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Michael B.

United Kingdom

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Why deceit? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

9 days ago

I am a great believer in sending your prospects through your own funnel page. Have them sign up through your website and into your newsletter system before they enrol at SFI. That allows you to use double optin to filter and follow up with them if they do not join SFI immediately. They remain your prospects until they unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Some may think this is a difficult thing to do but with advancements in site building and the availability of free newsletter systems (free up to a point) it’s not that hard for even a beginner. If you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, get someone to build it for you

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Happy New Year UnitedKingdom 2019 in United Kingdom

16 days ago

Happy New Year to you all. Also hoping the changes can turn things around. 2018 was a tough year for most here at SFI.

Be thankful we are all living in a great country and problems are minimal compared to other lands.

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Unhappy New Year! in Miscellaneous

17 days ago

Sorry to hear about your disconnection. This is also why I recommend to my team that they achieve EA as quickly as possible. We never know what is around the corner.

Good luck. I’m sure you will recover.

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Are You Just Playing Games? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #Marketing

29 days ago

The main attraction for SFI Affiliates to play is brought about by the NEED to qualify for the Badges, Green Tabs streak, EZ Tab and earning Rewardicals.

Perhaps the IMMEDIATE rewards for referring players were higher than the IMMEDIATE rewards for playing there would be more referrals, thus bringing more commissions and income throughout the business. In addition the business would gain more affiliates and GROWTH would increase.

Something to ponder.