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Marilyn C.


E365 Champion
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Do Affiliates Really Need The Forum??? in Getting Started #Getting Started

3 hours ago

Hi Mr. Bruce, :)

Indeed, we need to visit the Forum, often if we have extra time.

As a newbie, you have to finish reading all the lessons from Launchpad at least 1-2 lessons will be your goal a day, and continue exploring by visiting all the tabs, menu etc at your SFI Homepage/Affiliate Center. Because, all the answers you are looking for is just over there.

If you still have questions or confused with anything, SFI Forum is open for everyone. Forum has done a great help for me when I was a newbie here. We need to read posts, because it's worth it, for us to improve our knowledge.

Honestly, we don't really need our Sponsor or Co-sponsor. But they are assigned to us, just like a bonus or incentives. So, we shouldn't depend on them all the time, because this is our own business. No one will greatly get benefits from our hard work but ourselves.

Don't wait for your Sponsor, just do your best. Your sponsor might just watching how you work your business, or how you do your part. He/She knows the perfect time to help you, if he/she is willing to give you a hand or if he/she is capable. (For me, no need to ask, it's awkward though.)

Only Launchpad, Forum and your hardwork is all you need! :)

Have a great day!
Take care, Mr. Harper! :)

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Upgrade your Badges NEWBIES! :) in Getting Started #Contests #Getting Started

6 hours ago

Our Badges Tab was newly updated! Thanks to SFI Team! It's now easy and more convenient for us to get to know our points accumulated for each of the Badges. Just click the blue numbers, (your total points), and click the blue letters to go back to the Badges tab. At the Badges tab newbies, view your Badges current points just by tapping each of them, read and follow the rules, and do your best to upgrade each of them to win the Rewards assigned, if you have upgraded your Badges Quest level.

Good luck newbies, and have a great day!


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Get help from your keyboard! :) in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

14 hours ago

HI Nkechi,

All SFI/TripleClicks Games has a Tip and RULES, we only just need to visit them every time that we are confuse. It's not that really hard to learn and play them if we read carefully all the details about them.

By the way, as a new SFI Affiliate, you are already an EA, congratulations with your 500+ CSAs! It's worth it, right! Keep it up, and good luck! :)

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Get help from your keyboard! :) in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

15 hours ago

White is amazing!
Thanks to my SwiftKey keyboard! :)

Good luck everyone!!!

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Get help from your keyboard! :) in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

16 hours ago

HI Jimmy,

I'm using SwiftKey keyboard!
Sometimes, GO keyboard.
To fix settings, just go to the app, and test all settings you want.
Or, just go to your device settings, -"Language input" , there you can also fix the settings.
Turn off some that is not necessary, including some of Google features from your device.
That's what I do, because they are so annoying sometimes. Lol
Hope this helps! :)

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Perseverance to reach Success!!! in Team Building #Team Building

19 hours ago

For me, one of a very important to remember as an SFI Affiliate, we shouldn't get affected or distracted by anything, people or things, that has brought us negative impact in our life or in our business. Just focus with ourselves and our goals. That is one of the many best secrets to achieve our goals. Don't mind to much the negativity. Don't let others to take away your happiness and self confidence. Well, that just me! :)

Great Thread, Danal!
Keep it up, and i wish you the best!


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Get help from your keyboard! :) in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

21 hours ago

Hey, Guys!

Our new "HIDDEN" games are absolutely awesome, isn't it?!

But most of us have a problem in terms of English grammar, sentences, spelling etc.

But just in case you didn't know yet, did you know that there is a solution for that? Just choose a keyboard that is good in prediction. Fix the settings! That's it! Your problem for guessing the answer for HIDDEN is not that hard anymore. Just type the letter if you've got at least 2-3 letters from the beginning, and let the keyboard find the right answer for you!

I'm sharing this a little tip of mine, just in case you have no idea how to resolve your problem yet, about playing HIDDEN and Brain Sprint.

I'm not working seriously for now for Leaderboard because I have no enough time yet. That's why, it's fine with me if I'll share it with you a little bit of my techniques, and not to be a selfish one. Lol

Hope this helps a little Guys!
Enjoy playing while earning!
Have a great day!


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New Eager Zebra game...HIDDEN! in SFI News #Eager Zebra

1 day ago

When i saw this another amazing news, (another new amazing game of TC) i said.... Are you kidding SFI??? Because, this is one of my favorite game to play. I played many games that similar with "HIDDEN" one of my favorite is "Word Wizards"! Let's see who's gonna be on TOP 10. Lol just kidding....

We're on Beta testing, that's why I thought, there is no Badges yet, and that's why I didn't played it seriously last night. I was also felt so sleepy, but i didn't expect I still got them. Lol

And i was surprised also, i got RT without using TCredit, thank you!

Thanks so much again SFI!
Another source of profits for all Affiliates!

Thank you, thank you, Sir Gery!!! :)
No one else is always perfectly amazing, but SFI Team!
And that is, "NO KIDDING!!!" :)

Have a great day!


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Congratulations E365 Champion Marilyn Cabcaban! in Recognition

2 days ago

Thanks for everything Mr. Cheolmin Kang!!! (My original sponsor.) I'd never heard any news about you anymore since you'd left SFI. But, with all my heart, I still wanted to dedicate this achievement for you because, you'd contributed a lot with my SFI business, that's why I'm here today. I do hope that your doing fine and in good health with your family. And I'm still hoping to hear from you soon that you are doing great in life and in business that maybe you might have chosen.

I owed you big: but how can I pay you?! If you'd left me already in the air. Lol I'd been always afraid that you'd might read several of my posts in the past, but this one, I am really hoping that you'll gonna see and read this. Even if you'd left me here, I'm still proud of you as my first precious sponsor. Please do always take care! ;)

Thanks SFI Support/Team! You're all so great, kind and awesome guys! Thank you so much for this one of a kind and wonderful experience Mr. Gery Carson. Thanks for the great opportunity for me to build my own online marketing business inside of your precious company Sir. I felt so blessed to be a part of your company. And I have no doubt 100% that my SFI business will make me proud someday as one of many of your SFI professional entrepreneur pensioner. ;)

This is a great experienced and achievement for me. Lack of money, that's always my problem. That's why, I can't imagine how I've survive and finally made my first year with SFI. Thanks for all the support from Mr. CK, and for my hard worked , loved and dedication with SFI. Thanks to myself indeed, of course! Only myself is my great motivation. And no one else I have idolized but myself, it's true, because of so many unique good and bad attitudes or qualities I have. Lol, just kidding Guys. I just love being me! :) Please wish me good luck with the years ahead here Guys. Thanks! /;-)

Thanks SFI for all the FREE and TCredit required games, because they have helped me a lot to maintained some of my Badges that also gave me some profits, that I have reinvested. Indeed, all SFI/TripleClicks Games are awesome! They are made to help us all SFI Affiliates to build our own SFI business.

It's not really easy to competed on E365, I've done everything I could, I'd put all my best no matter what it takes. I've done some great sacrifices that you couldn't have imagined guys, just to stay on track, because I am crazy in loved with SFI. Like others, I'd also even felt hopeless and wanted giving up, not just once, twice or thrice, but I'm glad, i didn't do it. That's why I'm so thankful that I'm still here, and never did surrendered my SFI business. Even though I'm a single mother and lack of money, I've still made it.

Before i can forget, I wanna thank also my dear brother and sister, who lives in the province! There are times that they've done a great helped also for my SFI business, but they didn't knew it. My sister thought, I've stopped running my SFI business, that's why, I have to keep it as a secret for myself, because for now, it's complicated to tell them about it. Lol

Thanks to all! And good luck to all newbies who is on E365 Competition. It's not all about the prizes Guys, but also for the once in a lifetime wonderful experience. Please don't give up no matter what. I have already told you some of my real life stories, just to inspire you. Have more patience, persistence etc. to learn all about this business, just hang in there, because this is a great and real business that will give you financial peace of mind someday. May GOD BLESS US ALL, Zingers!!!

Saranghae SFI!!!

Always, Ria..../;-)

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My  Step-It-Up Group mail today! in Team Building #Team Building

7 days ago

Hi Jimmy,

I'm always aware about the consequences of lengthy sentences, but, i still used to sent a lengthy but complete detailed letter. It's because, I've always considered those who don't have yet enough available data to surf on internet just in case.

And also me personally, i preferred to read lengthy article ofline rather than clicking a link that i wasn't sure where they come from. Most of the time, i was hesitant to clicked a link because of so many contaminated link out there, and I'm afraid i could get some viruses that will harm my devices, that's always i have been considered.

But it's always depends on what kind of topic i wanted to bring with inactive members. It's easy and simple to send the Step-It-Up link, but I doubt it if they will click it on the spot, maybe they will decide to do it later until they will forget about it. That's the purpose of lengthy but complete detailed letter for me. I believed that sometimes, long-winded letter is a must.

Thanks for your time Jimmy!
Have a great day!

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My  Step-It-Up Group mail today! in Team Building #Team Building

7 days ago

Hi newbies,

Wondering what kind of contents you're going to use in your PSA/CSA mailer? Well me, i used to picked some article from Launchpad lessons, and from SFI weekly/monthly news. But i think, this is one of the best motivational article I have ever used, since I've started emailing my inactive and a few active members of mine. Oh bhoy, how I've wished, I could get my inactive members attention and they will start to engage with their SFI business ASAP. By the way, I just wanna share it with you: for you to have an idea. And feel free to copy and have some modifications on it. Hope this will give a little help for you all newbies. ;)

Subject; SFI Step-It-Up September Contest


I have thought if you've already heard about this.
September 12, 2018
Step-It-Up September Contest! Win 13,000 CSAs!

September is historically the time of the year when growth kicks back in…and we want to take it to the maximum this year! That’s why we’re announcing today our STEP-IT-UP SEPTEMBER contest!

The Step-It-Up September (SIUS) contest is going to award qualifiers up to 13,000 business-boosting CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)!

How? Just step up your rank! That is, attain a higher rank by the end of September than you had in August…and you’ll receive 500 CSAs. It’s that easy! But you don’t have to stop at 500.

Step up twice (e.g. from EA to STL), and you’ll receive 1000 CSAs!
Step up three times and you’ll receive 1500 CSAs!
Step up four times and you’ll receive 2000 CSAs!
Step up five times and you’ll receive 2500 CSAs!
Or, pull off the ultimate advancement (Affiliate to Diamond Team Leader), and you’ll receive a whopping 3000 CSAs!
In addition to the above, one lucky person will win a bonus grand prize of 10,000 CSAs! To be entered in this drawing, simply step up your rank. One step up gets you one entry, two steps up gets you two entries, three steps up gets your three entries, and so on.

Important Note: Should the SIUS contest exceed our best expectations and run us out of unassigned CSAs, fulfillment will be paused until additional, new CSAs can be acquired. Regardless, you will receive all CSAs qualified for.

Q: Who is eligible for the Step-It-Up September contest?
All SFI affiliates who joined SFI on or before September 12, 2018.

Q: How soon will I receive my CSAs after advancing my rank?
They’ll typically appear in your Genealogy within a few hours.

Q: How soon will I be able to earn commissions on my new CSAs?
As soon as they appear in your Genealogy, you’ll immediately be eligible to start earning Co-Sponsor Commissions.

Q: For this contest, does the month of September include the order back-dating period of the first 8 days of October?

Q: What if I was a Silver Team Leader earlier in the year, but in August I was only an Executive Affiliate? Would I qualify if I advanced to Bronze Team Leader by the end of September?
Yes, advancing from EA in August to BTL in September would qualify you for 500 CSAs.

Q: Should I tell my team about this special promotion?
ABSOLUTELY! This is a fantastic opportunity to create excitement, growth, and momentum in your team! Do everything you can to make sure you’ve got as many team members as possible working to step up their rank by the end of the month. And make sure you’re making yourself available to provide assistance, support, and motivation. Speaking of which, you may want to consider running your own parallel contest (same advancement rules and deadline) but with your own prizes added to sweeten the pot and really get your group engaged and energized!

Q: Are the CSAs I will receive new or Second Home CSAs?
All CSAs are CSAs that have never been assigned a co-sponsor or only have 1-3 assigned co-sponsors currently.

Q: People who joined SFI in September don’t have a status for August because they hadn’t joined SFI yet. So how does that work?
For persons who joined SFI in September, we’ll consider their rank for August as Affiliate.

Q: What if I’ve already advanced my rank from August to now?
Congratulations, 500 CSAs will be appearing in your Genealogy momentarily!

Q: When will the winner of the grand prize of 10,000 CSAs be drawn and awarded?
The grand prize will be awarded on or about October 10th after commissions for September have been processed.

By; SFI admin!

To be honest, I'm always struggling financially. And this month, I am worried that i could break my budget for my SFI business. But because i don't wanna miss this one time, big time offer by SFI: I need to give my best shot this month of September 2018 to be qualify for at least 500 FREE INCOME BOOSTING CSAs.

All i wanted is, for us to succeed at SFI. That's why, every time SFI has a BIG NEWS: I am very excited for you also to have knowledge about it. I am wishing the best for us all this month of September.

And always remember,

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you!
If you are determined to learn, no one can STOP you!
--Zig Ziglar

Just in case you forgot your password, please go to
If you need to make a change to your password or any other account information,go to once you have logged in. Click on Change/Add to Account Info to change your password.

Have a wonderful day!
Your SFI Sponsor/Co-sponsor: Marilyn (Ria)

P.S. Please feel free to email me here.

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Step-It-Up September Contest! Win 13,000 CSAs! in SFI News #Contests #CSA #Team Building

8 days ago

I was a 9x BTL, but since my Awesome Sponsor left, i decided to step down to EA, because i was unlucky to have an active PSAs to mentor or get inspired with my achievement through my Badges.

But, it seems like it was a blessing in this guise for me, that i was an EA last month, because i can have a 99.9% chances to get my future 500 CSAs. Lol

I wish i can get some active that will keep me positive and motivated, because i badly needed it at the moment. Hehe

This is Awesome SFI Team!
You are always indeed "Awesome Mr. Gery!!!"

Thanks so much Sir!
Take care!
Have a wonderful day! ;)


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Thank You everyone in Recognition #E365

12 days ago

Congratulations Mr. Al Martens! SFI is the best in everything! We just need to learn and understand everything here, so that we can manage to handle and run smoothly our SFI business to avoid the feeling of frustration and disappointment.

Even if i have lost my precious Sponsor, I'm still in love with SFI, and my trust for this company will retain forever.

Again, congratulations to you, and to all SFI E365 winners! I wish you all the very best here at SFI guys!

Always, RIA!

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Does it make financial cents (sense) in Team Building #Compensation #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Opti-Build for DD (Designated Diamond) and for,

Non-Designated Diamond
If you hold the minimum rank of STL (Silver Team Leader) you may participate in Opti-Build by opting in with either 50% or 100% participation. Important: If participating as a non-Designated Diamond, all activity will flow from you on downward ONLY (you will not receive any spillover from upline members).

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Does it make financial cents (sense) in Team Building #Compensation #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Mr. George,

No one forcing us to do things here. The decisions is on us. Don't do it if you can't. Don't give yourself a real hard time to manage your SFI business. We can't blame our up line if they are earning from us, and for us what is happening is opposite, because we're not yet receiving any profits from our own team or down line. That is pure natural because we are still on a stage of "Build Future Income" or "Build Something Great for our Future".

If you have no active PSAs yet, just stay at the rank of EA for free, or just spend at least $11.20 (2 Pack of 10 TCredits/Auto delivery/478 VP) The rest VP comes from free games and daily tasks. Being an EA every month, you will hold all your inactive / active members, and you will continue receiving all the benefits of being an EA.

What more important here is that, never ever giving up. Don't give up what you have worked hard in the past. You'll never know when will your sleeping beauty members will decide to work and start giving you a real nice profits. Don't lose hope that one of these days, you will gonna have an active members that will bring a great smile on your face.

Just take it slow, but don't give up! A wise plan and calculation is a big help for our business! Hope this helps! Take care and Good luck!


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"General" Landing Page in Marketing

about 1 month ago

Hi el kamili a.,

I hope I've understood what you mean, maybe this is something you are looking for, if I'm not mistaken.

At social media, try to do this. Just type,
(,your SFI ID# and you must use Key Code to avoid FB block.)

At your blog, you can do the same using the Link tool. Just test your post if it's work properly.

Hope this helps!
Good luck!


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Product selling in Sales #Sales

about 1 month ago


For now, it's not yet possible to become a TripleClicks ECA, because it is temporary stopped accepting new TC ECAs.

But if you want, you can be a ECA at

Starting now, you can apply at
The biggest change in being an ECA at Rewardical is that you will need to have your own website;

Hope this helps!
Good luck!


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Astro Auction or Pricebenders in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Hi Mr. Rallabandi S. S.,

Some problems on captcha occurs when our internet connection is too slow or we are currently online at TripleClicks with two devices at the same time. Be aware about these to avoid any problems while claiming your prizes. (This is based from my observation.)

You don't necessarily need the email to claim your prize, because the items with Launch button will not disappear at your AA page as long as it's not yet expired.

Hope this helps!
Good luck!


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Today is my saddest day in SFI.... ; ( in Miscellaneous #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Here is my Sponsor snapshot Mr. Svend, I just want to show it, because as his PSA, I'm so proud of him. But now i feel sad and sorry for him, because he lost many of his Badges. But i know, he can get it all back anytime if he wants.

I'm still hoping that, he will visit his SFI business ASAP. ;)
Thanks for your input Mr. Svend!
Take care of your health! ;)

Ria.... /;-)

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Today is my saddest day in SFI.... ; ( in Miscellaneous #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Maybe yes, there is a little error or glitches. I should wait for Mr. Kang to response with my messages. And I'm thankful that my other up line are already aware about this, and they are willing to help and fix anything concerning about this matter. Thanks my up line Brian Futureco for the support. Thanks for always reminding me that i can count on you Sir anytime. But of course, i don't want to take advantage with my up lines kindness. Thanks again, Sir Brian! ;)

Thanks, Ms. Tanja! ;)

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Today is my saddest day in SFI.... ; ( in Miscellaneous #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Thanks Ms. Tanja for being here. ;) Since I'm your #1 fan, in terms of your geniusity, ( that's not appeared on dictionary. Lol) can you explain to me about the 45 days rules, because I'm really confused please. He was just logged in last July 12, and never opt out yet. He should have still 7-8 days to gather 250 VPs to keep his PSAs, am i right? And he should still have a chance to do the backdating until August 8, for him to keep his CSAs. I apologize if I'm wrong. But I'm just also concerned about him, because i know how much he had been worked so hard to build his down line. Myself is an example. Thanks! ;)

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Today is my saddest day in SFI.... ; ( in Miscellaneous #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Thanks Mr. Harold, but if I'm not mistaken, he's not yet inactive for 45 days. It's only 37 days today. And he's still should have a chance to accumulate 250 VPs for 7-8 days more to keep he's PSAs. Anyways, thanks again Sir.

P. S. He love's to share your post on Stream page, he must be really admired you. ;)
Have a great day Sir!

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Today is my saddest day in SFI.... ; ( in Miscellaneous #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

He has already a great down line. He only need 1 STL to become a GTL, that's why I'm working hard for my rank to repay his kindness. But sadly, I was really unlucky to build my own down line. That's why I was so guilty, and worried that my Sponsor Cheolmin Kang before will never happen to be proud of me. I've also tried so hard with my E365 competition because I want him to be proud of me someday, and I want to show him that I'm willing to work with the DTL Plan whatever it takes. But now, he's not my Sponsor already, and I don't know what will gonna happen to me anymore. I don't depend my success here with him, I just don't wanna lose him as my Sponsor.

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Today is my saddest day in SFI.... ; ( in Miscellaneous #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Thanks, Ms Selena! But, too many CK in FB, and I don't know who is my Sponsor there. ;) And I was so hesitant to click the add button, I'm afraid I'm gonna be like chasing someone and I'll make them annoy or afraid of me. Lol I just have his email address, but he's not answering, and it's unusual, because before he used to answer my message a day after he got it.

Thanks again! ;)

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Today is my saddest day in SFI.... ; ( in Miscellaneous #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Thanks, friend! Honestly, I don't know what to think. It seems like, my brain has taken by astronaut, and throw it away in space. Hehe