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Sheila J.

United States

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! in Recognition

1 day ago

Thank You so much Edson

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! in Recognition

1 day ago

That was really sweet of you Janani. Thank you so much.

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WHY is Bitcoin so high in price? in Miscellaneous

2 days ago

Thank you so much for the valuable information. I am still so confused with all this cryptocurrency stuff. So will keep reading up on it.

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I Would Rather Earn 1% Off a 100 People's Efforts Than... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

Thanks again Tommie for another inspirational message. Love reading your posts. Keeps me pushing forward!!

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Update SFI Splash Pages in Suggestion Box #Marketing

3 days ago

Hello John,
This is a good suggestion. I am sure these will be updated we just need to be patient. There have been a lot of new changes here at SFI and will take a little time to get everything up to speed. We just need to be patient.

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The best way to start a PSA Part 1 in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

4 days ago

Great Post Stephanie,
Yes the NMP is a minimal investment and so worth it to kick start your business. So waiting for part 2. To your great success!! Congrats on your STL status.

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The Path to Silver in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

5 days ago

Hi Scott,
Thanks so much for the valuable information. Although I need to get my downline to wake up So guess will try it and soon will have some active peeps. To your great success!!

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Getting Spam when sharing links in Facebook and also Gmail in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Hello Ragi,
I also have encountered this problem. I started a Fan based page on FB and there I post EZ game links along with products from TC's. I am unable to post any links with TC's or SFI's still on my fan page but least I am able to get the word out with what am able to post I do not post on Google+ anymore as I also got the same message of it being spam so I just post every where else: FB fan page, free advertising areas, linked, twitter etc.. Do not get discouraged you have great advice here from the above posts.
Keep up the great work, Aim high Dream Big. To your success

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Just redeemed my first rewardical token in Miscellaneous #Contests #Rewardical #VersaPoints

11 days ago

Congratulations Kingsley,
Nice to know it was so simple. Haha now I am waiting to win some rewardicals so that I may try to redeem May you win many more!

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Why most PSAs are inactive in Getting Started #Leadership #PSA #Sponsor

13 days ago

Good Post Uche,
You researching and finding such shows you have a lot of initiative and will go far. To your great success.

Hey Keith were may I find Gery's getting started video?

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I cannot send an Icebreaker to one PSA in Miscellaneous #Team Building

13 days ago

Hello Bosah,
I have a couple of PSA's that have opted not to have the ice breaker sent and wanted me to communicate through email. Maybe this is the same with you. Check to make sure they have not opted out of SFI and if they have not then send them an email to communicate.
Hope this helps.

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Very Valuable Information to Save! in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

16 days ago

Thank you so much for the information. This will be very helpful to the new team members as well. Have a great day! May you and your team prosper!!

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PSAs confused!! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

18 days ago

Hello Zhumagul,
I send out my team mails to both PSA's and CSA's with helpful tips for them. I sign your sponsor/co-sponsor. If I sent separately would take me days to go through over 100 affiliates. Hence is why I sign it your sponsor/co-sponsor. The welcome letters we send to the PSA or CSA already tells them if we are their sponsor or co-sponsor. Hope this helps Wishing you and your PSA much success.

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Our Greatest Weakness Lies In Giving Up... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

21 days ago

As always love reading your inspirational posts. It gives me the motivation to keep going!!! With your determination you will be that Crown Team Leader. Have a great month ahead,may it be prosperous for you.

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More limit in auctions in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders

21 days ago

I agree with you. I have wasted many many Tcredits trying to win an auction and never have been able to due to this. The only auction I have ever been able to win was a guaranteed one. So I think it would be fair to make it more restrictive.

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Appreciated by PSA!!!! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

25 days ago

Congrats on your appreciation. I love your inspiring posts and your zest for SFI. Your a great inspiration to your downline and us as well. Keep up the great work. May your business be prosperous !! To your great success.

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TC Gift Certificate in Miscellaneous #PSA #TripleClicks

25 days ago

Hi Ed,
Well when I have received a GC an alert usually showed up on my alerts tab. It is the weekend so maybe it has not been processed by the office yet. If he has not received an email yet than maybe have him contact support. Hope this helps.

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I submitted one S-Builder Co-op order but didn't receive any notification. in Team Building #Team Building

28 days ago

Hello Shakir,
Did you receive email of confirmation of order? Typically you will start receiving new affiliates 3-4 weeks after you purchase your S- Builder Co-Op Unit.
Here is a link: www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?catid=26444&id=20826
Hope this helps.

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Poll Points in Gold Streak Game in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Hello Kuldip,
Here is a link and you are able to check on the tabs to see where you are on all the leaderboards :
Hope this helps

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Triple Clicks Gift Certificates in Sales #Marketing #Sales

about 1 month ago

Hello Ronald,
I am not able to find where you may issue gift certificates to others besides SFI affiliates or TC members: www.sfimg.com/Resources/GiftCertificateManager
I believe only the Tcards can be given to non members. The links above may answer some of your questions. Hope this helps.

Wow Svend thanks for the information. :)

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Simple as 123 in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Great Post If you would not mind I would love to share with my teammates. This breaks SFI down to how simple it truly is to succeed here.