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Terry B.

United States

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TripleClicks Delivery in Miscellaneous #Sales #TripleClicks

6 months ago

Thank you for addressing one of the major problems with supporting many of the TripleClicks Merchants. There are least two other areas that need corrected and that is in getting reliable comments about received purchases. Far to many bad reports, mostly concerning time of delivery and or not getting delivery at all. The second area is that we need products that are "Made in America" that have some quality. Far to many of the items offered could be purchased in any "Dollar Store." We need better quality control. When we can correct these areas, supporting TripleClicks will be much easier. Thanks for opening the door to this discussion. Delivery really should be able to be completed anywhere in the world in less then two weeks.

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I just dove in! Saw a good thing and did a back flip. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

7 months ago

Thank you for your post. I relate to all that you have mentioned, having started very fast and am growing each month. Somehow wish that I could get my PSA to feel and act the same. This is a Great company that provides enormous opportunity, but is not a "Get Rich Quick" program. Satisfaction and Success take Time !

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What to do now till it all comes together in Marketing #Getting Started

8 months ago

Thank you Mary!
I totally enjoy your writing. You are always right on and to the point. I appreciate that! Keep up the Great works.

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8 months ago

Thank you so very much for this excellently written letter. I am quite new to SFI, so do not know the past history or evolution of many programs or issues, however only knowing what I have experienced in the past four months, I really feel that you are correct and that this is just a stepping stone to a much larger Future for each of us. I read everything that you write and ask you to keep up the great information and opinion! The Future for SFI is bright and exciting! Have a Great Valentine's Day and a Blessed week! Together we will make 2018 a Great year in SFI! Thanks again! Terry

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Need Advice Please! in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

8 months ago

Sounds like your PSA really wants to succeed with SFI. Perhaps we can get creative with this problem. What if your PSA's friend were to join SFI through your PSA. Sign up on his Gateway page. When this comes through as accepted, and that the friend is now in the down line of your PSA, have the friend purchase and send a Gift Certificate to your first PSA in the amount that is needed for his PSA purchase. Your first PSA should be able to use that Gift Certificate to pay for his desired purchase. I realize that I have rambled along here, hope that it was not real confusing, but I think it might just work. Also you now have another PSA in you down line that is spending money and growing every bodies business. Have a Great Valentine's Day and let me know if it works! Have a Blessed Day! Terry
PS: Wish that my PSAs were working as hard as yours!

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Help I do not know what is going wrong :( in Team Building #CSA

8 months ago

I also received this message once and it did mean that they had opted out. It took a while for it to show up on the report. Perhaps it could also be a problem in the system. Time will probably take care of it! Have a Great Valentine's Day!

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Are you new? Struggling? Me too. in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Team Building

8 months ago

Dear Sangoh,
Thank you for your very honest and Heartfelt letter. I cannot imagine what you are experiencing in your personal life. I am so sorry and will pray for you and your healing. I appreciate how you are moving forward with SFI and your personal journey. I want to be able to assist you when you feel the need! Have a Blessed week!

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I saw RT, TCredit became Crypto edited. in Marketing #ECA #Marketing #TripleClicks

8 months ago

First I want to "Thank You" for a heartfelt and honest conversation. I am much newer to SFI then yourself, so much of what you have discussed was before I joined. Judging from your nice picture, I am much older then yourself. At this time, I do not have a ECA store as it sounds like you do. My advice would be to take a deep breath, relax and wait and see what happens as the new programs develop. Time has a way of solving many issues. I hope that you wait and see. When one door closes, a new Open door is not far behind! Have a Blessed Week.

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Post Free Ads Daily To Find Your Future Diamonds... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

8 months ago

Hi Tommie;
It is always so very good to read your written thoughts. Thank you and keep up the Great Works!

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The Advantages of NMP - New Member Pack in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

8 months ago

This was excellent advice, very well written and explained> I like everything that you write. Please continue to send these bits of wisdom from you. Would you allow me to use this information to give to my Team members? Keep up the Great writing!
Terry L. Bailes

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Finding Encouragement After Ranking in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

8 months ago

Thank you as always! Your post always are some of the very best information that is given. I read everything that you write and learn from every post. Today, you are speaking about an issue that each of us that are working our business face! That of finding PSA's that want to "do as we do," "want what we want." and "Work as Hard as We Work!" It seems interesting to me that people will take the time to sign-up, but not continue on long enough to find and complete their "WHY" for joining in the first place. We have an opportunity to help people change their personal situations, Some Will, Some Won't! We must keep Sharing the opportunity and be ready when we find that " Very Special Jewel!" Waiting for your next Pearl of Wisdom! Thanks again!

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How Do I Maximize My Efforts? Recipe For Success? in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Leadership #Team Building

8 months ago

Thank you Chris, for this well spoken Information. What you have written is not new, but it is written so that everyone can again have a Road Map to success with SFI! Appreciate your reminding us again the main steps to take on our Journey!

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Currency value problems in Miscellaneous #E365 #Marketing #TripleClicks

9 months ago

First let me "Congratulate" you for the Success that you have already earned, that of being an Executive Affiliate, having joined just under three months ago. It shows that you are ready to learn and proceed with your dream and desire to create a life and business for yourself! I am Proud of your efforts! I would have liked to have you as an affiliate on my team.

I hear your plea for help, and your concern for the cost of doing business. I must say that I also do not have all of the answers to your concerns and questions, but both you and I, as well as many other members of SFI are testimony to the fact that SFI does work, has worked for over 20 years for people living all over the world, and WILL continue to work the same way for thousands more people the World Over, in the Future! Nothing that has Value is easy to achieve, nor would we want this type of success, if it were given and not earned. I realize that in your country of India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and many more countries money is hard to have extra, but somehow in each of these countries and many, many more, people are choosing to follow their dreams, wishes and desires. In Each of these countries SFI Affiliates are Succeeding and Becoming Very Successful. They are showing that it can be done. They have overcome the obstacles and Won! They are living their Dreams! They have become True Leaders and Role Models for All of us.

Please take a few moments, look inside yourself, rekindle your Dream, Find a new method to move forward. Forget the reasons that have discouraged you. We must be patient and understand that this business is "NOT A GET RICH QUICK" scheme, but does take time to develop and to grow. Just move forward and "JUST DO IT!". Forward to your dreams, desires and your Success. We are here to help and assist you. By working together, the entire opportunity and SFI Community will become Stronger and more Successful! Looking forward to your Continued Success in 2018.

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How I know I can eligibile For Designated Diamonds in Getting Started

9 months ago

Thank you for your post. I am also in the same position as yourself, having joined about one month earlier. I have too have completed all of the requirements and my Great up-line Sponsor let me know that I was one of her most active BTL and that I am now a Designated Diamond. I would suggest that you talk to your Sponsor and first let then know that you desire this position and that you will complete the monthly requirements. Unless they have a lot of active BTL's, I would guess that you will become one very soon! Keep working hard and Never, Never, Never Give UP!

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T-Time winner for the third time in 5 days! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Eager Zebra

9 months ago

CONGRATULATIONS Gordana! Good thing happen when you play the Game! Keep up the good work!

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Just Starting! in Getting Started #Sales #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

9 months ago

Welcome Dinesh,
You are at the beginning of a Wonderful adventure. This opportunity will result in whatever effort you put into it! READ, READ and READ some more. Never, Never, Never Give Up and You Will Become a Success!

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Speaking from the heart! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

9 months ago

"THANK YOU" for putting these feeling onto paper. I feel the same way and I also want my team to know that I care and appreciate each of them. I hope that many affiliates will read and head these words and feelings! Best to you and your team in the year of 2018.

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I just have to write this in Miscellaneous

9 months ago

Mirjana & Igor:
Words are unable to fully express your loss. The very fact that you were both willing and able to help and be available to extend your Mother's Life was a Blessing to your Mother and to be commended to you. Your Mother is now resting in the arms and care of God! How exciting that you were able to build your SFI Business to a Platinum Team Leader level, and then be able to use that as you have! We should all be so blessed! May you continue to share your life events, so that you will be renewed, and those of us that learn from you will find encouragement! Bless you in 2018!
Terry L. Bailes

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How Much Can You Earn In SFI? in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

9 months ago

Thank you Scott! This was an outstanding Post and do not ever worry about a post being a little long when it is as good of information as this. I follow every post your write, as I am quite new to SFI and I desire correct, practical, well written instructions as these are! Thank you again, Keep sending us your Wisdom! Good Advice is never to long! Would you give permission to copy and to send to our PSA's?
Terry L. Bailes

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Make PSA active in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

9 months ago

Thank You for your helpful information. I enjoy reading your posts. Always good advice ! Thanks again and keep posting!
Terry L. Bailes

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OMG - You won: 1000 Rewardicals in Recognition #Contests #Rewardical

9 months ago


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Forum What It did for me in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

10 months ago

Thank you for your honest remarks about getting started and the forum platform. I agree totally with the difficulty of getting started. I personally am into SFI for 2 months today. Have achieved BTL both months, have purchased and acquired about 165 PSA , 60 CSA and about 12 PRM. I also have been the leader of my class everyday since I joined. I am saying these things not to brag or boost, but to point out that I am making an effort to succeed, and I too do not understand many parts of becoming successful with SFI. I have been in many other businesses and have run many operations with seven figure plus values, I am 72 years (Young) and I still need help.

The Current Forum is very helpful to me as it is now. I do not want any changes other then perhaps more honest and complete answers to questions. Older more experienced members will not loose anything by telling us how to do something and by actually showing us the process , rather then showing us where it is written or explained, so that we can find it and read it for ourselves. There other ways of teaching, that are far more successful, then knowing where to read the answer to the question. I totally Believe that we ALL will become better by working together and I mean in ALL ways! Thank you for being so Honest and Straight forward with your comments and opinions. I have read what you post often and you always have a Great Point of View! Keep posting!

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The fabulous Forum in Miscellaneous

10 months ago

Very well written article. It is so very easy to move forward in this business, IF you work at it a little each day. I am happy to see that you are moving forward with your Goals and Dreams! Wishing you the Very Best in the New year of 2018 with your SFI Business!