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mary b.

United States

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I qualified Executive Affiliate this month in Getting Started

7 hours ago

In order to keep the CSA"s you will receive for making it to EA<,you must make EA every month.

This is your business.Log in daily.Do the to do list.
Stay informed. Read the News and some Forum posts.
Every hour you are on line, enter the T-contest.
Play Astro with them. Earn some v.p. towards your next month"s EA.

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Success can be yours in Team Building

13 hours ago

When I first joined SFI in 2014, we had 2 cars.
We always went everywhere together,so we sold one for $200 to someone who
needed reliable transportation. That saved money.

Each day I log in 3 times. Work some and read the Forum.Play a few games.
Spent at least one hour a day advertising.
I expect results.This is my business and I must manage my time between real life
and my biz.

It is a shortcut to success if you are able to purchase referrals each month.
If not, schedule time to place ads.

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How the AA is better than PB Auction ? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TripleClicks

1 day ago

I never liked waiting on a PB auction to end.
That going, going, and then start over is not for this Bird.

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Reflection and proposal in Suggestion Box

1 day ago

Scot is correct in saying it is illegal to just charge a fee for joining in the U.S.A.
Off line there are many service related biz that charge you a fee up front.
You get car and life insurance and are not looking forward to using any of them!

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restrictions on posts to streams?? in Miscellaneous #Leadership

1 day ago

I load mine up with mini posts I put on my Team Mailings.
So many folks on my team work 40-60 hrs. for peanuts.

One post where to advertise.One for a list of Tripleclicks sellers of referrals
and one "Best Forum post of the Day".

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Is it possible to sell triple-clicks item to PSAs or CSAs? in Getting Started #Sales #TCredits

1 day ago

Advertise to increase your team.
They will buy the products.

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is there some more tips that i doing in Getting Started #Getting Started

1 day ago

Nice post!

Increase your team.
Post ads daily.
They will buy T credits and such.

Banner ad boards

- Viral Mailers
- Safelists
-Log in ads
- Traffic Exchange
- Classifieds
- Ad Boards

Social Networks
Facebook &Twitter

Business Communities



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The Advantages Of Posting Free Ads Daily... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

1 day ago

Thanks for the post,Tommy
I too zipped right along and posted the new websites everywhere.
I did take a break and fixed dinner. Beans,hot dogs,boiled potatoes and applesauce.

Now we just have to wait for the banners. Gery said they would come shortly.
My upgraded ads are mostly from 1999 -2006.
I was retired and still at a retail store.Thought I was in business advertising my advertising places.

Just keep on learning!

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Sales Referrals or play games for badges in Sales #Marketing

1 day ago

So how many hours does it take to do all this?
If you are working a full time J-O-B you need to take the time to get organised.
With some full time jobs you can keep an Auto-delivery and make life simpler.

Think of this business like you are building homes to sell.
You can do all the work yourself or hire professionals who will get the proper
permits for each phase of the job ( like SFI ).

Like the home builder,you need to advertise for lots of workers.
Why do all the work yourself ?

As each new referrals arrive, ( PSA"S,CSA"s and PRM"S ), they will purchase T credits,play games, and find their teams too.
Your Rewardicals will stack up faster with your team helping you earn them. ( Just like the home builder will sell houses faster with more people working on it that know what they are doing ) .

Your advertising
Banner ad boards
- Viral Mailers
- Safe-lists
-Log in ads
- Traffic Exchange
- Classifieds
- Ad Boards

Social Networks
Facebook &Twitter

Business Communities
I use the days of the weeks as titles for my advertising websites.Sun-Saturday.
Then one tab for all upgraded sites.Upgraded gets sent every day.

Log in.Read the News.Read some Forum posts.Take notes. Post Forum links and helpful
ideas on your Stream for those with fuller lives.

In your Welcome Letter,post all the ways to communicate with you.I tell each new person who gets to
my Movers list that we can leave a Chat message for each other when we are on-line.

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Reducing Pie in The Sky Rewardical Claims in Sales #Localvantia #Rewardical #Sales

1 day ago

You will find your Rewardicles on your daily To Do List.
If you feel someone is taking them, why do you not change your password?
We have many Forum posts on Rewardicals you should just read them.

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SFI Marketing Aids ~ Banners we need more! in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

1 day ago

Gery and staff created the banners for us to use on our personal blogs and websites.

But many of us, including me, want to use them at the safe-lists, banner programs and traffic exchanges.
These are free advertising for us.

Yes I know when we split them into 2 links to post them,that means SFI cannot edit them automatically.
Small potatoes. Just think how many times we have to edit our websites and banners because other things need edited.

Please we need a 468x60 banner,125x125, and a 250x250 banner for each game.
Thanks in advance.

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Don't Let Temporary Failures Get You Down!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

1 day ago

Thanks for the post.

If you get depressed,call up someone or write to a positive person.

I bought a new 7 passenger 2017 car and 3 months later was declared unfit to drive.
Two months later my just turned 18 grandson needed the car for work.
Now I have a chauffeur. It gives me time to know my grandson better.

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Why can't we change our sponsors!? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

2 days ago

Yes Leon,that is what I did!
Thanks again for your prompt help.

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can anyone do online marketing? in Ask Gery #Getting Started #Marketing

2 days ago

If your daughter is under 18 and lives with you, you could instruct her piece by piece.

I raised 2 Special kids.When they wanted to drive a car,I went through the instruction book page
by page and taped it for them. The teacher wanted the book because both my kids got 90% on their test.

I would start with ads you have placed and let them surf and match the icons for credits
at the traffic exchanges and safe-lists.
Free For All (FFA)
- Viral mailers
- Adboards
- Forums
- Sig File
- Banner Advertising
- Classifieds
-FaceBook fan pages

-Local Marketing Magazines

-ALL LOG In Ads everywhere

-ALL free banner ads everywhere


- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Google Ads
- Search Engines
- Traditional Advertising
- Purchase PSAs

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SIUS Program of September, 2018 & 2nd home CSAs in Team Building #Contests #CSA #Leadership

2 days ago

Nothing better than a surprise of more members added to our teams.
Thanks for posting.

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Check out the new, updated NGRQ Gateway! in SFI News #Marketing #Team Building

2 days ago

It works great for me!
Thank you very much.
Banners coming too?

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PRM now joins my team ! in Team Building #Team Building

2 days ago

I always used the 3 websites and banners ending in NGRQ,REC, and Astro.
I knew these people would become members of Tripleclicks.
Also if they joined SFI, I would get them.

Here is the latest note I received.

Good news! You just sponsored a new SFI affiliate (Previous non-affiliate Zing member, now joining SFI):

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Commission in Suggestion Box #Compensation #TCredits

2 days ago

Welcome to the forum.
Investing in getting PSA"s instead of games seems a better option right now.
If you should get to EA each month and just give it a go with mostly CSA"s,you loose them all when you do not make it to EA.

Not so with PSA"s.
Your PSA"s purchasing T credits are a legal product.
Get an Auto-Delivery that includes PSA"s and T credits.


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How To Get Your Share of Second Home CSAs ? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

2 days ago

It is a mixed emotion when I receive them
Thinking someone did not get to EA and lost all their CSA"s.
This month I did receive a STL.
Horay for me! Sad for the person who quit or could not make it to EA.

We and do not let that happen to you.

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My mistake in Miscellaneous

2 days ago

Keep reading the posts here and you will feel more at home at the Forum.

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I'm Learning Customer Acquisition & Customer Retention in Miscellaneous

3 days ago

Thanks for the post.
I consider SFI a Franchise on line.

We are each in our own business.
We advertise and hire help.The company makes the rules.
We have strict rules we must follow or we are let go.
products must be bought or it is not a ligit biz.

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How can I know my Affiliate link in Rewardicals website? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

3 days ago

We have 3 websites/gateways for new PRM"s that want to just play games.
Most join us here as Gery sends them through the whole Zing Network no matter what website,text or banner I use to promote SFI family of sites.
Websites end in Astro,Ngrq and Rewardicals.
Just scroll on down the the end of any of the websites and find your I.D.number.


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How do you win a game in Eager Zebra

3 days ago

Read the rules before you begin.
It took me about 6 months to learn to play ZackJack.

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SFI badge in Team Building

3 days ago

Write a team mailing and ask who would like help being a Team Leader.
Then Get to EA. Help your best worker get to EA.
Then reassign everyone with 6 or more v.p. to the above.
Repeat each month.

Do not worry about badges.I never give then a thought.
Team building is how you make money here.
I do not want to do all the work myself.

I admit to loving the ZackJack game.
Working to get my 2000 ZackJack.
Love Astro. Bid 3 T"s in most games so I can keep my 60 games in 30 days.Easy.