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Dennis S.

United States

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SFI Team Building in United States #Auto-Delivery #PSA #Team Building

22 days ago

I have also recently returned to utilizing S Builder. I created a coop and use the S Builder to help my most active PSAs in building our team.

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Trouble with Team building in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

4 months ago

That is a perplexing question for us all. We need to remember that team building is a two way street. Many people who sign up fall into the "tire kicker" category, not really interested just created an account in case it was easy.
That advice that SFI give to "work with the workers" is great and hope the the others decide to take a closer look at the SFI opportunity. But, you can't fret the tire kickers as you have no control over the effort they decide to expend.

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Lifetime Custom Domains in Sales #Astro Auctions #Marketing #Pricebenders

4 months ago

The custom domain names are a great way to create a link with a catchy title or at least catchy to us. Very often you can win them at auction for reduced cost.

But with the new Astro Auctions and decreased emphasis on PriceBenders auctions, I wonder if it is time for a change. Would it be helpful or harmful for SFI to change the auction link available on the Prestige Domain names from the PriceBenders link to the new Astro Auctions link?

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Rewardicals for Downline in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

5 months ago

That is an excellent suggestion. I am not aware of any direct way currently to do that and sure SFI has their hands full with all the new changes but something to consider for them.

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What Are the Techniques Used To Become One Of The Top Enrollers? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

5 months ago

The few times I earned top Enroller was because of paid PSA recruitment. My advertising has very scattered results.

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I wonder How Many members(*use) are inspired by this ? in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Team Building

6 months ago

I cannot remember the last time I looked at that feature available. It is good that you remind of us of a tool offered by SFI, I tend to get into a routine and need a little reminder occasionally to explore all the available information SFI.

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Place a demo video at SFI's homepage/Login. in Suggestion Box #Getting Started

6 months ago

I do agree that many of us prefer to watch a video instead of reading. I have no video skills so I don't have any clue of what resources that would require of SFI to keep it current. Definitely a great suggestion you made worthy of consideration by SFI.

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It is the right time to revamp your SFI Business in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

7 months ago

Good summary of the change in SFI and links to get detailed information. I am going to send this Forum link out in my team newsletter. Thanks for summarization!

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sponsor who are not interested any more in sfi in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #Marketing #Sponsor

7 months ago

It is best when you have a sponsor that is motivated and encouraging. Good thing is that eventually SFI has in place a program you will roll up to an upline member as your sponsor if they are disengaged.
Just as we can't provide the motivation for our down line to become workers we can't do it for our sponsor either just work on ourselves and stay on track as best we can.

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how to rèqualify for my EA before the end of month? in Miscellaneous

7 months ago

In the new changes at least your VPs will accumulate so if you don't make EA they will help in the next month. If you make some sales to PRMs then you can earn the VP from sales. Check out your Rewardicals and see if you can redeem them for enough VPs needed. Auto-delivery is a great way to ensure you reach EA each month.
Good luck.

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Payoneer master card in Miscellaneous

7 months ago

The Payoneer card is available through other means and many Affilates who already have one simply connect it to their account. Several options are available including using other cards that you might already have to pay. This one is a matter of ease for payment in case the other pay options are not available for someone to utilize.

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TC Top seller in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

7 months ago

Ahmed, check out the badges tab. There is a TC Top100 badge. I do know know if there is a listing showing everybody's rank as far a s sales. You might try the search feature at both SFI and Tripleclicks. Hope you get the badge if you don't already have it.

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Useless Information in Miscellaneous #PSA

7 months ago

That is humerous, good work on your part tracking down the translation! Hard to beat the need for useless information as you never know when it becomes useful.

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My Biz Quiz "Ghost" Dead and Buried! in Recognition #Contests #Rewardical

7 months ago

Humorous post to put the ghost away! Congratulations on the win, always nice to find you received Rewardicals. Biz quiz is a fun way to stay updated about various components of SFI and Tripleclicks.

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I want delete my Auto delivery..125tcredits in Miscellaneous

8 months ago

You can mange your auto delivery on the Tripleclicks website. Simply find the link for the member center on the website for Tripleclicks. It will be near the top. Once there you find several options including managing your Auto Delivery and you will be able to delete it.

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Before I send it in Team Building #CSA #Leadership #PSA

8 months ago

Very well written and constructed. I hope it generates at least one positive response from your PSAs. Unfortunate how many pass on the opportunity and the number of new recruits we must go through to find one that will stick it and make it work.
It definitely takes time, patience and work. Let us know how your response is from your team.

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which product is better for EA status in Getting Started #TripleClicks

8 months ago

Another option is to check out Rewardical stores and see if some of those are in your country and sell items that you normally use. After earning the Rewardicals you can redeem them for VPs.
Tcredits are always a good choice. These can be utilized later for products or other activities so you don't have to rush to buy a product just for the VPs.

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How to do marketing in efficient way in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

8 months ago

I think marketing is a learning experience by trial and error. One thing is interaction on various social media is to discover how to create a conversation with others which I am still trying to learn. Many groups have members more focused on talking than listening so if we listen we might find people who have a need or interest in our products or business.
Once the dialogue is about them and you discover there is an interest on their part' sharing of of links and information might be more fruitful. I am very much still learning so just a thought.

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Newbie needs help in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Contests #TCredits

8 months ago

Sometimes the reading makes more sense after trying a few things they suggest and then reading it a second or third time. I would suggest going to the marketing tab and review what is there. SFI suggests several ways to begin marketing, review what they offer and then pick one. Give it some time and then review Launchpad and how your progress is going and make adjustments as you go.
Good luck.

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Is it worth? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #VersaPoints

8 months ago

Good post reminding us we must each take responsibility for our business if we are.tl.succeed. good to have an uplome.to.seek.mentoring but they cannot be responsible for your success

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Personal experience for five years here in Inspiration/Testimonials

8 months ago

Great posts, very motivational. I hope I can achieve even a fraction of the success you have created when I reach five years.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Business Is Like A Marriage in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership

8 months ago

Congratulations on your 44th anniversary! Quite a testament to both you and your wife to weather life's peaks and valleys together.
You certainly provided a great overview of the need for commitment in both personal and business lives. No success without work and willingness to stick it out.
Hope your next 44 years are great ones as well!

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Zing network rewardical signups in Suggestion Box #Localvantia #Rewardical

8 months ago

I have not seen an update about the Zing members either. Sure that it will be forthcoming very soon. There have been many big changes in the last month and I am sure that SFI is still making improvements.

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Connection to SFI Timed out in Miscellaneous

9 months ago

I am still a technology newbie but I would guess it was just a temporary issue. It probably had more to do with Internet service than with SFI.
I am sure others with technical skills can explain what the issue was and the resolution. Glad your service has been restored.

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

9 months ago

I agree with you. Great new program and offers a benefit to every new enrollee. Hopefully, getting a quick start will inspire more to learn and become active in SFI.

Very exciting from the sweepstakes. Everybody wins here.