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CSA in India #CSA

4 days ago

I think it will get more replies if you post it in main Forum thread.

CSAs can also be re-assigned same way as PSAs. One thing you must understand is that CSAs assigned will be totally beneficial to whom you are re-assigning. You will not get any Over ride Commission if they make any purchases.

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Uber Picks - I am confused in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

5 days ago

I can understand your disappointment Helen. Though it has never happened with me but still I would advise you to take some precautionary steps.

1) Sometimes there are stale pages in our browsers. It could have a different settings/selections previously attempted. You can remove these pages by deleting temporary files or removing cache memory regularly. Then restart your system. It should help you and others too. Whenever we are taking any financial actions on the internet, always remove such files or offiline copies. Restart your system. This will bring everything to default settings.

2) Check your TCredits Ledger how you have spent the TCredits.

3) Playing Uber Picks is free unless you play some side kicks.

4) Whenever any TCredit is likely to be spent, it always prompts us to a warning message. Don't be in a hurry to press ENTER button.

5) If nothing above works, you may write to Support. They will be able to advise you suitably.

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Free CSAs for new Astro Auction VIPs! in SFI News #Astro Auctions #Team Building

6 days ago

This is great incentive to become VIP and get those income boosting 100 CSAs plus many other benefits. Another outstanding offer to avail of if you are not a VIP bidder yet. I just bid in Astro Auctions( 13 Bids just now) in which I had not bid already.

Thanks Gery and staff for this offer to be able to add another 100 CSAs in our teams.

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How to earn money in SFI Affiliate in India #Marketing #Sales

7 days ago

By learning how to earn. You can learn how to earn by reading the LaunchPad Lessons , Training Articles and doing all Daily Tasks on your To Do List .

You may write to your Sponsor or Upline Leaders . They will be able to guide you better depending on how you are progressing on your VP Ledger.

Also go through the Compensation Plan , The Benefits Chart and The Diamond Plan . Read and understand them and then apply what you have understood. That is how we have learnt how to earn money in SFI.

Hope that helps you.

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Tripleclic win in India #Auto-Delivery #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

9 days ago


Try to explain what you won so that people can know exactly which game or auction you won. Also explain it in more words so that you get likes which counts for getting a Badge and help you get advance in Badge Quest contest.
Likes in Stream and in Forum will help you a great deal. See below:

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Qualify EA before 10th and after 10th difference in Team Building #Compensation #PSA #Team Building

9 days ago

The main difference is that you will get your qualified rank status of the last month displayed. It will not show 'Pending requalification'( if you qualify for higher qualifications too).

You will also earn some Badge Quest Points for Ex Speedster Badge depending on when you qualify before 10th.

Apart from above benefits and all other benefits enumerated by other esteemed Forum members, we want to qualify before 10th to show to our Team members that we are committed to do this business seriously. SFI is basically a business of duplication. If we want to create a big team then this is the least we can do to maintain our EA status early and then expect our team members to do the same.

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Brazilians are limited in Marketing #Getting Started #Leadership

12 days ago

You can look at it negatively or also positively. If you think negatively then nothing can be achieved but if you look at it positively then the whole of people of Brazil are for you to sponsor in SFI.

Here are some country leaders from Brazil:


And also see what the people of Brazil have to say about SFI www.sfi4.com/saying?country=BR

You may also add your own testimonial here www.sfimg.com/Input/SubmitTestimonial?referrer=search

Also ask your team members to submit their own testimonials. This is how people of Brazil or from other South American countries can believe that SFI works and they can earn an online income here.

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How sell in sfi in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Getting Started

13 days ago

You can sell here in 2 ways:

1) Locally via Localvantia program .

Take a photograph of your store or shop or establishment, submit as per above programe for Pre-registration approval. After approval take out the Official Invitation Letter and then submit it as per the given link with code. After approval you can then sell locally to local affiliates or your own team mates.

Find out every thing about it by clicking on the above link. We have a LaunchPad lesson too regarding Localvantia program.

2) You can also sell online by applying as RECA, Rewardical ECA. The link is located under My Gateways under My Accounts. Get all details about Rewardical ECA by use of search engine located on top of the SFI Website.

Take help from your sponsor or your Upline Leaders. Don't hesitate to write to them. They will definitely help you.

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TripleClicks Signature Item #Cellular_Phone in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders

13 days ago

I can understand your new affiliate's suggestion- to havbe a signature item that affiliates want. I think we already have this in place- TCredits. TCredits are SFI's most sold product which can be instantly delivered.

If your new affiliate is suggesting a physical item or product which can be delivered in a day or 2 then that is a valid suggestion. New affiliates look for a physical product which can be delivered fairly quickly. There are many local RECAs and ECAs which can do it. They can search for it.

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Red barrel shaped icon near accumulated monthly VP's in Miscellaneous

13 days ago

This is a new feature announced by SFI Corporate 9 hours ago in Stream Tab . The red barrel indicates the number of Rewardicals you have as a balance. It also includes number of TCredits balance. Just go to your Stream tab to know everything related to it.

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What should I include in a tutorial for potential affiliates in Marketing #Marketing #PSA

13 days ago

There could be many reasons for being inactive after sign up. I too was inactive for about 6 months after sign up. Because I was looking for an online nerworking opportunity I kept on reading the weekly emails which my upline sent me. Those weekly letters made great business sense to me and finally I became active. You may also send regular weekly team mails to make willing affiliates active.

Inactive members can only be made active if they are fond of reading. Those who are not in the habit of reading and simply want to see money in their accounts after registering in SFI will ultimately leave.

Blogs will help you to some extent but the best strategy will be to just keep recruiting affiliates regularly and then follow the principle of rule number 4 of SFI Rules Of Success-Work with the workers . In your blogs you may state they need to work hard by reading training materials, recruit members and generate self sales as well as team sales. Let them know that SFI is essentially a network marketing online business and they need to recruit members regularly and generate team sales. Let them also know that if they don't know how to recruit not to worry as SFI guides step by step how to recruit. The only requirement is that they must read all the training materials avialable and read all their emails from SFI. If they can do this then they are most likely to be active and succeed.

Hope that helps you.

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I Have 124,100 RW Tokens. How Would Your Redeem Them? in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Rewardical #Team Building

14 days ago

Whatever action we take in our lives is to help achieve our desired Goals . If your goal is to have a million Rewardicals, go for it.

In financial planning they say whatever you want to invest, do it for a reason. There are many ways to redeem Rewardicals, choose one which you have planned to do. Opinions of others hardly matter.

My reason to have Rewardicals is to get the VPs ( other than Sales VPs) to maintain my rank. I have also redeemed once to 100 TCredits which I use to gift to new affiliates as well as use them for Astro Auctions which further boosts my Rewardical tally.

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Introducing...Direct Cash Redemptions for Rewardicals! in SFI News #Rewardical

16 days ago

I think this is the greatest thing ever happened in SFI recently! What a way to start the new year!

I had posted a thread regarding the anticipated New year announcement and none of us could anticipate such a rewarding way to delight us all.

Thanks Gery and staff for making SFI one of the greatest programs in the world.

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Special Memo: What's Ahead for 2019! in SFI News

17 days ago

Are we going to see Music back in TripleClicks this year? Karaoke singing is getting popular day by day and with paid upgrades available it could be a money spinner in TripleClicks. May be TripleClicks can tie up with few leading Karaoke Apps currently very popular. Or TripleClicks can develop it's own Karaoke App!

Just curious to know.

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Special Memo: What's Ahead for 2019! in SFI News

17 days ago

This is great planning! I think 2019 will be a path-breaking year for all of us. So many new exciting and lucrative program/incentives are already added and still more to come. We couldn't ask for more!

Thanks Gery and staff for these wonderful new year gifts which will be very useful throughout the year.

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which is the best method to build up income to the wallet in India

18 days ago

You are asking about SFI or any other website ( URL)?

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CSA Exchange! What for? in Miscellaneous #CSA #Team Building

20 days ago

Personally I feel this program has worked very well for me. Long time back I received an active CSA and he used to log in daily but didn't qualify as EA2 those days. I spotted him early and believed that he could become a great Team Leader and he did. By gifting him 10 allowed TCredits and frequent Gift Certificates he finally became a very good Team Leader. . He is still with me.

CSA Exchange Program was working very well at least for me. Don't know about others. I wish it could be revived again.

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Leadership in India #Leadership

20 days ago

This is your Leadership Page Manager www.sfimg.com/Resources/LeadershipManager . It is located in a new icon ( earlier known as Hot Spot).

You can guide your team here by writing blogs, you can set up greetings for your new affiliates, you can set up rewards and incentives for your hard working affiliates, set up contests. You can recommend something valuable for your team mates, you can recognise your team mates for doing something special. You can give your best tip to guide your new or even old affiliates.

You must use it to motivate your team mates.

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My perfect 10 score in Hidden game today in India #Eager Zebra

20 days ago

Congratulations Vasant!

Initially I felt the same but when I started trying it, I got success frequently and I am doing it regularly now. By trying and practicing anything we get confidence that we can do it. Exactly same is the case with SFI if we keep trying we will build a large team and good business and ultimately a long term income for years to come.

Once again congratulations to you for perfect 10 in Hidden game.

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Country Forum in Miscellaneous

20 days ago

Yes Janet, I too just noticed it. It's a wonderful thing to happen to SFI.

As always Gery and staff are working tirelessly to make SFI better day by day, week after week. It's such a nice experience doing SFI.

Thanks Janet for sharing your enthusiasm!

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College/school versus SFI in Team Building

21 days ago

Wow! Spot on. This is really a strong reason to do SFI.

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College/school versus SFI in Team Building

21 days ago

Yes, SFI is best when done part time. Keep doing what you are already doing and devote some time to SFI daily part time and build your business gradually.

I love your reply. Nice one!

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College/school versus SFI in Team Building

21 days ago

I agree with you absolutely. In fact this is what I have been advising to new affiliates, particularly to those who are students and to those who just passed out from their respective institutes and who ask me questions that they haven't started earning in SFI even after logging in for few weeks or months. Some even ask that they have not made any money on the very first day itself. Earlier some even asked for Signing Bonus to be immediately transferred to their banks.

I simply ask them- How much did you make in first week, first month or first year in your colleges?

Nice post Al Martens! Thanks for sharing it.

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To earn money is important to invest? in Marketing #Marketing

22 days ago

We earn money in SFI as per the Compensation Plan , The Diamond Plan and the Benefits Chart .

There are 2 types of investments- investment of time and, investment of money. Firstly you need to invest your time to understand how above plans work and then make an effort to put it into action. Theoretically it is possible to earn money by above plans without investment of money.

We earn commissions by selling any product or services in TripleClicks. To sell any product or services of TripleClicks we do not need any investment of money. You just need to find ways and means to sell these products either yourself or by helping your team members to sell TripleClicks products or services. In the process you will earn Direct Commissions or Override commissions .

The best you can do now is to learn every training article available on SFI website and then implement what you have learnt. You just need to invest your time first to understand everthing in SFI. Money will follow.

Hope it helps you.