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Ahmed Shamis S.


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Congratulations E365 Champion Robert Radtke! in Recognition

5 hours ago

Congratulations E365 champion Robert Radtke great work for achieving this fantastic award.I believe with hardwork and persistence you can even achieve much more success in the future.GoodLuck

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Prospects Are One Of The Most Important Things!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

10 hours ago

Thats right we should always be looking for new prospects that are interested in the things that we offer to them.We must also keep in mind that every prospect we get might act different then the others.So its very important to understand the proper ways to handle them.One of the reasons why a marketer fails is because they push or drag their customers to the finish line while they are not ready for it.

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How much will I earn for the first time? in Compensation #Compensation

22 hours ago

Hi Saga the efforts that you plan to put in to work greatly determines how much of money you can make here.Improving your ranks , Making sales , building strong active team and then duplication are ways that can help you make good money.One of the reasons why many affiliates fail to continue working in this business is that they believe success comes in an overnight.Success is achieved through hardwork and persistence.GoodLuck

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In it together in Team Building #Team Building

2 days ago

Very true Saude its extremely important to always keep in touch with our downline providing them with good tips and responding to any questions they might have on time.Some affiliates are really interested to work and earn here while on the other hand some affiliates wait until money falls on their lap without doing any work.Working with the workers is the way to go.

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What a lucky day in Recognition #Astro Auctions

2 days ago

Congratulations Maclinear keep playing more and you can win again

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All In. Go All The Way. in Getting Started #Compensation #Contests #Getting Started

2 days ago

Great post George you are right we all need to get up and step away from our comfort zones to start working hard to complete all of our pending works.Success is achieved through hardwork and persistence.

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Help Minimize Team-Member Loss!!! in Team Building #Team Building

3 days ago

We all dont know the real reason why our team members disappear unless they tell us.We can try our best to encourage them to remain active within the program but only few of them will stay.Do not worry there are lots of fish in the sea we could catch.Just make sure we complete our part that needs to be completed in time.GoodLuck

Best regards

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Why Do We Lose Some Customers? in Marketing #Marketing

3 days ago

Bruce this is very true a marketer cannot perform his/her work if they are not willing to change their abnormal behaviour.So its very important for them to get well prepared before meeting up with a customer.Good results are produced as a result of our good actions and decision.A customer will not listen or obey to any offer we give them if they are not satisfied.

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Tons of clicks but no buyers in Sales #Marketing #Sales

3 days ago

Sara identify what needs to be done to solve your problems and keep trying hopefully you will get buyers i am also experiencing difficulty in getting signups and sales but it has worked for me upto some extent.

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Big Disappointment Today in Getting Started

4 days ago

Hi Tilahun
Do not worry maybe it might be a glitch

Things like this has also happend to me for some reason all of my CSAs also dissapeared from my movers.I logged off and came back after 2 - 3 minutes and everything was back to normal.Just continue doing your work and you should be on the right path for success.

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Are You Real? in Miscellaneous #Leadership

5 days ago

Thats true its very important to reveal who we really are when meeting up with new people.If they suspect anything unusual from us then they will not listen to any advise we give them.

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Waken Affiliates in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

5 days ago

It is very important to reach out to those affiliates who have returned back after remaining inactive for many months.If they see the big picture in SFI then they will for sure remain active forever.The more successful they be the more successful we are.We can motivate them to continue working in this business but if they have no intention to continue then we cannot help them.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Brigitta Bárdosi! in Recognition

5 days ago

Welldone congratulations E365 champion Brigitta Bardosi keep it up you have done great work to achieve this award 👍 always look ahead and work to achieve even more better success in future.GoodLuck

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Ad long time forgotten! in Marketing #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

6 days ago

Hi Zhumagul A

This is great news you have done great work keep it up.We should always spend some time everyday for placing ads.Results might not come immediately but with persistence will work.If free advertising worked for you then it should work for others it did for me.


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Best Free Classified Ads Posting Sites in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

7 days ago

Thanks a lot Bijesh this can be helpful for everyone

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Withdraw of FORUM GURU Badge in Suggestion Box #Leadership

7 days ago

Be active at the forum and submit quality posts with valuable content to get the guru badge back.Keep in mind that do not post only for the purpose of earning badges.

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Winner in today's TripleClicks DAILY CROWN Drawing in Recognition #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

8 days ago

Welldone congratulatioms Jadranka keep it up.Keep trying and you can win even more

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Where to get more VersaPoints? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

8 days ago

Hi Albert

www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=18240&referrer=search - Refer this link to find ways to get Versapoints

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CSA Karen Opiela has requalified as EA! in Recognition #CSA #Leadership

8 days ago

Congratulations keep up the good work Karen Opiela

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Platinum Team Leaders Stream Post. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #TCredits

8 days ago

Great Maree thanks for sharing keep up the good work.

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I'm missing the appreciation. LOL in Ask Gery

9 days ago

Happy new year Gene hope this year would be a very successful year for you and everyone.Its time to get up on our feet and start working 👍

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How To Handle Those Tough Cookies??? in Marketing #Marketing

10 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Has everyone forgot Opti-Build in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

10 days ago

Hi David

Thats right participating in the opti build program is very important especially for those who are struggling to build their own teams.We all need to understand the importance of this program very well and encourage everyone to join.

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The Dangers Of A Referral Approach From A Friend!!! in Marketing #Marketing

10 days ago

Hi Bruce
Thats true

We have to be honest at all times and should be able to answer every question correctly from our prospects.If they suspect something is not right then the marketer cannot make his move towards the prospect.If we get stranded in a situation like this then we need to quickly come up with a idea to recover from this problem.If we fail to complete this action in time then the prospect will not listen to our story.

Best regards