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Hartense S.

United States

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aim to work hard in Getting Started #Localvantia #PSA

21 hours ago

Hi Muhammad,

Congratulations on making up your mind to start build yourself a business.
If you are here to make mmoney get started first by contacting your Sponsor,
Sponsors love to hear the words " I'm ready" then start reading for we learn a
lot by reading. Then go to the Launch Pad and start with Getting Started.
There is a lot to learn don't get iscouraged because you don't make money
overnight we are not a get rich overnight scheme. A business built slowly
will withstand all the pitfalls you will come in tact with. Be Patient
and things will wor out for you. Start earning your VP by Turning your
Red TAbs to green, every day.

Good luck Mohammad.

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How to guide new PSA to gear up to EA and further ranks in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #VersaPoints

1 day ago

Hi Jayanti,

The problem you are having is the same problem the rest of us is having.
All we can do as a good leader is to keep doing those things that got
us this far, repetition is the way we learn so we keep repeating those
things that help us build our teams thus far. After all Rome was not
built over night and neither was SFI so we keep doings those things we have
been doing. Speed is not what we are after, good results is what we
see as our outcome gets brighter. It may be a little slower than we want
but our patience is what will help produce good results.

Keep pushing upward it will bring in our success.

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Very Excited!! in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi Hector,

congratulations on your new Team member, it just goes to show that
There are still people who needs an opportunity that will pay off
in the end.

Keep up your advertising for this is what build a business up.

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How to send E Cards. Simple instructions to follow. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi Maree,

Thanks for another great post that will help someone who
has never used E-Cards. This step by step instruction
will help. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Keep up the good work.

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What do you think? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

3 days ago

Hi Epheaim,

I would give myself one month, this gives me time to start reading The
Launch Pad where all the training is getting you ready. After that
I would continue read the training as I go for the next rank and learning how to
train my new group. Keep reading and learning as you go.

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Difference in importance between S-builder and PRMs in Getting Started

3 days ago

Hi Jane,

I believe that I would buy a combination of both, S-Builder delivers from 3 to 5 PSAs,
PRMs each month, I have an S-Builder unit. Then if you can afford to Buy some
PSAs to go from time to time. This will help build your team and in bbetween
the time you get members for the two programs you have time to get your
new members started on training.

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 4 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

Hi Leon,

I have been with you trough this entire story. Thanks for sharing with
all of us. It seemed like Rich was indeed a real good friend. Don't
you ever forget about this friend for he seems lovable.

More success to you Leon and have a good year.

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SFI Co-ops in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #Marketing #Sponsor

5 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Easy steps to start promote SFI and Tripleclicks in Miscellaneous #Getting Started

5 days ago

Hi Toni,

A great summation of how to go about adding new people to
your Team. For, truly, if you don't advertise your business will
not survive. It doesn't cost you anything to advertise for
there are to many free advertisers. Just put in a search with
Google, yahoo groups, facebook groups and other groups
that will let you advertise. Do this every day along with
signing in to your home page and you will be surprised at
your returns.

Have more success this 5018

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 3 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

6 days ago

Hi Leon,

I have been following your story and taking note of how to make the
outcome real good. This was a wonderful enlightenment. I will
try to follow this model and figure out my cost, then test it out
to see my outcome and make this a real thing and try to see how
I can cut down on the cost. You have proven that this metnod
works so why try to reinvent the wheel. Follow the bus..

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E365 monthly race in Miscellaneous #E365

6 days ago

Hi George,

I am not well versed on E365 as to when it starts and ends,
If you cannot find the answer in E365 pages the best
thing to do is contact Support.

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My commissions in Compensation #Compensation

7 days ago

Hi Emmanuel,

I know you want to know something about your commissions
but it is not clear, what do you mean about your commissions have
been updated?

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I Need You To Quit!!! in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

7 days ago

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for this post, but when I saw the Subject "I need you to Quit" I
did not know what this could be about. Then I opened up your post
and I had to laugh because I expected something else. This tells
team members that they need to start doing the things they are not doing.
This will make them think of all the things they are not doing as they
go through your list and make a change. I love this.

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One thing I don't understand in Miscellaneous #Leadership

7 days ago


To have the Forum Guru badge is an honor, but if for some reason it is taken
from you just know that you are approved by a panel of judges and they are
grading other members as well and you just fell beyond the 200 members
that was graded and the badge was removed. Just go on advising members
helping with questions and sooner or later you will go right back to
panel and be placed back as a Guru.

I advised another member not to stop advising people, helping. I also
wa removed from Forum Guru and I did not miss a day trying to help
someone and finally I was placed back. So don't be discouraged
just go on about helping and advising and one day you will see the
badge back.

More success to you and keep giving advise to others, they need
our help.

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 2 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

7 days ago

Hi Leon,

I have been anxiously awaiting Part 2 and this is awesome. Now you have
me waiting for part 3 and the outcome. This shows the members
that has been in for years can't help but have stories and they are
informative. Keep the stories coming.

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Can you succeed without putting work into SFI? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

8 days ago

Hi Daniela,

Some say it can be done without work but no matter how you try to
not work you are going to have to put some work in it, It's good to
have money but the two go hand in hand, you got to work and have
a budget to help you get there.

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New member in Getting Started #Getting Started

8 days ago

Hi Nate,

Welcome to SFI and hope you stay with us a long long time.
You are going to find that you will do a lot of reaing because
all th directors from SFI is written. I hope you like reading
if not develop a liking for it. Do read the material supplied
by SFI and your Sponsor. This is what will get you from
point to point.

Good luck!

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 1 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

8 days ago

Hi Leon,

This is a post that I don't want to miss the next part. You have peaked
my interest and I am already awaiting the next part.

It looks like you have a post that will help someone gain more courage
so don't take too long with the next part.

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How I replied to a question from one of my PSAs? in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

13 days ago

+Hi Gyanendra,

I like your answer that you told your PSA for these concepts will work but not
by themselves, someone have to work them, if she is not willing to sign in
everyday, do the work,on the home page, advertise, bring others in, read,
read, read, then this will not work for her, all she needs to do is commit
herself to build a business and it will work.

I hope she reads all of the comments for not every one is wrong. Then,
hop right in and start to build an awesome business

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Is It Necessary To Spend 2 Hours + On SFI @ Day? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

18 days ago

Hi Bruce,

If you are a Team Leader and you really want your business to grow
and be productive of course you are going to spend 2 hour or more
each day. On the first of the month when every thing is starting
over I spend more than that. When I get a group of PSAs
and CSAs I also spend more than 2 hours sending out Welcome
letters and E-Cards and taking care of my Team members. So yes it
is possible that every Team Leader put in
more than 2 hours.

I don't mind this because it is for the betterment of my group.
I don't like to leave anybody out that is trying to build a

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Members black mailing me for Cash. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

22 days ago

Hi Maree,

I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you and I want to thank you
for the warning that this could happen to the rest of us. So far it has not but I
will have my guard up for this type of happening. I will also teach my
team members to not be blackmail by anyone.

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Unlocking our BONUS VP in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

22 days ago

Hi Scott,

Thanks for another awesome post. The free VP we all look for is all the rewards
that SFI gives for whatever the reason. For we do not lack in rewards which
are the Free VP that SFI gives us We have to be thank for for this Free stuff
that SFI gives us . Now we have Rewardicals another free gift.

Good luck Scott.

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Advertising. in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Hi Prosper,

I suggest first you contact you Sponsor, he will gladly work with you
to get you started.

Next, you need to start READING because if you don't read
you might as well quit. Reading is the way for you to find out more
about the company and what plans to follow. There is a lot of
information and instructions on this website.

I hope you follow your leaders lead. Good luck.

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The True Power Of Duplication in Team Building #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Chris,

This is a very informative Post and I will definitely share it with my Team.
My Topic this week is on duplication and this will show them a way to
get there if they are willing to activate a budget for their business.
This is a way to get to there goal and increase their financials. This
is great.

Good luck Chris and keep sharing stuff like this with us.

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I use a gmail account for my advertising and money making sites in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Tommie,

I learned very early when I started doing Network Marketing that when
you use a lot of advertisers to get an email account just for the amount
of return mail you get from advertisers, this can be huge so I found
that Gmail is the best email for this. For with the other email companies
you may get your mail and you may not. So if you are advertising
to many companies get a Gmail account it just works better.

More success to you Tommie, this is a good reminder.