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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 4 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

23 hours ago

Thank you Leon for sharing with us this emotional story and reminding us of Rich . You are right, before everything else we are all human beings and personal relations do matter in building a business.

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Benefit of storing your rewardicals in Miscellaneous #Pricebenders #PSA #VersaPoints

1 day ago

I am waiting for the Silver option to appear.

Also, If you have enough Rewardicals you can exchange it with Bitcoin. Then you can eighter keep Bitcoin as an investment or use it to buy stuff from TC or other sites where they accept Bitcoin. As Bitcoin can be broken down into many pieces of Satoshi, it is easier to pay the full amount of an item. Literally, Bitcoin is a currency.

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Purchases Commission Compensation in Getting Started

3 days ago

Dear Hafsah

CV or commission volume the amount of commission generated when something is sold on TC. For example, an item can be sold for $ 150 out of which $ 100 could be the CV. Then the CV is divided in the following manner.

1. 45 % of the CV goes to the person who generated the sales. For example, if your PSA or PRM buys something from TC, you get 45 % of the CV. If the CV is $ 100, you will get $ 45 . If you purchased the item, your sponsor will get the $ 45.
2. 15 % of the CV goes to the C0-sponsor of the affiliate who purchased the product from TC. If your CSA made the purchase, you will get 15 % or $ 15 . If you made the purchase, your C0-sponsor will get the $ 15.
3. 40 % of the CV will go the TC executive pool and will be divided amongst all affiliates who are EA and above. This compensation is based on the VP that you cumulate each month.

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 1 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

5 days ago

Interesting story Leon and thank you for sharing it with us. Can't wait to read part two and tree. May be you can explain to us the ''rinse and repeat'' marketing strategy in your next posts?

thank you

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MRP for 1 TCredit - But MRP is now discontinued? in Ask Gery

9 days ago

Your proposal makes sense. Since RTs are replacing MRPs then it will make sense to introduce RTs as a method of payment in TC for all purchases. This way the options available to use RT will be much wider. The question is what will be the buying power of RT ?

You can use your RT indirectly today to buy anything on TC. For this you need to convert your RT to Gift Certificates first.

If you do this to buy single TCredits from TC, it will cost you 1200 RT / $ 2 . So you will get 1 TCredit + 102 VP for 1200 RT. On the other hand, you can exchange 306 RT for 102 VP directly or you can get 400 VP directly for the 1200 RT, so it does not make any sense to buy Gift Certificates in order to get the 102 VP.

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New Localvantia Pre-Registration option in SFI News #Localvantia

14 days ago

This is great news indeed. just wanted to clarify some things.

1. An affiliate who is NOT an EA pre-registers a Localvantia Buniess and then closes the deal. Does he/she become eligible to receive the 1/10 Rw from that merchant ?
2. An affiliate or EA pre-registers a merchant, will they have the option of closing the deal if they wish so or SFI will decide if they or someone else will close the deal ?


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Understanding the economic impact of 150 MRP for 102 VP in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

15 days ago

Can you please clarify your statement. To get to BTL one needs 3000 VP . Let's say that 500 AVP is generated elsewhere. To come up with the remaining 2500 VP from MRP you needed almost 3750 MRP . How and where could one get 3750 MRP without having to buy/sell anything ? If they came from TCredits then you needed 375 TCredits , so where did they come from? If part of them came from buying Tcredits then you allready had 1500 VP for buying them, right ? or may be I am missing something here.

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Understanding the economic impact of 150 MRP for 102 VP in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

16 days ago

Dear Rahma

Here is a small tip that might help you get the maximum VP for your TCredits and hopefully can help you step up to BTL this month.

Buy units of EZ express tokens using 33 TCredits . This will give you 212 VP + 10 Rw ( can be exchanged for 3 VP) = 215 VP

here is the link to the EZ express tokens : www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=381585

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Understanding the economic impact of 150 MRP for 102 VP in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

16 days ago

Dear Scott

I agree with all that you have said in this thread. I just want to add the following arguments on top of what you mentioned.

1. As you said, the system has not really changed that much. MRP is being replaced with Rewardical. Before we used to get MRP ( Member REWARD Points ) and now we get REWARDicals. Both of them are REWARDS for using TCredits or for buying from TC store and now from Localvantia stores and Online Rewardical stores as well.

2. As MRP before, now we can use Rewardicals to get VP, if this is what we want. You needed 30 Tcredits before in normal auctions before to get 150 MRP that could be used to buy 1 TCredit and obtain 102 VP. Now you need 30 TCredits to get 300 Rewardical tokens that you can exchange for 100 VP. So the logic of replacement is fair. The only difference is when we used the TCredits to bid on double MRP auctions and now we do not have double Rw auctions, may be not yet.

3. Before we did not get any matching MRP for MRP earned by our PSAs and PRMs. Now we get 1 Rewardical token for every 10 Tokens earned by our PSAs and PRMs. This is definitely a new benefit that did not exist before.

As Scott mentioned above the value of the executive pool is also expected to go up so let us have some patience. Meanwhile we should be making new plans on how we are going to multiply your Rewardical tokens since this is the future.

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Advantage and / or Disadvantage, Rewardical !? in VersaPoints

17 days ago

Hello Ristica

To your question 'is there an opportunity to exchange (RT) Rewardical with TCredits?'', it all depends on what you need .

1. If you need a few TCredits to bid on auctions, play games or give it away to your PSAs , yes , this is a good option compared to buying them for $1.99 . At this moment you can get 1 TCredit for 77 Rw. tokens.
2. If you need VP then the best option is to exchange them directly with VP . For 75 Rw. tokens you can get 25 VP.

Regarding the before & after situation, your assumption of obtaining 150 MRP with 15 TCredits is based on double MRP auctions. On normal auctions, you would need to bid with 30 Tcredits to get 150 MRP. With 30 bids today you will get 300 Rw = 100 VP wich is more or less what you got for buying your 1 TCredit with MRP ( 102 VP), so not much has changed. We do not know yet if there will be double Rw bids in the future.

As to your title , '' Advantage and / or Disadvantage, Rewardical !?'', my answer is Yes we do have a lot of advantages with Rewardicals. The biggest advantage is that of receiving 1/10 Rewardicals on all Rewardicals earned by our PSAs. Before we got 0 % of MRP obtained by them. The more you encourage your PSAs to earn Rw tokens the more Rw tokens you will have.

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Sponsor rating in Suggestion Box #PSA #Sponsor

17 days ago

Anonymity is perfectly understandable as some people fear their Sponsor might lessen their help if they didn't give them a high rating. We do NOT have to know the identity of the person in order to help them! If someone wants to know how to get more VP, for example, would you give a different answer depending on their name???

People need to be honest, so protecting their identity will at least give some the option of providing feedback in the form of a rating, which should be of help to the Sponsor.

Ok, I understand your concern for keeping the rater anonymous, but a rating with no comments does not help you much. Each affiliate has different needs. One may need to know how to get more VP as you mentioned above, another may consider that you have not communicated with them for a while and yet another might have pretensions of receiving money or free gift certificates from you. So, how do you improve yourself?

Anonymous but with ''must include comments'' can be another solution.

Anyway, as I mentioned above it is not impossible to identify the low rater if you want to. A true Team Leader will not show less support for a low rating but will try his/her best to improve the rating. On the other hand, an honest PSA or CSA will not hide behind a low rating and would rather communicate with his/her Sponsor/Co-sponsor about his disappointment.

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Sponsor rating in Suggestion Box #PSA #Sponsor

18 days ago

If the intention behind rating is to help us improve our supporting skills, I do not see why the rating should be anonymous and without comments. If we do not know who gave the rating how can we help that person ? especially when there is no comment attached to it.

In any case, it is not impossible to detect who gave you the rating. If you follow up on a daily basis in your ''movers'' tab you can see who gets active on each day, how many extra VP they get and by eliminating the ratings that do have a comment you can guess who the low raters are. You can also go to the mover's affiliate's profile page, go to activity and check on his/her last month's VP if it was more than 500.

As a conclusion, I would remove the option of rating anonymously and without a comment. This way the sponsor/Co-sponsor will have an idea who needs help and are the reasons behind the rating.

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CSA nearing EA in Team Building #CSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

20 days ago

This person asked for an advice on the forum. You do not know yet if she will become an EA or not since this could happen until the end of the month.

Showing support for one's PSAs and CSAs is the essence of support and team building in SFI and it has nothing to do with being an EA.

Showing support to fellow SFI affiliates in the forum by giving advice is more of a goodwill than obligation and if you do not want to do that there is no need to make comments on a person's rank. All affiliates are equal, for some it is easy to get an EA status and for others it requires more sacrifice.

Thank you for that unneeded lecture, John. I gave some advice! That advice is pretty good. The only comment on rank was the need to first qualify yourself before worrying about someone else.

You won't tell me how to show support, and I won't tell you how to show support. Are all affiliates really equal? No, that is absurd. Ranks clearly reveal that difference, as well as a multitude of other things. Are all affiliates equal in human worth? YES! of course they are, and there is a big difference.

So get off your soapbox and worry about yourself. If you don't like my comments you don't have to read them!

Have a great day!

I did not say that I do not like all your comments in general. However I did not like this specific comment, not the idea of the importance of becoming an EA by the end of the month but the attitude.

Your profile shows 234 X support compared to mine of just 6 X , so I am assuming that you did give good advice and support to many other affiliates, so why not the same for this person ? Would you have shown a different attitude and given support if the person was an EA or Team Leader ? This was my point.

I am sorry if I was too harsh in my response to your comment. It would have been much easier if there were an option of thumbs down button or a disagree button in the forum.

Have a nice evening Randy

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60 Tcredits, no MRP and can't make it to EA? in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TCredits #VersaPoints

20 days ago

Hello, John!
It's easy to have solutions when you have two dollars to lose.
(You do not have to spend something ever; creates confusion for all affiliates!)
You are deprived of empathy, most affiliates do not have two dollars .....
How can I participate in Opti-Build in the future without money?
Please submit a calculation starting from the 125TCredits package with Rewardical Program.
I'm not malicious. I'm realistic.

Hi Ristica

My intention was not to offend any affiliate who does not have the possibility to invest money in his /her SFI Business but to find a solution for this specific case where the affiliate had 60 TCredits ( more than $ 15 in value ) and was missing around 400 VP with 2 days left in the month.

In your case, I understand that your concern is more like becoming a BTL since you want to participate in the OptiBuild program starting with the 125 TCredit package.

Here is the calculation.

I am assuming that you can invest in 125 TCredits, so you got your EA status with an initial 1500 VP.
As you were a BTL , you also got 12 TCredits from SFI , totaling 137 TCredits.

1. Buy 4 units of EZ tokens with 132 TCredits ( 4 x 33 ) . This will give you 848 VP (4 x 212) + 40 Rewardicals ( 4 x 10 ) .
2. The remaining 5 TCredits and 4 EZ tokens you can use to generate 90 Rewardicas , so your total Rewardicals will be 130.
3. 130 Rewardicals can be exchanged for 43 VP, making your total VP of 848 + 43 = 891 VP.

Before you used to get 10 MRP for each double MRP bid. 137 x 10 = 1370 MRP , that gave you the possibility to buy 9 individual TCredits with 102 VP each = 918 VP + 137 VP for bidding = 1055 VP

1055 - 891 = 164 VP is the missing difference that you need to come up somehow.

This is as realistic as I could get with my calculations. On the other hand, do not forget that you can get 10 % in Rewardicals from your PSAs when they generate their own Rewardicals. These Rewardicals you can transform to VP. Before you could not generate 10 % VP from your PSA's VP.

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60 Tcredits, no MRP and can't make it to EA? in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TCredits #VersaPoints

21 days ago

Here is a solution to your problem .

1. Buy 1 TCredit @ $ 1.99 -------- you will get 102 VP + 10 Rewardicals
2. Use 33 TCredits to buy one EZ token ----------- This will give you 212 VP + 10 Rewardicals
here is the link : www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=381585
3. Now you are left with 60 - 33 + 1 = 28 TCredits
4. Use the 28 tcredits on games or pricebenders -------- this will give you 280 Rewardicals
5. Now you have 10 +10 + 280 = 300 Rewardicals = 100 VP

Your total VP = 102 + 212 + 100 = 414 VP + 1 EZ token + EA status

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CSA nearing EA in Team Building #CSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

21 days ago

First of all I would like to congratulate you for being a good Co-sponsor and for reaching out to the forum community for help. I can also see that you joined SFI in Jun 2017 and you are an EA (pending requalification), meaning that you were an EA last month.

One way that you can be of help is by sharing your knowledge with your CSA. Tell him/her how you did achieve your EA status last month and what are you planning to do this month.

Here is a more detailed action plan you can recommend.

1. Check your VP Ledger to see if you have missed any opportunity of obtaining AVP ( Action VP ) that could be available to you. Sometimes there are new AVP available even if you think that there is non left. For example a new Launchpad session could be added with some AVP atatched to it. Her is the link : www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/MyReports/VPLedger

2. Plan your upcoming AVP left for the few days until the end of the month. For example, if you do your daily tasks how many VP can you get till the end of the month ?

3. Check your Rrewardical exchange page for any Rewardicals that you can exchange for VP. Here is the link :
At this monet 3 Rewardicals can be exchanged for 1 VP.

4. See if you have TCredits that you can use on pricebenders auctions or on games. For each TC you can get 10 rewardicals and then conver the Rewardicals to VP at the Rewardical exchage .

By doing the above due diligence your PSAs or CSAs will know exactly how many VPs they are missing and plan acordingly.

As advised by other forum members he/she can buy individual TCredits from the following link : www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=47534
It is advisable that he/or she place an autodelivery since he/she will be needing those Tcredits for a while unitll they start generating VP from other sources such as sales or Rewardicals. By doing this the price will be dropped to $ 1.89 instead of $1.99 . Each of these TCredits comes with 102 VP.

Also to keep in mind that each of these TCredits will receive 10 FRewardicals when purchased + 10 Rewardicals can be generated when used as mentioned above. So the total VP that can be obtained can be 102 + 6 (20/3)= 108 VP

If there are a few VPs missing and you want to help, you can transfer up to 10 TCredits to them. This can be converted to 100 Rewardicals, that is about 33 VP.

good luck and keep on suppporting your team.

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CSA nearing EA in Team Building #CSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

21 days ago

This person asked for an advice on the forum. You do not know yet if she will become an EA or not since this could happen until the end of the month.

Showing support for one's PSAs and CSAs is the essence of support and team building in SFI and it has nothing to do with being an EA.

Showing support to fellow SFI affiliates in the forum by giving advice is more of a goodwill than obligation and if you do not want to do that there is no need to make comments on a person's rank. All affiliates are equal, for some it is easy to get an EA status and for others it requires more sacrifice.

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Dear Edisa in Marketing

24 days ago

Although this is a good tread to teach new affiliates not to spam , I think the affiliate in question is facing a language barrier problem. First of all the message is in a foreign language. By doing a google translate I noticed that the language used is Croatiian. Then I tried to translate the new latest announcement from here : news.sfimg.com/2018/02/21/rewardical-eca-referral-gateway-is-here/

Here is a google translation of the following text from English to Croatian.

English: If they list their postal address on their website, consider mailing them information about the program.
Croatian : Ako navedu svoju poštansku adresu na svojoj web stranici, razmislite o slanja podataka o programu.

Now consider this translation :
English : If they list their email address on their website, consider mailing them information about the program.
Croatian : Ako navedu svoju adresu e-pošte na svojoj web stranici, razmislite o slanja informacija o programu.

So it looks like
postal address = poštansku adresu
email address = adresu e-pošte

As you can see one can easily be confused if they do not know English. You and me would have a hard time managing our actions if SFI was a Croatian company and we had to translate everything in English. As you have your contact information on your website the person is doing what he/she understood from the above text.

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PRM, Rewardical in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #VersaPoints

29 days ago

you can exchange RW with PRM from your Rewardical exchange page

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MRP Exchange for Rewardicals in Ask Gery #Rewardical #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Fellow Affiliates, Team Leaders

Before we used to bid with 1 TCredits and get 5 MRP / bid , in some bids we also used to get double MRP.

For the simple 5 MRP bids nothing had really changed.
With the 5 MRP / Bid we needed 30 TCredits to get 150 MRP and use them to pay for 1 TCredit and get 102 VP.
With 30 TCredits today we will get 300 Rewardicals that we exchange them for 100 VP . So, not much has changed.

It is true that with the double 10 MRP / Bid we needed only 15 TCredits to get 150 MRP . We do not know yet if there are going to be double RW in some of the bids or not and we need to wait and see what will happen.

As Gery mentioned above , by narrowing our view on this one issue we are missing the big picture but if you really want to compare the past with the present, consider this. Every time one of our PSAs used MRP to buy those TCredits, we as thier sponsor did not get anything. Now for every 10 Rewardicals our PSAs generate we are making 1 Rewardical. Now take this and add up to all the other advantages and tell me honestly if you want ever to go back to MRP.

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PSA in ECA Rewardicals Store in ECA Program

about 1 month ago

YES.. I have a store there. I am waiting on a reply in regards to the special ECA Keycode at this point. However, I do have a PSA store in Rewardical..

Hello, Upline
You are PTL and that's clear.
I think that more explanations are needed for those who are not PTLs.
Can whoever apply or not?
What happens if I apply STL with eg handicrafts, approved, and he later added the sales and PSA.
It's very unclear...

Yes, that's something that's not clear.
What if a member on STL status open ECA at Rewardical, and after ECA approved, the seller put on his site to sell PSA. What happens then? How can that be controlled?

I personally do not allow anyone to earn money by selling me as PSA.
I'm not critical, I do not condemn, I ask rhetorically:
PSA - I know they are for sale (sell)?
PSA - are refundable to the seller if the buyer is not satisfied?
PSA - has a warranty certificate?
PSA - I buy today 10, if they are not EA, are transferred to another sponsor for free, why?
Can I continue ... Is it moral not to say legally?
Do you agree to buy something that does not meet the minimum requirements for use? in this case PSAs with zero VP.
I hope you understand me?

Hello Ristica

I understand your point of view when I look into my Genealogy report with hundreds of inactive PSAs and CSAs.

On the other hand buying PSAs is a sort of buying leads for your business. Leads can help you build your business on a fast track if those Leads are of good quality. When you buy leads, no one can guarantee you that you will be able to sell something to those leads. This is true in any business. What you can do is stop buying Leads from sources where you see that the cost is not justified. This is a trial and error thing. You can also look into reviews to see what other people are saying before deciding.

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ECA Rewardicals Store Now open in ECA Program #ECA #Getting Started #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

You submitted your own website when you applied. You, of course, have full control of your own website and you may modify, add products, etc. as needed.

Wow, I really hit the jackpot. A ticking off from the top. Well, Gery answer this please. 4 months ago I opened a store less than 3 months trading I lose my store. My product had no chance of even coming close to generating enough sales for SFI to deem the product worthy. But here is the kicker. I List my product on Amazon, I also have a great presence on Lazada in Asia. What Tripeclicks did for me was give me a reason to become an affiliate marketer where my sales through ECA would help pay my commitment to earning VP. Now that has gone and especially with the response I have received so am I

Losing $125 a month for SFI is no great loss but for me, the whole reason why I joined SFI was that of triple-clicks ECA.

Gery I was never given an opportunity with Tripleclicks ECA and what really bugs me was I was never informed of the changes when I signed up.

I would like to thank all the forum members for the great assistance and wish you all the best.

Dear James

First of all, it is not very clear for me why you had to spend $ 125 / month to maintain your previous ECA store. All you had to do is maintain an EA status with 1500 VP , which you could have done by placing an auto-delivery order of 125 TCredits @ $ 36.25 / month and pay a minimum of 15 % on your sales. Now you are being offered the possibility to connect to the SFI and Rewardical network of hundreds of thousands of members for free and pay only 5 % on sales instead of 15 % that was before. While many affiliates who did not have an online store have to build one from scratch, in your case as I understand you do have an online store, so, are you complaining that you have to pay less?

As to your Amazon and other listings that you may have, I can assure you that none of us here will be interested to shop from there. Are you willing to lose us as potential buyers?

I understand that you are frustrated for losing your previous ECA store where you probably put a lot of effort to build but you need to see the potential of the new Rewradical system. If improvement needs to be done and you have suggestions, we are ready to hear them and I am sure support will consider any that are beneficial for all of us. On the other hand, you yourself mentioned that the old ECA store was not functioning properly, so why not give a chance of what is being offered as an alternative?

Have faith and stick around to see what is happening next.

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Badges in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Good analysis skumar . Badges are indeed motivational, especially with the BadgeQuest contest and the Rewardicals associated with it.

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Versa Points in VersaPoints #Rewardical #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

This is a clever question

Each person has different priorities and needs. In your situation if this is going to help you become an EA by spending a few Rewardiclas , the answer is yes . I have done it once when I needed to advance to my next level in Team Leadership . I was missing a few VPs and the exchange was well worth it .

If you look into the value of Rewardicals to VP , you will notice that 1 VP = 3 Rewardicals
Also 3 Rewardicals = $ 0.01 or one cent if exchanged let's say with Gift cards.

Now, if your are already an EA and above and you are thinking of the executive pool value of a VP , then it might not be that clever at all to exchange your Rewardicals for VP , since the executive pool value of VP is around 0.035 cents which means that you need almost 28 VPs to get 1 cent . The 28 VP will cost you about 85 Rewadicals , that is about 28 cents in value.

In my situation I am exchanging them for CSAs. Very good value .

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Where does the changes begin? in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

God bless you Lesil . Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with the forum. You have the spirit of a winner .