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Suggestion about customer's choice of selection in Suggestion Box #Marketing #PSA #TripleClicks

6 hours ago

You can find tutorials on setting up a free blog on YouTube.

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Help me concerning an introduction of myself about SFI in Miscellaneous

6 hours ago

If you have a Lifetime Prestige Domain you can give it a different name and it links back to your gateway.

ex. Emems.homebusinessr.com linking to your gateway with KeyCode xxx

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I Am A Salesman in Marketing #Marketing

6 hours ago

I believe Bruce was showing the importance of salesmen in any country. Every country has had inventors who relied on salesmen to promote and sell their products.

With SFI we all have the same opportunity. If you believe there's a bigger market in the US, then sell to the US.

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I'm Your Customer Who Never Comes Back!!! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing

7 hours ago

If you say to the rude clerk "Sorry, have I done something to offend you or are you just having a bad day?" They will usually say - "I'm sorry, I'm having a bad day" and will change their tone.

We must remember, we have no idea what is going on in another person's life, be kind.

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Suggestion for a small tweak to Brain Sprint in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra

1 day ago

I think time elapsed would be a benefit.

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i cant continue like this in Getting Started

2 days ago

When someone comes out of the starting gate asking for money, it puts up a red flag. It comes across that you are not serious about your business. I've had affiliates ask when I am going to send a present after I sent a Birthday Greeting e-card. I told him I didn't finish knitting it yet. I issued a gift certificate to another who needed to reach rank and he bought mosquito netting, another wanted me to bring him to Canada to be my house boy.

Can you see why some sponsors ignore or block this type of request. You don't need a sponsor. You are a business owner and it is your responsibility to grow your own business.

I have never blocked any of these because they dropped the issue but if it had kept up, I'm sure that would be one alternative to keep from being badgered for money.

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I'm Posting Free Ads Daily To Find My Future... Diamonds! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi Yakubu:

Type in the Google search bar "list of traffic exchanges" Before you start using traffic exchanges, you should set up a g-mail account just for this purpose because you are going to get many e-mails. You look at the e-mail and you will see "click here to earn credits." You must join the traffic exchanges. Read up on how they work. Try for those that offer a lot of credits for joining - they usually have a promo code to enter.

Do the same for Safe lists & Viral Mailers.

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Why excluding some countries from participating in SFI ? in Ask Gery

3 days ago

Sudan is listed under Country in our genealogy. Is there a difference between Sudan and South Sudan? Here is a list of leaders from South Sudan www.sfimg.com/Leaders/Country?country=SS

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New badge for E365 Drawing Day in Getting Started #Contests #E365

3 days ago

Vladimir: Close your eyes and picture yourself here in 5-10 years and being a Badge Quest Grand Master. or Grand Master Elite You have many badges that you have earned over your 5-10 years. You are a proud man.

Picture a new affiliate miffed because you have all those badges you earned over the years and keeps coming up with suggestions for new badges so he/she can be on the same level with you but not taking 5-10 years but wanting them immediately.

What would your views be?

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why not introduce rented refferals? in Suggestion Box #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

3 days ago

Any suggestion is welcome in the Suggestion Box Aremu and everyone is entitled to an opinion. Wait and see what SFI Corporate have to say about your suggestion. I don't believe anyone here meant to "crucify" you. It may be a brilliant suggestion or there may be 100 reasons why it wouldn't work here at SFI.

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In Spite Of Our Immortality, Take Heed! in Marketing #Marketing

3 days ago

If you don't plan your day, it's like taking a road trip without a map. Everyday you should make a list of things to accomplish that day (even if it is clean the toilet). Check each thing off and see how fulfilled you feel at the end of the day. "I accomplished something." Otherwise you go to bed at night with a feeling of regret saying "what have I done today?" with no good answer.

Time is precious - use it wisely.

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Hit The Ground Running Your $uccess Path!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

3 days ago

Great post Bruce. Jump in with blind faith. You'll find your way.

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Just my thoughts on retention of PSA in Compensation #Compensation

5 days ago

For anyone dealing with traffic exchanges, safe lists, viral mailers look at the thousands of opportunities out there for people to join. They register to have a look around. Usually these sites have large numbers but are they active and accomplishing anything?

I'm always amazed at the numbers of people who join SFI on a daily basis with so many other options out there.

How many traffic exchanges, etc. have you joined and then abandoned. You may get back to them or you forget the name of them when you want to go back. It's the same deal with SFI. Many join, look around, and sit idle.

We do what we can to encourage them but most don't log in again.

We must keep recruiting until we find those who are serious and actually want a business of their own.

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Is Serious Debate Ever Needed?? Why??? in Marketing #Marketing

5 days ago

Thanks Bruce for your post. We are also very fortunate to have the Forum to get different views of any situation. Also after an announcement, Gery always asks for our views and a discussion begins.

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Find your passion, Zingers!!! in Marketing #Marketing #Sales

5 days ago

Great stories. We as children picked blueberries and sold them door to door in the neighborhood. We also sold bouquets of violets. Children have such great imaginations and small inhibitions. They just go for it.

I guess we all have a bit of entrepreneurship in us.

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T CREDITS in Team Building #TCredits

5 days ago

That's right John. My XYZ reference was meaning a company other then SFI. Cross-soliciting to join another venture.

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Hidden CLUES problem in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

5 days ago

I also experienced this one time. I thought perhaps I had missed something explaining the reason for this.

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unclaimed Astro Auctions won prizes in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

5 days ago

Change your browser. I had the same problem and I changed to Chrome and all is well. For those flights already ended you can go into your Dashboard and you will see down the right hand side the auctions you participated in. The non-claimed ones will not have a check mark beside them. You will have to re-do the flights and then claim your winnings. Change your browser first.

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T CREDITS in Team Building #TCredits

5 days ago

In response to this line from your post Clarence: "Why then can an affiliate not be able to make a gift to another, including a non team member?"

How easy would it to be to add a condition to your gift certificate - ex. - To someone NOT on your team: "I'll send you a $20 gift certificate, (condition) if you join my XYZ Company.

It's an open field for cross solicitation.

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Finding the Lodestone! in Compensation #Compensation #Sponsor #VersaPoints

5 days ago

Trust is huge. We are here because of the integrity of our leader.

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Inquiry on Auto Delivery in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Compensation

6 days ago

Hi Graciella: If you are looking at purchasing PSAs on your Auto-Delivery, you are guaranteed receipt of the PSAs but it is not guaranteed if they will be active. Same as anywhere you get them.

Try selling products to make commissions so you can use your commissions for your Auto-Delivery. Try to invest back into your business with money you earn before you start spending out of pocket.

Advertise your Auction links or EZ game links to get people in to play. If they enjoy the auctions and games, they will have to purchase t-credits from you to continue playing and bidding. Good luck in your new business.

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Stop -I Mean Right Now!!! in Marketing #Marketing

6 days ago

Many of us are ruled by our emotions. You've given us good advice to practice to manage our emotions.

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Finding the Lodestone! in Compensation #Compensation #Sponsor #VersaPoints

6 days ago

I agree Lindsey. At one time if you went to the leader boards and clicked on the leader's photo, you would see their favorite tips. This has been discontinued, you now only see their badges. This would be a great place for our top leaders to give sound advice on how they achieve(d) their success.

I found the tips very motivating. I was sorry to see this feature discontinued.