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My Earnings Now Showing in Compensation #Compensation

6 hours ago

We do not get Commissions on self purchases. We get direct commissions when any of our PSAs or PRMs buy any product or services from TripleClicks.

Please refer to the Compensation Plan for detail information

Direct Commissions
For all your Personally Referred Members (PRMs)

Earn 20% of CV on their purchases
Earn 100% of the VP on all their purchases
Earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 they earn
For all your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs)

Earn 20% of CV on their purchases
Earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 they earn

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10 out of 10 in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

1 day ago

That is as good an advice as I have seen! You have deep understanding of this game. I have certainly learnt few things from you.

I am not trying to be top 10 but want to be among top 100( been top ten in inaugural game). To get higher average as you suggested, we need to play a lot of games which costs lots of time. I want to utilise the time for advertising rather than playing more games. I try to balance out my time giving higher importance to advertising my Gateways and Products and services and also devote more time to register Localvantia Merchants.

Thanks Richard for presenting such a deep understanding of Grandmaster Poker game. This will definitely be useful for people who want to finish on Top Ten.

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10 out of 10 in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

1 day ago

Accepted. Lol!

Leagues are good option for competition. I have created many leagues and reward my league members who are toppers. In most of these leagues I am the topper but I award PSAs ( as Re-assignments) to members who are second weekwise. I also give Gift Certificates to winners.

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10 out of 10 in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

1 day ago

This has never happened before. I just got 10 Grands in Grandmaster Poker with first 10 games! That's amazing! Normally I need to play 20 or more games to get 10 Grands but today was an extra ordinary day. I wanted to share my excitement with you all:

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Like joke! Like joke! I made it. in Inspiration/Testimonials #Contests #E365 #Getting Started

1 day ago

Congratulations for your outstanding achievements in just one year. What impresses me more about you is the registrations of over 15 Localvantia Merchants. This is really a far sighted aspect of your personality because you have realized the potential of Localvantia Programe .

If your team could duplicate you on Localvantia, you will soon have a good number of Team Leaders as Rewardicals accrued from these registered Localvantia Merchants will help them get lots of VPs to maintain their Team Leader ranks easily.

All aspects of your business building methods enumerated above will surely motivate thousands of affiliates here to duplicate you. Your love for SFI business, dedication, perseverance, focuss ( refused to be distracted), investment ( spend a little and receive), and your competitiveness( strive to beat rivals) are qualities that will stand you in good stead not only in SFI but in your personal and professional life as well.

This a great thread how to build a team successfully. I have already shared this thread link to my team mates after I came to know about this thread shared on stream by PTL Leon Mckee.

Thanks Nkechi for sharing your valuable experience. Wish you more success.

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My Earnings Now Showing in Compensation #Compensation

1 day ago

Thanks Phill for starting this thread of great interest which we all were waiting so anxiously. It is nice to see Earnings Panel live and active.

Matching Rewardicals is a good addition though it has no reference anywhere previously. Thanks Gery for one more opportunity to earn ( this could be huge in times to come).

I have one question to Gery. Do we get Matching Rewardicals same way as Matching VPs earlier? Will we still get 1 to 10 and 1 to 25 Rewardicals from PSAs and CSAs respectively if we have received Matching Rewardicals?

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why I not win t-time credit in Eager Zebra #E365 #Rewardical #TCredits

2 days ago

I play T-Time 8-10 times daily and win around 8-10 times in a month. Winning T-TIME is just like a lottery. In a lottery if we have more number of tickets, our chances of winning are more. If you want to win FREE TCredits by playing T-TIME, just increase your frequency of playing T-TIME.

Good luck.

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Why things need to be done today in Miscellaneous

2 days ago

That's a fantastic way of saying not to procrastinate. And it actually helps to build our business. If we do not collect our FREE Versa Points from Daily Action tabs today these will be gone tomorrow. So best thing is to do Daily Actions today and not leave it for tommorrow.

I remember one of my very senior Team Leaders repenting for leaving the EZ tabs for tommorrow and missing her EZ green streak Badge because there was electricity failure in her region due to a bad storm the next day.

It really pays to complete our tasks today and not leaving it for tommorrow. I try to finish it within an hour of official SFI date change.

Thanks David for sharing such an important message in very short words.

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Duplication can either build or destroy your business. in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building

4 days ago

I fully agree with you. Duplication works both ways. If we follow positive things our team will do the same. The opposite is true too.

If we want to have success in SFI then we must do what our successful Upline Leaders are doing here.

Excellent post Melvin! Thanks for sharing it.

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New Comp Plan Improvements in SFI News #Compensation #CSA

8 days ago

My original co-sponsor is a BTL, from Canada, on my 4th generation

I've additionally now become the CSA of an STL, from Macedonia, on my 15th generation

Leon McKee

That means our downlines can get Commissions from our purchases? That doesn't normally happen but in SFI it is possible. Isn't that what our downlines want? Isn't it just like profit sharing.? An alternative to profit sharing!

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How to claim Rewardicals..Merchant name not displayed in Compensation #Compensation #Localvantia #Rewardical

8 days ago

Looking at all the replies and your clear indication that it is a Localvantia claim the procedure to claim Rewardicals is to first go to your own registered My Localvantia Vendors via your My Account link www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_mymerchants .

Next click on Registered one link as shown below:

Then select the one from whom you have purchased the products or services and click Verify purchase as show below:

Next enter the amount of purchase you have done and submit.

If it is not your own registered Localvantia Merchant then go directly to RW tab and click Update now ( as you say your Localvantia Merchants are not visible) link as shown below:

It will immediately show all the registered and approved Localvantia Merchants in your city. Make sure that your device's GPS is enabled to track your location. Then claim the Rewardicals as described earlier.

If you have updated the RW tab then the first method is not needed as RW tab itself will show the merchants in your city.

Hope that helps you.

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About the 4 CSAs. in Compensation

9 days ago

I too checked My Upline link after reading your reply ( I love reading your posts- these are very informative) and noticed I too received 2 new Co-sponsors. So the existing one has 2 shares. That makes 4 Co-sponsors. It's awesome to have 2 additional support levels.

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About the 4 CSAs. in Compensation

9 days ago

People come and go in any business. SFI is no different. That should not bother us. We should always focus on what we have rather than cribbing what we do not have. We must make best use of our available resources. That is what matters.

Yes, having 4 Co-sponsors is a welcome positive change. I too still have only one Co-sponsor. SFI must be in the procees of doing it. Because it involves a lot of permutations and combinations, the programming may take a little longer but surely we will have our due Co-sponsors. Having said that, it hardly matters who our sponsors or Co-sponsors are. Our business starts from us and below us.

I have received many such CSAs ( being their new Co-sponsor). I have received quite a few active CSAs this way. One is an over long time EA with lots of VPs. I have recieved yet another active CSA. It feels so happy to have active new CSAs ( that too quite old ones with lots of VPs). We do not get notifications of CSAs received this way but they can be found in Genealogy and you will only know about them when you open their Affiliate Snapshot profile.

So the new 4 Co-sponsors policy is working very well for me as I will have an additional source of income. I am sure many others also might be getting new CSAs this way.

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Strategies to gain income from sales in Sales #Localvantia #Sales #TCredits

9 days ago

Rewardical ECAs are also good option to get sales in team and get lots of Rewardicals.

For fast delivery search for local RECAs from your own country. You may even consider buying from foreign RECAs if the shipping time given is comfortable with you and your team. The idea is to inculcate in your team, the habit of buying via Zing Network properties. And the best way is to show them by example.

I received 84 Rewardicals by RECA purchase.

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Strategies to gain income from sales in Sales #Localvantia #Sales #TCredits

9 days ago

If you are a professional cinematographer ( having your own business or company), then you can also pre-register your business as Localvantia Merchant and offer your services locally. If you have an office then you can take a photo of your office or storefront and submit for pre-registration giving all details.

If you do not have any office or store then ask someone to take a good photograph of you behind your camera and a banner in front of you displaying the name of your company or business with your address clearly visible with telephone numbers and submit for pre-registration.

Here are some important links for your benefits:

How do I pre-register new Localvantia merchants in my area?

LOCAVANTIA TRAINING: How to approach prospective Localvantia merchants

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Strategies to gain income from sales in Sales #Localvantia #Sales #TCredits

9 days ago

Hello Edmund,

You have asked 2 distinct questions:

1) Strategies we use to buy or sell ( generating sales in the team)
2) You want to buy products for your professional use like camera, tripods and Macbook etc.

I use a strategy which solves both of the above problems. I take Localvantia route to generate sales in my team. I show them by example. I have registered quite a few Localvantia Merchants in my locality ( 15 km radius). Most of them are within 5 km radius because it makes easier for me to visit these owners frequently for follow ups.

I buy my groceries from one such Localvantia Merchant. I purchase clothes for my personal use from another registered and finally approved Localvantia Merchant. We regularly use clothes and why not register our local vendors in Localvantia?

I wanted an inverter/UPS for our home use. So I talked to a local vendor and registered him in Localvantia. I got lots of Rewardicals from him.

I frequently send weekly team mails to my PSAs and CSAs guiding them how to pre-register a prospective Localvantia Merchant and take advantage of their daily expenditures. Some of my team members have also started duplicating me.

One of my a2a friend's PSA wanted to buy a smartphone from Indian ECAs but couldn't find one. He asked me for advice and I suggested him the Localvantia Merchant route ( my strategy). He too registered one such store and received lots of Rewardicals which helped his PSA to qualify as BTL.

I had posted a thread regarding this in Forum few days back I am sure will help you too:


Please take time out to read the entire thread and replies. It will definitely help you.

I searched in www.localvantia.com the major cities in Cameroon and found quite a few Localvantia Merchants. These are present in Yaoundé and other major cities in Cameroon. You and your team can buy from these Localvantia Merchants and get lots of Rewardicals.

Hope that helps you.

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Will my June paycheck go up or down with the new comp plan? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

10 days ago

This is a highly valuable post. It can help budding leaders to plan their Team structure very deep. Building deep is very important for security reasons even if it means losing few dollars from direct commissions. I am using re-assigning tool frequently to give my PSAs to activate members in my 6th, 7th or even 8th Generations. This has helped me to retain many Team Leaders and Affiliates.

The immediate Commissions may fall in the new improved Compensation Plan but ultimately it will help to create deep and secured teams. This can only be understood by those who have lost their teams in other networking business or even here too.

Thanks Andy for such a valuable thread. It will definitely help all of us who take time to read it fully.

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Localvantia_-The Ultimate in Zing Network! in Miscellaneous #Localvantia #Rewardical

12 days ago

When an approval is not given for Pre-registration a reason is always given by the Support. Rectify the reason and re-submit to support giving additional proofs or photographs of the business. In some of my cases too this happened and I re-submitted the pre-registration with photographs of empty bills and it was approved.

In some cases the GPS co-ordinates are not found or match correctly. Submitting correct geo-location co-ordinates also helps.

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Localvantia_-The Ultimate in Zing Network! in Miscellaneous #Localvantia #Rewardical

13 days ago

Yes Ray it is working well for me and some of my team mates as well from other countries. Here are my testimonials:

1) Received 85 Rewardicals via my registered Localvantia Merchant!


2) Received 705 Rewardicals from Localvantia Merchant!



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How train PSA and keep them Active in India #PSA

13 days ago

We have hundreds of questions previously asked and answered in a place known as Ask SC Archive where you can search such questions.

We have following few questions and their answers:

1) How do you encourage your PSAs to stay active in SFI when you have no funds to invest in them?


2) How can I provide positive but CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in my emails to my downline?


3) How do I encourage an affiliate to remain active when they feel they've been demoted?


4) How do you motivate lazy and unmotivated affiliates?


5) What was your greatest challenge to success in SFI...and how did you overcome it?


Quite lengthy reply but I am sure it will help you and your team.

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How to earn more VersaPoints in a short period? in Southern Asia #VersaPoints

13 days ago

If you have money, the shortest way to earn more Versa Points is to buy TCredits pack. These TCredits are available in different packs. I buy Builder-Bundle as Auto-Delivery which gives me 1500 Versa Points instantly.

15 ways you can earn VersaPoints for free:

"There are MANY actions on your SFI To-Do List that will earn you UNLIMITED VersaPoints without having to purchase anything. These actions include:
1. You can earn unlimited VP selling any of the thousands of products and services at TripleClicks. Learn how to refer members at the Generating Sales section of the Training center.
2. As a Team Leader, you can earn 100 to 600 VP (monthly) for each personally sponsored EA and above. (unlimited Support points). Learn all about how to sponsor affiliates at Sponsoring Affiliates section of the Training cente
3. Earn 295 VP by reviewing all LaunchPad lessons.
4. Earn 500 points for earning a Payoneer MasterCard Debit Card. Learn more.
5. Earn 25 VP for reviews of physical and TC Direct products you've purchased within the last 30 days (45 days for international affiliates) from TripleClicks.com.
6. Earn at least 5 VP in each Spin & Win contest. Learn more.
7. Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center each day and earn 12 points daily for reviewing the tabs on your home page.
8. Earn 10 points weekly for sending a group message to your team (Must have minimum rank of EA to receive VP).
9. Earn 10 VP monthly by rating your SFI Sponsor and Co-Sponsor.
10. Earn up to 3 points weekly for posting a Stream message.
11. Earn 5 points monthly for reviewing your TripleClicks TConnect page.
12. Earn 10 VP for creating and uploading your TripleClicks avatar.
13. Earn 5 points each month by setting your month's goals before the 10th.
14. Earn 20 VP just for installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog.
15. Earn 495 permanent, one-time VP by completing all tasks in the Getting Started section in your VP Ledger!

All that said, make sure you're not focusing totally on VersaPoints. The primary role of VP is to determine your rank. As SFI BASICS explains, the way you create large incomes in SFI is through sales, sponsoring, and duplication. We strongly urge you to review SFI BASICS and follow it's guidelines!"

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Tcredit in India #TripleClicks

13 days ago

Here is a Launchpad lesson about TCredits www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=50&referrer=search .

What are TCredits? TCredits are a form of digital currency used at TripleClicks. Here are primary uses for TCredits at TripleClicks:

1. Redeem your TCredits on thousands of products at TripleClicks. Just choose TCredits as your payment method when you check out.

2. Use your TCredits playing Eager Zebra™ games at TripleClicks.

3. At our Pricebenders™ Penny Auctions, you can use your TCredits to bid on hot, new, brand name products in electronics, kitchen gear, tools, home and garden, office products, and much more. "

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Localvantia_-The Ultimate in Zing Network! in Miscellaneous #Localvantia #Rewardical

13 days ago

For years I was wondering whether a networking business be done with our daily grocery purchases on market rates. With SFI introducing Localvantia it is very much possible with our grocery purchases from our local vendors. Yes you read that right. We can start our networking business by continuing to buy products and services from our favorite local vendors. SFI is awesome!

How do I pre-register new Localvantia merchants in my area?

LOCAVANTIA TRAINING: How to approach prospective Localvantia merchants .