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Connie K.

United States

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Desperation! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Team Building

2 days ago

Haha Randy..this would be a really tough one to choose who to support for most of us from ND with Carson Wentz QB but it sounds like because he's out injured and young and sooo talented we're all sure he will get Philly there and this is the Vikes year!

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Desperation! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Team Building

3 days ago

That was a welcome Vikings win..sorry to hear about your troubles Randy...I hope you and your wife recover quickly.

Great post! Minnesota Viking fans never give up on their team...this could be the year and what a year it could be! A first ever Super Bowl played on a home field! The Vikings sure aren't giving up and neither are their fans!

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Understanding Self learning in SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

4 days ago

Good Morning to you Horace! Great post! I admit I am an " Autodidact" and an avid reader so I really have to be careful when coaching my team members, sending letters, etc. Having been a teacher in the past, I am very aware that every person has different learning styles and we need to be accommodating and patient. Not everyone is able or comfortable with "jumping " in and starting to read. Keeping in mind that that they might need to start from a "different" starting point to keep their interest might be a better approach for that person. SFI has so many great ways for anyone to learn how begin, sometimes the hardest part is just getting them to ask a question!
Have a great week everyone!

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Biz quiz answer for yesterday in Miscellaneous #Contests #Getting Started #Leadership

9 days ago

I used "person" before I tried to look it up....It was also accepted!

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New Welcome Letter for those lazy readers in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

10 days ago

Hi Sanchia!
I really like this letter. It's certainly worth a try. I do something similar with my affiliate that are quick movers and asking questions. I think this is a great quick start advice letter but still gets the learning point home!

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How to E-mail Upline? in Getting Started #VersaPoints

13 days ago

Hello Ristenka,...did you try refreshing your SFI page? Otherwise you could contact Support.

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Must read on ECA. in ECA Program #ECA

19 days ago

Thanks for re-sharing this great thread Gabriel...I had bookmarked it and forgotten about it! I often re-read great books so there is nothing wrong with re-reading any material. That is how you learn! Have a great New Year, All!

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Bought a PSA and Got the strangest welcome Reply in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

22 days ago

I have received a reply like this before James. I would not pay that fee to subscribe. I suspect that your PRM has not whitelisted SFI in their email and until they do your, and SFI emails will bounce. If they decide to take this opportunity seriously, they'll join up. Move on to the next...I did!

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Slowly Slowly Catch The Monkey in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Sponsor

22 days ago

Thank You James, for a fantastic testimonial and words of advice! This is exactly how I would hope my new team members would take my welcome message of how to get started and Succeed! Congratulations and Happy New Year!

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A Tweak For The New Year in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra

26 days ago

I LIke It! Great idea Randy!

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First contact with new PSA-little help for new members in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

26 days ago

Thank you for the advice Emina! It is always great to hear from someone that is listed on those scoreboards, Congrats! Merry Christmas to you, also!

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New and hoping lol in Getting Started #Compensation #Getting Started

27 days ago

Hi Donnie,
George M left you a message...contact him. He and one of his partners will help you. They are wonderful SFI members with lots of great ideas! Best of luck to you and Merry Christmas!

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Reply to my Icebreaker in Team Building #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hello Aung,
If they aren't online when I send the icebreaker, I usually send my first letter at the same time. I ask for them to let me know that they received the letter so usually I get a response. Try that!?
Best to you!

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New member in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Welcome Salaudeen! You have some excellent advice so far, I will only ad that you
should also contact your sponsor for additional help and advice. There are several ways
to make money with SFI. You will see this as you read through the material. It is up to you
to decide which path(s) you take.
I wish you much success!

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PTP Top scorer in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders

about 1 month ago

Congratulations Sabina! I like the new rules also. It makes this game easier to play.
Thanks for sharing so our new people see this!

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New Second Home CSAs in Team Building #CSA #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Randy..I did have a mustang, this one is a paint, best horse I've ever had

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New Second Home CSAs in Team Building #CSA #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I always figure to never look a gift horse in the mouth.
I have one that I wouldn't give up for the world!

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winning vp in 'spin & win' in Recognition #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Triple Clicks products increase in Sales #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

I have been watching this also Zulfiqar! It is very exciting and something to promote
to our prospects along with the exciting 20th year anniversary and Localvantia and
Rewardicals, and the list goes on!

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Hi, I am happy to joint this website in Getting Started #Getting Started #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Welcome Kiti! You will get to spend a lot of time here with all of us! No one bites and
everyone likes to answer your questions!

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Unmasked in Miscellaneous #Leadership

about 1 month ago

I'm so glad you didn't explain "soonerflash" with pic of yourself in a red jumpsuit,
Randy! I haven't had enough coffee for that yet!

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Winning Biz Quiz in Miscellaneous #Contests #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Dear Morgan, be patient It really is all in the luck of the draw. I just won BizQuiz
a few days ago. It is not impossible! Best of luck to you!

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So Close to my next badge quest goal but so far. in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hi James!
I understand your frustration! I used search and chase those pesky badges also until
I got so busy and absorbed with other aspects of my SFI business that I forgot to look.
Guess what happened?
Badges started showing up on my page without my knowing about it!
I think it's like watching watching water waiting for it to boil!
Much success to you!

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Tips for beginners in Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing

about 1 month ago

Welcome to SFI Green! You have been given some great suggestions for new people to
SFI. If I read your question correctly, you are asking about this Forum specifically.
All are welcome to post and read here! This is one the excellent tools SFI provides to
you to get your questions answers and give you support. For more information on how
to use this forum check this link www.sfimg.com/forum/ or look for FORUM under
SUPPORT tab on your main page.