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Sheila J.

United States

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MRP how can I use now in Miscellaneous #Eager Zebra

2 days ago

Hello Deepak,
You can still use ur MRP for the 1 Tcredit. You will get the VP just not the MRP now you will get rewardicals. Or as Mr. Gery said you can wait for his announcement later to see what you can do with your remainder MRP.

This is part of what Mr. Carson said in a previous forum post.

Please, folks, you've got to get away from this "MRP=TCredit=102 VP=EA , done!" thinking. It was never designed for that purpose and, worse, it keeps you restrained to the small picture instead of the big picture (where all the money and financial freedom is)!

Let's look at just SOME of the powerful benefits we've just put in place for you:

Previous limit on earning VersaPoints bidding at Pricebenders: 1000

Previous limit on earning VersaPoints playing Eager Zebra games: 500

Max VP you could directly earn per standard Pricebenders bid before: 1
Max VP you can now directly earn per standard Pricebenders bid: 3.3

Max VP you could directly earn per standard play at Eager Zebra before: 1
Max VP you can now directly earn per standard play at Eager Zebra: 3.3

You earned MRP when your PRMs and PSAs earned MRP: No
You earn Rewardicals whenever your PRMs and PSAs earn Rewardicals: YES (you earn 1 for every 10 they earn).

Number of stores you could earn MPR at: 1
Number of stores you can earn Rewardicals at now: Nearly 200 (THOUSANDS soon)

Number of products you could earn MPR on: ~1000
Number of products you can earn Rewardicals on now: ~200,000 (MILLIONS soon)

Number of stores you could redeem MPR at: 1
Number of stores you can redeem Rewardicals at: 1 (but hundreds or more on the way)

Could earn MRP buying locally (groceries, fuel, dining out, etc.): No
Can earn Rewardical buying locally (groceries, fuel, dining out, etc.): YES

MRP expires after one year: YES
Rewardicals expiration: NONE. No expiration currently

And maybe the biggest one of all...

Every Rewardical dished out by Rewardical ECAs and Localvantia merchants puts money into the Executive Pool, even when no VP is taken out, which will grow share values and can increase commissions for every affiliate! All we have to do is work together to attract and build a great network of sellers in our powerful win/win network represented in the Rewardical.com and Localvantia.com search engines.
Sure hope this helps

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What is happening with commission transfering to Payoneer? in Miscellaneous

6 days ago

Hello Danica,
I do not think it is just you. I still have not received my commissions on my Payoneer account either.
Hoping by tuesday though 😊

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How I achieve Gold Team Leader Monthly. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

10 days ago

Thanks again for this very informative information. Great advice for achieving Gold Team Leader. I am trying to reach this, and with your advice one day I will meet you at the top. Much to your success and keep up the great work! You have been a truly great asset to this forum. Many of you have taught me so much.

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Help I do not know what is going wrong :( in Team Building #CSA

10 days ago

WOW Thanks Munish,
You were right once I cleared my cache was able to send the email. Thank you so much.
Sure hope others learn from my mistakes.
Great advice.

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Help I do not know what is going wrong :( in Team Building #CSA

10 days ago

Phew haha Thanks Terry,
I thought maybe I had violated some sort of rule. It is nice to know I did not violate any regulations. But is sad that they did not even check out the Great SFI opportunity that was brought to them.. Oo well as they say SWSWSW ( Some will, Some won't, So what- move on). Will just keep going. Thanks again

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Need Advice Please! in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

10 days ago

Hello Ronald,
There are many ways to purchase through Triple Clicks. Has he tried paypal? That is accepted there as well as credit cards, I do not understand why the credit card was not accepted. But with past experience I have had some Debit cards not recognised at SFI so had to change my payment form.
This might also help you as well:
Hope you and your PSA much success.
Sure hope this helps.

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Help I do not know what is going wrong :( in Team Building #CSA

10 days ago

Hello Forum,
I have filled out a support ticket but thought maybe someone here has encountered the same problem and can assist me.
I have received a new CSA today and when I tried to send an email I got this message:
www.sfimg.com - Access Denied
Error code 15
This request was blocked by the security rules.
Does this mean this person as opted out? Because they are not in my opt out report. If anyone can shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Social Media in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

13 days ago

The main problem I have with social media is the links being blocked. I even tried doing the shortened version from google and bitly yet they are blocked as well. I am still trying to resolve this issue. But thanks to Allan's response will try to find a landing page.
Hello Allan,
How do I get a landing page?

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It's time to shop online at Rewardical.com! in Sales #Compensation #Rewardical #Sales

15 days ago

Generally, you'd want to promote Rewardical as a whole. But for those who do want to promote an individual ECA, we've got tools for that coming.

Thank You Mr. Gery for the information. I intend on promoting Rewardical as a whole, was just wondering if we need separate logins for each. You have answered my questions and I will patiently await for the links and advertising/marketing aids. So excited for all the new implemented updates.

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It's time to shop online at Rewardical.com! in Sales #Compensation #Rewardical #Sales

15 days ago

Hello Jelena,
This is great news. I have a question though, how can we advertise for the ECA rewardicals. It takes me to the site for the ECA. Do i need a login for each separate site? Or once it is all up and running will we have the share tab like we did in TC's to advertise their products? Sorry, I am full of more questions but will keep it short. But this is really great news. I am looking forward to this new adventure.

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LETTING IT HAPPEN in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

16 days ago

Welcome to SFI Owusu,
Well you have found the right place to come together and share ideas to make it happen. The forum is a great place to learn along with the LaunchPad Lessons: www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/
This will give you the knowledge and foundation you need to excel your business. May you enjoy your journey with our family at SFI!
Much to your success!

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Thank you! in Recognition

16 days ago

Congratulations Koviljka! Much deserved accomplishment. Keep up the great work.

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Post Free Ads Daily To Find Your Future Diamonds... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

16 days ago

Once again Tommie another great and helpful post! Keep up the great work and thanks for all your helpful tips to help us all succeed. You truly are a team leader! Much to your success!

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Tcredits Expiration Policy in Miscellaneous #TCredits #TripleClicks

19 days ago

Salam Zuhair,
Thank you so much for this helpful information. It is a great reminder to new and seasoned affiliates.
Keep up the great work. Much to you success.

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Promo Bids in Miscellaneous #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

20 days ago

Hello Muhammad,
Congratulations on your win
Yes even if you won it with promo bids the item will still need to be purchased. You have up to 30 days to purchase your win.
Hope this helped.

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Red menù RW in VersaPoints #Rewardical #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

23 days ago

Hello Sandro,
You will turn the tab green by clicking on the bottom of the page where the blue bar is, this should turn that tab green. I also noticed though that if you re-enter into the tab that the blue bar again shows,yet my tab turned green. Maybe it is a glitch in the system. Will fill out support ticket. Hope this helps.

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WOW NEW TAB in Marketing #Rewardical

23 days ago

Yes Fransisco,
I think this is a great step forward for all of us. We all just need be patient and continue to move forward and see the new changes make SFI better.

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WOW NEW TAB in Marketing #Rewardical

23 days ago

Hi Shelley,
Yes haha i got the news after I posted. Thanks for the link and the reminder as well.

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WOW NEW TAB in Marketing #Rewardical

23 days ago

Hi Sead,
haha I see you and Zoran and I have all noticed it at the same time. We all posted a stream about it. Love the new changes,

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REWARDICAL in VersaPoints #Rewardical

23 days ago

Hahah Zoran,
I also posted same time as you. Guess we both noticed at the same time. Also the ECA tab is missing.

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WOW NEW TAB in Marketing #Rewardical

23 days ago

Hello All,
Has anyone noticed we now have a rewardical tab on the alerts page. Also the ECA tab is missing. I am so excited with all the new things happening with SFI. Come zingers lets get to zinging

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EA commission, how does it really work? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor

25 days ago

Hello Kenechukwu,
Your commissions depend on a lot of things. You get commissions for the VP you earn, if you have a downline you can get matching VP for them depending on their rank. Also depends on your sales. Commissions can vary month to month it does not always stay the same. I think the compensation plan would help you understand this better.
Sure hope this helps. Much to your success.

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Spin n win in VersaPoints #Contests

26 days ago

No one knows when the spin and win will be. Spin and win can be once a month or more. You must read all news from SFI and Triple Clicks in order to find the links. Sure hope this help.