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Michael A.


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Junior Astro auctions in Astro Auctions #Contests #Getting Started

8 hours ago

I have once participated in AA of 35 TCredits and I think there are still AA of 30 TCredits that you can participate on but they normally come once per month.

You can adds some TCredits to the 30 TCredits you have already so that you have the chance to participate of AA of 35, 50 and 75 TCredits now.

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Pricebenders auction winner ... in Pricebenders #Contests #Pricebenders #TCredits

9 hours ago

A big congratulations to you, Jaswant ! Keep up playing and keep up winning.

I wish you more greater success wins ahead.

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Winning of prices - no shipping in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

11 hours ago

Any products in Astro Auctions that can not ship to your country, such auction will prevent you from bidding such auctions as well.

What I mean is that If the products in AA can't ship your country, there is always restriction on such AA products. You will not allow to bid such auctions.

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Supernova! in Recognition #Astro Auctions

1 day ago

It worth celebrating Koviljka, I am so happy for you.

A big congratulations to you, Wishing you more greater Supernova win ahead.

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Long Auction in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

1 day ago


During "fueling" we are simply accepting bids. Once our reserve price in bids is met, the fueling stage ends and the auction moves to the "boarding" stage.

We just have to wait little because It look like not every affiliate are interested in that Google pixel auction.

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Badges indicator in Suggestion Box

1 day ago

Thia is an example of what they talking about

I just lost this badge this morning in Nigeria time now but I can still get it back by playing Gold Streak today

So if I want see the details of the badge I lost, I can simply click on the badge and every details will appear.

Hope you understand it now

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Same bid amount in Pricebenders

2 days ago

I just got to understand now and I know how it works now.

Thanks, Tanja ! for bring it out to my understanding, You have the perfect answer.

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Same bid amount in Pricebenders

2 days ago

I thought the TIEBRAKER is only appreciable for the Pick-The-Bid contest prediction before.

I just go through the AA Rules again and I found out that in case Bidding the same TCredits AA, tiebreakers is still applied to the winner.

Thanks you so much for this clarification Sir.

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Same bid amount in Pricebenders

2 days ago

The first person who bids in that AA with 50 TCredits will be the winner of that AA.

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Badges indicator in Suggestion Box

2 days ago

SFI Corporate posted 27 days ago on your stream.

We've just added a new feature to your BADGES tab. For 24 hours after an addition or subtraction of a badge, a border will appear around affected badges.

- A GREEN border means you've just added this badge to your collection!
- A RED border means you're no longer qualified for the badge. Of course, a red border doesn't mean forever. You can requalify for it at any time by fulfilling the badge's qualifications again.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Jean Renouard! in Recognition

3 days ago

Congratulations to you Jean Renouard on this, your 1st SFI Anniversary Day and for your superb E365 Champion achievement.
Truly there is no shortcut to success! Congratulations on a brilliant success and for finally getting to see your dreams come true. You have proved that you are destined for greater things in SFI and life generally.

Congratulations E365 Champion Jean Renouard!

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Important new resource for Team Leaders/Sponsors in SFI News #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

4 days ago

Thanks, Gery! For providing this two main points of how we can make money in our SFI business, This two basic steps will really guide those serious one who want to build their business with SFI.

I do believe the new affiliate will find this info more useful in order to guide through earning in the SFI business then just sign up with and It will also help to focus on particular of interest in the business.

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Versa point Increase in Suggestion Box #VersaPoints

4 days ago

The primary role of VP is to determine your rank and this rank wouldn't put money on your table, so what is the reason why increasing the daily tasks from 1 VP to 2 VP.

The only thing that will put money on your table is through sales from tripleclicks.com or any of your PSA, PRM or CSA make any purchasing from TC.

All the new affiliate have unlimited VP to earn from To-Do-List and Launchpad lesson or you can simply take a look at this, 12+ ways you can earn VersaPoints for free.

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Remember Nigerian Pls in Astro Auctions

5 days ago

You are absolutely right, Hafsah !
I can't just be looking at those items in AA without winning them and I will also like to have those items shipping to Nigeria as well because I need them for my mobile marketing networking.

I hope there is no going to been any restrictions of those Items in AA for shipping to Nigeria.

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Astro auction in Miscellaneous #Astro Auctions #Compensation

5 days ago

AA has come to blessed us with abundant VP, RW Moves/matches and the opportunity to win at least 500 to 1000 RWs in daily drawing because you will definitely win A Daily Crown Entry.

The other day an SFI affiliate was complaining how can he earn additional 500 VP in order for him to requalify as EA, then I advice he to participate in T-TIME and then invests the 2 TCredits in AA, AA can gives him that 500 VP within at least 10 days.

After commented on that thread, I decided to use just 1 TCredit to bid in AA, See what I got just from 1 TCredit.
A Daily Crown Entry,
1,010 Rewardicals,
20 VP
When you convert that Rewardicals to VP, you will get 336 VP+20 VP=356 VP's, So tell me how many VP is left for you to qualify as EA rank again?.

With AA, I am covered with VP, RW, Moves/Matches and Daily crown entry.

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Badge Quest points for the Poker and Zackjack Challenges in Suggestion Box

5 days ago

Having points attached with them would been preferable but it wasn't created or developed in that form. The main of developing this daily and weekly challenges poker and zackjack games is to helps those thousands affiliates who fall within the three level in Badge Quest in order for them to advance.

I am playing the both daily and weekly challenge poker and zackjack games for fun because I love playing games.

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Laptop computers, smartphones, Free PRM Astro Auctions! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

7 days ago

Wow ! I can't believe this, You Astro auctions do you come to beat me or you come to boost up my commission!
I think you come to make me smile and to boost up my earning through PRM, CSA and PSA in astro auctions.

All my friends that we have been together in pricebenders auctions has left me to the moon to see Astro and I was thinking that maybe participating in two auctions would have me well, But right now I am sick with pricebenders auctions and I am moving fully with my friends to the moon to see what astro have for me.

Laptop computers, smartphones, and much more are being featuring this week, I think it is right time for me to get ready and grabs at least one of those wonderfully looking samples.

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How to get additional MRP for a purchase . in Sales

7 days ago


SFI are no longer dish out MRP anymore so the possibility of you getting the remain MRP to purchase your product is zero, but your MRP can still accepted as payment, The possible way to get that product is to do what respected Tanja have suggested or you can change your mind and go for something else, You can use them to purchase any of the following products like TCredit, CSA, SFI Cap

All you need, go to Member Rewards Specials Store and choose the products you want to purchase and I do believe there a lots of products that you can buy with your 2150 MRP

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Rocket Box. in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

8 days ago

Check it out! Some Astro Auctions will now have more than one Rocket Box awarded. In our first such auction, now available for entering, FIVE different people will each win 1000 Rewardicals! Bid now for a chance to win one of the five Rocket Boxes (and other great prizes, too).

When it is 3x rocket boxes, meaning three different person will win 1000 Rewardicals and when it is 5x rocket boxes, meaning five different person will win 1000 RW for Free.

Please check it out on your stream post.

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SFI rules of success!!! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building

8 days ago

Thanks Nouta Ngounou ! For this wonderfully rules of success with us all.

No SFI affiliate can survive or becoming a successful an SFI business without following the rules of success.

The rules entail all the challenges and the frustration we are all going to face in our business and also provide the possible solution to everything that will still make us success only if we can following them.

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I Am Short Of 500 Versa Points in VersaPoints #TCredits #VersaPoints

8 days ago

Hello, ARNAB !

I just want to use this to surprise you based on your issues here.

After commenting your thread, I decided to use just 1 TCredit to bid in AA, See what I got just from 1 TCredit.
A Daily Crown Entry,
1,010 Rewardicals,
20 VP
When you convert that Rewardicals to VP, you will get 336 VP+20 VP=356 VP's, So tell me how many VP is left for you to qualify as EA rank again?

T-TIME contest is the best option now.

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My commissions were not deposited on my Payoneer account. What do I have to do? in Compensation #Compensation

8 days ago

I think this what you are looking for.

My commission statement says I was paid commission, but I never received my commissions.

TripleClicks MasterCards are automatically credited with your earnings between the 15th and 20th of the month. Mailed checks are sent out on the 15th of each month (or the closest following business day, if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday).

If you choose to be paid by direct deposit into your checking account or by Paypal, your commissions will be transferred on the 15th and the amount reflected in your account within three business days of the funds transfer date. In the event that the 15th falls on a weekend, commissions will be sent out or transferred the following business day.

If you have a TripleClicks MasterCard from Payoneer, and it has been at least one week...OR if you have opted to receive your commissions via check or PayPal and it has been at least four weeks since checks were mailed out, please submit a ticket to our customer service department via our Support Line (www.sfimg.com/Support/).


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I have 2000 VersaPoints how do I become an EA? in Getting Started #VersaPoints

8 days ago

Sorry to asked this question, The 2000 VP's is it the total VP you are accumulated till day from the day 1 you signup with SFI or you accumulated the 2000 Vp's only this month?

In order to achieve EA status every month, you only needs 1500 VP's and if you were unable to achieve that, you VP can only be transfer to the following month until you accumulated that 1500 VP's according to the new comp plan.

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I Am Short Of 500 Versa Points in VersaPoints #TCredits #VersaPoints

8 days ago

The best possible solution is to participated in T-TIME Contest, If you are lucky to win daily, you can use them to bid in AA, the possibility of using your TCredits in AA to get your 500VP before the month end is guarantee.

I am only using Auto-delivery of 125 TCredits to attaining BTL status now, It hardly a day that I did not get at least 100 VP. So you can do it, go for it.