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Tiebreaker no.3 for Pick the Bid in Astro Auctions? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

1 day ago

Tiebreaker 3 is applied only when none of the participants has won the PTB.

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(FIFA NA) Zackpot in Southern Europe

3 days ago

Cestitke Blaga na uspesnom rezultatu, evo i mene malo da krene Uber..

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Active listening in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building #TripleClicks

5 days ago

Thanks to everyone who read my posts.
Still, I think my posts are not good because I'm probably not active enough and I've lost one of the most valuable badges. That's why permanent activity on the forum, as well as with the members done and good results. To keep your badges on each reader to keep them.
Best regards.

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Active listening in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building #TripleClicks

5 days ago

The picture "The reason we have two ears, and only one mouth is that we can listen and speak less", is an old Latin affair. How many of us really thought about this? We are listening to the full life, we learn by voice to recognize people, listening to words, forming opinions and attitudes. About 70% of your awake time is spent listening. Remember that listening involves not only that face-to-face, but all that we hear through the electronic media, staying in the office doing their job, waiting for the order ... Whatever people are talking about. An interesting fact is that listening to one of the rare things we did not learn (like speech, walking, etc.) so we have to devote ourselves to it through life. And there are more types of "listening":

Passive listening - in principle does not require much listening, more like "half an ear" we hear someone in the background of our thoughts talking about something while we are injected from time to time with some "aha" and "yes". We do not even try to persuade someone to listen to him even by talking with the body.

Pseudo listening - the body language spells our interlocutor to listen to it (we look it in his eyes, nodding his head ...) while in our minds we have a detailed plan of what we will do when we come home, watch movies or anything else ....

Selectable Listening - Of all that we hear on this occasion, we only remember what is interesting to us or we are in the interest of hearing it.

Literally listening - your best example for the difference between hearing and listening, we hear what we are talking about, but we do not include the other elements of communication in listening so we may not even understand what we are told.

Active listening - we fully follow the whole traffic flow. We listen carefully to what we are talking about, how is it said and what the body is talking about. In this way we get a complete picture that gives us the ability to respond in the best possible way.

To become a good listener, we must have a great desire to understand other people. Listening requires effort and attention. In order to listen, we must briefly suppress our position, gaining the understanding of someone else. But in return, this understanding has a desire to come back to us because people are beginning to understand. No one has ever been taught, at least not when it comes to listening, so it's never too late to learn. The following few tips will help you to move in the right direction:

You decide that you want to listen

Take your full attention to the conversation

Turn on the conversation, but do not go into the word

Hold on the topics and devote yourself to the contact person

Presence is important, but control your emotions and attitudes

Paraphrasing and Capturing

All in all, in everyday life, bad listening is more frequent than an exception. Sometimes we listen to other people badly and we rarely see that, but we often notice that another person does not listen to us. But if we want to make a difference, one has to go from some ... And it's always best to go out of our minds.

So in SFI business we can apply a lot of talking, conversation in the way I wrote.

 Go ahead!

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What is BitCoin (BTC) and how does it "earn"? in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Rewardical #Team Building

6 days ago

Profitably, and in short, BTC is a cryptographic "currency", which is not recognized by any country, beyond which there is no institution or individual. It is a program that is constantly being run on the Internet, supported by thousands of computers that process BTC transactions between users. Also, this is the amount that is in your digital "wallet" (which you hold on your phone, on a hard disk of a computer, or on a USB drive, or in a "trusty" on the Internet).

BTC can steal (not easy, but can), and once lost (due to, hardware failure), it always disappears from the system.

"Mining" is the basic function of BTC, which is both currency and payment method. Each transaction is the subject of every one in the network who has included their computers in the calculation of complicated problems, with a common goal of securing transaction security (as well as their anonymity and irrevocability). The reward will receive the appropriate "newly created" BTC (which would be "primary emission" in economic terminology).

Due to the frequent and drastic changes in the value of this currency, which go up to 10 percent a day, many go into standard stock market speculations - sell more expensive, buy cheaper. Of course, as in any currency stock exchange, some of these transactions get, and some lose.

Something more extensive text on this topic has been done by, so I recommend you read it.

Why is Bitcoin so popular?
Everyone will, of course, see what suits him:

Deflator Currency - There is a clearly defined final (total) number of BTCs (21,000,000). This means that no "authority" can emerge that would start printing money arbitrarily, asking us to believe that the more and more of the money you spend has the same value.
In relation to the previous, the lack of central authority to whom we should believe, but who have been so many times released (from Vojvodina inflation, through inflation in the then Yugoslavia of the nineties of the last century to the worst of all, LIBOR scandals). Everything is defined in the original algorithm and no one can change the algorithm.
Anonymity of the transaction, so this really is a real digital cash equivalent, with all the good and bad sides of it.
Transaction security, relative transparency of the whole process, or inability to use multiple BTCs
Peer-to-peer Technology - There is no point (IT bank or card processor) that can cancel, while tens of thousands of computers work around the world at the same time.

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Denmaster in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

6 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Step-It-Up September Contest! Win 13,000 CSAs! in SFI News #Contests #CSA #Team Building

8 days ago

Post a bigger status and look at your sane star, maybe we'll be the lucky winners!

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AA is full of unbelievable surprises!!! in Miscellaneous #Astro Auctions

8 days ago

The gains on AA are different. If there are about 15,000 RTs in the auction, 1-2 will receive around 1000 RT, a few at 100,200, 500 RT, 20-50 participants of AA 10 or more VPs ... The remaining 15,000 RTs will benefit from PTB, VIP, Rocket Box, maybe Supernova and of course the basic awards. Happily and get high prizes!

5 Matches for Zackjack/Grandmaster Poker
5 Moves for Grandmaster Poker
12 Rewardicals

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WHAT IS MARKETING ON SOCIAL NETWORKS? in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

8 days ago

Social Media Marketing (PIM) is a type of digital marketing that is closely specialized for social networks where your potential customers or customers (eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+) are located. The goal of marketing on social networks is to create textual and visual content that encourages users to action, and eventually change behavior.

branding on all channels
keeping the user's attention
increased number of followers
activity and user / companion comments
change in behavior (eg buying)
positive assessments
increased site attendance
a good position on the search engine
measuring results and reporting
increased customer satisfaction index (CSI)
return on investment (ROI)
As your potential customers would not be surprised that you do not have a profile on Facebook or LinkedIn, contact us to work together to create an effective campaign for your own merits and to design good solutions that are unique to your brand.

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Pick the bid in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

8 days ago

More on the Forum is getting more knowledge ... we all work to help each other of course. I want everybody to succeed, because more work with the members .. thank you!

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Pick the bid in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

9 days ago

I would like everybody to read the Astro Auction Rules so that they do not come into the situation to think why you have not won an auction or PTB. Read the RULES rules, the forum is on dozens of posts ..... you will definitely get all the answers here but I would send sponsorships and uplines of more posts and mails to your members so that everyone can get into the rhythm of the Astro auction ... a lot of success to everyone I want to..
Best regards

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Pick the bid in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

9 days ago

In auctions for TCredits with 1 Tcredits it is almost impossible to win in PTB because most players put 2 or more Tcredits, so the PTB advice is the second type of auction, but also the second ranked is generally won because it puts a 1 higher entry than its bid ... advice For a PTB to play a minimum of 2 Tcredits with a constellation if you want a PTB, certainly there is a Tcredits number. I won about 67 PTBs, but lost about 70 Tiebreakers.

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Going EA is valuable and Important. in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

9 days ago

Bravo George, so do the leaders!

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LEARNING TEACHINGS in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

10 days ago

The ability to learn is something that is exercised and acquired in time. Unfortunately, some people learn and think the same way throughout their lives and never use their full potential. Science has proven that everyone can learn and remember whatever he wants, with small secret learning techniques.

You learn on mistakes

Perfection does not exist, and the whole point of learning is to try, mistake, and learn in that lesson where you have made a mistake. In a 2014 study on motor learning, it has been found that there is a special place for errors in the brain. Later, we can remember these mistakes and in this way we will be better next time. If parents teach children that they should not be mistaken or criticized when they miss, children lose the valuable knowledge that they could gain.

Optimism = success

Stressing about a possible failure leads to mental blocking, suspicion of self and anxiety, and all this is completely unproductive when it comes to learning. The researchers of positive psychology believe that we will be more successful in everything we do only if we approach the open mind and see the place for progress. Learning should be understood as a research, to persevere in it and when we encounter difficulties.

Fun topics remain in memory for a long time

What usually has to become boring and dull, so it is not uncommon for kids at school to completely forget that learning can be fun. Of course, it's interesting that we can remember from a word to word a favorite series, while the last lesson we prepared for answering completely disappeared from memory within two days. It's easier for some people to remember things if they visualize them, because they make them unique in their brains, and thus easy to remember, so scientists recommend that we do not forget to add entertainment to every learning.

Practice, practice, exercise

Well-developed work habits have a strong impact on the brain. In a 2004 study, it was found that more gray matter was generated by juggling in the brain. As soon as people stop juggling, the gray mass disappears. The point is not really in juggling itself, but in repetition. Neurologists call this process "pruning", that is, remembering things that we repeat over and over again. So - exercise to perfection!

Use what you know to learn what you do not know

If you have a problem with a particular topic and you can not remember certain facts, you need to find the connection to what you have already learned. This is called associative learning. For example, if a student has problems with mathematics, and is understood in football, he needs to find similarities between these two concepts and thus facilitate learning.

Side help is not a bad thing

Although the independent approach to the solution is of key importance for discipline, on the other hand, if we spend too much time searching for a solution, we can only deflect ourselves. So, if we know something, then we know, but if we do not, it's not a waste to ask Gul for the solution.

By teaching others, you also teach

When you know something you know by your words, not only do you show that you have mastered the topic, but also so much better learn and understand this material yourself. When you have learned less information learned to help someone learn more easily, then you yourself become experts on the subject. Therefore, some studies claim that older siblings are smarter than the younger ones, as they usually transmit knowledge and learn first.

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The importance of Skype in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

10 days ago

Exchange current text messages.
Free video calls to other Skype users, anywhere in the world, where there is the internet.
Video conferencing up to 10 subscribers.
Group calls. Communicate with voice communication with multiple people at once (up to 25 voice subscribers).
Send files, photos and videos of any size via Skype - just drag the file to the Skype chat window.
Demonstration of the screen. You can display your monitor to the person you are talking to.
Skype Translator. Built-in translator for voice, video and instant messaging.

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How to Make a Good Webinar? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

10 days ago

Anyone present today on the Internet is definitely faced with the term Webinar. What is a webinar and what it serves, and how it can contribute to your online business and marketing, we will try to introduce you to this article.
Let's go from the definition of Webinars themselves. The word Webinar itself is derived from the word Seminar, which is an online form based exclusively on the presentation via the Internet. The webinar is usually pre-recorded, that is, prepared and systematized material that is then distributed to a particular target group, with the aim of informing participants with certain problems, information, lectures or presentation of a particular product or service. It can also be in live form, where participants can organize a discussion about certain issues that the author of Webinara has dealt with, or the topic he presented, in the form of interaction with Webinars.

What does the Webinar look like?
Webinar can be in the form of an online presentation, demonstration of skills, instructor exercises, or just a conversion character. Within the webinar, certain audio videos, documents, the screen itself or some other available materials can be shared with participants in video or sound form. The most common form is where the material is pre-recorded and prepared, and participants are invited through certain online forms, ads or calls to apply for participation in the Webinar. The exact date and time of the Webinar start is determined. Participants are most often logging within a particular system in a single panel through which they can monitor the Webinar.

How can Webinars help your business?
Let's take for example that you need to train multiple candidates for a specific purpose, and that participants in other cities, or even countries, and it is very difficult to organize live training. In doing so, you want to recruit your commercialists who will be able to offer your services in these cities or countries. The best way is just to create a webinar through which you will be able to systematize, process and record carefully all your knowledge, and upload them in the video form. Then it's enough to call candidates and present them to them via Webinars. You have completed the same job that you would normally have to do live. At the same time, you have saved your time, but also the money that you have to allocate for organizing seminars, renting space for that purpose, serving, etc.

If you do not have the conditions to record and upload your lecture somewhere, you can always organize an online conference call via Skype, which is excellent for this purpose with the help of a webcam only. In a single communication, a large number of people can attend the same Webinar, who can ask questions at the end, and you can immediately answer them and provide them with all the answers regarding the topic or the presented material.

There are also many online platforms that offer their services to maintain Webinars. Among the most famous are certainly: AnyMeeting, GoToMeeting, or Join me

How to Make a Good Webinar?
As for the online presentation, the visual appearance itself is crucial.
First and foremost, you need to decide whether you want a webinar speaker to be you, or someone who would represent you, or a professional speaker in the case of pre-recorded material. It is very important that the person who maintains the Webinar is eloquent, patient, not fast, able to keep the attention, has a good dictation and knows how to best present a certain material. Then it's important to prepare well, have a good camera, check the microphone if it's a live presentation, and make sure you have a good internet connection. Also, look at choosing a corner where there will be no noise, as well as point to clean the desktop in front of you, but also behind you, in order to create a smarter atmosphere for those who are watching you.

Systematization of materials
Keep in mind how to best systematize the material you are planning to present. All material must be in digital form. If you want to present documents, make sure to create screenshots of these documents, or make them in the form of Google docs that you will be able to share through a link with Webinars participants during the presentation. Forget prints, unless they are scanned because they will not see what you want to display. The material must be clear, clean, and concise.

Exposure dynamics
In order to keep the attention of the participants, consider that the very forms of exposure are as diverse as possible. With participants you can share your screen, send them links and documents, display different charts and video clips, and it's important to practice everything before the show and prepare your presentation in advance.

Duration of Webinars
Of course, too long a presentation is not recommended. The webinar is not a place for too long and too extensive exposure because people are tired of it, and they quickly lose concentration. We advise you to distribute all material on certain topics, which you will then be able to divide into several shorter Webinars.

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Computer literacy in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Getting Started #Team Building

10 days ago

There is hardly any work today that does not require computer literacy. If your computers and IT are not a profession, you need to know that you are working and working in basic word processing and table programs.

The most common programs that you need to know and use are word processing programs (Word, Notepad), programs for working with tables (such as Excel, Access), programs for making different presentations (Powerpoint or the like), programs for image processing, etc.

Computer literacy is hard to imagine without the ability to use the Internet. The Internet is an important source of a wide variety of information, and therefore the skills of searching and navigating the Internet are becoming more and more important. Searching the Internet means at the same time the ability to analyze and speed the identification of information in the sea available and identify those that can really be helpful to us.

Computer literacy also implies the ability to use information technology to communicate (e-mail client), and for some tasks and ability to use social networks.
So in the SFI business. Computer literacy is very important and with it the training of work becomes easy and the way SFI works.

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Astro Auction VIP in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

11 days ago

Dashboard shows the number of auctions in the last 30 days, as well as the total number of played AAs

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The path to success in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

11 days ago

Here are some concepts and techniques that can help you reach your goals as quickly as possible:

1. Circle yourself with Master Ways

To really be successful, you need to surround yourself with Master Minds. What is Master Um? It is "the coordination of knowledge and effort in the spirit of harmony, between two or more people, to achieve a common, clearly defined goal."
You can also create personal and economic benefits by encircling people with specialized knowledge in your chosen field. The group is necessary to provide advice and encouragement. Your group can consist of 5 or 50 people; Quantity is not as important as quality. In my personal experience, the Master Mind should characterize unconditional trust, complete faith in the chosen vision, and never go into group thinking, that is, thinking herds. If you surround yourself with people of trust who tell you the truth and are committed to providing you with support in good and evil, you are destined to succeed. The one you choose to cooperate, speaks a lot about you as a person.

2. Visualize what you want to achieve and you will achieve it

"Your vision of where and what you want to be is the most important power you have. Without a clear goal, it is difficult to achieve success. "-Paul Arden, It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be

How can you achieve your goals if you are not sure what your goals are? One of the biggest obstacles to success is the lack of a clearly defined purpose in life. The easiest way to start this process is to create a list of goals and achievements. This sounds like an unseen cliché, but it works! Always insert the date into the list; It is important that you have a reference point when looking back. I make lists almost every day. Some of the items are minor, such as "Go to hairdresser." And "Scan photos for a new website," but there is a notion of rewarding in meeting all these little goals. It's okay if you fail to achieve everything you have planned; Review your list once a week, passing the old stuff into the next days, until everything is over.

In addition to the daily tasks list, you also have a list of great tasks that will have the things that you want to achieve in your life. What is it that will make you happy?

If money is what you want:

Write down how much you want your money to have, the date you will have it, and what you are willing to do to earn it. All of this is very important, because when you have a specific goal, your mind has a way to turn the goals into reality.

If a particular career is what you want:

Go home and review what you want. This article is full of useful tips that will allow you to develop your goals into a subtle masterpiece!
Start researching schools that are specialized in the professional field you have chosen
Find people (in real life or on the Internet) who do what you want to do and seek advice from them - there is a great chance that your interest in what they are going to flatter, and that they will give you several tips and information for which they It took a year to learn!
Search Google or Craigslist for volunteer work in your chosen field. Even if you need to save your daily work and / or you do not have time to go to school, companies will sometimes be willing to take a small risk if you show that you have the potential.
Also, there's nothing wrong with pasting a list of targets to a place where you'll see it every day. Perhaps next to the mirror or next to the bed? Positive reinforcement (increased chance of a certain behavior thanks to a post-behavioral support) can do miracles! When I survived the tough times 7-8 years ago, re-reading my goal list convinced me the way I want to go in my life and helped me stay faithful to the goals set.
If you're still not sure what your purpose is in life, here are some articles that you must read:

How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes from Steve Pavlin
I Do not Know What To Do With My Life! from Gala Darling
Finding Your Life Purpose Is Not Easy From Success From the Nest
3. Hard work and determination are always paid in the long run

Once you have determined what your purpose is in life, separate each day a bit of time to focus on it. The advancement of worms is better than not progressing at all! Sometimes you may have only ten minutes to work to achieve your goal. Instead of discouraging your lack of time, get the maximum out of it. When you turn yourself behind in a year and summarize what you did, you will see that you have made significant progress.

If you are an artist, set yourself the goal of creating a new series each year. If you are a writer, write at least one book annually; Write one chapter a month and do it for 12 months; and in a year you will have a complete project completed!

4. Discard fear and doubt in yourself

If you want to be indescribably successful, your mind, body and soul must be ready to receive it all.

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Where do i sell TC products successfuly? in Marketing #Compensation #Marketing #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Go through the google see where the most products are advertised ... so you will get the best options for triplclicks

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scoreboard in Miscellaneous #CSA #Getting Started #VersaPoints

11 days ago

Highlighting VP during the day, impressive %, good!

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What makes it all work ethics in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

11 days ago

You need the services of a company that you call on a recommendation and ask for a conversation with a person who can meet you. That person appears, you explain to her what you need. Then she says she will send you an offer tomorrow, but tomorrow's day is over and there are no offers. There is no tomorrow, the day after. You call the company again, nobody answers. After five days, the offer is available, all the scams and nothing, unsuitable for what you need. Generic, spandread offer.

Will you still want to work with this company? Will the behavior of the person with whom you communicate send you a message to communicate with professionals? Will you recommend them to your friends? Of course not.

Managers and directors pay attention to how the company works to people who are watching from the outside, where working ethics is what you and how you see both inside and out. If we know this, as well as the fact that people are happy to give recommendations to each other on where they were satisfied with the service provided, which is also true for negative cases, then it is clear why dealing with this topic is important.

Work ethics is a term that signifies a set of adopted norms by a single worker, on what values ​​will be nurtured in doing business and communication (both with one another and one with customers). Work ethics involves several values, which are:

Are you and how much professional looking at the small things: from the way of dressing, through presenting yourself in the world of business, to the way you treat others. Professionalism is a fairly broad concept, and in fact refers to creating an impression of confidence in your skills, that is, what your firm promises to deliver to customers.
Respect and appreciation. Even under pressure, it is not advisable to forget how to treat others. Diplomacy and patience are especially important in times of crisis, when it is easiest to commit mistakes that can later come to collection. Therefore, regardless of whether it is customer service, meeting with a business partner or team, be sure to hear and appreciate any opinion. In this way, people will know that you respect and respect them, what are important things in the professional world, and what you are most surely expecting from the people you work with.
One of the important features of working ethics is the ability for people to rely on you, because they know that you will deliver what you have promised, no matter how tight the deadlines or budgets are. It takes time to build this kind of relationship with customers and associates; it's a process, not a one-time intervention. So be careful about what you promise, so as not to jeopardize your reputation that you are someone whom you can rely on (which fully applies to your brand or company).
Dedication. If you are not satisfied with the half-ways and try to do something you do exactly as foreseen, then all the opportunities are to cultivate commitment as part of your work ethic. Paying attention to the details is also a commitment, but beware of its extreme - perfectionism. There is a difference between dedication and perfectionism; In case you break through the deadlines and have problems because you are not calm until everything is perfect, then you may be dealing with perfectionism.
Decisiveness. This value refers to not allowing obstacles to stop you in the intent to do what you have intended. A good work ethic implies your willingness to solve the problems of others (their customers, or clients), and giving up the smallest sign of the problem will not take you away. In addition, the ways in which their needs can be met can change over time, so it is important to keep up with what is happening in their lives, as well as with your suggestions on how to help them meet their needs (which maybe today are not the same as they were yesterday).
One of the major dangers for work ethic is reliance on collective responsibility. Of course, it's important when it comes to your team, but it's also an excellent cover to hide the one who is really responsible. Therefore, responsibility, in the context of work ethics, implies taking over personal responsibility for what we participated in, when we are responsible for the outcome. All the situations in which taking responsibility is shown to be harmful to you are in fact important lessons that you can only use in the future. Take care of similar responsibilities in your team.
Sincerity. This value refers to a positive and friendly attitude towards people, which means that you openly announce their contribution and what you need and important in the team. Also, cordiality in relation to customers is certainly the best way to communicate with them, because in this way you send a message of openness and comfort. And we all rather communicate with someone who is accessible and kind, is not it?
And now, when do we know what constitutes a work ethic, that person works professionally from the beginning of the text? Does it work reliably and responsibly? Are you right now, based on it