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Yusuf O.


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Our Rank Badge on the Forum in Suggestion Box #Team Building #VersaPoints

17 hours ago

Hello Tatjana,

A very nice and comprehensive suggestion you made there and l cannot do but agree that if implemented, it will suit some who belongs to that school of thought while there will still be others thinking in the opposite direction. There is no one that can please the world, not even God who created us!

SFI is majorly perceived by every well meaning affiliate as a perfect organization and this accounts for its chain of successes. I believe that there are areas of its operations that must stay regulated if we all want to continue experiencing the peaceful conduct of our businesses without experiencing the system crash that happens with other networks.
If we go about satisfying everyone's wish, we may end up not satisfying anybody!!

Best wishes!!!

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New PRM Again! in Eager Zebra #Compensation #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

1 day ago

That's a lot of hard work you put into your business, Ria.
More success in the future and beyond.

Warmest regards!

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Bitcoin via Rewardicals in Team Building #Rewardical

1 day ago

Hello Howard,

A deep thought you've put into words there.
I feel however that RT is a kind of in-house incentive for SFI affiliates just like MRP and the Bid and Win in PB. They are designed to give back to patrons to effect continual patronage.
This is different from Bitcoin which was actually groomed for the money market as virtual money in competition with our universally accepted mediums of exchange via the different currencies worldwide.


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Bitcoin via Rewardicals in Team Building #Rewardical

1 day ago

Hello Adriana,
The RT will be redeemed into your bitcoin wallet which is private to you. You are free to do what you like with it thereafter.

Best wishes!

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Onlookers in Nigeria

2 days ago

Hello George,
That was a good piece of advice and motivation. It expressed the hidden thoughts of many affiliates who for one reason or the other cannot express there feelings.
Proverbially, if you ask for direction you can never miss your way. In SFI, if you are in touch with your sponsor/ cosponsor and take your issues to Forum, many of the bottlenecks will easily have solutions!

Overall, nothing helps us more than our personal resolve to succeed and motivating ourselves towards our goals.


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SFI Apps building project should be considered in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

4 days ago

Hello Oluwole,

Good suggestion you made there.
Great that it's incubating.
Grand when it's launched and becomes a reality.

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To get started in Nigeria #Getting Started

5 days ago

Hello Taofeek,

You are welcome to SFI!
Asking for help here at the SFI Forum indicates that you have started already but possibly, your sponsor/cosponsor may be inactive or you have not been in touch with them. Your sponsor or cosponsor are great source of assistance and they are your first line of help. This is why you are advised to raise your hand to your sponsor/cosponsor and other up line affiliates to let them know you're around.
Your customized LaunchPad comprising of eleven chapters with 61 lessons is your key to the treasury of SFI riches. If you can read and understand them, apply the knowledge gained to your SFI business and diligently attend to your business daily, do your weekly stuffs, monthly actions and invest as you are able in your store ( TripleClicks), success then knocks at your door.
Best wishes!!

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Teachable Staff in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #Team Building

6 days ago

Hello Skumar,
That was a thoughtful suggestion coming from your personal experience and observations from your country or region. The point you've made is however expressive of the essence of SFI Forum where we are right now. No matter the problem you bring to forum, you get ready help and attention from every affiliate possible.
Teamwork is also a valuable tool in this respect. If l may share my personal experience, l travel from one town and sometimes States to another attending to my PSAs and their prospects. Though it's strenuous but eventually, it's going to be a win/win situation for all concerned because they will succeed and l too will succeed!
With little sacrifices on our part as sponsors, we can make a lot of difference in promoting the success of our teams to our advantage.
I hope this helps a bit.

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Do not reply to this email in Suggestion Box #Getting Started

6 days ago

Hello Clarence,
Impressive and thoughtful suggestion you've got there but the messages are on auto responder. Will the suggestion be technically possible? I am not sure but if it is possible, what stops it from being given a trial?
The more the merrier!!!

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Is there a due date for MC activation? in Team Building #Leadership #TCredits #Team Building

10 days ago

Hello Marilyn,
You can transfer TCredits to your PSAs through your genealogy. This has nothing to do with your Payoneer MasterCard status.
There is no due date to activate your Payoneer MasterCard. You will activate it after taking possession and that is the third and last step. You will be warned not to attempt any withdrawal until you are sure there is enough fund to withdraw.
Best wishes.

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How long to become EA in Western Africa #TripleClicks

11 days ago

My fellow Sfi'ers please I need help. I won $25 in E365 daily drawing few days ago and got alert that I qualified to apply for Tripleclicks Prepaid MasterCard. I clicked on the link in the message to apply but I am confused on how to fill in the form that appeared on the page. First, the page says "already have an account". Then below it says "getting started. So, I filled out the form on the getting started but when I clicked next nothing showed up. My question is where to click on the page. Should I click on the "already have an account" cos the page was a payoneer page and I have a Payoneer MasterCard not Tripleclicks or what do you suggest I do. Please need urgent reply. Thanks

Hello Kolade,
You have already solved your problem. You cannot have two accounts with Payoneer. Your existing account will be linked to TripleClicks payments into your account. If you now need a new card to reflect TC, you request for it.
Go for the 'already have an account' option.

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Payment from SFI in Nigeria #Compensation #E365

11 days ago

Happy new year 2018 to everyone. May the year be filled with blessings and prosperity for all of us in our SFI businesses.
First, l want to assure everyone that SFI is real and if you work hard to achieve success, you will receive your full payment. I know this because l am being paid by TripleClicks Payoneer card since December 2017.
When l started in September 2017, l went diligently through the eleven chapters of the LaunchPad getting started. With the knowledge gained, l began working out the Diamond Plan. The result is that l am moving up the ladder of success in SFI.
I never had to ask how, if, when or whence l would be paid. Because l met the requirements, l was emailed in my second month to congratulate me for being qualified to apply for my Payoneer card which l have since received within the estimated time of arrival.
I am giving this analogy because l want to assure you that if you do not put the cart before the horse, you will succeed in SFI. Put away the mentality of 419 and ponzi schemes. SFI is not of that class. If you are looking for easy money, get rich quick or other sorts of bogous schemes, do not stay here in SFI.
If you are ready to build your team, duplicate your efforts, perform your daily,weekly and monthly goal tasks and also invest in your store (TripleClicks store belongs to all affiliates) even minimally, then nothing can stop your success in SFI.
My regards to everyone!

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Why became inactive in Suggestion Box

13 days ago

I don't understand this line of reasoning. SFI is a business, not a game. We are marketing it as a business, about starting your own business. Why then would we want, as the first thing they see, to suggest it's not a business but a GAME?

With all humility and respect, I didn't mean it as that. It is however notable that Eager Zebra games are integral part of SFI business. If the games section will attract the interest of affiliates who are not disposed to reading much, why not integrate it?
I feel we are open to suggestions or are we not?
Utmost regards!

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Why became inactive in Suggestion Box

14 days ago

Hello Kelsey,
You are not wrong in the least with your analysis of why many affiliates get registered but majority of them fall by the wayside.
Majorly, many of them are not readers. This is why they find it difficult to see the golden opportunity in SFI business.
The training is really simple and easy to understand,. if it were to be made simpler any other way l cannot figure what the result will be. However you have a great idea there suggesting games to be used as first line of exposure to the business. I think it's worth looking into to assess its viability as an inducement to newbies.

Albeit, I want you to know that every team leader in SFI experiences the long line of non performing affiliates. This is why we have the communication tools like PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer, E-Cards and the rest, all at our disposal for free.
When we continue making contacts with non performing affiliates without ceasing, we may make meaningful impacts
Best wishes.

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Gold Streak - Top Streak in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

14 days ago

Hello Krishnendu,
I don't really get your point and how you got that scanty information about GS badges but I 'd refer you to go to EZ tab and click tips at GS.
It's a whole lot of details about the various badges, scores and expiry terms.
I guess it will be noted if your assertion is right, a slim chance though.

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When will new ECA program be announced? in ECA Program #ECA #Marketing #TripleClicks

16 days ago

Hello Zhumagul,

This is really interesting! l was believing myself to be the only person eagerly awaiting the new ECA announcement. It was at the verge of my decision to register that the suspension of new ECA registration was announced.
It will be very exciting to have it back and witness a new era of boom in SFI business.

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Greetings in Western Africa #PSA #Rewardical #TripleClicks

16 days ago

My best wishes for a peaceful, glorious and prosperous 2018 to all in SFI!!!

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commendation. in Western Africa

16 days ago

Welcome to SFI!
I agree with you sir. The quality of SFI training is unequalled worldwide and l hope you will make use of the opportunity to successfully build your SFI business.
My very best wishes!!

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The Throes of failure in Western Africa #TripleClicks

16 days ago

Hello George,

A good post you have there and l must say that reading through really elated my soul.
You can imagine an affiliate that joined SFI and same day asked here in SFI Forum when and how he would be paid!
The message need to go out more to let all affiliates know that the opportunity here in SFI is real and needs serious minded approach to achieve success.
SFI is not a get rich quick opportunity!! NO!!!

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How can I build my own team and become leader? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

19 days ago

Hello Sanusi,
You are welcome to SFI. I could see that you recently joined barely a month ago which should have allowed you sufficient time to study your customized LaunchPad lessons appreciably. It is a common fact that readers are leaders. The 61 lessons contained in the LaunchPad is written in simple and direct English to give every affiliate the best takeoff in SFI business and you seem to have cheated yourself of the opportunity.

To build your own team and become a leader, you will start by being a good follower because if you are not a good follower you cannot make a good leader. Make sure you read and digest the training provided by SFI for you in the LaunchPad. Be in touch with your sponsor/ cosponsor and other up line affiliates. Complete all necessary documentation, visit the affiliate center daily to turn the 15 red tabs to green, patronize your store (TripleClicks), play EZ games, participate in auctions and take active part in SFI Forum.

As you do all the above, more enlightenment will come to you and team building becomes easy for you once you have now mastered the activities, it becomes easy for you to teach your PSAs and duplicate your efforts. As you progress, your leadership skills evolves and success crowns your efforts.

Best wishes!

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Suggestions anyone? in Miscellaneous

19 days ago

Hello Denis,

I am sorry l have to be blunt about my answer to your post. I am of the opinion that it is only the intellectually lazy individual that will find the various activities in SFI boring. To such person, defeat is fatal and they may not want to give it another chance.
For now, ignore the affiliate, if SFI is their domain they will find their way back.

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Only One Lesson a Day! in Getting Started #Compensation #Getting Started #VersaPoints

19 days ago

Hello Ma Leticia,
You have hit the nail on the head with this interesting, comprehensive and enlightening write up. The truth remains that every means, tools and knowledge required for success in SFI business has been provided free with no strings attached!
Surprisingly, most affiliates don't take their time to read and properly digest all the information, tips and success nuggets contained in the LaunchPad lessons about SFI and TripleClicks. This is why you sometimes see a long list of PSAs and CSAs with no activities. From my personal experience, they reply with messages saying they do not know how to go about it. When advised to go to their customized LaunchPad and read, l have had replies saying they will soon settle down to read it through!!
I agree with you about reading only a lesson per day but the truth is that if a person has no hunger for success, even if they read only a paragraph per day, the giant in them will still stay comatose not just sleeping.
Willingness to read, learn and earn in SFI for success lies within the individual. Great people past and present who had no formal education, were able to break barriers by teaching themselves to read and write at all costs to achieve greatness.
If you have it in you, reading, learning and earning opportunity of SFI is the easiest way to business success!!!

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Bitcoin in Sales

20 days ago

Hello Munachiso,

I have not had any bitcoin transaction with SFI but l have paid with bitcoin to another company before. It is important that the bitcoin address must be exact and correct. The slightest alteration to the address to send the bitcoin will render it invalid.
Also, the amount to send is a factor to consider. In the transaction earlier mentioned, l was required to send $10 worth of bitcoin to a specific bitcoin address. What l learnt was that l needed to send above the required amount for my transaction to be valid. I then sent $12 . immediately l was notified of the successful transaction. The explanation was that the price of bitcoin was going up and down. If l sent $10 and the price should go down, the transaction would be invalid because it would look like l didn't pay the specified amount.
If this post does not help, kindly submit a ticket at support desk.
All the best!

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Bronze team leadership requirements in Western Africa #Eager Zebra #Leadership #Team Building

21 days ago

Hello Godwin,

Great quote you have there which time and events have shown as possible. However, it still goes that greatness is within you. At birth, all that everyone needs in life has been deposited in them naturally until the innate ability is woken to propel the individual to greatness. This means that it is equally true that there is nobody that can motivate you more than yourself.
When you are made, you must have exhibited the qualities of leadership which hitherto have been latent within you but now woken as a result of external pressures and challenges. Taking the bull by the horns and taming it is as a result of strength from within and not the approval of men.
To be disciplined, committed and dedicated to business comes from within. Everyone wants success but not everyone succeeds because the inner strength, talent and resolve varies in individuals. It is only YOU that can bring out the best in you when it is most required.
Being born is natural, the supernatural happens when a rebirth takes place in the journey of life.

My regards.

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This are a very good deal! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

22 days ago

Hello Jimmy,

Yes, a nice deal you have there and all that's promised fulfilled! The hard part is that no promise of active PSAs. When you bought the deal, you have assumed the responsibility to build your PSAs into a viable team.
Now is to fulfill your part of the deal by being an awesome sponsor!!

All the best my friend!!!