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Yusuf O.


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Missing PSAs in Miscellaneous #Pricebenders

21 hours ago

Hello Dixie,

Normally, it shouldn't take long for you to receive the PSAs you won in auctions but sometimes there could be a technical hitch that can cause delay.
You actually didn't mention how long the delay now but l would advice that if you feel its longer than necessary, submit a ticket at support.

Best wishes!

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Getting Started Takes Faith!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

21 hours ago

Hello Bruce,

You hit the nail right on the head there! Faith is not physical, you feel it in your soul that yes this is it! Then rain or shine, you are there believing in that cause!
SFI has given us the faith to trust in its ideals because the founder himself is a trustworthy fellow. Those who are not having the faith to continue now still have opportunity to do so because we have been taught to know that we should continually remind them of the open door of opportunities in SFI.
I also join you to say a big thank you to Gery and his team!!

My regards!!!

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Assumption Power in Team Building #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

Hello Sangoh,

That is another great post because l am in tune with your mindset of writing it.

Assumption is taking something to be true without proof. It is in tune with HOPE, a powerful virtue of Christians.
Hope is the belief we hold on to without any evidence more than trusting in the Creator whom nobody has seen .

Every active affiliate has hope in the ideals and business model of our SFI President, Mr. Gery Carson. This is why we are in tune with his vision and the larger picture.

We can only keep motivating, inspiring and advising those affiliates who are failing and yet to see the lager picture with the hope or assumption that they will change positively in the near future.

Assuming or hoping has a power that refreshes, revives and keeps us going!

Always regards!!

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Big Picture Thinking in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

4 days ago

Hello William,

In my native lingo, a saying goes thus when translated to English: " when you know the day of your breakthrough, you know the day of your death ". It is simply addressing risky taking in business. If you don't take risks, you cannot easily succeed in business.
When you step back to see the big picture, you'll have a peep into the future and see the end of the rough road......... a beautiful destination!

Thanks for your most enlightening post!!


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How can their zeal be ignited back in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

4 days ago

Hello Nkechi,

A universally truthful analysis you made there and a very pertinent question, how can their zeal and passion be ignited?

From my own view point, SFI is not different from any other business that can be established for generating profit. In any business that you expect to make profit, you must have an investment plan. Every entrepreneur must be adequately financed to meet with business requirements in terms of finance but if this is failing, business will never be as usual.
To this end,every affiliate aspiring to climb up the leadership structure of SFI and Zing network should not have lack of finance as excuse if they want to stay in it to win.

Also, we must be cognisant of the fact that without self motivation from within an individual, a million motivational speakers and seminars will be of little or no effect. It is our responsibility as sponsor to make continual efforts to ginger the PSAs in our team to keep on doing the good works but as the adage goes, "you can only lead a horse to the river, you cannot force it to drink water". Some of the time, some of them may sadly have to be left by the wayside to create room for more promising affiliates.

On a final note, no matter what the situation may be with any of our team member, either active or inactive, we must keep in touch with them continually. Being inactive today does not indicate that the cannot resurrect tomorrow.

Best wishes!

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How to get new affiliates started without confusing them? in Getting Started #Getting Started

5 days ago

Hello Darlene,

You have taken the best route to solve your new affiliates' problem because that is what l do too. It gets easier for the sponsor making new affiliates to help themselves by reading through the LaunchPad lessons.
I always direct them to read and properly digest the contents of their customized lessons and l have discovered that those who do usually do well over time while those that do not study it become inactive.
Do not waver, continue in that track. Advice the new affiliates to ask questions from what they have read but doesn't understand.

Best wishes!

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Poker and Zackjack daily challenge winners list in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

5 days ago

Hello Ashok,

The list of winners for daily or weekly challenge of poker/zackjack is immediately available after completing your challenge. By clicking on either button (daily or weekly challenge) you will see the list of your community of challengers and their scores against yours. You will know from your community list if you win or not.

I am not aware if there is an existing separate list of winners. I have won a number of times and communicated by e-mail each time l win.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes!

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Is Your Voice A Dead Fish Or A Live Wire??? in Marketing #Marketing

6 days ago

Hello Bruce,

Thanks for your great post. Our passion translates to our purpose, purpose translates to attitude and attitude reflects our presentation of our purpose.
Meaning that it is our outward expressions of the opportunity we are inviting people to join that they will see which can convince them. If you want to advice someone about their manner of dressing, you must be seen as appropriately dressed yourself!
Be straight to the point, make it simple, clearly understandable and clearly audible.

Regards and best wishes!!

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EARNING FROM VERSAPOINTS in VersaPoints #Sponsor #Team Building #VersaPoints

7 days ago

Hello Dennis,

From my perspective, your question is more of 'how does Versa Points translate to cash for me'?
VP is the units by which every affiliate's individual efforts are measured at a given period of every month. It is the amount of VP you earn that determines your status and also how much you earn in US dollars.

As an affiliate, you cannot stand alone and earn substantially. You need to build a team and duplicate your efforts, have PRMs (Personally Referred Members who buys products from TripleClicks and earns you commissions), advertise and sell TripleClicks products personally for commissions and other money earning activities before you can earn substantially.
I should advice that you go ahead and start building your team, get PRMs, share TC products in groups you belong on social media, blogs and all such online market places and your Locavantias.

As you persevere, you will start turning your Versa Points to cash.

Best wishes!

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When is a PSA officially a PSA ? in Suggestion Box #Leadership #PSA

8 days ago

Hello Antony,

In SFI, a PSA is a Personally Sponsored Affiliate. Once the person has gone through the process of registration and you're informed by SFI, he or she is your PSA.
Being active or inactive through a default or the other is a separate matter and this is where the sponsor's ingenuity is put to task.


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Think before you post in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

9 days ago

Hello Dave,

Thanks for your post. It is very instructive and good for self audit. Am l my brother's keeper?

The SFI Forum to the best of my knowledge and understanding was purposely created for affiliates to interact, exchange ideas, solve problems, discuss evolving issues/policies/innovations/suggestions/ideas etc. In short it is designed for all affiliates to be our brother's keeper!
All are intended and expected to be positive naturally but human nature is usually unpredictable. Our emotional inclinations differs at varying degrees hence, some people may go overboard some of the time.

The good news is that in every system, there must be checks and balances. I am sure that is why some people are given certain responsibilities as Forum Guru, Forum Mod and Corporate Mod. At their different levels, there are supposed to be duties and responsibilities to perform when breaches in communication occurs. Equally, it would be expected that hurtful posts can be expunged from the forum as a means of safeguarding the sanctity of the SFI Forum.

The truth is that we can be able to control hurtful post when it occurs once we have the mechanism for correction in place but we cannot afford to ignore the fact that it may occur once in a while.

Hoping your post receives deserved attention!!

Regards and best wishes!!!

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Review VPs obtained from the substitution of RT for VP in Suggestion Box #VersaPoints

10 days ago

Hello Ljiljana,

Nice and thoughtful question you have there.
Apart from redeemed RT appearing in the RT Ledger, it also directly appears in the scoreboard tab along with the daily VP earned.
I guess there may be an overcrowding effect making further space for RT redemption separately.

Best wishes!

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Can you make the Badges Permanent instead of Renewing them daily? in Suggestion Box

10 days ago

Hello Besa,

It is commonly said that the only thing that is permanent in life is CHANGE. When man experience monotony, he easily becomes bored but in a dynamic environment the best in everyone comes to play!

SFI daily, weekly and monthly activities are so dynamic that it keeps you on your toes and by the time you achieve a milestone you are always fulfilled because you have worked for it!!

Truly, winning badges and loosing it due to the slightest inactivity or error can be very frustrating. I know t because l regularly experience it too. But the truth is that, it keeps all of us coming back rather than resting on our oars if it is a permanent badge.

Let's keep the excitement alive knowing that we can always achieve it next time.

Best wishes!!!

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T credits in Western Africa #PSA #Rewardical #TCredits

10 days ago

Hello Helen,

That is part of the benefits of being a leader in SFI and maintaining the status or even moving up the ladder!
On requalifying each month, every leader starting from EA to DTL enjoys between 10 - 24 TCredits free among other benefits!!
Aspire to do more for more benefits.


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OPTIMISM in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

11 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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how to earn in Nigeria #Auto-Delivery #TCredits

13 days ago

Hello Jennifer,

Earning in SFI begins with learning. Your launchpad lessons that will open the world of online business to you is freely customized for you and the most unique thing about it is that while learning, you start earning 5 Versa Points for every lesson you read and review.
Also, by visiting the affiliate center daily to turn the 15 red tabs to green you will earn at least 10 Versa Points daily and additionally, you earn 13 Versa Points from attending to weekly activities while monthly activities will also earn you 15 Versa Points.
When you buy, bid or play at TripleClicks you can earn handsome commissions with attached benefits.
Team building is an important factor that can earn you residual income for life by inviting others into your business and teaching them to do what you are doing to earn an income. This is called sponsoring.
Versa Points are units of earning in SFI which is used monthly to calculate your income in dollars.

There are many other means of earning attached to the brief explanations above and you can only unlock the secrets to the SFI treasure only by learning from the free training available to you free!
I therefore recommend that you log in to your SFI affiliate account with your SFI ID and password to start learning and earning. Seize the golden opportunity now!

Best wishes and good luck!!!

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New badges in Ask Gery #Eager Zebra #Leadership #Team Building

13 days ago

Hello Roberta,

No, it is not correct that there are no points given for the new daily and weekly challenges at EZ games because l am aware of the fact that winners for both the daily and weekly challenges are communicated by e-mail.

I am a recipient of such e-mail now about a couple of times for both Poker and Zackjack as a daily champion. My position on the leaderboard and other details were given.

Best wishes!

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How can you invest when you don't have money? in Marketing #Marketing

13 days ago

Hello Daniel,

That's quite an informative and motivational post. The important thing is not how much you save or invest but acquiring the habit of being consistent, resilient and committed to what you set out to achieve.
The more important thing in SFI business is the investment of your time. If you don't have money at first but you are able to invest your time doing that which are required of you, over time your consistent and committed activities will generate enough money to invest.
I have met many people whose excuse for inactivity is always based on financial insolvency but l noted more of complacency in their nature because they are never willing to study the LaunchPad lessons. The treasures of SFI are hidden in the lessons which are given free and within it are also many resources that are freely available to enhance the success of every willing affiliate no matter their financial background.


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What is SFI? in Getting Started #Getting Started

14 days ago

Hello Amit,

Joining SFI 4 years ago is commendable but asking for guidance after 4 years is not too late either. I guess the saying goes that it's better late than never!
You may not understand many links and material referrals that your post may elicit hence, l can only advice that go to your region's forum where a common language may be used to give you a better understanding of SFI.

Good luck!!

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Just A Little Curious in Miscellaneous #TCredits #TripleClicks

14 days ago

Hello Victor,

Taking cognisance of your date of joining SFI and being notably E365 country champion, l hail you and doff my cap!

However, taking cognisance of your observation of the terms in SFI, l believe that you can only help yourself more than any information that can be given you here in the Forum by reacclimatising yourself with your customized LaunchPad lessons. Due to many reasons, sometimes we miss out on group activities and it is best to get more informed and updated to be able to blend properly with the group.

My utmost regards!!

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Become a Leader in Getting Started #Eager Zebra #Leadership #TCredits

14 days ago

Hello Petar,

Good talks and wishes are commonplace, what is rarely seen are the actions that matches up with them.
Thanks for the commitment in words, go into action and let's celebrate your success!

Regards and best wishes!!

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Plan and Action you design to achieve your Goals. in Getting Started

16 days ago

Hello Michael,

A nicely inspiring and motivational post you made there. Truly we may make the most elaborate and detailed plans but without action, nothing happens!
Inaction can lead to stagnancy. It is best to look for the opportunities created by bottlenecks in our SFI business. Once the opportunities are identified, take action!!

Thanks and best wishes!!!

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How is it possible? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

16 days ago

Hello Snezana,

I am not very conversant with auctions at PB but it goes to show that nothing is impossible after all said and done!!!
Since it is not the first time, we are yet to see more of it.


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Correction for March’s Grandmaster Poker and Zackjack Top 10 winner list in SFI News #Eager Zebra

16 days ago

Hello Lori,

Thanks for the correction and the announcement. It is human to err, divine to accept error and Godly to forgive.
As far as l know, SFI system is perfection itself and detecting the error shows that audit is continual.
Kudos to SFI!!!

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Proclaiming SFI in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership

16 days ago

Hello Olanrewaju,

I normally use my JMT gateway and l have discovered it to be very effective in introducing SFI to my prospects because it expatiates SFI mission and vision.

Best wishes!