satisfy our affiliates, to be their advocate and business partner at all times, to always listen to their voices and treat them with love and respect like we do our own families.

To build something great, to do extraordinary things that will never be forgotten, to leave a legacy that makes the world a better place for all.

This is from the Launchpad. If you don't think SFI is interested in us succeeding, you should read this again and again. Because it is what they believe, and what they practice. Without each other, both SFI and their affiliates are nothing.

Share this with your teams. It is what we all need to remember when something changes.

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Back to the Basics - Starting Over in Getting Started #Getting Started

Reply by Scott L. 4 months ago

One of the things for me about SFI now that I have been here over 7 years, is that most of the site that I focus on is relatively simple to me. For example, I don't focus much on games or auctions; I just do the basics every day to earn the VP, and move on. The SFI site is huge, but I keep to what works for me and what I know best.

The problem becomes an issue for new PSA's. They don't necessarily think like I do, and so their expectations are entirely different from mine. Even if I have success, and show them the path that I have taken, generally means very little. In fact, as time goes on, I get further and further removed from what a new affiliate has to process from the first day they sign up.

So today, it is back to the basics and starting over. I have read Launchpad Chapter One, and really tried to absorb it from the perspective of a brand new affiliate. And, I plan to incorporate some of the things in those chapters and lessons in my communication with my new PSA's - and probably in some of my social media posts as to what SFI has to offer a new person.

I think it will be a most humbling and educational experience!

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Auction tips and Auction Flipping at TripleClicks in Pricebenders #ECA #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

Reply by Andrew A. 5 months ago

Having won my share of auctions and lost a share too I have developed a list of good habits that allow me to win PriceBenders auctions on a regular basis.

My PriceBenders Auctions at TripleClicks Tips.

  • The most popular pack of t-credits is the 125 pack available to SFI Affiliates or the 200pack available to the public. Be sure to remember this before going head to head with anyone as more t-credits may be needed if a sound strategy doesn't work.

  • Watch an auction for something you want and wait until bidding slows to a crawl with only 1-3 players left.

  • Be aggressive when you start bidding. Use Bid Assist with 50-75 t-credits or bid manually as if you had bid assist on. This will lead the other players to believe you have a large quantity of t-credits and their cost are going to go up. That causes many to give up on winning leading you to more low cost wins at TripleClicks

  • The best starting strategy is not to go after physical products until you have won auctions for additional t-credits. If you buy the 200 pack of t-credits try using 100 to 150 of the t-credits to win and auction for 200 or more t-credits. If you can turn 100 t-credits into 200 t-credits you will now have 300 t-credits and each t-credit will be worth less than the $29 you paid for each of the original 200. Do this until you have 500-1000 t-credits and your cost per bid comes down to under 10 cents a bid.

  • Watch your cost. If you plan to flip and item you need to get it for not more than half the price of retail for the product. TripleClicks final selling price is guaranteed to be no more than 23% of product retail but you have to count in your bids and they add up fast. Say you buy the 200 pk and bid 100 times to win it will cost you $29 plus the final bid price. On a $100 item this comes to $23 final item cost and $29 bid cost for $52 spent. Follow the plan to reduce cost above and you would pay 10 cents a bid making your cost for a 100 bid win at auction $33 or less adding $19 to your profits. this goes a long way towards paying listing fees or web store cost, or for that matter just a sale percentage like is charged at TripleClicks. If the auction goes off before the bid reaches the 23% cap you will save even more and that's always awesome.

  • You may not like the items up for bid but for most auctions not containing t-credits you can use Your Choice to select a gift card from places like Amazon.com favorite restaurants, target stores, movie theaters and more that will help you buy things for resale, resale the cards for profit, or even use those cards to build your e-mail list by offering one for a prize each month to a random subscriber.

  • TripleClicks now allows you to win Amazon Gift Cards of up to $300 at auction. I saw one go off the other night for the maximum final selling prive of $69 with over 9,000 bids. If you followed the 10 cent bids formula and bid 500 times to win that auction you would have received a $300 gift card for around $73 total. Use it to buy merchandise at Amazon and resell on TripleClicks and you could earn up to $227 profits.

Additional things to know about PriceBenders Auctions at TripleClicks

PriceBenders Auctions at TripleClicks are what is known as a penny auction meaning every bid raises the final price by 1 cent. With cost of bids at 29 cents each an auction can make a considerable level of revenue very fast. By following these tips and playing Eager Zebra Games at TripleClicks to earn free t-credits TC brings the average to around 14-18 cents a bid they earn. 1000 bids per 10.00 of final selling price is around $14 to $18 of earnings for TripleClicks before adding in the $10 of the selling price. For this matter don't feel too guilty when an auction win comes fairly low because high bid auctions like Double MRP and Winner Bids Free go off the company could make 200% or more on the cost of goods even after paying affiliates and buying products to sell.

Another great way to play the auctions is to invest with them. I have won Silver packs both sizes in the past and paid a fraction of the cost of the 50-100 t-credits they came with leaving me Silver Investment Bars at 1oz. of .999 pure silver totally free. I got behind on a internet bill one time last year and paid it off using silver bars by taking them to a local Gold and Silver exchange. That kept my business running at a time I couldn't work it because of bad pneumonia. Others used theirs for car payments and down payments, to pay off some debts, and to open savings accounts.

The possibilities are endless.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Here is what PSA replied via Icebreakers after 33 days in Getting Started #CSA #PSA

Reply by Al M. 5 months ago

Dear Members,
We never should give up our hope to our new PSAS. One of my PSA joined 21th July and that day he accumulated 150 VP only.
Than never he re-logged. But I was on my follow up continous. Each week I sent newsletters, motivational letter saying about SFI. But I never said anything that he can earn QUICK Money from SFI. I just have been sending him what the truth is.
However, suddenly today , he replied by Icebreakers. Unfortuneatly i was not online at that moment. Following is his replay :

So, PSA can come back at any time on the board. Whatever we need to follow up them as our way regularly.

For his questions, I planned to a special email replay to send. Before that I want your advice here that how can I replay him best way.

Your comments is valuable to me.


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Can Your Really Grow To GTL Promoting ONLY The Free Gateway? in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Tommie K. 6 months ago

Hi Fellow SFI'ers,

Some may wonder can you really grow to team leader promoting only the FREE gateway?

I have grown to Gold Team Leader promoting ONLY the FREE gateway.

If you have read some of my threads in the forum, I believe in keeping it simple!

Now, if I can do it, anybody can...

To be clear, this is the gateway that I use:

www.sfi4.com/xxxxxxx/FREE (of course it changed thru the years)

Currently, I'm promoting my JoinMyTeam gateway now!

My JMT gateway shows that I have withstood the test of time. I been with SFI since 2002.

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I find it amazing...... in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Scott L. 6 months ago

I find it amazing how my “team” continually progresses each month with their SFI business.

I currently have a downline of over 215,000 people, going as deep as 12 levels. There are over 600 team leaders going down 10 levels, as that is all I can see. I know there are more on 11 & 12 and beyond.

This “team” has based their business building mostly on the practice of finding a way to purchase at least 125 TCredits every month, and use all their available tasks to earn additional VP to reach at least BTL every month.

At lot of them do other things……like being ECA’s and making sales that way. At lot of other things they do I don’t even know about it. But they are very successful at it.

Most of them don’t post in the forum…some do. Some of them have been subjected to what they perceive as unfair criticism as to how they present their ideas…for whatever reason. A lot of them do not have English as a first language, so sometimes their ideas don’t come across quite as they intended, but their heart is definitely in the right place. But they still work hard in SFI.

Here is what I find most amazing - they are one of the most successful “teams” in SFI as far as I know. They have embraced the concept of making a purchase or sale every month to build their business (I personally encourage them to make a small purchase every month)…and they teach their PSA’s to do the same.

The use Facebook groups, webinars and other tools to constantly congratulate and teach their “team” to do those things that have made them the success that they are!

And I have nothing to do with it!!! They are working the program and working hard, every single day. Recruiting, promoting, teaching, encouraging…..whatever it takes for them and their “team” to build something great here in SFI.

Why do I have “team” in quotations? Because while some people don’t believe our downlines are “teams”, they do. They work together using private forums, the stream and social media to help each other. That is a team concept and it works.

I congratulate my team members for doing so well. May your success continue, and thank you so much for your efforts!!!

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Grow Your Team; One Person at a Time! in Team Building #Compensation #Sponsor #Team Building

Reply by Keneisha W. 6 months ago


Be Fearless! Go bravely and do what you need to do.


Like the lion, Unleash the BEAST in you! You have the heart of the lion inside you! Let it out. Let it scream out of you! Go after what you want! (Fearless Motivation, 2017)

Enough is enough! It is time to SUCCEED!

It is a NEW WEEK. Let's PUT ON NEW SHOES & CRUSH IT ONLINE! We are Digital Entrepreneurs.

Yes, today, this week is a new opportunity for us to GENERATE LEADS & CONVERT THESE LEADS into SIGN UPS so that we will be able to fill our pockets with money.

Get excited and be hopeful. You will not always feel motivated so don't work from your emotions, instead be guided by logic.

You know that SFI WORKS. Let us therefore sign up people because Team Building is one of the most powerful ways to earn in SFI. Go make the money!

Do you think you could find one SERIOUS person to join your team each month; someone who can spend $36.25 each month and is interested in financial freedom? Carson (2017) explains that if you can teach this person to do what you do, your business will become WILDLY EXPLOSIVE!

If you are not signing up people, your business will not grow. Just find one person; just one per month. On the other hand,
if you are hungry for success, then by all means sign up three dozen persons per day. It is your business. Do what pleases you. Just grow your business. When everyone does well, we all benefit from the TripleClicks Executive pool.

RUN...yes, you may feel tired at times, but run until you are at the top of the mountain.

P - ersevere
U - ntil
S - omething
H - appens

Attack Until You Have Conquered! Come on SFIers, let's do this! Grrrrrhhhhh!

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From one new SFI affiliate to another in Getting Started #Getting Started

Reply by Anita v. 6 months ago

I remember my first experience with SFI a couple of years ago was a bit more confusing and challenging and I regret it, but I gave up before working through everything.

After that I still received motivational emails and saw other marketing aids on websites that made me curious to try again, and I'm sure glad I did!

I take my hat of for the creators and team of SFI for putting together such an amazing platform with so many ways for their affiliates to motivate and inspire others to be part of this journey.

And I want to say this, my Sponsor was there to help and guide me with great support since day 1 so that was something I didn't experience with my first time.

Also really committing to work through the Launch Pad helped me within a couple of days to understand so much more than I have ever expected.

If you are a new Affiliate with SFI like me, I would really encourage you to work through all the lessons in the Launch Pad, it makes everything comes together.

You can also search on Youtube for the letters SFI and you will find a lot of experienced affiliates that shows you how and what can be done.

My advice to you, don't give up.
Go get them Tiger!

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Lets Go Fishing For PSAs Using Only FREE Advertising! in Marketing

Reply by Tommie K. 6 months ago

Hi Fellow SFI'ers,

Using FREE advertising is simple and everyone can do it. Now, we could pay for it but I rather do my own advertising.

We're going to follow these steps:

1. Go to marketing to get an ad from marketing aid
2. Do a search on google for free classified advertising
3. Read the site rules and regulation on posting ads there (The sites you pick) .
4. Post your ad.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 200(+) hundred times a day.

That's it!

(BTW, The net is loaded with a variety of Free Advertising Methods)

By posting ads to 200(+) sites a day, you won't have time to worry about inactive members.

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Alert Page: Simply, login daily. And, Stay Alert. in Getting Started #CSA #Marketing #PSA

Reply by Patrick F. 7 months ago

Stay Alert to change. SFI keeps changing. First daily business duty. Stay ahead of the change. Evolve with the change. Grow and be the change. Simply login daily. And, Stay Alert.

Take responsibility for your future - like a Boss. Not a worker. Like a Boss. If you can not be responsible for you, you can not be responsible for others. Your future may not be with SFI.

The commitment you make today and every other day moving forward is not to me, SFI, or, to anybody else. You make a commitment to you. And, to be true to that commitment, all we ask you to do, is simply, login daily. And Stay Alert.

Your Alert page will tell you of changes. Like a Personal Assistant, your Alert page will tell you, what the recent, current, or, new changes coming, are about.

Read your Alert page like a mobile friendly morning newspaper. Notifications and Reminders at the top. Once read, tap the x, to remove from view.

New Announcement follows. Review these to get a general feel of what SFI does, how SFI operates, and, where SFI is going.

Then, the Latest Threads posted in SFI Forum completes your Alert page. SFI Forum is where you need to be. SFI Forum is a great resource. Affiliates share their experiences and time. Saving you time by their experiences.

Remember, you are the Boss. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, like a Boss. Be the Boss. You do not get paid by the hour. You get paid commission for products or services you sell, buy, or, exchange.

As a bonus, you also receive leveraged income on the duplicating actions of your PSA/CSA downline teams.

As the Boss of your business, you need to take responsibility of knowing what business you are in, how it operates, and, how you fit into the big picture of the SFI platform.

There is a SFI banner that reads: Honey, I fired the Boss.

You fired the Boss, to become the Boss, so be the Boss. You can do it, and, you can do it very well. It's not that hard once you know how? And, there lies the key to your success - knowing how?

The secret to success is in the turning of the key. Knowing, is nothing without application. You have to apply what you know by doing.

If you are reading this: You are still with us. Don't quit. Don't surrender. Don't give up. Take you time and learn. Learn how to earn long lasting money that stays with you and lasts longer. Surrender the temptation of making fast money that leaves you just as fast or is too fast for you to obtain.

Take you time to learn and stay Alert. It's okay. It's all good. You won't get fired. I know the Boss. Personally, you do too.

Grow and be the change. Simply, login daily. And, Stay Alert.

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How I calculate my ROI investing on PSAs in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Fabrizio P. 7 months ago

Whenever I get new PSAs, never mind which source they come from, I already know only a few will become active. I also know that some of them will become active after months or even years, while other ones will disappear completely.

It’s normal. The only think I can do is to get in touch with them personally and offer them my support, mainly through Facebook, as it’s where I can easily find the majority of those PSAs who disappeared from the site after their first login.

Anyway, I never panic if I don’t see many “active” PSAs, because I know how numbers work.

So, to make a long story short, here’s an example on how I usually consider my Return On Investment on a yearly basis:

Let’s say I’m a new Affiliate and I’ve invested $50 to get 50 PSAs, and only one of them (2%) decides to become active through the Diamond Plan, and places an auto-delivery order for a “Builder-Bundle” pack.

Obviously this order will bring my PSA all the benefits included in the pack (including 8 new PSAs per month!) and it will produce for me a nice Direct Commission of $9 per month = $108 per year.

Plus 1500 Matching VersaPoints per month, or 18000 per year, which correspond to more or less $6.3 per year, for a total of $114.3 in yearly commissions as a result of my 50-dollar initial investment.

So: $114.3 - $50 = $64.3 net profit S.E.& O.

Which corresponds to an incredible 128.6% annual ROI.

You could try to legally invest $50 anywhere else and if you get a better ROI than this…well, let me know! :)

Of course I’m always free to improve my communication skills and my credibility as a sponsor, to increase my active/inactive PSAs ratio and, most of all, to teach duplication to my growing team. Duplication in this growing team will produce additional income which will be considered as an infinite return for me.

What about the other 49 “inactive” PSAs? They represent an asset for me. In fact we all know that they can choose to become active at any moment, even months later, and start to produce additional income. I keep experiencing this every month.

So, whatever your favourite source of PSAs is, I can only suggest to keep sponsoring the maximum number of PSAs, offer them your kind support and let the system do the rest, while you (and them) have fun playing and bidding at TripleClicks! ;)

Everybody can certainly decide to sponsor as many PSAs as they want investing time instead of money. But this is not something I usually do, so I don’t feel entitled to give any advice about it.

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Reason PSA Inactive Problem! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Sponsor

Reply by Gliceria P. 7 months ago

Hi, Vinh,

Let me share with you my very own experience when I joined in Nov. 29, 2011. I took one look at it and was instantly lost. Then I had to go overseas for a family emergency, stayed there 4 month and after six months when I decided to check my new SFI business. It was still there, waiting but still very confusing, no messages from my sponsor who was also new and perhaps did not know what to do herself. Not even a peep from my co-sponsor either.

So what to do? I decided to take action, clicking all the links I saw and really had no clue what I was looking for. Then I glanced down at the Old LaunchPad, which was on the front page underneath the TO-D- list and to this day I can swear that it's the one thing that saved my sanity!.And my SFI Business! Here it is:

"IMPORTANT NOTES: (This was shown on the right hand column of the page and can easily be overlooked especially if one is very frustrated.)

1. Clicking links contained in LaunchPad lessons will, in many cases, take you to pages in the SFI Affiliate Center. The Affiliate Center can be overwhelming for new members. If at any time you're feeling overwhelmed, just click the button with the rocket on it--located at the top of the Affiliate Center--to return here to LaunchPad. Stay focused on your LaunchPad lessons until you're ready to move on. But rest assured—all that stuff that looks overwhelming right now—is really just awesome tools and resources. Over time, everything will begin to make sense and you will be delighted that you have so many powerful tools to build your business with.

2. Do NOT try to learn everything about SFI in a few days or weeks. One of the main reasons SFI is so successful is because it has real substance—with more than 30 years behind it and literally tens of millions of dollars invested into building its system and infrastructure. Yes, you're now part of a REAL business that you can earn a very large income with, but it will take time to fully absorb everything. And that's alright, because anything worthwhile in life takes time. So relax and take your time. Learn a little bit every day. Soon, making money with SFI will become second nature for you. Getting started and taking daily action is the key."

Need I say more? These "IMPORTANT NOTES" are repeated all throughout the NEW LAUNCHPAD, when you're in between lessons, and if still feeling skeptical, the IMPORTANT NOTES are there on the bottom page to give reassurance and guidance that no other sponsors no matter how awesome can ever do!
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