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Powerful new Starter Incentives program is here! in SFI News #Team Building

Reply by Steve L. 1 day ago

Hi Boss,

WELL PLAYED.... you know the rest!

This is an AMAZING SFI business builder that as far as I know is being done by NO OTHER COMPANY ANYWHERE! And, by the way, when it comes to network and online marketing I know a LOT of what is being offered out there in the business opportunity world. I try to always follow the rule of "know your competition," so I can say with a fair amount of certainty OUR SFI STARTER INCENTIVES is currently alone in the biz opp world!

SFI continues to truly amaze me with their ability to regularly... let me say that again... REGULARLY come up with new ways to make building a business easier!

THANKS Boss and everyone else at SFI HQ for ALWAYS looking for ways to make our jobs easier! This forward thinking by corporate executives is a rare thing these days in corporate America be happy we have leaders that are doing this!

Be Well,

As Always A Motivational Meme (3A2M)

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All In. Go All The Way. in Getting Started #Compensation #Contests #Getting Started

Reply by George M. 5 days ago

Just getting Started or been here a long time like me, It is a New Year, Let Go All In. Go All the Way.

At the end of January I was accessing who was trying really hard and who wasn't. Who I would focus on helping the most in 2019 because they were really trying. Doing their best.

I did not just look at my movers list I looked at ways to help people really trying but not yet performing strongly enough to be on My Movers list.

I found something I was not looking for. I found members trying their very best but coming up just a little bit short.

For example, One guy clicked every tab every day except his Goals tab. Every daily ledger activity showed 31 clicks (VP earned) except the Goals Tab, it had a zero.

Lots of Hard work but coming up short by 1. What did that cost him? It cost 30 Daily Grand bonus entries. He did not win the DG even once in January. What might have happened if he had 30 more entries?

Go All the Way. It might only require a little more work, a little more attention but it will make a HUGE difference in your SFI business.

What are some All The Way Actions?

1. Do all your tabs every day. All. It will mean for sure at a minimum,
20 Rewardicals one each for 1 TCredit in the Games and 1 Auction Bid
2 extra entries in the Daily Grand 1 for Alert Tab, 1 for All tabs done
1 Daily Crown entry
and more
This is absolute minimum and will never actually happen because you will get more than this.

2. Play T-Time as many times a day as you can. I have one PSA who wins a lot. She has won 316 times, that is a cash value of $183.28 FREE.

3. Achieve BCQ status on the 1st of the month. That will give you 2 extra Daily Grand entries and the number of monthly wins allowed goes from 5 (no BCQ status) to 20 with BCQ Status. HUGE. I have won the Daily Grand 104 times, if my average prize is 40 Rewardicals that is 4160 Rewardicals. I have won a lot more than that, But this is minimum.

4. Play 2 Astro Auctions a day. Hundreds of Rewardicals many many opportunities to win Rocket boxes and other grand prizes. Playing Astro Auctions I have won 23,328 Rewardicals.

5. Make as High a rank as you possibly can. I have seen questions in the forum like, should I go Bronze? Maintaining your highest rank possible guarantees more TCredits gifted to you, More CSA awarded to you and more credibility with your prospects and PSAs. As a Gold I am getting an extra 16 CSAs a month. Wow.

6. Are you in the E365 Contest? If you are, win that thing. For me it has meant 10 extra CSAs every month. I have been here going into 7 years. That is a lot of people on my team.

7. And Finally, Be an Early Adopter. Jump on new things announced by SFI corporate, do not wait and see. Try new games as they are released. Try new tools that SFI provides. Be ahead of the pack. And every time there is an opportunity take it. Right now make VIP Status in Astro Auctions (60 auctions played within the last 30 days) before the end of January and Get 100 CSAs.

Let me tell you about 1 CSA I received. He was #3 on the Leaders Board, He is still one of the very Top Leaders. Was it the Luck of the Draw or was it because I am All In.

I am All In - Go All The Way.

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Has everyone forgot Opti-Build in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by David A. 13 days ago

Has everyone forgotten that the biggest team building tool
here in SFI is the Opti-Build program.

If any new affiliates don’t know here’s what’s its all about

Best wishes

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Wondering why our team members are stuck? in Compensation #Compensation #Sponsor #Team Building

Reply by BENAHMED K. 16 days ago

Hello all dear friends & Zing network family,

Good day & hope everything is going well by the start of this juicy year start

Here in this post, I want to share one idea I had from yesterday

Honestly, I'm still wondering why our team members are stacked as long as we've all the powerful tools, training examples on how powerful is this business opportunity & how many benefits we can get just using our internet & laptops or even phones

If anyone logs in to SFI & just takes a focused look inside the business within 1 mùonth or 2 months he'll understand the business well & as long as he keeps learning he'll get more

For instance to reach EA which is the first level & the first step to success it's almost very easy because in the beginning the new member has the opportunity to get almost EA for free & here he can find 12 ways to get VPs for free , and he can get more if we work properly each single day/365 days a year

Also about being EA it's very simple with just a nice focus because there's more than one way and it's not complicated even for those who don't know many things about marketing & networking, because many of us like to buy things so it sounds very good to use all the stores we've available here to get our products especially after the adds of the Shopify store to our Rewardical platform, and here come the role of making our desired items as Auto Delivery and why not put the items that help us build our business such us: S-Builder, Builder Bundle

And here are the available ways to reach EA quickly

We know also that Rewardicals are very useful for our business & we can boost our business with this powerful tool & here we've more than one way to get them with no cost & it's totally easy for all of us including the new members( www.rewardical.com/Earn), especially that Mr. Gery already gave as an amazing new year start news about redeeming our Rewardicals for cash directly & I believe all of us are more than excited with this because it's more than fantastic step forward

One more point is absolutely very good, because all of us like to get more money, extra money, another income lets call it as you like and of course here we're more that one way to earn even from sales advertisements sponsoring whatever and all of them are not complicated at all, just need focus, perseverance & patience and here I want to give A REMINDER ABOUT THE COMPENSATION PLAN & the Team Overide benifits

Now as advice to all of us to make a deep look at the Rules Of Success presented by our 1st leader Mr. Gery to build a nice business & get a lovely income

And it's also for us to do our best to build a nice team by being Awesome Sponsors even using free advertisements or paid advertisement because it's really worthy

Hope this year will bring much success to all of us in all the 365 days & hope more healthy to all of us

To our success


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Recruiting from LinkedIn in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by George M. 25 days ago

Social Media is a good way to contact people. But don't just pop out ads, and don't stop at a contact. As a matter of fact ask questions and only offer anything in response to a question.

I want to outline what I do in LinkedIn but first, here is a picture of those who messaged me today.

Look at the side bar, I have already scrolled down a bit. And there are more below this. I respond to every message. Here is what happens.

First every person who contacts me to connect I send them this message:
Thanks for becoming my LinkedIn friend. Just curious, why did you friend me? What caused you to pick me?

How are you? How is your online Business going? What is your primary use of LinkedIn?

That is it, simple and short.

In the beginning I reached out to people and if they accepted my friend request I sent this email. Now, I have so many people wanting to connect I do not reach out at all.

Many people respond to my message. What I say depends on how they respond and what I see in their profile. But as an example, this is one of today's chat:
Him: Nice meeting you here
Business is not that bad
I chose to friend you because I see you to be special after going through ur profile

Me: Nice to meet you too. Do you have an online business?

Him: No, I don't

He said business is good but he does not have an online business so I went back to his profile to see his business. Then I asked, You have some valuable skills. Do you have a website or blog where you promote your skills and services?

His answer: No I do not, can you help me?

Me: I can help you start an online business and show you all the steps. Would you like that?

Him: Yes, please. And am ever ready I am tempted to edit ever ready to say something else, but this is what he said.

Me: This is what I do. I am an affiliate marketer. Do you know what that is? What I do is build a list and promote products to that list. What we promote as affiliate marketers is Product, Auctions, and Games. So there is something for everyone. Not just a product, but 1000s of products so again there is something for everyone.

Him: Interesting. Make it clear to me please what I do to start.

Me: [My Prestige Domain] will explain everything step by step. There is a lot to learn so once you join and get set up let me know and I will help you step by step.

A conversation like this happened 4 times today. 2 Affiliates, 1 Rewardical Member and 1 PRM,each based on their interest.

Hope this little conversation gives you some creative ideas in connecting with people on social media.

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Non Working PSA's in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

Reply by Hector D. 28 days ago

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share an email that I have sent to one of my PSA's, in response to his email, stating that he was frustrated with SFI because he has no active PSA's underneath him:

"You are correct. I also have thousands of PSA's under me, and only about 25 of them are active, including you. The problem is that SFI, is an actual business. A business which requires hard work, dedication, and time to grow your business into profitability.
Most people join SFI because it is "FREE" and then have the misperception that money will somehow, magically appear out of thin air, without doing any hard work, or Investing into the business. Then, when they do not see any results, they get upset, and they blame SFI, saying that it's a scam and that it does not work; When the ones that did not work, were them...
The only thing that I can recommend is to be patient. Remember, ROME was not built in a day, and Our President Gery, did not build SFI overnight. It took time to build. But rest assured that you are part of something great that will secure your future. As long as you do not give up, you will not fail.

I've been with SFI for almost two years, and I am now just starting to see my team grow and expand. Hang it there, and you will be successful. Remember, I am here with you. You are not alone!!!

Best regards

My Point in sharing the above email, was to motivate and encourage all of you; as this forum has had many discussions about inactive PSA's. However, I firmly believe, that the only way to fail, is to give up!! Persistency is the key!! Remember, nothing worth while comes easy! If it did, everyone would be Millionaires. Whatever you do, do not give up!!

I hope this helps whoever reads it!


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Are You Just Playing Games? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #Marketing

Reply by Randy I. about 1 month ago

More than 1.2 billion people are playing games worldwide, according to a state of the industry report by Spil Games.

Of those, about 700 million play online games. That amounts to 44 percent of the world’s online population, according to comScore data cited by Spil Games.

“Gaming is a huge part of people’s online activities. It’s really mainstream, crossing age and gender boundaries.”

Gery Carson knew that the online gaming business was growing by leaps and bounds and began to incorporate these games as a way for affiliates to earn money.

The amazing thing seems to be that the affiliates are more interested in PLAYING instead of PROMOTING! I get it! I like playing too! But let's get real honest here and evaluate our efforts.

What grade do you give yourself on playing games?
What grade do you give yourself on promoting games?

I have to give myself an A on playing and a D on promoting! That's pretty bad! 700 million playing games online and I am neglecting them to my detriment! How about you?

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Rewardical adds enhanced support for Shopify stores! in SFI News #Rewardical

Reply by Gery about 1 month ago

In the announcement, I included the following:

Special notes for Sponsors and Team Leaders:
Be sure you're talking to your group regularly about patronizing Rewardical and Localvantia merchants.

I included this reminder because every Rewardical that is dished out by an RECA or Localvantia merchant generates CV (Commission Volume). That means a Direct Commission paid to the referrer, Co-Sponsor Commissions, and 12 compressed generations of Team Overrides can be earned on every sale.

So by simply having your group members patronize Rewardical vendors (both at Rewardical.com and local merchants in the Localvantia network), the same as if they bought something from TripleClicks, you make money! Simple as that!

And don't forget that your team members who do so can earn VersaPoints for EA status and/or PSAs, CSAs, Bitcoin, etc. just by going about their day, buying what they normally buy, and without spending any extra money whatsoever! This is such a fantastic program within SFI, I'm not sure why so many seem to be completely overlooking it's incredible benefits to everyone.

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How To help your PSAs and CSAs with your Free Rewardicals ! in Team Building

Reply by Michael A. about 1 month ago

DO something to grow your business every day and how do you intent to do that!

Permit me to share with you all, my greatest joy and happiness in SFI business, First of all I want appreciate Mr Gery for introduce New bigger, better Badge Quest where badges quest are separated into two(SFI badges quest and TC badges quest), In case you miss the announcement, you can still read HRE you can have the opportunity to earn from both badges quest and as well the bounty pot share by just advancing/ earning a new badges level.

I was just to opportune to earn 2,000 Rewardicals from both badges quest because I am in level 4 which is Grand Master and I have been maintaining these level for the past 1 year now and also have a share of 2,500 Rewardicals from bounty pot contest which make up 6,500 Rewardicals only in badges quest and I also won almost 2,000 rewardicals from both (PSAs, PRMs and CSAs) in my downline and 1,000 from Uber-pick games and that make up 9,500 Rewardicals from 1st to 3rd of this month.

How do you help your PSAs and CSAs with your Free Rewardicals you earn from them, Do you use them alone or you share the rewardicals with them back in order to motivate them to earn you more bigger one.

Let me share with you how I help my PSAs and CSAs with the rewardicals I earn from them plus the Rewardicals I earn from both badges quest and Uber-pick games.

1 I redeemed 7,700 Rewardicals into 100 TCredits and distribute them among my PSAs and CSAs, I give 10 TCredits to my active CSAs which are wonderful and I was so lucky to have good 7 and others while I share 5 TCredits to my active PSAs who I have giving 10 TCredits before and I was still lucky to have good 3 PSAs and others coming one.

2 I send E-Card message to some of my active PSAs and CSAs that I Sent TCredits to, informing them to visit the Astro Auctions HERE and bid with their TCredits and there is an opportunity to win great prizes them, Maybe turning the 10 TCredits to 20 TCredits through Rewardicals they will earn because I discovery that some of them have not being bidding in AA.

3 I reassign some of my PSAs that I redeemed through my free rewardicals to my active PSAs to see if they can assist and guide them in the SFI programs or maybe waking them from their sleep.

I do all this without their knowledge as a ways of surprising them, Telling them you cares and love their works, And do also remember that Rewardicals redeemed to TCredits that you send to your PSAs or CSAs is not lost, You will gain them back when they start using the TCredits because for every 10 rewardicals earn by your PSA, you will earn 1 RW and for every 25 rewardicals earn by your CSA, you will earn 1 RW.

You will not create a successful business by thinking about it. You will create a successful business ONLY by DOING...by TAKING ACTION every day. Every day, no matter what, make sure you're doing SOMETHING to further your business. If you're not, you're not even in the game, you're kidding yourself. No business becomes successful without daily focus and action, HERE and also know that YOU succeed only if THEY succeed, that is why you need to cares for them.

Best Regard

Michael America.

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Don't Confuse Curiosity Seekers, Tour Takers and Tire Kickers... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Tommie K. about 1 month ago

Hi Fellow SFI'ers,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...

Don't Confuse Curiosity Seekers, Tour Takers and Tire Kickers... As Workers!

The biggest concern that I see in the forum is that members Confuse Curiosity Seekers, Tour Takers and Tire Kickers... As Workers!

If you know what you have, then you know what you got to do.

For example:
- If you have a 1000 Curiosity Seekers you should know that you don't have workers yet.
- If you have a 1000 Tour Takers you should know that you don't have workers yet.
- If you have a 1000 Tire Kickers you should know that you don't have workers yet.

So, don't get Upset or Frustrated if you're NOT working with workers.

Remember, You can't make a Duck an Eagle or make a Rose out of a Rock...

Well, What is a worker?

Someone that you won't have to Push, Pull or Drag across the finish line.

I have 5 Designated Diamonds (And more TLs that alternate DD's) that I have never Push, Pull or Drag...

Tip: Post Ads Daily To Find Your Workers That Will Work Without You Pushing, Pullling Or Dragging them!

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Read,click and Do! Simples!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #VersaPoints

Reply by Lindsey T. about 1 month ago

Hello to all Fellow Entrepreneurs!
Congratulations SFI your splendid 20th anniversary and the recent announcements! Having been in SFI for five years I have witnessed many changes improvements and tweaks. SFI constantly strives to improve and present the best opportunity.

What baffles me is why: considering the lastest efforts to simplify the initial learning process, why so many newbies find it still overwhelming or too difficult to attempt to do! All you need to do is read, click on the link and do! People nowadays are far more tech savvy and experienced in the media.

I started 5 years ago as a real techno twat!! Being, I was born pre the tech explosion, everything was done manually. I had no idea what I was doing when I joined. I read the instructions clicked on the relevant link and followed the instructions. No! I’m no genius just a average person, trying to build a financial future.

It’s all set out for new members along with the helpful guidelines sent to each affiliates on joining. If there is something that needs clarification or assistance ask you sponsor. If you do not have a responsive sponsor put the question to the forum. Often you get a answer immediately and usually more than one. If it’s more complex then there’s SFI support. That may take a little longer to get a reply, but you always get a response.

It is a virtually all done for you for FREE. How many online business opportunities are being offer for FREE without any financial obligation? How many of those aren’t out and out scams. Time is precious and time is being wasted sitting on the sidelines like a timorous wee beasties as the Scots would say!

If your first language isn’t english then there is full and comprehensive translation offered. Access this by simply clicking on the translate button on the bottom of the page and select your spoken tongue. It is as easy as that!

I am more than happy to help support to any new member in my team who really wants to make it work and is willing to meet me halfway in effort. My arms are wide open and I have a great deal to offer to those who have open minds.

You are the master, driver and creator of your fortune and how you nurture opportunities. I cannot do it for you or guarantee results. All that’s needed is just a commitment of 3 months of effort, logging in every day; even just 15 -20 mins a day to learn as much about what SFI has to offer before you decide.

Everything is laid out for you! Help is at hand! Success is visible every where in the leadership pages, the forum and SFI itself. No business worth it’s salt would looking at its 21 st year if it wasn’t ethical,honest and true! Enough said!

Come on in! Don’t just dip you toe in get wet! Immerse yourself, you may surprise yourself on how fast you can see results!

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Celebrating 21st year! in Team Building #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

Reply by Gery about 1 month ago

Well, besides what I wrote in today's special memo at news.sfimg.com...let's see. Here's one: Very few know this, but I actually considered retiring...at the ripe old age of 37...before deciding to start SFI. Glad I didn't do that! :-)

My very first business (if you don't count lemonade stands, paperboy, and more), that I started at age 23, was helping find college scholarships for high school graduates. It lasted only a few short months before I decided I wanted to start catering to small businesses like mine (business directories, newsletters, later magazines).

I think we owned one of the first laser printers in the United States...and it made our products look so good that customers thought we were a huge corporation with 100+ employees. It was actually just me and two employees working out of the basement of my first home in Lincoln!

One of our most popular products was a directory of business sources/resources...that we literally printed out, on a dot matrix printer, ON DEMAND. That is, we printed an updated copy only when an order came in. Since the directory was quite large, that dot matrix printer was sometimes chugging (noisily) along all night long! We'd then drop them in big heavy envelopes and ship them to the customers.

I'm looking forward to the next 20 years. We will keep getting better and I expect it will continue to be an adventure no matter what!

Thanks to all our affiliates who have helped us make SFI what it is today! It's been an honor to have been your leader! Onward and upward we go!

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What 1 TCredit can do (22,000 Rewardicals)! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TCredits

Reply by Sylvia W. 2 months ago

I almost always only bid 1 TCredit in auctions. I have been doing that for about 3 months. It was such a shock and surprise when going to claim my winnings today when I saw the following:

Patience and consistency is the key.

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You’re definitely doing MUCH right! in Getting Started #CSA #Marketing #PSA

Reply by James M. 2 months ago

Today I was surprised to one of the answers given by Gery, to a question in regard to (AM I doing Something Wrong?) It was based around PSAs, PRMS & CSAs. The Opening sentence read -  You’re definitely doing MUCH right!

How I understood his answer, was that it is far more lucrative to go after your own PSAs, CSAs and PRMS using the No Get Rich Gateway, than buying PRMS, CSAs And PRMS. For me personally it sends a profound message that by purchasing PSAs ETC you are in fact entering a lottery. Something that I have believed in a while now.

I would also love to hear from the people who sell these packages and get some sort of stats on what are the conversion percentage. Can anyone else share some light on this. I am sure all new affiliates would welcome it.

James M
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Starting Fresh…….Again! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing

Reply by kevin d. 3 months ago

Good day to everyone, wherever you are in the world.
One of the things I love most about SFI is that it is truly a global program. I love seeing where affiliates are from in the world. I know where most of the countries are and can place most on a map but occasionally I find a country i don’t where it is or even one I have never heard of before. What do I do?
Go to “Google” of course and satisfy my curiosity. But I digress.

I know that many affiliates are kind of down today because today is the start of a new month and everything has been reset. The scoreboard shows all zeros our rank badge shows pending requalification.
One thing we have to remember is that we are all in the same boat. I take the beginning of the month to reflect on the previous month and think about what I did.
Did I work hard enough?
Did I do all I could have?
Did I take time to learn something new?
One thing we shouldn’t do is beat ourselves up if we feel we didn’t do enough, that doesn’t solve anything.

I like to look at the beginning of the month as many of us look at a brand new note pad. Untouched, waiting there for us to work on. No scribbled notes, no creases and no tears.
Pretty soon that notebook will be full of ideas and scribbled notes that we hope we can read later on.
Sit back and jot down things that you did last month. Did you advertise on Traffic exchanges?
Maybe this month switch it up and try some Safelists. Seek out new avenues to promote your links at.
Write down your goals, dont’t set them so high that they are unachievable. But on the flip side do not make them so reachable that halfway through the month you have hit your target and sit back for the rest of the month.

Sometimes it is also a good time to maybe go back and look at the basics of SFI again and refresh our memories.
Go back to the launchpad and read through it again. Maybe something new will stick with you. www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/
Likewise check out the “Getting Started” pages again. We all forget stuff. Even the most successful marketers have to keep reading to keep on top of their game. www.sfimg.com/Training/GeneralTraining
Refreshing your memory on the “Rules Of Success” wouldn’t hurt either. www.sfimg.com/ROS/Index
And of course there is the “Diamond Plan”.

Have you taken the time to read any of the “Expert Reports” that we have there for our use and education?
There are so many reports you will be able to find one that you will earn from.

There is also the “Internet Income” course there for our use.

SFI is without the best affiliate program out there for providing so much FREE guidance and training. Of course it is up to each one of us to take advantage of these resources, and put what we learn into practice.

The other valuable resource we have is the forum and if your reading this you know where it is located. We have many very active affiliates sharing their knowledge with each other. Offering tips and advice and encouragement to us all. You will see that we have “Forum Gurus” they have earned that title by being active and answering your questions.
The other great thing about the forum is the chance to ask “SFI President, Gery Carson” questions and get answers from the man himself. Almost unheard of in affiliate programs that the top guy being so active and available to us all.

So what I am getting at is that today is not about what we have lost from last month (because we haven’t lost anything), it is what we can do this month to be bigger and better.
We should evaluate, adapt and overcome any obstacles we find in our way.

I know this is a bit long but I hope you find some value in it.

Peace out.

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A Communications Gift in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing

Reply by Scott L. 3 months ago

Once you start getting a list of PSA's on your level 1, you have the ability to communicate with them several different ways. Stream posts, chat bubbles, leadership page.....and emails.

Email marketing is still used extensively today. To get a longer more complete message to your PSA's, it is a very effective tool.

If your PSA's do not opt out, you have up to 1 year from when they joined SFI to send them emails and share this program with them. And it is a FREE tool to use.

I send out between 5000 and 10,000 emails every week. I don't know of any email program out there that gives that ability, especially to a targeted audience who have already expressed an interest in the program, and do it with no extra cost to you.

Available to all affiliates at any rank.

And the same is available to your CSA's as well.

Are you using this tool on a regular basis?

PSA Mailer.

CSA Mailer.

Yes, we should work with the workers. But there is no reason to ignore your inactive recruits, especially when it is this easy to contact them.

Will they open your emails? No one knows.

But I can guarantee 100% they will not be opened if you never send them.

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Don't be scared by all the information here in Getting Started #Getting Started

Reply by Scott L. 3 months ago

You can't know everything about this program in detail. You don't need to know everything about this program to be successful. I have been here almost 9 years and believe me, I don't know lots of things about this program. I constantly have to look things up to get more details.

People who are really interested in becoming successful here will learn where to find the answers to the questions they have.

1. The search bar at the top of the page. The only issue some will have is that this site is in English, so it makes it harder for the translation aspect. But a decent knowledge of English will produce results for search words that you type in.

2. The Launch Pad lessons - where the rocket ship is at the top of the page. This explains SFI at a reasonably high level, without a huge amount of detail, but with links to where more detail can be found. It is a great resource, and I don't know of another program structured this way that can work as well as this does.

3. The forum. Unprecedented in the industry as far as I know. Most of the other outside programs rely upon social media for interaction. SFI contains all of it within the program itself. If you have a question, that you cannot find an answer to yourself, you will find it here.

Thousands of people have joined this program and stayed with it because it has everything you need to be successful. But, you have to do the work. A hammer does not pound in a nail by just sitting there laying on the ground. The tool is only as useful as the person using it in the correct fashion.

You will need to become a leader here to be successful. But, people will follow what you do, more than how much you have to say. Actions can speak louder than words. Communication is needed, but all the tools are here for you to show and prove that you are a leader.

Show your team members what you do, how to do it, and you become a leader. It is not rocket science. It is dedication to your business that will convert your recruits to following you.

Easy? Most people will say no. But that is why this is a numbers game. Keep recruiting to find the ones that are willing to follow you.

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Missing Earning FREE Rewardicals Opportunities!! in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started #Rewardical

Reply by Sampath Kumar S. 3 months ago

Where and how many opportunities to earn Rewardicals are missed or being over looked? Just pondered over this many times and I felt this needs to be shared here.

1. Badge Quest

Many (New) affiliates fail to take note that here remains a very good opportunity where they can earn Rewardicals easily just by gathering Badges, trimming them regularly and advancing from one Level to Another and then remain there every month so that a fixed sum of Rewardicals are assured.

From there their real challenge begins. Planning needs to be done to gather more and more Points once they reach the last 2 Levels.

By simply studying the Badge Tab (of course by clicking it!) the badges available, their point values, etc one can plan their requirement** in order to meet the norms so that they can received huge quantum of Rewardicals.

While this may seem difficult, it's not impossible to achieve over a period of time.

2. **Game HIDDEN provides ample opportunities to earn More Badges and Rewardicals while playing on a daily basis.

When the Game was introduced about a month ago, I was apprehensive this I could not play through my Smart Phone. When I started playing through my PC I realised this is the place from where I am going to gather more Badges and Points which can help me in advancing in my Badge Quest Rankings.

You will be excited to know that in the last couple of weeks, I was able to gather 10 NEW Badges with a Point value of 2500!

Because of this My over Leader Board Rank jumped from 120 to 53 and my Rank in HIDDEN went from 144 to 17 (as on date!) !!

It has given me confidence to do better and gather more point values here, in the coming days!

3. Localvantia:

I feel still the significance of introducing LOCAL merchants has not been fully realised and recognised. Just by buying our Monthly Family requirement from our own Localvantia merchant we can ensure:

* That we are receiving Rewardicals for No money spent!
** That we can meet our Regular requirement of VP without spending any money in SFI in order to reach or retain our

With just one approved Local Vendor, I am able to receive on an average 1500 to 2000 Rewardical Tokens every month.

More on this.
How does the Rewardical program work?

There are in all 15 ways by which one has the opportunity to earn Rewardicals. This Article explains this.

How can I earn Rewardicals?

Usage of Rewardicals??

One can redeem them whenever one wants for a variety of great goodies including:

*PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates)
*PRMs (Personally Referred Members)
*CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)
*Free Gift Cards
*Free Bitcoin
*Free Silver Bullion
*Charitable Donations
*and more!

How to redeem your Rewardicals

It's time, we introduce More Merchants, help in more selling and earn more Rewardicals in the process!

As I said earlier (long back) Rewardicals is here to STAY & RULE!!

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Well, I will not give up in Team Building #Leadership #Rewardical #Team Building

Reply by Scott L. 3 months ago

As Tommie Kirkland has talked about dozens of times over the past year, if he had listened to the internet gurus, he would have abandoned his free advertising options, and probably not have gone much further than he has. Anything is possible if you truly put your mind to it.

I suggested recently that we could focus on trying to recruit 1 person each month who would purchase 125 TCredits. Several people have told me that is just not realistic or possible.

One thing is for sure: if I don't try, it is impossible.

What are the selling points of purchasing 125 TCredits?

1. Instantly become an EA, opening the door to commissions down 3 levels.
2. Receive 100 VP when a PSA moves up another rank. Obviously, the more PSA's you have that move up, the easier it becomes for you to reach TL status....without purchasing anything else if you don't want to.
3. CSA commissions - a true gift from SFI. If more people could recruit PSA's who made a purchase, more CSA's would be active, right?
4. Use the TCredits to get as many Rewardical Tokens as you can.

Why bother with these tokens? Because, they can get you some money.

1. You can now redeem Rewardical Tokens for bitcoin. I did that this morning. It will be a nice bonus.
2. You can redeem Rewardical Tokens for gift certficates to purchase something inside TripleClicks. After all, is that not what makes this program work? By purchases being made by all of us who are members!
3. Redeem the tokens for other things you might need in SFI to build your own business - VP, PSA, PRM - whatever you want.

Where to use the TCredits most effectively?

1. I use them mostly on Astro Auctions, because they provide more chances for higher token winnings with all the draws you are entered into for each auction. When you use 3 per day, after 20 days you will become an Astro VIP, and you get additional entries into other draws for tokens.

2. Use them to enter games where you want. The point would be to get as many entries into the Daily Crown drawing so you have a chance to get more tokens.

Teaching my PSA's to duplicate this approach will help build our downline. One thing I will tell them as well is that for each PSA that makes a 125 TCredit purchase, they will earn $4.67. (Assumes they are EA or higher as well).

Easy? As I have said before, no. Simple? Yes. Let's show our new recruits where the money is. At least they have an idea that yes, you can make money here.

If someone does not have the funds to make purchases themselves, they always have the option of trying to sell items in TripleClicks. It will probably just take them a lot longer to build a team. Which is where the big money is waiting.

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How I made it to GTL in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

Reply by Zhumagul A. 3 months ago

How I became GTL on September ?

Hello everyone, hope your all having a wonderful evening or morning.
Today I would like to share my September experience and I am sorry that I am doing it just now. One of my children was very sick but thankfully she's doing allot better now.

My Goal for September was to requalify at least to STL, but with the Step it up contest, it changed it all.
The Step it up contest was so great that my team and I we all worked really hard to go up in higher rank to benefit from the contest. Even though not everyone were able to benefit but they still helped to support others who can could still receive at least 500 CSAs each.

For me I only had 3 awesome TLs left, but only 1 STL so I needed 1 more STL to become GTL. Suddenly one of my TLs seeked for help in me, she desperately wanted to become STL but she needed a BTL in her team first to do so.
She said please if you can and have any EA member that you can reassign to me, I can help him/her go up to BTL and then they can both benefit with at least 500 CSAs each.

At that exact time, I didn't know what to do or how to help. For the 1st time in all my journey in SFI, I decided to search for help from my uplines and see if there was any way they could help but none could so, because their hands were all tight as well and I understood, but I am still thankful to them all. This all just showed me that no matter what only I can do something about it, because this is my business and my team.

So after thinking it I decided to talk with one of my TLs about it and he was so understanding and I am forever grateful that he excepted to be reassigned under my other TL to help her becoming STL and me to go up to GTL.
That is what true Teamwork is all about.
That is how I became GTL.

Besides that my other goals was:

2. Recruit at least 10 NEW PSAs/POAs but instead I was able to recruit 28 new PSAs 50% went straight to the OB and got distributed to my DDs.
3.Recruit at least 2 PRMs, but instead I was able to recruit 9 PRMs + The PRMs that I personally recruited for my BTLs, 1 PRM for each BTL from Gen 1 to 8 as an incentive for their Rank Achievements.
4.Selling at least 1 TC products for September, I did it.
5. Have at least 3 PSAs confirming their ranks for September, I did it.
6. Becoming a Badge Quest Grand Master that can also give me 4 entries to the badge quest bounty and also of course receiving the 2000 RTs as a reward of my achievement at the 1st day of October. I made it and received my 4 entries to BQ Bounty drawing +received 2000 RTs on October 1st.
7. Win at least 1 auction: I won 50 CSAs +10 PSAs from the PB penny auction.
9. I was able to reassign 1 BTL PSA to my other BTL PSA to help her go up to STL. Sometimes it is necessary to help and support your team if you want them and you to be successful. Besides I am not losing anything, instead I am growing along by helping my team. I am very proud of them all and I appreciate all their hard works.

I did all that with free advertising.
One of the reasons why I love having my own personal advertising FB group.
My Methods of recruiting are:
Facebook Groups where they allow to advertise your business for free and all has over 10K and up of members.
My personal advertising FB group that I created myself.

From the traffic sites:
TrafficSwirl this one you might check on it as it comes with promo code for free credits as a sign up bonus.
SocialSurf4U this one also comes with promo code.
I suggest you read and learn the terms of service and privecy policy first and learn how to use the sites.

Also after only being left with my 2 awesome STLs, I was able to bring another 2 inactive PSAs back online, and I am so proud of them both, both made it to EA this month and one of them is very close to becoming BTL.
It was all team work that showed and given an amazing results.

So what I am trying to say is be patient, keep persisting, keep learning, keep working hard, keep showing support to your team. With the positive attitude, mindset and persistance, you can do anything. Just set your goals and keep moving forward working hard/smart in reaching each one of those goals.
Together we can move the mountains. Only the sky is the limit.

Wish all of you much more success in your businesses!
Thank you all for reading.
Zhumagul A.

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