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Kimberly W.

United States

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Forums For Affiliates From Different Countries in Getting Started

6 days ago

Hello everyone and I hope you are having a prosperous day! I had a question are there different forums for different countries for my affiliates? I have one that speaks Arabic and one that speaks Bangladeshi? The communication barriers seem to be my only issue. I guide them through using the translating tool but they need a little more assistance at times than I can give due to the potential language barrier. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Have a great day everyone!

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Building Your Dream Team in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

9 days ago

Hello everyone I hope you are all having a prosperous day. When I first started here at SFI the sponsoring was one thing that I was just so afraid of. I almost did not keep going because I thought I would not be good at it at all but it turns out that with focus and determination you really can start to build your dream team. I just really truly followed the SFI Rules of Success to the letter, I did everything that it stated to do and it WORKED! I have PSA's that leave and then they come back and tell me that they came back because I am such a good sponsor! I am currently working with 6 PSA's right now that came back because they could not find a sponsor like me!

I could not believe my ears! I just followed the rules and turned into the kind of sponsor I would want to have. I read the forums and observed for awhile and then I read the Rules of Success and that was it for me, I told myself I was not going to fail because I did nothing and turns out that building my dream team might not be so difficult after all.

Have a great day everyone!

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Top Leaders in Team Building #Leadership

9 days ago

What steps should you take to be a top team leader at SFI?

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Different Levels Of Activity in Team Building #CSA #Getting Started #PSA

10 days ago

What level of sponsor activity should we use when working with CSA'S?

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Invest in your investment in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

16 days ago

Hello everyone I hope you are all having a prospersous day today. I have some PSA's that are active and have really been doing a lot of work to show me how serious they are about SFI so I decided that I would start issuing them gift certificates to use on the site. It is a win win if they use it then great but if not that gift certificate amount comes right back to me so this is definitely a win win for everyone involved. I feel that by investing in my team I am helping my team grow and I am showing my team that I am serious about helping them succeed. You have to build up a level of trust with your PSA's. You cannot expect them to sign up and be active immediately some are but most are not. They need guidance and coaching to advance in SFI. I am going to be giving out the Gift Certificates and I really hope it helps motivate them and they can truly see the potential that SFI has in the long term. I feel that by investing in my team I am investing in my own future. You really go get out of SFI what you put into it.

Kimberly Wilson

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Store online in Sales #ECA

19 days ago

Hello Giusi when you wish to share a product from TripleClicks you just find the product and go to that page and then click the SFI Toolbox button and a box will pop up with your personalized link to share as well as the CV & DC of the product and VP and you can copy and paste that link and that way you ensure that you get credit for the sale. I hope this helps and wish you much continued success here at SFI.

Kimberly Wilson

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Transfer Buying in Sales

21 days ago

How many of you utilize Transfer Buying as a part of your SFI Business Plan?

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High Turnover & Low Retention Rates in Team Building

21 days ago

Hello everyone and I hope that everyone is having a prosperous day. I was just thinking about how often I hear that PSA's are not responding and showing little if any interest. When it comes to turnover and retention rates this happens in every business across the board. I am sure that we have all have had work experiences where we saw many people come and go but a few saw the benefits of staying and working long term and been the best employees ever. SFI is no different some people want to get rich overnight for doing little or no work at all and we all know that you must invest in something and be passionate about what we do so we not only love what we do but how we do it as well. Persistence is key to every element in life and if you have enough patience you can begin building and coaching your dream team.

I personally at times just have to slow down a bit but still I do something to better my business every day no matter how small from recruiting to sending out e cards. There is always something you can do to make your business better. Just keep focusing on the opportunity that you are presenting to everyone. Remember to lead by example and your people will follow your lead and be persistent.

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Ethics, science, morality in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Sponsor #Team Building

29 days ago

Vahida you are so right, hard work does pay off! and all of the time and effort you invest here at SFI is well worth the rewards. Moral is present here and I am so glad myself that I found this company. I am the boss and it is great! I wish you much more success here at SFI!

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Persistence & Determination in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

29 days ago

Hello everyone and I hope you are having a prosperous day! I have been sponsoring new affiliates and I tell them the same thing I told myself the day I joined SFI " Persistence is the Key and Determination is the lock so put them together to open your door to success! I just dove right in and read everything I could find and read the SFI Rules Of Success every day and I still do, I have followed them and yes they absolutely Work here is a link for anyone that is not familiar with these:


Just be determined and slowly your team will come together and you will reap the benefits of your hard work!

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Can I make before getting referrals? in Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

about 1 month ago

Hello Francene you can start by sharing products from your Triple Clicks Store. There are so many items to choose from pick some and start sharing links on social media and see if you can get family & friends to shop from your store as well! That is a great way to make money without referrals. I just want you to remember that team building is so important for you so that you can tap into the leveraged and residual income that SFI has to offer! There are many great articles and forum posts on helping you recruit to build your team. I personally searched online as well and read many different articles and methods and observing others that were successful recruiters! Good Luck!

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What are the best, most productive SFI marketing aids ? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Hello and what a great question! I personally do not use any marketing aids when recruiting my PSA's I utlize the best benefits of SFI and include them in my ads. This gets me a ton of responses and the people are truly interested in the opportunity. I just tell them I have a no obligation opportunity and it is free to join and free training and a free personal success concierge to assist them in building their business! People are interested and message me and then I can give them a more personalized presentation and answer any questions that they may have! I send them the sign up link and make sure to tell them to confirm their e mail and upload a photo first! This works great for me, the marketing aids I feel deter prospects from my posts. This is just my personal experience, you just have to find out what works best for you.