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Brian A.


Posts: 22 | Followers: 14 | Joined SFI: Jan 7, 2018

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launch in Philippines #Getting Started

10 months ago

Dont give up success is in SFI.

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Make PSA Active,Part 2 in Getting Started #CSA #PSA #Team Building

10 months ago

Great tips for the begginer like me hope i will do this for my future.

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I won the latest Time Machine contest and 103 TCredits in Recognition #Contests #Eager Zebra

10 months ago

Congratulation Sir for the job well done. Keep it up.

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How to become successful in SFI? in Philippines #Leadership

10 months ago

Hope everyone of us wants to be successful in SFI. What are the methods
of learning and strategies on how to sponsor more downlines and duplicate
it to be a successful network marketer. I think this is the great and big business
worlwide that will help people to achieve dreams and make it real. This is the
opportunity of individual to do whatever it takes. Be part of the future with SFI.

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Introducing…Zing Network! in SFI News #Marketing

11 months ago

Nice posting a logo of Zing network that can access and connect to TripleClicks, SFI, Localvantia, Rewardical Tokens, Pricebenders, Eager Zebra.
Thanks I will do Zing network to share and learn more.

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How do i get Versa Points for whitelisting@sfimg.com in Getting Started #Getting Started

11 months ago

How do I get the VP for whitelisting mail@sfimg.com?

To receive your VersaPoints for whitelisting, you must click the "V" icon located in the top right corner of the whitelisting instructions page (www.sfimg.com/Reference/emailhelp). Until you do this, we have no way of knowing you've whitelisted us.

If you don't see the "V" icon, this indicates you've already received the points. You can confirm this and the date when the points were awarded to you by checking your VP Ledger at:


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3 steps on how to redeem Rewardical Tokens? in Compensation #Rewardical

11 months ago

Dear All,
I am sharing with you on how to redeem Rewardical Tokens. Please
see attached below:

How to redeem your Rewardicals

So, you've collected a pile of Rewardicals shopping and playing games...now what? You REDEEM them of course!

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Log on to Rewardical.com, and click the MY ACCOUNT link at the top of the page.

2. You'll see the total amount of Rewardicals you have available to redeem. Click the REDEEM MY TOKENS button.

3. On the Rewardicals Exchange page, you'll see a list of items currently on the exchange. Use the slider at the top of the list to indicate how many of your Rewardicals you want to redeem, or simply enter the amount in the appropriate field.

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Launch Pad is now 62 Lesson in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

11 months ago

Thanks for sharing the 62 lessons in SFI basics. I will try it.

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The Business of Failure in Team Building #Team Building

11 months ago

A very inspiring messages. Thanks a lot.

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Are you serious about your SFI-Business? in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing

11 months ago

Yes I'm very serious to learn more in SFI. I want to refer and share my knowledge to others
with big dreams. I do whatever it takes if i'm rejected and learn something from them. I am
strong enough to share my knowledge and learning capability to be an affiliate SFI member
with good learning and listening attitude.

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Mr.Gery is very Honest man in The Business in Miscellaneous

11 months ago

I am really appreciate Mr. Gery is very honest man and awesome
leader that many people will survive in poor stability. SFI is one of the
most leading online marketing worlwide. This is the best among the rest.
Keep it up more learning comes to the people with positive mind.

Brian A. Alto

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“Rewardicals are coming!” in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started #Rewardical

11 months ago

Wow congratulation
You deserve what youve done.
Keep it up

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Mr.Gery is very Honest man in The Business in Miscellaneous

11 months ago

Thanks to the founder that create SFI and now the biggest affiliate marketing in the world. Im a newbee
need more learnings and adopt it immediately to apply it and earn more versapoints. Hope many people like
me will give some more rewards with inmermost concern.

Respectfully yours,
Brian A. Alto

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How do I get paid? in Philippines #Compensation

11 months ago

How do I get paid?
What are the steps on how to become successful in SFI?

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What if a Rewardical member joins SFI or under another affiliate? in Ask Gery #Compensation #PSA #Rewardical

11 months ago

SFI support contacts is one way to ask some querry to know about Rewardical account.

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What if a Rewardical member joins SFI or under another affiliate? in Ask Gery #Compensation #PSA #Rewardical

11 months ago

Hi.. All
I think we have affiliate link in SFI to share it in social media.
If your prospects sign up in your SFI link and they activate that is your
downline to teach them and guide them.Everyone of us has affiliate link
so this is fair to us to promote the products and share SFI benefits all over
the world.
Your SFI affiliate,
Brian Alto

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Class Cash Winners in Ask Gery

11 months ago

Thanks for the wonderful message.