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Gyanendra P.


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Wow I won Biz Quiz in Recognition

8 hours ago

Congratulations Padmini for winning Biz quiz with 50 Rewardicals!

That's a good win.

Wish many more wins for you.

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Come and do business in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

10 hours ago

Valuable thoughts!

Thanks Farjana for sharing your views.

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Card King winner!! in Recognition #Contests #Eager Zebra #TCredits

2 days ago

Congratulations Zhumagul for winning Card King without spending TCredits! Yes we can surely win shares of Card King if we happen to be among the top 100 scorers in it. No need to purchase anything.

It's a good reminder for all that we can still win TCredits without spending TCredits. We just need to play EZ games.

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Interesting league with own prizes in eager zebra zackzack game? in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra

3 days ago

You can use your Leadership Manager page to create contests and Rewards. Click below to do it.


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Why the 10 TCredit Limit? in Team Building #Leadership #TCredits #Team Building

4 days ago

You can send them Gift Certificates after the limit of TCredits is exhausted.

You can send any amount of Gift Certificate which will enable them to purchase TCredits or any other item they want to purchase.

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Conversation with owner shops about Localvantia in Team Building #Localvantia

6 days ago

Even once it's alive we only contact the merchant if a follow up is requested by SFI is my understanding, all you have to do is submit their valid details and Localvantia will do the rest, but until flyers and more details like a press kit are available it would be unwise to contact merchants to explain what SFI staff knows and we don't at this time.

Andy Zeus Anderson

it's OUR job to contact them and try to "convince" them to enter the Localvantia
But, once that Localvantia goes live, we will have all needed information to answer
their questions.

SFI will do THEIR part of job in preparing some promoting materials, sending them
the invoices for the tokens earned...and similar.
SFI will prepare the list of Localvantia merchants, we will have that geo-search to
find them in our area...and so on...only Gery might answer what else they are
preparing for us.

There is ONE important thing we already know....The Rewardical program will
offer to the Localvantia merchants to use that Refer a friend link and get new
customers for themselves.
Another way for them to get new customers ...just putting a flyer in the window
and offering digital tokens that might be exchanged EVEN for Bitcoin...
Don't you think that might work just great?

Please read the announcement again, it is not our job to convince anyone, they will be entered into the system by the affiliate and contacted by Localvantia with their first invoice where they will choose to participate in the program and set a rewards level they wish to offer their new customers. We only contact them if SFI ask us to do a follow up with the merchant at their request or if the merchant does not answer mailings at their address.

Andy Zeus Anderson

Lol, Andy... you made me go through 8 pages of Gery's posts on the original
Localvantia thread.
Here are some posts :

I based my post on these posts...and some others like these...
My apologizies if I got it wrong.

You are right Tanja. We have to follow up the merchants ourselves but not right now. We have to follow up only after the full details are announced by SFI as indicated by Gery himself in his replies. For now they are to be pre-registered only.

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Amazing SFI! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #VersaPoints

6 days ago

You are absolutely right Sasa. This is really a good place to be as we can learn how businesses are done worldwide. The best part of this is that we can learn it free. If this appeals to some then they can continue or else they can pursue their own career.

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Conversation with owner shops about Localvantia in Team Building #Localvantia

7 days ago

No need to do any conversation as of now as already stated by fellow affiliates and leaders here. The full details are yet to be announced. Let's wait till that time.

Here are all the replies from Gery himself on the Localvantia programe: www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?id=92012&sfiid=21505&pg=3

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Daily Grand Draw - 40 Rewardical Won! in Recognition #Contests #PSA #Rewardical

7 days ago

This is a better method of giving rewards in DG as sponsors also get shares in the form of Rewardicals.

Thanks Gery and staff for rewarding in such a nice way.

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Daily Grand Draw - 40 Rewardical Won! in Recognition #Contests #PSA #Rewardical

7 days ago

Congratulations on wining the very first day of Rewardicals wins in DG! What a way to start the DG wins!

I couldn't find the routine Daily Grand winners list.

Does someone has an idea where is located?

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How to earn versapoints without any sale or investment in Southern Asia #Marketing #Sales #VersaPoints

8 days ago

You can do it by referring ECAs.

When any ECA, referred by you, sells any product, you will get Versa Points as well as commissions or Royalties.

Go to ECA tab and click as shown above. www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=42

Also you can Pre-Register stores in Localvantia programe. news.sfimg.com/2017/06/14/localvantia-pre-launch/

Hope that helps you.

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Cynthia Valerie achieved executive (EA) status in Recognition #CSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

10 days ago

Congratulations Farjana and Cynthia! Excellent Team Work. Keep up the good work.

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Badge Quest Bounty = 100,000 Rewadicals! in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

13 days ago

Yes, I saw it the very first day. It looks awesome offer! What is even better that we will have 40 winners instead of just one. We definitely stand a chance to win a share of this bounty.

Kudos to SFI President Mr Gery Carson and his staff.

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PB Winner Again. in Recognition #Pricebenders

15 days ago

Congratulations Nisrin!

That is a fantastic way to utilise all Promo Bids!

Keep bidding, keep winning.

Wish you many more wins.

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50 Rewardicals equals 16 VPs in Recognition #Compensation #Contests #VersaPoints

15 days ago

Congratulations! Victory is yours Victor!

That is the first news of conversions of Rewardicals. We will see more in coming weeks.

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Introducing...Rewardical! in SFI News #Localvantia #Sales

16 days ago

No, but for every Rewardical member you refer, you'll earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 they earn for life.

Hello Gery,
Every referral who registers at Rewardical using our link will immediately earn 25 FREE Rewardicals and we will earn unlimited 10-1 Rewardicals on every Rewardical they earn. Right??
Will we earn RT for only Localvantia purchase? If they will purchase from ECA, will we earn VP, commission, and RT?
Thank you.
Farjana Azad.

Dear Farzana, answer to your question I think is covered in this FAQ :

"Q: We currently say that the TripleClicks Members we’ve referred are PRMs (Personally Referred Members). Will there be a new term introduced for referred Rewardical members?
Nope. The definition of PRM will now expand to include both TC members AND Rewardical members (as in most cases they will be members of both). Note, however, that there will likely be new reports introduced that will distinguish for you between TC PRMs and those who are purely just Rewardical PRMs. "

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Pre-Registering Local Merchants for Localvantia in Miscellaneous #Localvantia #Sales #VersaPoints

17 days ago

It is very easy to be done. Just visit your neighborhood shops, take a good photograph of their store-front and upload it along with their addresses and phone numbers.

Important links:



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Just Love the new Rewardical Icon! in Miscellaneous

18 days ago

I too love progressive changes. I am sure this will become a great change for all of us.

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URGENT help in Team Building

19 days ago

As already stated by other members here please use this link to convert www.sfimg.com/convert .

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Introducing...Rewardical! in SFI News #Localvantia #Sales

21 days ago

That looks awesome!

Thanks Gery and staff for introducing a new rewarding program.

I am sure it will be a game changer for all of us at SFI.

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How I shall be Benefited in Getting Started #PSA

22 days ago

You are correct. Compensation plan will give me benefit but how you will recognize me to give
the benefit??

Respected Muhammad

1. Please visit your Genealogy.
2. On your Left, under the heading GENEALOGY you will find:
Gen Gen Count EA VP Non-EA VP
3. The Total will indicate:

a) The Total Gen. Count
3. Below that you will find:

XX eligible VP for VersaPoints Matching
XX ineligible VP due to your rank
XXXX inneligible VP due to affiliate not yet being EA
• Click HERE to learn how to get paid on your ineligible VP.
NOTE: Real-time VP amounts may not reflect final VP totals

5. Now you know how much you stand a chance to earn during the current month (as on date)
6. Now Visit your Score Board
7. Under MY EARNINGS, you will find all these are getting REFLECTED
8. From this, you will how much you may earn during the current month, in terms of $ Value as on date.
9. MOVERS also provide information on this to some extent in terms of VP earned by your Team Members.

Since these are SYSTEM GENERATED your interest are always kept in, through data, while computing the earnings.

Finally, when you receive the commission, you will have all the workings. You can cross verify them by clicking the appropriate titles given there (against each head of comission earned)

Hope this would help!!

Dear Guru,
Ok, agreed, all are correct whatever you said. But when you shift a person to another Sponsor why you keep the ID of old Sponsor? What is the Gain of SFI. Actually since my ID is not there I do not feel like to see the list. Similar feeling for CSAs though I transferred 10 TC to a CSA.
However Carson Gery is a very brainy person I have no audacity to question. He has created such a VAST SFI, a bigger Pacific Ocean . I just expressed my feeling what I want. I want who so ever is in my team must bear my ID.
Thanks GURU.

The solution to your problem is very simple. Select filter as Generation 1 as shown below and then click Filter:

You will see only those affiliates who bear your SFI ID as sponsor. You will not see others at all. If that is what you wanted.

Next time when you want to open your Genealogy then click LOAD MY QUICK FILTER. Now you will see only those affiliates which bear your SFI ID as sponsor. Forget about rest.

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How I shall be Benefited in Getting Started #PSA

22 days ago


You are correct. Compensation plan will give me benefit but how you will recognize me to give
the benefit??

Your Scoreboard gives you all the details what benefits accrue to you whether be it eligible or inelegible matching VPs. Please check your scoreboard minutely.

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How I shall be Benefited in Getting Started #PSA

22 days ago

PSAs ( they are actually your team members who were referred by your PSAs or their PSAs ) that appear in your Genealogy are your downlines or team members.

You will be benefited by way of matching VPs if they qualify as EAs and you are a Team Leader at least. Same with your CSAs plus you will get 15% of CV commissions for any purchases made by your CSAs. www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?catid=26444&id=33080

Please refer Compensation Plan www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan

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How can I survive without any PSAs? in Team Building #PSA

23 days ago

You have asked 2 questions:

1) How can you survive if you don't get any PSA- The answer to this is you can get PSAs by Marketing your Gateway links using many Marketing Aids . Please make use of them in consultation with your sponsor or active upline team member .

2) How can you survive if your PSA does not work well- the answer to this is Lead By Example .

I have survived by making use of the Marketing Aids by using Marketing Methods .

Secondly I have led my team by example. I have qualified as EA every month. Many of my team members follow my example. You can lead your team too by example.

Go ahead and make your team and lead them by example. That is the only way to survive,

Hope that helps you.