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Hartense S.

United States

E365 Runner Up
Gold Fast-Track
Posts: 353 | Followers: 183 | Joined SFI: Jan 18, 2015

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Do I need to re-qualify for Wave3 benefits? in WAVE3 #Getting Started #Rewardical #W3

8 hours ago

Hi Aci,

You need to keep bringing in PRMs, at least every 120 days.

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Achieving Excellence Through Perfection. in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

8 hours ago

Hi AGwu,

A very inspiring post for we sometime need to be reminded that it's
all about Team work.


Best wishes for success.

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How expensive or important are PSAs and CSAs to sfi members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

1 day ago

Hi Jerome,

PSAs and CSAs are what makes you a team. Psa belong to you,
CSA belong to another Sponsor but added to your group they
are worth 45% to you. You don't want to be without PSAs
and CSAs because it would take you forever to build your
commissions to a likable amount.

PSAs can be expensive depending on where you get them or they can
be completely free if you win them in an auction. CSAs are a gift
from SFI for the work you are doing but they can help you
climb the ladder to your next rank and build your commissions.

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New PRM earned from my ZackJack Challenge! in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #Sponsor #W3

1 day ago

Hi Lesley,

Congratulations, may this be the first but not the last.

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How to get started with SFI business in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 days ago

Hi Krishendu,

This post is a must for new beginners, it right on time. This should help
them get started with a bang.

Keep on building your team and getting them started the right way.

Good luck for 2018.

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Maree! Team Leaders Stream Post to share. in Team Building #Leadership #Rewardical #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi Maree,

Another great account of "How to" This is really helpful.

Thanks for the Stream post.

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Steps to getting paid in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi Mary,

I like your testimony about your steps to getting paid. It's a good
account of what you did. I love it.

Keep up the good work. Have a fruitful 2018.

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Product Delivery in Getting Started #TripleClicks

2 days ago

Hi Moses,

Sometimes the product has to comes from far away and takes longer to
get there and then be shipped back. I ordered a product that had to
come from China and it took four weeks to get to the united States.
If you feel that its taking longer submit a ticket to support and let
them investigate the time limit and if it's been shipped.

Have a little patience for it depends on where the product is coming
from. Remember you ordered right in the middle of the Christmas
rush so it will take longer.

More success to you for 2018.

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Time to take a good look in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

Hi Kay,

I too have noticed all the photos that are very casual not business like
at all. We should show the business side of us for our profile
photo and not our playful side. It's not too late for all of those
with our playful side showing to go back take another photo
to show our business side and change the photo. We want our affiliates
to know that we are Business Owners.

Greaat post, best wishes for more sucess in 2018.

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SFI Affiliate Training For Newbies!!! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Getting Started #Marketing

4 days ago

Hi Horace,

This is another great training session. It helps us to realize that we
have to keep reminding our Affiliates the importance of reading.

Keep up the good work Horace. I enjoy reading your post.

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Thank you Gery, thank you SFI!! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Compensation #CSA #Leadership

6 days ago

Hi Orsine,

Congratulations to you and may you receive many more notifications
like this one.

Keep up the good work.

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Need to get to the Executive affiliate rank in VersaPoints #Auto-Delivery #Sales #VersaPoints

7 days ago


There are lots of ways to get the 1500 VP but the quickest way is to
go to Tripleclicks and purchase an item the gives you 1500 VP.
The most popular one is 125 pack of TCredits (for affiliates only)
You get 1500 VP and 32 Rewardicals.

This can get you to EA immediately. Remember you still have
to build your team so do'n make this the priority.

/best wishes fir 2018.

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Why are they playing games and are they just games? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

7 days ago

Hi Jammina,

This is a good post on playing games. I play games for two reasons,
(!) I love playing any kind of game, I like the challenge (2)
Playing SFI games is fun and they can also be helpful to us the
prizes will help us in our business.

Keep playing and you will find it fruitful.

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Guaranteed Win Auctions! in Sales #CSA #Sales #TCredits

7 days ago

Hi Lilia,
Guaranteed Win Auction: limited to SFI affiliates who have never won a Pricebenders auction OR have not won in the last 365 days; a maximum of 200 bidders allowed per auction

Have a successful day.

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How does a blog can help us to promote our SFI & TC Business? in Marketing #Marketing

8 days ago

Hi Al,

This is a great post on the importance of having your own Blog.
I am going to push Getting their own Blog to my team this year.

More success to you Al.

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Maree's Stream Post to Share. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

8 days ago

Hi Maree,

Thanks for more great tips.

Lots of success to you in 2018.

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Do you have experience with 50 PSA (Tripleclicks Product)? in Marketing

9 days ago

Hi Denis,

I think it does not matter where you get your PSAs from, there is no
guarantee on what they will or will not do . Even if you advertise
and bring in some from advertising, there is no guarantee. You should
just get them from where ever you can and take a chance that you
will find at least one that will do something then go on to another
and repeat the action. It's a never ending battle. So we keep fighting.

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Creating a simple yet effective website. in Marketing

9 days ago

Thank you Hartense. I wish you all the best as well.

I think for an inexperience blogger like me it may be best to
pay someone to create one for me.

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Marees Tips.. Daily Communication. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

10 days ago

Hi Maree,

Another great post. I love keeping myself updated by reading your post.

More success in 2018.

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How to motivate members in Team Building

10 days ago

Hi Katarina,

If you expect to be a success here at SFI you are going to have to be determined
to make it up the ladder. You learn, put into action and recruit. Most of all
don't quit for a quitter never wins, Start by working with your Sponsor,
learning through the Launch Pad, then put out an all out effort to bring
in members that want to build a business and be sincere. Beside putting
out effort you are going to have to use a little capital. Then teach your
members to do as you do. If you do nothing they will do nothing.

I hope this lets you see the opportunity you have in front of you. You
can make out of it what you want.

Good luck.

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Creating a simple yet effective website. in Marketing

11 days ago

Hi Fay,

I think you are on the right track. My #1 goal for 2018 is to get me
a Personal website so I can attract others by posting some good
things to interest new Affiliates. I am not good with this kind of
thing, I hope you all the best.

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Letter in Team Building #CSA #PSA

12 days ago

Hi Edson,

This is a great motivator, I like it. Your team should be pleased with your
ideas and motivational efforts to help them get ahead.

2018 should be a model year for you and your Team. good luck.

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Sponsor rating in Getting Started

13 days ago

Hi Joy,

You have to have 500 VP and you will be asked to anonymously to rate
your sponsor. Just give yourself time then you will be able to rate
your Sponsor.

More success to you.

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BADGE QUEST Pro in Getting Started #Getting Started

16 days ago

Hi Angelica,
Congrats on your previous wins. Just keep the pace you are traveling
and you will accomplish more wins. You are on a roll and happy
winnings as you go into 2018.

Much more success.

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Play and earn! in Getting Started

16 days ago

Hi Raymond,

This is a great postas this is the last dayof the month of December and the last
day of 2017. Happy Neww Year as you welcome in a new year, 2018.

Best wishes.