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How do I convince my team members that investing in their SFI business is smart? in Team Building #Leadership

6 hours ago

You can only tell them to build their business by strengthening their down line. How they do that, it lies on them.

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How to inspire a retired "Newbie" ? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership

6 hours ago

It is the same story with everyone. You may send weekly e-mails to all in your down line. Focus on the movers, they are your near future.

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A friendly Tip for Newbies! in Eager Zebra

6 hours ago

Great tips not only for new affiliates, but for all the players. Thanks.

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Is there is a time limit for rewardical to spend? in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

6 hours ago

As Mr. Gery says, the issue has not been finalized yet. You will see announcement regarding this, when it comes.

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E365 and RT in Suggestion Box #Rewardical

6 hours ago

Not yet. But you never know, what will come up in future. Whatever happens, it should go in favor of the champion.

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Spin & Win news letter in Getting Started #Contests

6 hours ago

It is simple. You need to go through all the weekly newsletters, carefully. Only one or two of them every month will have the contest announcement.

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Questions on member listing in Sales

21 hours ago

These are items having value, but you don't use them any more. You can list such items and someone may be interested in them. If you wish to sell new items, You need to apply for ECA seller licence.

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How can I achieve total badge points to 13,325 in Getting Started #TripleClicks

1 day ago

You need to keep working hard to upgrade your existing badges levels, like bronze, silver & gold. Always have a lookout for new badges available to you. Work harder on the permanent badges, rather than the temporary ones which comes & goes.
Wish you all the best.

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Forum badge in Getting Started #Contests #Leadership

1 day ago

There is no leaderboard for Forum Guru Badge. The reason, I guess Forum Guru may stop posting their valuable posts when they on positioned on the top. Forum needs quality posts regularly to help the SFIers.

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Card King winner!! in Recognition #Contests #Eager Zebra #TCredits

1 day ago

Wish you more wins in future.

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Is there a minimum investment required for success in SFI? in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

SFI is free to join with no obligation. You set your goals according to your budget. Concentrate on team building by the means of advertising, S-Builder co-op, Builder Bundle, etc.

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How do you form a great team? in Team Building

1 day ago

It is not a overnight thing. You need to build your team one by one. Every month, recruit as many as new affiliates you can depending your budget by the different ways available like advertising, S-Builder co-op, Builder Bundle, etc.


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How often should I communicate with new affiliates? in Team Building #Team Building

1 day ago

Send weekly e-mails to all your PSAs & CSAs. You need to concentrate more on your movers. Give top priority to the people, who ask for assistance by clearing their doubts. Do not waste much of your time for the inactive people.

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VersaPoints Expiring in VersaPoints #E365 #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

1 day ago

There is no such thing. Your VPs are all yours and they will count all the time.

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How To Set Up Budget/Goals for SFI Business? in Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

1 day ago

SFI is FREE to join with no obligations. There is no hard & fast rules to set your budget. You are the one, who set your goals according to your budget. My suggestion is to concentrate more on team building. You can read about Rules Of Success here;

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Negative comments about SFI in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

There are people, who wants to make money easily and never succeed. Only such people make negative comments.

SFI is free to join with no obligations. SFI has been in the business for the past 19 years and is one of the biggest affiliate marketing companies in the world. Mr. Gery Carson and his team is working non-stop to make SFI better everyday. SFI offers various ways of making money such as building your own business with SFI and through Tripleclicks, where you can sell your own used products and also become an E-Commerce Associate if you choose to and sell new products. SFI offer games, auctions, prizes, contests, badges, awards, recognition. SFI have the largest supply of training materials on site than any other company. The SFI forum is simply unmatched. I think, one should be proud to be affiliated with SFI.

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I dont know how to pay with bitcoin in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

While you are placing an order, Bitcoin is shown as one of the payment options. Choose the same and you should be able to place the order.

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Opti-Build? in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

1 day ago

There is nothing negetive about Opti-build. Your team is set up as per the diamond plan. Details are here;

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PRMS in Ask Gery #Sales #Team Building #W3

1 day ago

You can't contact your PRM, unless he happens to be a personal friend. Triplectlicks does all the communication with them. We can't say if it is right or wrong. It is the policy. We got to go with it.
Like most of the PSAs & CSAs, PRMs are also not any different.
Keep building your team, till you get the desired results.

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Will i be charged for a new payoneer card? in Compensation

1 day ago

It is better to wait for a few more days. At times, postal delivery may take a little longer than expected.

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One badge more in Getting Started

1 day ago

Do not worry about one badge. There are a lot more there. Keep working hard to achieve them.

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How confident and relaxed is your future in SFI in Miscellaneous #CSA #PSA #Sponsor

1 day ago

You are never relaxed in any business. You need to keep working hard with full dedication to excel.

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Opinion Poll in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership #TripleClicks

1 day ago

There is always something new at SFI like the Rewardicals, with Mr. Gery and the team working non-stop to improve the business since past 19 years.