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mary b.

United States

E365 Champion
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Competition E365 is very difficult in Miscellaneous #E365

11 hours ago

He who spends the most money wins.
Log in every day.Read the News.Do the daily To Do List.
Always become EA.
Build a blog.Use a subject you know as content.
Add product Collections as well as our biz banners.

I just won the E365 contest.
I could not have done it if it was not for my blogs.
They enabled me to get a Wave3,sell some stuff and find PSA"s and
enjoy this site.

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Post on steam tab visible to our uplines! in Suggestion Box #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

1 day ago

No, I want just my down-line to be able to read my posts.
If I see something I want to show to my up-line, I copy it and send it by e-mail.
Some of my up-line is less experienced than I am.

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Prime Games every day? in Eager Zebra #TCredits #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

3 days ago

I never played Blackjack/ 21 or Poker.
I knew no better and deleted any games that started out poorly.
Now to get my average score to go up, I have to get the most points per game that I can.

I made personal goals for myself.I have now attained over 1,000 Prime Games with an average of over 300 points per game.

It is fun to see those numbers rising.

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Question about direct commissions in Sales #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Each month we all start over with zero v.p.
All of us need 1500 v.p. to get to EA.

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Too Much Too Soon in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

7 days ago

Glad all of you are happy.
No way was I implying we get rid of ALL contests.
99% of my referrals are telling me they are just here for the contest.

So will will be changing my Welcome Letter by adding a link to ALL of
our contests. Maybe more of them will get involved.

Thank you for replying.

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Too Much Too Soon in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

7 days ago

I think all contests should be removed for new people. After all, we are looking for serious workers.
I cannot seem to keep a BTL, only in the CSA"s category.They keep my team alive.

My blog does bring in one Wave3 member,one T card member and a new referral a month.Without a blog,it would be way too time consuming to advertise for all we need.

As this site gets bigger and bigger, it is too much to grasp as a beginner.

...........................my suggestion

Make the Launchpad similar to the black tabs. Let the beginner choose what to work on next. Less overwhelming.

What do you think?
Mary Bird

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I should apologise........ in Miscellaneous #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

9 days ago

I just do what I want here in regards to badges.
Family,sick days, computer not working-needs repaired or computer provider down,all play hayrick

on badges.

Most important is placing your ads for new referrals.
I am grateful if I have badges.Potential new referrals are not going
to look at each badge.

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Getting Spam when sharing links in Facebook and also Gmail in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

9 days ago

Put every biz banner you want to advertise inside your free blog.
Then add some Product Collections.
You can advertise your blog everywhere.

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Is there any trick used in playing CARD KING in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #VersaPoints

10 days ago

I try to spend one t-credit asap.
Then is I get a spin early, I can win 100 points.
Otherwise it is just luck.

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Help: How do I win an auction in Pricebenders #TripleClicks

10 days ago

I would say enter when you have at least 300 T credits you can afford to loose.
Enter when the auction is close to ending.

Just spend 2 credits a day on a 2x"s the mrp credits.
It is mostly luck.

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problem with BTC in Miscellaneous

12 days ago

Also you need to be an EA to participate in LocalVanita.

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Which one do I focus on recruiting or sales in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sales #Team Building

13 days ago

That is why you need a blog.
Put a banner for each aspect of this biz.
Advertise it everywhere.
Works for me.

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Some questions in Team Building #E365 #PSA #Team Building

14 days ago

Welcome to SFI and the Forum,Sasa
It is possible to get to 1500 v.p. your first month by just doing your To Do List and lessons.

The sub-lessons are worth 300 v.p. total.
Set up your advertising places after reaching EA.
I did it in 5 days,you can too.

Use the rest of the month to learn by visiting the News area and this Forum.

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How To Promote These Free & Linked Gateways in Sales #Marketing #Sales

14 days ago

When you scroll down to the bottom of each website, you will see your I.D. #
Join my sfi team has your picture too.

Where to advertise?

Free For All (FFA)
- Viral mailers
- Adboards
- Forums
- Sig File
- Banner Advertising
- Etc...
- Classifieds

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How can you get me interested again? in Marketing

14 days ago

You asked, so I will give you an honest answer.
I looked at your badges.
You have logged in every day for over a year.

What do you do when you log in?
Play games.Spend money.
You need to invest in all the stuff SFI has for you to enlarge your team.
I spend the one or 2 T credits for auctions and games to get the red tabs to turn green.

..............try this
Put up a free 3 column blog on any subject.
No mention of SFI in the title or top banner.
Next add the JMSFIT banner as a "call to action".
You have a lovely picture.

Now add biz banners along the sides on all the stuff SFI wants us to advertise.
I do Wave3,ECA banner,game banners etc.

Now you need Product Collections for sales.
As you read the featured ECA products,start a Product Collection.
I have kids toys,makeup, earth friendly products and one high dollar itium
in each Product Collection.

No need to mention SFI in the content as banners speak for themselves.
In your text add your links to your favorite places to advertise as well as to your other blogs.

Blogs can go anywhere.
Go to a banner creator and get some banners with your picture in them.

Do not quit, you would miss us and we would miss you too.
Stay and pick our brains.

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300 TCredit Pack Auction, Banging! in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

14 days ago

This is why gambling is popular everywhere.
People spend till they are near broke.
I would leave it to the PT Leaders and up.

I do a couple of bids and hope to win my T credits back...

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How to stay in SFI with ZERO active affiliates? in Team Building #ECA #Sponsor #Team Building

14 days ago

Most people work 40 hrs. or more a week.
Then there is family,chores and worship.

Retired people have the time to commit to this huge on line business.
There is so much to learn, I feel overwhelmed just going through the lessons!

Most people want to join something,put up their picture,personal details and get their
website and start advertising.

If the lesson format had tabs like our To Do List,that people could choose to work when they had time,I feel it would help the working.

Just saying.

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Having problems when cropped my photo. in Getting Started #Getting Started

20 days ago

Sometimes it takes a day for your photo to appear.
Be patient.

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Banners Wanted! in Suggestion Box #Marketing

23 days ago

Ones with my picture on them!
They are just as good as a website.

People will begin to recognize you.
Ads are cheap or free.

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How can I survive without any PSAs? in Team Building #PSA

23 days ago

The cheapest way to survive is by putting up a free blog.
Then add our biz banners for products,games,PSA"s,PRM"s, and
add Product Collections for sales.

Then get your ads organised.Start with safe-lists,3 traffic exchanges and
biz and social communities. Use free,upgraded and want to upgrade.

Blogs can go everywhere.

Yes it takes time to set this up, but it is a great time saver.

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Is boxbe emails preventing SFI group mail to be delivered? in Ask Gery

27 days ago

Anyone using Boxbe,I do not contact.

If you want to be in business, do not use it.
If you join advertising places for your biz,using Boxbe, you will not get other people"s ads.Then your advertising sites will eliminate your account.

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Helping you helps me... in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

27 days ago

Best to help your team and keep secrets for them.

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Constantly praising me for not mugging old ladies! in Miscellaneous #Leadership

27 days ago

I learned the hard way that it does not pay to give new affiliates 5-10 T credits without them getting close to 1500 v.p.

If they have not even started it is a gift down the drain.

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Localvantia in Marketing #Compensation #Localvantia #Marketing

28 days ago

To participate, you must be an EA.
It is not live yet.

Just take a picture of their biz sign and store front.
Write down their physical address or look for a posting
on their window.Take a picture of their details too.
The store does not even have to be open.

You are not to talk to the owners.Wait for information saying it went live.