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Milutin M.


E365 Country Champion
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Христос се роди! in Southern Europe #E365

12 days ago

Ваистину се роди!

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Dogodilo se na danasjji dan... in Southern Europe #E365

15 days ago

Cestitam, Gile! Runner up i nacionaolni sampion je veliki uspeh! Naravno, idemo dalje zajedno u nove pobede :)

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Da se ne lažemo ... in Southern Europe #Compensation

22 days ago

Postovana Marija,

inspirativni ste, kao i uvek...

Evo, da probijemo led - nakon ovog posta, doneo sam odluku: - mesecima unazad sam EA. Do kraja tekuceg meseca idem na BTL i nastojacu da ga odrzavam narednih par meseci. A nakon toga, svakako se nadam na GTL a ne natrag na EA ;)

Srdacan pozdrav,


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Dopustite da primetim ... in Southern Europe

29 days ago

Postovana Marija,

u potpunosti se slazem sa Vama. Divan post, svaka rec je namestu.

Ucinimo svi, svaki pojedinac, ono sto je do nas, da dodje lepse vreme za sve nas i za ovaj nas posao :)

Sve najbolje!

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May I use it in Ask Gery

about 1 month ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Prva komunikacija sa Localvantia in Southern Europe

about 1 month ago

Super, pisite kakve su reakcije :)

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Prvi mesec 16.u klasi???? in Serbia #Leadership #Marketing #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Samo napred, nema granice :)

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Card King nagradica... in Southern Europe

about 1 month ago

Bravo, cestitam! :)

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Knockout Trivia in Southern Europe

2 months ago

Cestitam, uz zelju da je to samo prva u dugackom nizu :)

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Conversation with owner shops about Localvantia in Team Building #Localvantia

2 months ago

Which way is the best to do a conversation with owner of a local store on the topic of Localvantia?
What important questions are there to ask them to wake their attention?
What key information should we communicate to them?
How is it best to prepare for such a conversation?

Thanks in advance!

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What makes you successful as a Co-Sponsor? in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

Hello Nkechi!

I believe that we should treat to CSA with full attention, just like with PSA.

First contact him, greet him and offer all the help he needs, try to explain to him all possible ambiguities, and then follow his progress and draw to him his attention to the fields in which he is even not aware that he needs help.

And be always there for him, but when you're not there, answer to him as soon as possible :)

All the best,


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ZackJack rekord in Southern Europe #Eager Zebra

3 months ago

Bravo, Nidzo! Cestitam!

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Moj cilj je : USPJEH in Southern Europe

3 months ago

Neko je nekad rekao da se u SFI svi delimo na one koji su uspeli i na one koji su odustali. Dakle, nemoj odustati i sigurno ces uspeti :)

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Treci mesec za redom! in Southern Europe #E365

3 months ago

GIle, šampion, izraziti favorit!
Gile lepo ima ime :)
Čestitam, samo napred!

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Treci mesec za redom in Southern Europe #E365

4 months ago

Bravo, majstore!

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E365 in Southern Europe

4 months ago

Гиле, шампион, изразити фаворит :)

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For what reason do you have to use PromoBids all in one go? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

6 months ago

Dear Gery,

thank You because You are looking at a situation.

I'd like to try to explain the part that you say you do not understand: with promo bids we can bid for free, but if we win an auction, we have to pay it. And if there is a zero dollar in our account (which is the most common case), we are coming to a position where we won an auction for which we have no money to pay. In such situations, I simply do not want to participate in auctions, I just want to turn the red "PB" tab into green and try to catch a flash drawing, as well as get 10mrp, 1VP and Bid & Build increase for 10 %. But I can not do this because of promo bids. It means that I should spend promo bids ASAP so that I can bid with TCredits. But it would be much simpler if we can choose whether we want to bid with promo bids or with TCredits.

I hope this explanation has helped in understanding.

Best regards,


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Congratulations E365 Champion Heba Kishar! in Recognition

6 months ago

Congratulations, Heba!

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Konacno je tu i BTL in Serbia #Leadership #Team Building

6 months ago

Bravo, majstore! Samo napred!

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Promo bids and bidding in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders #TCredits

6 months ago

For daily VP, perhaps an option to bid using TCredits and able to 'by-pass' Promo Bids since we can keep it for 5 days. At the moment, we don't have this option.
Of course, I would love to use Promo Bids effectively, but that needs time, to participate at PB. Every early of the month, I wasted all my Promo Bids by simply bidding, just to get rid of it! because I can't wait that long to finish 30 Promo Bid.
For the daily VP, we just need a click to get that 1 VP with 1 TCredit.
Am sure your IT team can do something about it!

That's exactly my point :) Thank You!

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Promo bids and bidding in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders #TCredits

6 months ago

Dear Jacqueline G,

thanks for your answer.

If I (in moment when I receive free promo bids) do not need anything but just VPs and MRPs (what is most common case), what I can do for getting VPs and MRPs except "spend promo bids as soon as possible for some nonvalue thing just to get normal bidding"? This is the reason why I asked my question...

What if in this moment I am in hurry and I just wanna bid once in double auction for 10MRPs and 2 VPs and I must go?

And what is that situation will continue next 10 days? If I have not 10 promo bids, I will receive every day (for that 1 bid) 10 MRPs and [b]2 VPs because it is the first bid per day.[/b] So, I will receive for 10 days 100 MRPs and 20 VPs and maybe some extra TCredits. But, if I have 10 free promo bids, I will receive in that 10 days 0 VPs, 0 MRPs.

I really would like to have chance opportunity to choose for bidding with promo bids (if I have tham) or with TCredits. In other case, I really must "spend promo bids as soon as possible for some nonvalue thing just to get normal bidding"


Hello Milutin,

Thank you for helping me to understand what that comment meant, for it was unclear to me.

I would like to share some info that might be helpful for you, ok

We must use our Promo Bids within 5 days, not the 10 you mentioned, please check out the following for more details @

How do Promo Bids work?

"IMPORTANT: Promo Bids expire in 5 days. So when you win Promo Bids, don’t wait too long to start using them.".

Also, we can ONLY earn 1 VP per bid, per TCredit that we use in the Pricebenders Auctions, not the "2 VPs because it is the first bid per day". Please check out the following for more info @

What are the specifications for earning VP bidding at Pricebenders auctions?

"You will earn 1 VP per bid up to 1000/month. These VersaPoints are awarded in real time during the auction you're bidding in.".

Hope this is helpful for you.

Enjoy your day,


I was hoping that you would understand what I was trying to say to you, but since this is not the case, I have to explain decidively to you:
Of course for 1 bid we get only 1 VP, but since one of the red buttons is "bid button", when we bid for the first time during the day, this button becomes green and therefore we get 2 VPs for the first bid during the day.

Also, I know that free bids disappear in 5 days but I described the case when you get promo bids and 5 days later you again get promobids.

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Promo bids and bidding in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders #TCredits

6 months ago

No one complains about Promo bids. It is a valuable product we should be thankful for.

The issue is following:
Many of us have a busy day schedule. And if we want to have all green tabs every day, we need to spend our Promo bids ASAP. Usually I put them on Autobid and spend them right away on whatever auction is on - just to "get rid of them".

It would be useful to have a choice if we could use TC or Promo bids, but if that is a lot of trouble with programming, we understand. No hard feelings :)

Dear Marija, THANK YOU!

"Many of us have a busy day schedule. And if we want to have all green tabs every day, we need to spend our Promo bids ASAP" - Right at the point!