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Jeannette G.

United States

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New Signups Asking For Money in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

3 hours ago

Hello! What I do when this happens is I send them a reply and tell them that soliciting is not allowed according to the rules and that if they do it again, I will report them to Support Staff and they will be expelled from the business. I had to learn this the hard way. You are doing the right thing. Just warn them first. This is how Support does. Thanks for posting.

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Getting Re-Started, A quick Jump in Getting Started #Getting Started #Rewardical #Team Building

1 day ago

John, congratulations on making such a fast start in SFI after recommitting yourself! With all the changes and things that will happen this year, I am looking forward to you reaching Diamond and having a really great team! You will also have a really great membership base. Here's wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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In it together in Team Building #Team Building

1 day ago

The awesome thing about this business is that I have enjoyed working with so many people and communicating with them and helping them. It builds friendships as well. It's not just the direct line I am enjoying, but the whole community because there is a Forum that is a place where we can all meet and share ideas and information together.

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Just keep going in Miscellaneous

2 days ago

George, I remember when I broke my wrist shortly after joining SFI (within 9 months. I only had a computer at work at the time. I had applied for a grant to get a computer for home use and broke my wrist shortly before I was to get the computer. Through some glitches I didn't receive my new computer until several months after my wrist healed. However, I had to just keep going. I didn't work as hard in SFI as I do now, but I became a BTL shortly after my first anniversary. That was a real surprise! For sure, it pays to keep going and never give up, no matter what your circumstances are at the moment. This too will pass! Be safe and may the Lord heal you speedily!

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This is incredible! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #VersaPoints

4 days ago

hello! This has been really been fantastic with all of the changes happening almost every day! It may be true that commissions have either gone down or stayed the same, but remember that it takes a month or more for the S-Builder Co-op to show results when yu first join. just like the S-Builder Co-Op, the changes may not show effective changes in commissions fo a time, but you still need to keep working and keep moving and be patient. This system does work. There may even be more changes to tweak things so they work even better. Hang on, because each day seems to be filled with surprises!

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100% Direct Commissions every day! in SFI News #Compensation

5 days ago

Thank you, Gery, for extending this. This means that what you began to do was very successful. Now I am very hopeful that my new affiliates will take advantage of this. I am looking forward to even brighter days.

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Daily streaks in Miscellaneous

6 days ago

I have fallen asleep and lost my streak as well. My goal is to reach 800 days. I almost did that once. I reached 797. Then I would like to go on and reach 1000 days. This is really something that can keep me going and gain badges and reach my goals. I find this is valuable.

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New EZ leaderboards and Monthly Champion badges in SFI News #Contests #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Thanks, Gery and all of the Support staff for making this possible. I look forward to playing more of these games and to gaining more points and badges. This really adds to the excitement. I am handing out Rewardical X-Cards and telling people about the games and auctions and spreading the excitement. Have a wonderful day!

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Do You Have An Idea For A New Product Or Service??? in Marketing #Marketing

9 days ago

That's very interesting! I still have a Rubic cube from the 1980s. It is one designed for the blind. It has raised shapes on all sides. You can't even find them anymore; I searched for it. It seems that Sudoku has taken over. I do love Sudoku and would love more puzzles. But it would be great if more of those Rubik cubes were out there. You can carry them anywhere and play them anywhere.

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An Updated Members' Guidance in Team Building #Team Building

9 days ago

Hi! I really love your post. It really explains everything concisely. I'm really not sure how you could shorten this without leaving out important information. I would like to use this message when someone writes me and asks me about how to get started with SFI. Thank you for writing this.

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Pricebenders NAB in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders

11 days ago

Hello! I think this is a great idea. I have often used autobid but I am now moving on to Astro Auctions and will use the Price Benders Auctions at times when I need to use some TCredits quickly. The Big Dog auctions could continue to use autobid. Although there is excitement using it, I am not as able to use it any longer because I do not have thousands of TCredits. Thanks for your suggestion.

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Excellent improvement in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

This is such an excellent improvement to the SFIMG website! It has been taking me so much time to find out my TCredits and Rewardicals when trying to work on building everything and going to all the different tabs to locate these numbers. This really helps me find these numbers quickly. Thank you so much for this improvement. Now I'm wondering what's next! This makes for excitement and suspense!

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I Have 124,100 RW Tokens. How Would Your Redeem Them? in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Rewardical #Team Building

12 days ago

Hello! I'm sure you're the only one who knows really what to do with what you have. You are the only one who can determine what to use your Rewardical Tokens for. If you want to save them, go ahead, as long as this does not cause damage to your business.

Happy New Year!

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Unhappy New Year! in Miscellaneous

14 days ago

Hello! It was bad that this happened, but all is not lost. There's still hope. Just don't lose your hope. That's the worst thing you could do. Go ahead and back date and get your VP at the beginning of the month and keep working every day as much as you can. This wil surely work out. We're here to help as much as possible. Thank you for posting this.

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Pink Floyd shows Opti-Build at Work in Team Building #Team Building

14 days ago

Opti-Build has been one of the best things that could have happened to SFI! This has really helped me to reward my team members who are serious about becoming Diamond. SIt has really helped me and my movers throughout my team as well. I hope that more affiliates use this in the coming year.

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Awesome times ahead. in Recognition

15 days ago

Here's wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and the best year with SFI! I am looking forward to all the new things that will happen starting on January 1. We still have a few hours here in the U.S. I amvery thankful for this year and am looking forward to the new one and all the amazing things that will take place and all the affiliates and members who will join us and who will be movers in the new year. May God bless you.

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New Year Project by a Gold Team Leader. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

16 days ago

Hi, Maree! my goal is set on Diamond and I keep declaring that I am one. Thankfully I keep setting and modifying them each month, depending on where I am at the beginning of each month.

I wish for you a very blessed New Year and the best one you've ever had!

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Planning, Now - A Plan's End Result=The Goal! in Getting Started #Getting Started

18 days ago

Setting goals is a very important part of planning. It is so important that it is put on our To-Do List. You can always modify them at any time. Goals help you to stay focused and keep your eye on the target. Then you plan with strategies to reach them.

Have a blessed new year!

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Suggestion Box: Badges Page in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #TripleClicks

19 days ago

I agree that there should be a line separation between the two listings of badges and that, just as it is easier to see the TC badges from the SFI page, it should be that way for the TC badges, particularly if the member is an affiliate. If the member is not an affiliate, there could be a note or an explanation or maybe an invitation to join SFI. That's just a thought. What does everyone think in SFI about this idea?

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Recruit 5 motivated affiliates. in Team Building #Team Building

20 days ago

Thank you for this great post! This reminds all of us to stay active and to continue sponsoring and training affiliates to follow your good example. I look forward to reading more posts and to working with you in this wonderful SFI family worldwide. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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SFI Team Work in Team Building #Pricebenders #PSA #Team Building

20 days ago

It is so true that we must work together to achieve more. That is exactly how this business was founded. Try as you might to work alone, there is no way that you can become a team leader of any rank unless you work together with your entire team and teach them to duplicate what you are doing; and your team members must work with you. We're all in this together! And this also builds lasting friendships as well.

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Could Small Change Be Made To Vacation Mode Please in Suggestion Box

22 days ago

I read your post and agree that this sounds like a very good suggestion. I have lost my Streak so many times. I have tried vacation Mode and have been rather disappointed when using it. However, I suppose that its use is the lesser of two "evils." Maybe Gery can come up with an improvement on how this works in 2019. Thanks for writing.

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Use Rewardical X-Cards to Generate a lots of new PRMs? in Team Building

23 days ago

Hello! This is my favorite item to tell people about TripleClicks. I enjoy telling them about my winnings at the auctions. These cards are a great tool to use anywhere. Use your imagination! Perhaps you could leave one in phone booths. They still exist.

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Tsunami volcano struck Indonesia in Miscellaneous

23 days ago

My prayers are with all those affected by this horrible disaster. May families, friends and any of our affiliates there find comfort at this time and know that the Lord is there to give them strength and His peace. This will be a hard time and a sad Christmas, but God, please give them strength to celebrate Your goodness and the wonderful gift of Your Son.

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Just refresh with fine tuning in Miscellaneous

25 days ago

It's true that SFI gives us many opportunities to succeed. Investment is done in multiple ways. It's also true that we have so much fun working here. No matter what you do, there are people who are critical. So just move on and let them alone. Many of these people probably have been here and didn't do anything with this business. Others are critical because it's either internet marketing or network marketing or both. Don't worry about them. Just keep moving and climbing higher.