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Leader in Miscellaneous #Leadership

Reply by Alex E. 4 months ago

Hi Josphat,

Leadership simply entails selfless service. Leadership is you, as a sponsor, nurturing and raising a great team!

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Previous leadership challenge in Miscellaneous #Leadership

Reply by Manzoor H. over 2 years ago

Oct --- Dec leadership challenge ended and new leadership challenge started but i did not received yet prizes of July----Sep leadership challenge

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Leadership is the key... The challenges in Nigeria #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

Reply by Peace I. 2 months ago

Leadership says it. Leadership is leading by example.... I agree with you all the way.

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leadership challenge in Miscellaneous #Leadership

Reply by Anita P. about 1 year ago

leadership challenge

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The CAPTAIN in Western Africa #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by ADERINTO L. 12 months ago

Leadership is not by birth, leadership comes through training, focus, team building and ability to share vision.

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Bronze Team Leader , second month in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building #VersaPoints

Reply by Pamela B. over 3 years ago

Hi,Anthony,Congratulations! On your Bronze Team Leadership & Your Silver Team Leadership too.Your profile says Silver!
talk about progressing. Keep on,keeping it on!
Check your scoreboard again! You've earn your Silver Leadership! Well done!