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Zoran M.


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ECA Rewardical program- prezentacija in Southern Europe #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Hvala Tanja na iscrpmn informacijama

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Pitajte da odgovorimo in Southern Europe

3 months ago

Asija sve e jednim doci na oje pozdrav!!!!!

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SFI ITS LIFE NOU CHANC in Inspiration/Testimonials #ECA #PSA #Sponsor

3 months ago

Zorane hvala,sve najbolje puno uspeha!!!

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SFI ITS LIFE NOU CHANC in Inspiration/Testimonials #ECA #PSA #Sponsor

4 months ago

It has not been a long time since I found this extraordinary job that meets my learning needs, advancement, socializing with people from the team, and I feel reborn.

Some time ago I ended up in a wheelchair after an accident and the world collapsed. I've been researching innately to spend the time now in place and not a step ahead.

I've found a great team of people working together, helping each other, but also sharing and sharing life's joys, problems, asking for advice, giving advice and changing my world for the better. Today, I thank the team, especially the SFI, for taking me into their ranks.

I want to share this with everyone so that others will realize that this job is not just a job but also helping and sharing each other.

Someone will be weird, but I return to the often:

on the Launchpad lessons

and especially on the rules of success of Gery Carson

Find, my dear, inspiration in every SFI tab, build team, using methods and marketing tools as I use and guarantee success in the business.

I particularly follow Stream and Forum because there are important notifications and treasures there.

Just to the top because the sky is not the limit, the brilliance of the diamond will light .UP

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What are some new ways to motivate your PSAs? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

4 months ago

contains great tip
Posted 5 months ago More by Randy I.
Sometimes investment is in people. Your Team. I had a very down month in matching VP so MY attempt to stimulate action is to REWARD action!

For every Team member, and CSA that generates a minimum of 1500 VP, I will generate a Banner directed to their gateway. It will be 1 Impression for each 1 VP once they are qualified!

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I WON CARD KING in Southern Europe #Contests #Eager Zebra

4 months ago

Bravo Vladimire, cestitam!

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Sramota in Serbia #Leadership

4 months ago

Nekad me cudilo da svet misli ovako ili onako o nama na ovom prostoru ex YU nego probajte se potruditi da savladate jedan jezik ljudski a onda de fakto 3 kontinenta govore engl znaci svetski sl. jezik i pokusajte na prevodiocu pisati pravilno i ne koristiti cirilicne tastature i pokusajte sa recima koje nisu ni vama ni meni strane toliko Vrediis koliko jezika znas.

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Imati Dobrog Sponzora nije Tesko Postic Neki Visi Cilj in Serbia

4 months ago

Cestitam Jadranka,pohvale

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Savet in Southern Europe

4 months ago

Hvala na jos jednom savetu

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Kako do kvalitetnijih - radnih saradnika? in Southern Europe

4 months ago

Hvala Zorane! Slazem se od reci do reci.

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E 365 Daily Drawing Win! in Southern Europe

4 months ago


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Reward Day - T-Time and E365 Daily Drawing in Southern Europe

4 months ago

Dear Slavice V ,
Congratulations !
All the Best

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Good news in Southern Europe #E365

4 months ago


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Congratulations E365 Champion Phinah Thamage! in Recognition

4 months ago

Congratulations E365 Champion

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Congratulations E365 Champion Kimberly Smart! in Recognition

6 months ago

Congratulations Kimberly Smart!

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find the strength in Inspiration/Testimonials

6 months ago

My life is a special story.

I want to write about my work at SFI.
Although I'm a heavy-handed invalid, I'm decisively fighting in this job to achieve the most that can be done.
You know, I can only write with one finger, but I still do, I opened my own Echo and got my first order.

Why am I writing this?

Every time here I read how others complain about this and that, and everything can be achieved through work, learning, advertising.

When your life hits you smack you rub it on your face and do not let others. Make a determination in research, learning, and advertising.

I'm so though my life hit me all the wizards he could have left me with just one finger so I could write a voice to speak. Everything else took me.

I found this job, wonderful people in a team that support me and everyone else, help when they need to understand. That's team collaboration, planning and executing the planned.

So rub the cheek and never let someone else do it anymore. Work, build a team, advertise, take advantage of all the opportunities offered by SFI and my great success is ahead of us if we are to do it.
Your Zoka

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Badge Quest PRO :) in Southern Europe #TCredits #VersaPoints

6 months ago

Cestitam sve najbolje

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Dosao taj dan i za mene :) in Southern Europe

6 months ago

cestitam sve najbolje