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Finn S.


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Go Old School in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

7 months ago

Hey Kimberly, thank you for sharing your experience with us. You are right, talking and recruting from face to face is a good method to recrut new members . You can gain trust very easy if you know what you are doing. But a lot of members dont feel comfortable in a face to face situation (maybe because they still have doubts about sfi) and for sure also classfied ads ar a good way of hiring.

Anyway i cant agree about "going oldschool"... the internet is the future, everything changes so fast and new ways of advertising and recruting pop off every day. Personaly i advice everyone to stay uptodate and to look for inovations and changes within the marketing area... the problem -> oldschool Marketing methods are over saturated. You need to be inovative and creative!

Thanks for your great post anyway

Kind regards Finn

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Generating sales in Sales #Sales

7 months ago

Share links 0of products you want to sell on social media like facebook and twitter. Tell your friends about the products! And or you can start your own website where you are selling the products. When someone buys from your website you go to TrippleClicks and purchase the product for your customer.

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I have NEVER asked my downline to go up in rank... in Getting Started #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

7 months ago

As always a valueble share, thanks for sharing your experience with us!. I will mentation this Post in my stream!

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I need to buy goods in TripleClicks in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 months ago

Hello Udari,
I found this in the support section of TripleClicks

"To view what products will ship to your country, just click  Advanced Search on the right side of the TripleClicks.com Web page. Select your country from the Ships-To drop down menu on the left side of the page.  All the items that ship to your country will be displayed."

Because of every seller at TripleClicks is selling and shipping their products by them self, all of them got their own shipping policies and Destinations. Its not like Amazon where 80% of the goods will be shipped by one of amazons central storage's

Kind regards Finn

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Maree's Tips to online success. in Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

7 months ago

Thank you for sharing your valuable tips with us, to become Successful with sfi.
Keep your good work up, i will share a link to your post in my stream

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scoreboard information! in Suggestion Box

8 months ago

Hello Festus,

As there are ongoing changes to the compensation plan (you can read about the changes at your Income - Compensation Plan Tab) there are a few spots around SFI that are not showing accurate stats at these point of time! But be sure SFI is working on it.

Also throug the changes the comissions structure has been changed, may some information like pool shares wont be showing again.

Log in frequently, i am sure SFI will complete all major changes as soon as possible :)

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New Co-sponsors in Miscellaneous #CSA

8 months ago

Hey, i have also benefit from the new changes! I just gone EA again and recived 20 new CSA's from the CSA Ledger and i got a lot of active members. There are also some BTL and STL's now in my downline and i am so happy about it! It will boost my business so much :) thanks to Gary and SFI for these changes. We will all benefit from this :)

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Just Won 25 PSA Pricebenders Auction in Recognition #Pricebenders #PSA #TripleClicks

8 months ago

Hello everyone! I am so lucky that i have just obe my first pricebenders auction!
A few hours ago i just buyed a 50 TC pack to gain BTL status before the end of the month as it seems my downline is not realy active atm.. Anyway i used only 18 of ny new TCredits and used the bit assist to bit on these 25 PSA auction with 59 seconds left after you placed a bit!... Right away only 10 minutes later i got the email that i have won the auction and the best part! -> for just 4.85$ !!! I am so happy :) these 25 PSA would costs me more then 100$ if i would buy them the normal way :)

It will be a hugh boost for my downline! I recommend the auctions to everyone! So proud to be an SFI member :)

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Digital Marketing-Adwords in Marketing #Marketing

8 months ago

I would be very very careful with adwords if you don't know what you do! It can be very expensive and you could end up with a huge bill you have to pay but don't get a single new PSA... for keywords like "make money online" other advertisers pays up 17$ FOR A SINGLE CLICK! and this does not mean that someone also sign up.. anyway its a good method to gain traffic and leads if you focus on the right keywords. Thanks for sharing

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Four free Ways to gain more PSA's + Special in Marketing #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

8 months ago

Four free Ways to gain more PSA's + Special Advertising Method

I have writen this thread because i know it is one of the main problems for new and even older members to gain new PSA's. I will show you FOUR methods of free advertising + a Special Method at the end of this thread to gain a ton of new and highly targeted PSA's

Lets go ahead,..

Method 1.
Traffic Exchange

Old but Gold! Traffic Exchanges (TE) are the perfect tool to gain targeted and active PSA's in no time! For sure i know they are anoying and to click and watch all these stupid website to gather free points (that you need to show your own website to others) can be a pain in the ass.
Anyway, the big advantage of TE's is that at least 90% of the useres of these sites looking for a way to make money online because of they allready promoting their programs on TE's, like you will. Thats why they will convert very well into new PSA's.

An other great point! Its not about quality, just quantity! Get your website seen 1000+ times a day and i am sure you will get at least 2-3 new high quality PSA's!

One last advice for this method - Dont use auto surf exchanges. Its very important that it is manual (means that you have to do a simple task like click on a link when you have visit the website) because otherwise noone will see your page!

Method 2.
Banner Exchange

Basically the same as traffic exchanges just with banner ads,.. works best if you have your own website. The BE's will display banner ads of other members on your website in exchange for rotating your banner on other user websites.

SFI banners are awesome eye catcher and i recomend this to everyone who is at least running a small blog. Anyway the more visitor your website gain this method is more likely to be effective.

Not that these method is maybe not that targeted as other's

Method 3.
PTC Websites

Pay-to-Click websites offer to pay their members for clicking on advertisements or viewing websites. Maybe the best targeted Traffic you can get because these people really want and or need to make money online! Dont miss these opportunitie! All these sites offers to pay you up to 0.10$ for a viewing a single webpage!

Anyway these sites offers you to advertise on there websites and thats a goldmine! Also they start as low as 3.20$ for the basic advertising pack!

I highly recommend this method to everyone who want to be an successful online marketer at SFI!

Method 4.
Twitter, Facebook & co.

Never forget about social media! Its a hugh source of traffic and can earn you a fortune if you know what you are doing! There are planty of tutorials and guides on SFI and around the internet for free! Go and start a google search for these terms:

Social marketing
Social media advertising
Facebook marketing methods
Instagram marketing
And so on...

You will discover unlimited ways to nail down social media marketing!
People all over the world start using their smartphones instaed of the pc to enter the internet and specialy social media to all the different apps! So this is annother goldmine if you understand what i am talking about ;)

+++Special Method+++
Small Instagram Influencers

This method is not really free at all but done right, it is your ticket to financial freedom because it can also earn you unlimited PRMs for TrippleClicks!

I will try to keep it simple but if you have any questions you can ask me within this thread or or follow me/ keep an eye on my upcoming post about "Small Influence Marketing"

The basic method is that you looking for some specific types of items sold on TripleClicks (physical products works best ) that you want to promote.

Create an Instagram account dedicated to these products and link to your TC or SFI affiliate link in your Bio...
then start searching for people who are interested in these and who have at least 2500+ followers more is better but not more then 10k+.

Follow them and send them a kind personal msg (don't spam) and ask them if they would like to get one of your products for FREE (You have to pay for it) in exchange for a photo with this item and a mention of your instagram account. 

Thats it! If they say yes and the most will do (almost every one on instagram wants to be an influencer) send the item and wait for the picture. If done right, this will bring you a **** load of traffic, PRMs, PSAs and sales commisions!!

Thats all for the moment!
I hope that i could inspire the one and other and wish you all a pleasant day!

Kind regards 

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Understand The power of Opti-Build Program in Marketing #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

8 months ago

I agree! These changes to the DD plan are are a great way to build a strong team and a steady flow of new PSA's if you are lucky to have an active upline because at least 50% of their new PSA's could be shared with you.

"Participating in the program means you’ll be automatically and immediately reassigning a minimum of 50% of your personal sign-ups to those who’ve been designated as DDs on your first level and, later, to DDs residing on lower generations in your group."

For sure its a big + for us as active members of SFI but on the otherhand it was nice and maybe more "tactical" to assign your DD's by your self because you could build a stronger relationship to your downline while figuring out who was really willing to learn and would love to be your DD.

Also i am wondering what happends if one of my DD's become inactive?! Anyone knows if i do get a new one assigned?

Kind regards

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Second Home CSA in Team Building #CSA #Sponsor #Team Building

8 months ago

Awesome! Congratulations!

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Second Home CSA in Team Building #CSA #Sponsor #Team Building

8 months ago

Hello everyone!

Today when i checked my genealogy i was supprised because i spotted 35 new "Second Home CSA's" and as a sweet extra it seems that they are very active! When i checked my scoreboard i see that these 35 CSA's are worth of 63$ so i am very happy! :)

Anyway i would love to know how many CSA's other entrepreneurs on SFI have earned for last month because i cant belive its 35! So happy that i joined sfi back in!

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How to get back in the game from a 2 year hiatus in Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

8 months ago

Hey Levi, good to see you back here :)

For me it was almost the same, i joined sfi back in 2015 and gained STL status over the time but then i became inactive and my account was suspended. A few weeks ago when i tried to recover my old account, it was not possible.. anyway i decided to set up a new account and because there was a lot of changes over the last years, i started from the beginning. I was reading all the launchpad lessons and tutorials. I recommend you to do the same, its a good freshup!

If your sponsor is completly inactive i am sure there is the ability to request a new sponsor, but i am not sure how it works.

Your website is probably the best idea to gain new PSA's for your downline but dont worry! Paid advertising is just a small method to gain traffic. I would recomend to setup a simple facebook page in addition to your website and simply post 2 - 4 times a week some valuable informations. You will see the hugh traffic Potential behind the socialmedia websites within a few days.

An other great way a traffic exchanges. Just google free traffic exchange. They worked very well for me in the past. You can also use the different gateways (referral links) on these traffic exchanges. These landingpages by sfi are real eyecatchers.

Other ways to promote your sites are Pastebin, twitter, and so on... simply share your links with a tiny discription

Hope i could help you out a little bit :)

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Can I Share A Simple Secret With You??? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

8 months ago

Hey Bruce, thank you very much for this inspired post!

Also a great tip for all affiliates who want to set their minds to success

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Super Brain Sprint Speed in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

8 months ago

Yea i think so too! Its all about pacticing and also about other factors like connection speed of your internet and so on... jut i would also like to know where you found that times of your competitors

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I'm new to the company in Getting Started #Contests #PSA #Team Building

8 months ago

Thanks and welcome to SFI!

If you are willing to learn, go ahead and start with the launchpad lessons, also start reading in the forum. It is a hugh base of knowledge and everyone will be happy to helo you. And one last advice, if you are facing any questions, feeling overhelmed or simply need some motivation, go and ask your sponsor or someone else in your upline.
They will love to help you at any time because just as a team we all can be successful!

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What are the MAIN problems you face growing your business on Social Media? in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

8 months ago

For me, my main problem with social media is that you have stay in contact with your followers e.g. on facebook, all the time. Otherwise (lets say you are running a facebook page) your audience will go away and forget your site very fast. Once, for an other project i worked on, i hired 2 moderators for my pages, so they was interacting with my Community and keeped the page alive. Anyway this just help you out when you already run a successful social media presence. But we all should not forget that social media is maybe one of the strongest method of gaining traffic to your website.

I really hope that this answer could help you guys a little bit :)

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Website and blog in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #Team Building

8 months ago

It depends on the quality of the pages not the quantity,.. if there is a blog with a firstclass seo setup and an unique and search engine friendly article, it is definetly more worth to own then a 7 page blog that is setup without any knowledge!

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Worker Under Me in Team Building #CSA #PSA

9 months ago

Hey Natasa, a lot of the people who sign up and dont even log in one more time. There is just a small amount of people that realy start to work with SFI. So there is nothing wrong with you ;) keep sending them a msg from time to time that motivates them to start with sfi,.. offer them your help and maybe they will come back.

Its about to find the people who are willing to work and take sfi as a serious business!

I hope i could help you a little bit