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1st Anniversary! in Miscellaneous #Contests #E365 #Team Building

Reply by Zhumagul A. 3 hours ago

Hello everyone hope your all having a wonderful morning, day or evening!

Today I am celebrating my 1st Anniversary here and I would like to share everything I have accomplished in 1 year.
I feel honored and proud of my accomplishments because all my hard work starting to pay off.

Since day 1 of joining SFI and starting my amazing journey here, I have never stopped reading, learning, working towards building my business. Everyday I had to do something to grow my business, which later became my daily habit.
I've became Silver Team Leader

Here are my accomplishments so far:
I had made it to 5 Gens, but one of my PSAs became inactive and for failing one of the affiliate agreement she has lost all her downline and all her downline were assigned to me. But its okay I know she had very good reason of personal life of why she became inactive. She said she'll be back online after getting her life back together.Till she's ready to come back, I'll make sure to take care of her downline for her.

Now I got 3 Gens and CSAs
PSA 162
2 135
3 126
CSA 344
PRMs 30

I got amazing Team whom I am very proud of (1 STL, BTLs and EAs) and whom I cherish and appreciate every each one of them. Thank you all for being such an amazing associates and friends.

E365 Champion with 40,041 ALL-TIME VP , 11-MONTH EA STREAK and 365-DAY VP STREAK
#58 in Top Sponsors
Buster Club Member
Forum Guru
#1 in my class
25x support stars
Opti-Build Leader etc....
Leaderboard Rank: 258 (13630 points)

This month just to show how much I appreciate my team, I created a contest from July 11, 2018 to December 30, 2018 for everyone in my downline from Gen 1 -8.
Who ever reaches BTL each month will be receiving 1 PRM with a special key code from me.
As promised each BTL so far got their PRMs.
Now of course for my EAs in Gen 1 as reward they get 5 PSAs and BTLs (DDs) get their PSAs from my Opti-Build program.
I just hope they also appreciate all my hard work as I appreciate theirs!

About my inactive members I have already made a thread sharing the great news here:

Soon I'll be going for GTL or Higher if God permits.

So what trying to say is be patient, keep persisting, keep learning, keep working hard. With the right mindset and attitude you can do anything. Just set your goals and keep moving forward working hard in reaching each one of those goals.
Together we can move the mountains. Only the sky is the limit.

Wish all of you much more success in your businesses!
Thank you all for reading.
Zhumagul A.

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Team Leaders Should Support Each Others! in Team Leaders #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Tommie K. 22 hours ago

Hi Fellow SFI’ers,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk)

Team Leaders Should Support Each Others!

[/b]For Example, If I start a thread on:[/b]
- Free Advertising
- Motivation
- New Pay Plan
- Team Building
- And Etc

Fellow Team Leaders should do in the forum:
- Support the Fellow team leader
- Edify each other when we can
- Build up rather than tear down
- Lead by a Good Example

Fellow Team Leaders should NOT do in the forum:
- Tear down a fellow team leader
- Say hear we go again with the same old stuff
- Interupt Fellow team leaders threads with negative comments that have nothing to do with the threads.
- And Etc


Because the forum members are watching the team leaders and a great team leader leads by examples.

Tip: Be the kind of Team Leader you want your team to follow!

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In the recent past........my leadership has been challenged in Team Leaders #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Andrew A. 2 days ago

The new compensation plan virtually forces members to implement what SFI has always tried to get us to do voluntarily and that is building strong teams below us.

In the past, the incentive was to earn 45% of the CV by recruiting nothing but PSA and then basically telling them how to fend for themselves and leaving them off to profit on their own. We as a whole didn't implement deep team building because we didn't fully understand the value and potential of the Versa points system but now those tiers under us have a dollar value and that is a 4% cash override on all sales and purchases.

In the past, your earnings could fluctuate on a month by month basis even if you had the exact same VP every month because low sales or extra free shares of the Executive Pool issued would reduce their value. No more will your earnings be devalued based on other members not driving sales.

Before now you would have to depend on every affiliate being as hard working as you and your team. Now what your team earns stays in the team, 48% of the CV paid out over up to 12 tiers. 8% earnings on New CSA, and up to 16% or 2 shares on existing CSA in our teams, and 24% of every sale we directly make via 4% override and 20% direct commission.

Going forward:

To step back out as a leader again you need to focus on systems like Opti-Build to place workers under your workers and teach those workers to do the same. Keep building up the team with reassignments and building down instead of out so you can have dozens or even hundreds or thousands of people earning you income each month. You can not make that happen but you can make sure that if it doesn't you have done your best and the roll-up for those who fall out will make sure you don't lose ground.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Better understanding of Compression in Compensation #Compensation #Sales #Team Building

Reply by Liezel T. 2 days ago

I want to show you a simple explanation as to why the new Compensation plan and the Compression feature is absolutely the best fit for building a large and profitably business within SFI!

These are numbers I have taken from my downline and are meant for explanation only.

SFI has an "Active Sponsor policy". Which basically means. "Log in at least once AND have at least 250 VersaPoints every 45 days".

Simple, but good rule in my personal opinion.

Now even though this is a fair and decent rule. A lot of affiliates do just that. They log in and do less then 1500 VP, but more then 250VP! There are a lot of different reasons why affiliates do this, but that is for a different discussion.

Lets take a look at the #1 reason why Compression can be such an amazing feature within the SFI compensation plan!

Last month I had 2,500 affiliates within my 12 levels who did less than 1500VP but more than 250VP.

To put this in perspective... That means that 2,500 positions within my 12 levels were taken and I received no commissions.. with the possibility of a few cents!

Now with the compression feature... SFI has removed these 2,500 NON-EA affiliates from the commission process and compressed all active.. 1500VP or more, down from levels 13, 14, 15, all the way, etc... into these positions. Hence COMPRESSION!

Now I don't want you to think that I now received 2,500 more paid positions.. There are a lot of other things to factor in! There could be no active EA or above to fill the removed position.. But my point is this..

Build a strong front line..
Build deep...
And most importantly........
Learn and pass on your knowledge to your downline.

Compression will eventually weed out the weak and show you the strong!

I hope I helped you to understand the HUGE potential that Compression can have on your commission check...

Roy and Liezel Tate

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What happened to my recent sponsor? in Miscellaneous

Reply by Tim F. 3 days ago


Don't worry about sponsors you don't need them - other than of course to get you into the business in the first place

This business is about what you do - how good or bad your sponsor is doesn't impact on you one way or the other in the end. Think of it like a family. You might get the best support from grandparents or maybe a half cousin rather than your mum and dad. The same in sfi you have the forum and may be people you meet online who you never knew were in sfi but gave you good advice.

I would say don't rely on anyone else or think someone else has the illusive answer as to how to do well in sfi - the truth is they don't know any more than you

Simply set out to advertise the program with simple text ads, recruit new affiliates and refer sales and you will do fine
Always be positive and optimistic about what you can achieve on your own - roll up your sleeves and get on with it - the more you talk about it and discuss it the less you're actually doing anything

In short sponsor? Sponsor who! Enjoy the program get active recruit refer that's it OK

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More Than Doubled My May Commission in Compensation #Compensation #Team Building

Reply by Bing O. 4 days ago

One Level Higher Status at the last Day of June More Than Doubled My May Commissions!

1. Many Thanks to SFI for the Improvements in the Compensation Plan announced on June 1st.

2. I can't thank enough my Bing-Zing teammates for pushing me up to the DTL spot!

3. Remove all your lingering doubts about our SFI business opportunity.

4. It is now time to put in your/our best efforts in promoting SFI and building depth first - in order to push up your TLs

5. Nobody who sincerely set up goals with schedule, following the Six Steps of The Diamond Plan: will not be ecstatic with their growing commissions in the months ahead!

"Dream High and Aim Big!"

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What a Loser! in Pricebenders #Contests

Reply by Tim B. 5 days ago

I've seen a lot of people over the years come to the forum and complain that they can't win a pricebender auction, so I want to be the first to complain about not being able to win an Astro Auction.

So far today, they have given me:
8 Daily Crown Entries
45 GMP/ZJ Matches
30 GMP Moves
110 VP
2227 Rewardicals
And I haven't won a single auction.
I know what you're thinking... "What a loser"

So, if you've given up on price benders... give Astro Auctions a try.
You'll still probably lose, but losing never felt so good.

It's a great way to leverage your TCredits.

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how to conect my csa's sponsor ? in Team Building #CSA

Reply by Sampath Kumar S. 6 days ago

1. You will not be able to contact your CSA's sponsor. You can find the name of her sponsor by clicking her Profile Photo. You can try to become an A2A friend with her sponsor. Just a possibility.
2. It's her wish to be active or other wise depending on many reasons perhaps personal too.
3. All you can do is please keep encouraging her through regular communication and remain hopeful that she will become active again.
4. Please see if she is available in the Facebook or any known channels like LinkedIn, etc.

Beyond this you can do nothing.

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I am so discouraged and can't take it anymore! in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

Reply by Zhumagul A. 12 days ago

Did the caption called your attention?

Hello everyone, hope your all having great evening or morning!

So today I wanted to talk about everything that happened in the month of July.
After months of my sleeping beauties they are slowly waking up and starting to work in their businesses and reading their launchpad lessons. How exciting is that? I know I am super happy and so excited!

But do you know how and why is this happening?
Because I didn't give up on any of my team members, and I keept sending E-Cards of each changes in SFI, kept reminding them what an amazing opportunity they are letting to slip out of the tips of their fingers. I kept sending the new updates and how great the New Comp Plan was. Let them know that now is the time to wake up and work harder, that now isn't the time to go into the deep sleep or keep being asleep.

I didn't throw the towel and said I am discouraged and tired, I didn't quit that easily.
Having an inactive members shouldn't be the reason to quit, instead keep working on recruiting new members but also keep working on waking up your sleeping beauties.

Here is why you shouldn't give up your hopes in your sleeping beauties and your business.
For a simple reason that they are still in your genealogy downline report and they didn't opted out of their SFI business account. This only means that they are still interested and it gives me hope that one day they are thinking about coming back online and work. They are only waiting for that right time when their ready.

I am blessed and grateful to have such an amazing working Team Leaders in my team, and I am so proud of them all. I love helping and showing support to my team. I don't only consider them a part of my team but I also have made an amazing friendship, I consider them as part of my family. Wish they would all know how much I appreciate every each one of them.

This month I have been working so hard to recruit members into my team.
Today I got 23 PSAs/POS, from which 50% went to my DDs and and another 5 members to my EA member.
One of the reasons why I love having my own personal advertising FB group.
My Methods of recruiting are:
Facebook Groups where they allow to advertise your business for free and all has over 10K and up of members.
My personal advertising FB group that I created myself.

From the traffic sites:
TrafficSwirl this one you might check on it as it comes with promo code for free credits as a sign up bonus.
SocialSurf4U this one also comes with promo code.
I suggest you read and learn the terms of service and privecy policy first and learn how to use the sites.

I am using other sites also, but I'll let you all know on how the others going after I see any results from them.
But so far only the above has given great results.

I also get so excited to see my scoreboard and the percentage of advancement:

This is what team work is all about!
So what trying to say is be patient, keep persisting, keep learning, keep working hard. With the right mindset and attitude you can do anything. Just set your goals and keep moving forward working hard in reaching each one of those goals.
Together we can move the mountains. Only the sky is the limit.

Wish all of you much more success in your businesses!
Thank you all for reading.
Zhumagul A.

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Reassigned over 500 PSA today. To my downline! "Teamwork". in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by John M. 19 days ago

With my marketing efforts, I found I had close to 1200 PSA on my first level. Some active, some not. To much to handle without help!
So I went to my genealogy and wrote down a list of my best "movers" meaning, people that take this seriously. I write down important information about my recipient such as name, country, and rank. Anyone with the rank of EA or above will receive free PSA from me as your team leader.
I try to help each one of my "movers" by matching them with people from their own country. But sometimes this is not possible. I would like to help one of my movers from Croatia but I am not getting any new affiliates from that country.
But we are all about diversity! Global business. Right? So I sent him 50 PSA from around the world. I hope and pray that my team appreciates my efforts. I sure appreciate theirs! I wish all of you the best of luck in the future with SFI.

On a side note: I know a lot of people are wondering about all the new changes to our income structure and all the new changes overall! In my opinion....I think it's pretty exciting! I'm really liking the "scoreboard" tab! It gives me daily data on the progress of my team.

Don't give up people! This is just starting to take off.

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My Earnings Now Showing in Compensation #Compensation

Reply by Gery 27 days ago

Minimum rank is EA to earn a Team Override (qualifies you for Team Overrides on 3 compressed generations). So if Joe on your 7th generation generated CV (via either a purchase or sale)...and there were less than three persons between you and Joe at the rank of EA, you'd earn a Team Override on the CV due to the dynamic compression we now utilize.

The line of sponsorship might look like this:

Bob (EA)
Sara (EA)

Of course, if you're a BTL, it could look like this and you'd still earn the Team Override on the CV on your 27th generation! Yes, dynamic compression is a HUGE upgrade to our comp plan!

Bob (EA)
Sara (EA)
Sherry (EA)
Alex (BTL)
Larry (EA)

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A summary of the New Compensation Plan in Team Building #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Gilbert M. 28 days ago

Gery, Hi!

WOW! The New Compensation Plan is AMAZING! I see it as a HUGE step forward to empower serious SFI team leaders to build a highly successful SFI business and active team. Thank you Gery and the team. I am ALWAYS amazed at your continual efforts to get me to stop stagnating and to GROW my SFI business. And I appreciate that VERY MUCH! THANK YOU!

Apart from an early congratulatory post in the initial Forum thread that discussed this announcement I haven't made any other comment yet. I just haven't had time. But I have been through the news release several times now and thought about what I now need to do to take full advantage of these changes.

Here's a summary of my current thinking.

1. My current commissions. Yes, these will take an initial hit of approximately 50%. But that's fine. I'm not in SFI for what I can earn NOW - I'm in SFI for what I WILL EARN TOMORROW - and the POTENTIAL just keeps getting better.

Past SFI improvements have also cost me initially, and in fact in one of them I lost my best PSA. He stopped completely. But after a few months he came back and while he has not yet returned to his previous level of activity he is regularly signing in and doing some work. I actually think that the improvements that SFI have made here may excite him again.

2. Team Overrides

I have a new strategy that I will be rolling out this month to my team that will take full advantage of the initial emphasis on a 3 x 3 matrix and the resulting TEAM OVERRIDES (that replace the EP). And I am expecting my team to buy into this BIG TIME. Now I will earn from the activities of all my ACTIVE downline. - WOW!

Now we will see the benefit of the ZING network, Localvantia and Rewardical sales. And these are all areas in SFI that I will be spending much more time on in the future. And I will get the benefit from this - not everyone in the EP.

And NOW I have a real incentive to work with my PSAs down to 12 compressed levels (and my upline also has the same incentive to work with me) to receive the balance of 48% of the CV that has been reserved for my team on EVERY commission generated by our respective downlines. THIS IS HUGE!

For all those "small-minded" affiliates who are bemoaning the loss of some commissions this month all I will say is - get on-board the new system and develop your team in depth. In a few months you will be laughing all the way to the bank!

3. Instant pays. I'm glad that this won't start immediately. I detest any form of bank fees and therefore Payoneer is not my favourite debit card. Mind you, once I am earning thousands of dollars in commissions each month their fees will not be a concern (relatively speaking).

4. Simplified Team Leader Rank Qualifications - 3 PSAs
This was never a problem with me and I will be very willing to help any PSA in my team who wants to become a team leader. But any reduction in the qualification requirements is always welcome.

5. VersaPoints.
Now VP are only for rank purposes and those who earn less than 1,500 per month will have these transferred to the new month. Yes, this will help newbies get started BUT VP actually look after themselves.

REALLY we should be concentrating on TRANSFER BUYING. Surely it is not that hard to find something at TripleClicks that you could purchase instead of buying locally. Of course if you are serious about SFI you will need at least 125 TCredits each month so that you can participate fully in what SFI has to offer. We really need to work towards developing a budget, maybe over several months, where an investment in SFI of about $1.20 per day is possible each and very month. This is what I have done. SFI is my TOP priority each month. It's amazing how you can get this money together IF YOU REALLY WORK AT IT.

All SFI affiliates, not just newbies, should understand that NO entrepreneur or business person imposes LIMITS on their own business activities. That is just crazy thinking. No, the exact reverse is the case - we think BIG and plan GREAT things. And then do everything possible to achieve these plans. An attitude of "doing as little as possible" is not the mindset of any successful person I know (in whatever field of endeavour they are pursuing). And this should not be the mindset of any SFI affiliate either.

6. CSA Program
WOW! I now will receive an additional 1% commission on ALL my current CSAs - THANK YOU GERY!

And I will receive a commission of 8% on all new ones that I earn, win or purchase. BETTER YET. I will have up to 4 Co-Sponsors. Actually I think for all us "oldies" we will end up having a total of 3 Co-Sponsors because our current Co-Sponsor receives 2 slots. But all new PSAs will receive 4 Co-Sponsors. I'm looking forward to being the Co-Sponsor of 4 times as many CSAs as I currently am. WOW! That is the potential to earn 4 times as much in commissions AND 1:25 RTs as well. What a GREAT innovation that is. The bonus RTs I will earn each month are also appreciated.

For the past several months I have received 18 free CSAs each month. Under the new system I will receive (initially) 17 free CSAs each month - 12 for being BTL and 5 for being BCQ. That's okay because I also understand that this is likely to increase shortly. And, of course, I still will receive one share of "Second Home CSAs". This is a good simplification. Thank you Gery!


Get ready. SFI has just made it easier for us all to be successful. You will be receiving from me in the next day or so a simplified plan for you - what you should do and, if you do, what I will do to help you.


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Keep Your Marketing Funnel Focused... in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

Reply by Leon M. about 1 month ago

When promoting the SFI business opportunity, products and/or services stay in your marketing funnel...

A marketing funnel is the concept of keeping your prospect focused as you walk them through the AIDA process.





Action is either a sign-up or sale

Hint: Do NOT link out of your funnel. Do NOT cause your prospect to lose focus on your specific message. Your entire focus is to lead your prospect to either a sign-up or sale.

Leon McKee

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New Comp Plan Improvements in SFI News #Compensation #CSA

Reply by Leon M. about 1 month ago

Why focus on Team Building with the NEW compensation system?

Global residual Income that grows 24 hours a day and is protected from political and environmental events....

1) Income Freedom (do what you want).


2) Time Freedom (do it when you want).


3) Location Freedom (do it where you want).

I recommend this thread:

Why You Should Focus on Team Building...

and this thread:

How To Retire With SFI Sooner Than Later...

Leon McKee

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Localvantia_-The Ultimate in Zing Network! in Miscellaneous #Localvantia #Rewardical

Reply by Gyanendra P. about 1 month ago

For years I was wondering whether a networking business be done with our daily grocery purchases on market rates. With SFI introducing Localvantia it is very much possible with our grocery purchases from our local vendors. Yes you read that right. We can start our networking business by continuing to buy products and services from our favorite local vendors. SFI is awesome!

How do I pre-register new Localvantia merchants in my area?

LOCAVANTIA TRAINING: How to approach prospective Localvantia merchants .

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"FREE" members can earn here too... in Getting Started #Getting Started

Reply by Scott L. about 1 month ago

The product is games, auctions TCredits and PSA's. Nothing has changed here. If that is how you built your team, great. Just because we have fewer products or ECA's should not make it much different. Especially since the products/ECA's removed represented less than 5% of the total sales. You can concentrate advertising products for SFI affiliates, because they have always been the biggest purchasers.

If TCredits are the highest selling product in SFI, then the removal of the other products should have very little effect. If the other products were selling, SFI would have kept them. (I lost my store too).

So, if team building really meant recruiting affiliates to buy TCredits and PSA's and play games and auctions, what has really changed? Honestly, not very much.

The point should not be thousands of products from hundreds of merchants available just to have a choice. The point should be the highest selling products that produce the most revenue. We should not be window shopping here....just looking without buying.

SFI cannot survive being a shopping mall.

And now, you can earn commissions from referring members to Rewardical merchants if you want, and Localvantia shops. The money the store owners are going to pay for the tokens that was going to the Executive Pool is now going into commissions. Over 300 locations and 65,000 products you can advertise. I don't think there is a lack of products.

Honestly, not that much has changed from the product point of view, except of how they are delivered, and a lot of products don't exist in TripleClicks anymore.

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There's No Magic or Special Tricks to get people to Join... in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #PSA

Reply by Tommie K. about 1 month ago

Hi Fellow SFI'ers,

There's No Magic or Special Tricks to get people to join and be active.

Your main job is to generate traffic to your gateways daily to find your next EA's, STL, GTL, PTL and DTL.

The Workers Will Work without you telling them to work because they will be working to grow their own business.

All that I Focus on is Generating Traffic to my Gateway and don't concern myself who join or who will be active.

I can ONLY control what I do and I can't control what others do,

I use ONLY Free Advertising to attract my future Diamond Team Leaders.

Here's My 5 Top PSAs movers VP's for May 2018:
#1 Maria Irena Zamora 12,023 VP
#2 William Hemmelgarn 5,898 VP
#3 Ime Udombang 5,355 VP
#4 Abubakar Sadiq Usman 5,140 VP
#5 Alistair Knox 4,401 VP

I didn't have to bother them at all to grow their own business (The Workers Will Work).

In fact, they don't need me to motivate or inspire them to grow their business.

See, I'm looking for the workers that's looking for an opportunity that SFI offers.

I Don't Push, Pull or Drag anyone over the finish line.

Tip: Focus on what you have in your power to control!

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The New Comp Plan + Free Advertising + Team Growth = More Money in Marketing #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

Reply by Tommie K. about 1 month ago

Hi Fellow SFI'ers,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...

I'm excited about the New Comp Plan because it focus on growing a large team to Leverage our Income and to Earn more residual income.

The main things that I like about The New Comp Plan:
- It gives our affiliates the incentive to reach EA and up!
- It gives our affiliates the incentive to retain EA Status and up!
- We get Team Overrides
- We get paid for our time and efforts
- It's easier for affiliates to reach Diamond Team Leader
- It make it easier for me to reach Crown Team Leader!

With Free Advertising, there's no limits on how many ads that we can post daily without having to wait to get money to post ads.

If we want to grow a large team we need to be posting ads daily without fail and Free Advertising fit the bill.

Tip: Run down to Marketing Aids and get your Text Ads and Banners ads and start using Free Advertising today!

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It’s Impossible to Fail with SFI unless... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Tommie K. about 1 month ago

Hi SFI’ers,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...

It’s Impossible to Fail with SFI unless:
- You don’t do anything
- You don’t drive traffic daily to your gateways
- You’re waiting for your sponsor and upline to do it for you

The ONLY thing we REALLY need to do is drive traffic to our gateways and SFI will do the rest.

SFI will do the following:
- Train your PSA’s
- Support your PSA’s
- Provide A forum to help your PSA’s
- a2a Friends fir your PSA’s
- Provide role models for your PSA’s
- Make sales for you
- And the lists goes on...

Tip: Do your part and get the potential Affiliates to SFI so SFI can do their part!

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Leadership Points!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing

Reply by Aziz B. 3 months ago

Your most powerful weapon (or your worst enemy) is YOUR MIND. It is basically a computer and it delivers to you what you set it up to do and work on. This is science actually! So, if you think of good things + good thinks will be brought to you. If you think negatively - bad things will happen to you. Think of it as an attractant. It attracts whatever you set it up to (think of). Or see it as a mirror. Whatever you present to it — that is what you will see in the reflection. And what do you do if you don’t like what you see? What do you do if your hair is messy, or you have dirt on your face? It is so simple: If you want to change something in your life change yourself first. Change the way you think, lose the prejudices, re-evaluate your opinions, be open for new things and ideas, don’t judge other people and change the negativity into positivity.

Patience is the key to any success. Nothing is made in a day. “Rome wasn’t build in a day.” A tree needs time to grow and bear fruit, a baby needs nine months to develop lungs so it can breathe independently, you needed several years to finish school.
That’s how nature and life are. We are trained by society to expect things to go/happen quickly (fashion, new software, new brands of mobile phones, new products), but that is NOT how natural things are happening. Sure, you can achieve something quickly and easy sometimes whether by luck or by meeting the right people, but it will be gone as fast as it came. It is never stable.

Leading a team
Most of the people who join SFI and learn that they have to build a team and be leaders think: “Oh I can’t do that. I have never been in that position. I can’t control my own kids let alone some people I don’t even know!!!”
Well good new is: you don’t have to control anything or anyone but yourself. See yourself as a teacher. Teach what you have learned. Let your team know you are there for them at all times and they can rely on you.

Many people are skeptic about online earnings. And they are mostly right because 90% of the companies ask for your money to sign up, then put you through more expenses. At the end you will have spent more than you gain. Signing up to SFI is free, gives you a free training programs and sponsors to teach you. Gives you marketing tips and tricks, as well as templates to work with!! All for free. All you have to invest is your time to study them. Think of it as a crash course for advertising.

Going through hard times
Moral sometimes goes down, especially if bad things happened to you today. Most important thing is: NOT TO SINK DOWN!! Don’t be a victim and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Feel sorry for those who are missing these kind of opportunities. To them no company will ever be good as they are not good themselves. Nurture the good things in you and your life and you will get to the good days eventually. Life is made of ups and downs and so is any work/job/business.

I am providing this link to an article from the magazine “Success” which explains 7 Mistakes These Successful People Will Never Make Again
And what you can learn from their biggest failures:
Many Thanks to SFI Greatest Tips
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