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Clarence W.

United States

E365 Runner Up
Posts: 238 | Followers: 103 | Joined SFI: Mar 2, 2016

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Benefit Transfers - Is It Possible? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Rewardical #TCredits

1 day ago

Hello Joseph, Welcome to SFI.
Helpful 'Hints'.
Launchpad, SFI's 30 days training module
Your Sponsor/co-sponsor
1500 VersaPoints to become an Executive Affiliate, where all the good things begin
to happen.
Joseph, check 'em out, have some fun while doing so, go for it. All the best.
Clarence W

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Icebreaker Scheduled Chat in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi Robert,
Our Icebreaker tool is a wonderful tool and is important if used as intended by.
On about three occasions, new affiliates made a schedule and failed on keeping their appointment.
Do not blame global time, (time zone) for I think our admin took care of that.
We need our applicants (new affiliates), we are here due to them.
Therefore we need more than usual, some patience.
Robert, have a nice SFI day while enjoying 2018 .

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New TripleClicks Layout in Miscellaneous #Sales #TripleClicks

3 days ago

Hi Kelly,
Yes from great minds come great things, Bravo to every one at SFI!

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Cerdified SFI Teachers? :) in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

3 days ago

Hey Pamela,
Cool suggestion, tell me what will become of our Launchpad?
I don't have an apple for my teacher, Launchpad requires only my
ability to learn.
Good thought, take care.

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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing... in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

Hi Tommie,
From you always can be great words of advise and encouragement.
Thank you and also to Orsine E.
2018 is going to be a good one, good luck my friends.

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Do not reply to this email in Suggestion Box #Getting Started

4 days ago

About two years ago, there was a lengthy discussion on this subject, I am politely asking that we re visit it since there seem to be no change in the way mail sent out on our behalf under genealogy.
May I suggest the following change:
Replace 'Do not reply to this email'
With : .you may reply to sender of this mail (name with e-mail address) thus avoiding SFI Server.
Do not reply to this email is a bold and strong statement before the eyes of any new comer.
Let's try to encourage our new prospects and not allowing any chance for doubts and confusion.
We need them, they are our 'future'.
Yes, SFI is a fun place to be, welcome one, welcome all!
Thank you for you time.

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Unstoppable contest in Miscellaneous

5 days ago

Hello Prakash,
Unstoppable is on 'hold' until further notice.
Have a nice day

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Guaranteed Win Auctions! in Sales #CSA #Sales #TCredits

7 days ago

Hi Lilia,
How are you today?
Observe, the explanations given by Hartense is correct.
Make 2018 the year you made a bid on TC Penny Auction and won.
Happy 2018 with lots of luck.

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Team building is interesting... in Team Building #Team Building

7 days ago

Hi Allison,
How is our cold season treating you?
Allison, your thread do speak for me.
In SFI are fellow affiliates who
are willing to give help by trying to point us in the direction of success.
Alike you and maybe others, I keep trying.
Knowing that there is a limit for each of us,
I try to keep mine as far as possible from me because my need to succeed is great.
I thank you for airing your thread and all our fellow affiliates for their time, understanding along with their helpful suggestions

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Success is neither Magical nor Mysterious. Success is the... in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

10 days ago

Hi Tommie,
Promise, I'm trying to 'duplicate' your doings. Thank you.
A Happy 2018 to you and I look forward to learning about you achieving GTL.
Good luck my friend.

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Some tips for Launching your SFI business at no-cost resources? in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Marketing #TripleClicks

10 days ago

Hi Serto,
Happy New Year to you.
Great article, a must carefully read and act accordingly.
Thank you, wish you well

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If I remain an affiliate without advancing will I still earn in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

10 days ago

Hi Nkechi,
Good question.
From where I stand, I will say yes you can providing certain rules are activated.
The team you build will be selling where by you earn commission.
Good luck and have a prosperous 2018.

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My New year plans as a Team leader and Localvantia store owner. in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Rewardical

11 days ago

Hi Maree,
You are awesome, more congrats for you.
A great affiliate to follow is 'Maree W'

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Really want to achieve the task ahead in 2018 and to spend time working with SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started

11 days ago

Hi Daniell,
Congrats for making your first month with SFI and no doubt looking to have that EA along side your name.
Check your Launchpad for the 'Plan' and success will be yours.
Best of luck.

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Weird message in Miscellaneous

14 days ago

Hi Allison,
Be very careful how you handle (Mrs. Sandra Homth's) mail. Do not open.
Happy 2018 to you and yours.

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2018 message from Gery in SFI News #Eager Zebra #Localvantia #Rewardical

14 days ago

Happy New Year to you Gery and loved ones, to your staff and all my fellow SFI Affiliates.
Peace, love with success.

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A Little Help If You Please in Miscellaneous #Eager Zebra

15 days ago

Hi Keith,
Great question, I will not be surprised if by asking this question, lots of
fellow affiliates find the help they are seeking, thank you.

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Builders Bundle: MRP or Rewardicals? in Sales #TripleClicks

15 days ago

Dear Aina,
Yes this is the year for Rewardical,
GO REWARDICAL, it's the only way to go.
Happy 2018 to you and your loved ones as we build something big and great
As always

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How about an advertising starter pack? in Suggestion Box #Auto-Delivery #Marketing #Team Building

16 days ago

Hi Chris,
I do understand the point you are making and would like to add that NMP
should be made available later in the first month, this may be helpful to those of us who are falling short of 1500VP,
qualifying as an EA . Also, on joining SFI I was reluctant in spending any money not knowing how true SFI is to it's commitment, thus the first ten days went by, where was my sponsor? ( some are not as active and available as required, my luck) In this way we may cause a reduction in our drop out rate.
This is only a thought, room for improvement by constructive input.
A Happy New Year to all, especially Gery and his support team

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How can I build my own team and become leader? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

16 days ago

Hi Sanusi,
Welcome to SFI,
You are about one month SFI old, log on each day, follow advice
given by all responders of this post and also that of your sponsor.
Climb the ladder of success, first become an EA and success is within your grasp.
It is that easy, good luck with a wonderful 2018

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Have you signed up for Opti-Build? - I have sent 200+ PSA's To.. in Team Building

18 days ago

Hi Tommie,
As usual good instruction,
'Thank you'
Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas followed
by best wishes to you for the coming year .

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Team activation in Team Building #CSA #Team Building

19 days ago

Hi Sisko,
Welcome to SFI, we are glad to have you among us.
With less than one week you show great promise, this is what
has helped to make SFI strong with a future, stay with us and we will be strongest.
Good job Sisko, keep doing what you are doing

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Unclaimed Commission in Compensation

20 days ago

Hi Enrico,
Congrats on achieving some commission within a few short months as an affiliate, good job.
Dig this. Your $0.74 is on a shelf above, your question is ' how do I get it?'
Answer, move to the next higher level, in your case 'Executive Affiliate'
Reminder: 1500 VPs are your target before 12/31.
Get with and work with your sponsor and become an EA.
I wish you well

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To the best friends in the world! in Recognition

24 days ago

Hi Mirjana,
You have expressed my feelings towards Gery Carson and his wonderful team,
also to you and all our gifted, educated and knowledgeable SFI affiliates. Good job.
Yes, I love you guys and take this opportunity to wish a joyous Christmas, to all, enjoy.