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Kirsten R.


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Rewardicals program what for? in Sales #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

23 hours ago

Hi Rui,

Please refer to the thread when this program was announced to get data and see the questions and answers regarding this program.

Rewardical ECA Referral Gateway is here!

Quote from the announcement: DO reach out to persons you know who have an e-commerce site and invite them to join Rewardical. Simply contact them with your recommendation to join the Rewardical loyalty program and provide your Gateway link.

Per my understanding, you can sign up people who own an online business selling their own products - physical products, provide services, too, such as consulting, business services, streaming services, etc. The point being it must be their own products sold on their own website, not other people's products etc. like in an affiliate program.

Hope this helps to clarify your question.

To your success.


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How to create and install a TripleClicks banner own my website? in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 days ago


I believe it all depends on the kind of website you have. In WordPress you can install a widget either in the sidebar or in the footer and fill in the data you find in the marketing center and it will be prominent and clickable. Or you integrate it in a post.

Good luck.


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Will you consider this proposal? in Suggestion Box

3 days ago


I believe when watching the Launch it states that the Moves are for Grandmaster Poker. More difficult is when winning matches as they can be for Grandmaster Poker as well as for ZackJack. I would like them to be assigned either to Grandmaster Poker or Zackjack.

Another question would be - I won many moves by now which I will hardly ever use and I would like to be able to send some of those to my downline (PSAs and CSAs) as a reward for being active and creating their business.


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Social media consulting .... in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

4 days ago

Hi Jaswant,

Thanks for sharing these numbers and the encouragement to use these platforms for promotions.

You seem to be versed in promoting on these platforms. Can you recommend some free sources where our readers can learn how to master one or the other platform? I believe that would even be more helpful.



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Build Your Career Vocabulary Of Simple/Understood Words in Getting Started #Getting Started

4 days ago

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for bringing up such an important subject.

There is more to it as seems obvious at a first glance. With so many nationalities on this platform, it is a necessity to use simple words.

Complicated words if not clarified create a barrier to learning. Imagine if you want to learn about something and you cannot grasp the meaning of the words, then what you read will not make sense. The result will be that you will not want to learn this subject any longer. Not knowing the definitions of words will lead to not understanding what you are studying and lead to not being able to apply what you are trying to learn.

This may well be a reason for PSAs to give up as they do not understand what they are reading and will not be able to apply it.

I am German and not only do I still encounter German words I do not know the meaning of but more often English words.
To help me understand the words I - in general - use two websites

for translations - they offer translations for many other languages

and if this does not fully help me to understand what I am reading - as words often have several definitions/meanings - I use an English/English online dictionary

Thanks again for bringing it up.


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How does the Auto-Delivery work? in Sales #Auto-Delivery #Sales

5 days ago

Hi Ayesha,

Hope I understand correctly what you are asking.

1) If you order a product from TripleClicks there are no fix shipping times. It depends from where it is shipped. Often you can find more information by clicking on "Shipping". (grey button under the blue add to cart button)

2) If you want to purchase a product you will have to enter some kind of payment information. There are several possibilities like credit card, debit card etc. You can check them out here

3) Auto delivery is an order you place so the products is deliverey to you on a monthly basis. For that reason you get an additional discount.

Hope this has answered your questions.


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SFI. Not a job: Your Own Business! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

5 days ago


Even though we know better this being a business I agree with you that we have to mind our language. It is so important to convey SFI as a business opportunity and not a job. Everybody talking about a job allows the inference of this being a 9 to 5 job with hourly rates AND somebody who tells you what you need to do. As a business owner you have to have a different attitude this being responsible for every step you take - or not take.

The great setup you find in SFI is that you have free courses, a free business system (mailings, notifications etc.), and hundreds of mentors (forum), not to mention your sponsor, your upline and the co-sponsors. It is your business but you are not alone. SFI provides the best business setup I have seen on the Internet - and a long history of being successful. Not a nice idea that will disappear eventually. This is a proven system that has been here for many years and will be here for the years to come.

This is out business opportunity and not a job. Let's name it for what it is.

To our success.


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Which is your Biggest Versa Points Winning in AUSTRO AUCTION ? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

8 days ago


my biggest single win was 25 VPs. I also was lucky and won once 1400 Rewardicals - that was a nice surprise. I have won many Matches and Moves as well as entries to Daily Crown which in return brought about more wins.

I never had the patience to bid on the regular auctions but now I bid on ASTRO auctions daily. I love that I do not have to stay glued to the screen.

Wish everybody else a lot of success playing games and bidding on auctions.

Good luck.


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According to my calculations in Compensation

9 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Ungrateful PSA in Team Building #PSA

12 days ago

Hi Amila,

I am fully with you. It is disappointing. On the other hand, it is also true that there will always be people in your downline that are "suckers". I mean they take your time but never get to work. They suck up your time and believe you should do the work to make them money. Those are not the people you want to work with.

You can avoid it by giving them tasks to do and check if they did. If they are not working just leave them aside and concentrate on those that really want to learn and do.

The other month I have distributed over 200 PSAs to many people in my downline - many of the PSAs being fresh that month. Did anybody even say "Thank you!"? No, nobody did. Did I feel they deserve my support? Sure not. But I will keep on building my team and do whatever I can to motivate them. I guess it is also a matter of manners that nowadays are not that much in use anymore.

You will get over the disappointment - just keep going and better and brighter days are around the corner.

Take care.


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Double joy... in Recognition #E365 #Rewardical

13 days ago

Hi Keshav,

I understand utterly what you are talking about. I had the exact same email today - the first time that I won so much in a Daily Crown drawing.

I always try to explain to my PSAs how rewarding it is to play the daily games and share winning emails in the Stream hoping they will win as well.



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Which option would you take?...... in VersaPoints #Rewardical #TCredits #VersaPoints

14 days ago

Hi Philip,

Both ways are a good option.

If you can use them to get enough VPs to get to EA I would choose to change them to VPs.

The other option is to change to TCredits where you can for example bid on ASTRO auctions and not only turn your auction tab to green but also win other great prizes - including VPs or even more Rewardicals.

I hope this helps to come to a decision.

To your success.


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Never Give Up in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

15 days ago

Dear Ray,

Thanks for sharing this story.

I have heard it several times and even though it is still motivating.

The quintessence of the story is not only to never give up but also that you are never too old to change your life. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach your dream. If you hold up your dream and go for it you will reach it. Just never lose the focus and keep pursuing your dream.

To everybody's success.


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A successful team in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

16 days ago

Hi Snezana,

Great point you have collected in your post.

It is very interesting that even everyone works for him-/herself in this business. Still, we can only reach greater heights when we build a team and truly become a team.

One point I would like to add:
Working together to reach a common goal. You mention objectives but I believe there should be a higher goal that defines all the objectives as lesser goals that are necessary to reach the higher goal.

Nevertheless, thanks for the food of thought.


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ASTRO Auctions - fine-tuning the amount of TCs for winning Prizes in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago

Hi Delmage,

Thank you for your tips. The one with using the scroll wheel has worked perfectly for me.

Thanks again.


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Tested Closing Methods - #2 of 10.-Give Them A Choice in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Gyanendra,

Here is the link to the post:

Tested Closing Methods - 1 of 10

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ASTRO Auctions - fine-tuning the amount of TCs for winning Prizes in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago


When being in the box

Choose how many of your TCredits you wish to receive Constellation Prizes on (min. 1)

(the second pop-up box) I am having a hard time to adjust the slider bar to the amount I would like to receive Constellation Prizes on. If, for example, I bid about 150 TCs or more and in case of not winning would only like to leave 10 TCs for being exchanged for Rewardicals or winning Prizes when adjusting the slider I get to 9 then to 11, then to 7, then to 12, then back to 9 or 8 but do not get to 10 which is kind of annoying.

My suggestion is to have to programmers add an up and down arrow (similar to those that exist on the right side of the slider when redeeming Rewardicals) so the amount can be fine-tuned one by one.

Thank you.


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Astro Auctions "Boarding" and "Fueling". in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

2 months ago

Hi Godawattaliyange,

Great question and Bing O. gave excellent answers.

I had some problems understanding how it works but found out by trial and error.

Thank you Bing O. for the detailed explanations that everybody should be able to understand.

Wish all of you a great Sunday and a lot of wins in the AAs.

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Congratulations ! Yoonus has qualified as EA in Recognition

5 months ago

Congratulations to Yoonus and Padmini.

Keep up the great work.

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

5 months ago

Thank you, Svend. That information is very helpful.

Have a great day,


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Congratulations BTL Sanchia Ackerman. in Recognition #PSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

5 months ago

Congratulations to you and Yoonus and keep up the great work.

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Can we have the Marketing Aids updated please? in Marketing #Marketing

5 months ago

Hi Cain,

we have marketing aids that contain the wording "... SFI, now in its XXth year...". As SFI is now in its 20th year of business the wording 19th in the marketing aids would be outdated. That's all.

Hope this makes sense.


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Payonee Mastercard not Funded in Compensation #Compensation

5 months ago

Hi Akpeli,

I am not familiar with when exactly the card would be funded on a monthly basis. If this is a lot later than usual you should contact support.

Have a great day.


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People from Germany here? in Western Europe #Getting Started #Team Building

6 months ago

Vielen Dank, Balsam. Das hatte ich auch noch nicht herausgefunden.