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Nelson Nehemiah L.


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Phone user here.. in Getting Started #Getting Started

18 days ago

Hi Angelie,

It doesn't matter what type of device you use for your SFI business. I use my smartphone more than my laptop in this business because it is more convenient and, one can do this business comfortably at any time.

Kind regards,

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Many of you may have noticed that I have in Miscellaneous

21 days ago

Tail, we sincerely pray for you. The Lord be with you in this difficult time. We'll keep praying for your wife, and for you to be strong in this trying time.

Kind regards.

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Guy's, did you heard the latest SFI NEWS? in Miscellaneous #Contests

2 months ago

Congratulations Charles. You are the lucky winner once again!

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Localvantia Pre-registration requirement? in Ask Gery #Localvantia

3 months ago

Hi Indrajith R.,

These are good questions - thought provoking. I believe there is a lot that will come up. Let's wait and see.

Kind regards,

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My best tips on how to get PRMs much faster in Miscellaneous #ECA #TripleClicks #W3

3 months ago

Zhumagul A.,

That's fantastic stuff. I learned a lot from what you shared.

Keep up the good work and be blessed.

Kind regards.

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I and my 2 PSA question. in Getting Started #PSA

4 months ago

Hi Annelyn,

Please make sure you check your spam folder, and do the whitelisting for mail@sfimg.com. The launchpad will guide you through to make the whitelisting, and in addition to that you get rewarded with Versa Points for that assignment. Raise a ticket if nothing comes through to your e-mail inbox.

Kind regards.

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Class Cash program misunderstood in Team Building #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

5 months ago

Hi Natasa,
I agree with you. SFI should find a way of using this, but not as a marketing aid.

Kind regards.

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why such high shipping fees? in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

6 months ago

Hi Barry,

I have read comments from everybody concerning the costs of shipping. Initially when I started in SFI, shipping costs used to be a problem to me, but not the case nowadays. I might be wrong, but I sound like somebody from another planet.

I do drop shipping just as most of you do. Most suppliers label their products as "Free Shipping", and this is what I enjoy. Occasionally, my only concern could be customs payment, which is also quite minimal. If shipping does apply; it's never double. For instance, I bought a product at $12 and the total shipping turned out to be $4. Another product was $8 but shipping was $7, but I didn't have a problem with this because it was still reasonable including the cost of shipping!

It could be that some suppliers avoid the high cost of shipping; because when I buy a product, especially from the US / Canada, it'll say that the supplier will not ship to my country, but it rarely happen.

Otherwise to wrap it all, it's almost all Free Shipping.

Kind regards,

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Encouraging more activity in the system in Suggestion Box

7 months ago

Daramfonabasi O,
There is no proper business in the market that will have you earn so quick, unless it's fake.

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I wanna close my account. What will happen to my TCredits, MRPs and others? in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

Hi Oge M,

There are always challenges in everything we do, no matter how successful it is, we'll still come across challenges. You're being unfair to yourself if you quit - why, because it is too early to judge SFI at this stage.

I consider you to be a successful entrepreneur. Look at what you accomplished within such a short period of time!

I'll advice you to seek help from your sponsor, or your sponsor's sponsor, or even the SFI corporate will be willing to help you entangle your challenges when you go through such challenging times.

The future is bright with SFI. There are so many benefits, not just the money alone. Stay put!


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A potential gold mine! in Miscellaneous #Team Building

about 1 year ago

Most welcome Nimo.

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A potential gold mine! in Miscellaneous #Team Building

about 1 year ago

Hi Nimo,

Please put forward this to the support team again. Perhaps this would land on a different person within the support team. It might be that the person who answered you first overlooked this somehow, because this defeats the purpose of having a co-sponsor. This is what I think.

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How many people are working in SFI? in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

Hello Salko C,

It is not easy to answer your question unless you clarify what you mean by "working". Are you talking about the admin / support staff employed by SFI, or are you talking about SFI affiliates, or both admin and SFI affiliates. Please be specific.

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Can I succes with my work in SFI if I don't have a affiliate under me? I have a big problem with founding PSA's? in Team Building

about 1 year ago

Hi Biljana M,

The secret is duplication. If you can duplicate your efforts, the better. Keep on investing by sponsoring more affiliates, eventually you'll one day hit a diamond. I'll recommend you open this link to read more on this:-

Kind regards.

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Can I buy for someone else? in Sales #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 year ago

Hi Vegim,

I think it is always wise to show them what to do, or encourage them to take responsibility of their own business. But anyway, you can issue gift certificate as well:- www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?catid=26444&id=191103

Kind regards.

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How To Answer biz quiz in Miscellaneous #VersaPoints

about 1 year ago

Hi Sugihono R,
The best way is to search for the topic at hand. Read, and obviously learn; that's the idea. This is a very informative tool.

Kind regards.

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About Rejected ECAs Applications in ECA Program #ECA

about 1 year ago

Hello Raghuraj S,
Please try the following link:-
Your question regarding rejected ECA would be answered here.
Kind regards.

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how do I know my ILM in Ask Gery

about 1 year ago

Mohamad I,

Please explain. What is ILM? It's my first time to come across this abbreviation.

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My sponsor is inactive! How do I get a new sponsor? in Miscellaneous #Team Building

over 2 years ago

Hello Vivian,

You're doing good. Don't worry about your sponsor - he / she has a sponsor who can help you. In addition to this you have a2a friends, the SFI forum ...

Kind regards.

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at last I start received PSas with my blog. in Miscellaneous #Team Building

over 2 years ago

Hello Joseph P.
Man, keep up the good work. SFI is so full of fun. You'll definitely enjoy it more than the conventional business out there! Keep your team on the go - communicate with them as often as say once a week. Also read, read, and read more ... Leaders are readers! I'm sure you're on your way to success. I congratulate you for the hard work. Good luck in the New Year.

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To change my sponsor in Miscellaneous

over 2 years ago

Hello Ranjit S,

I'm not sure if it is always wise for anybody to change their sponsor. Perhaps a new affiliate may not understand this. You can use your upline's sponsor. Otherwise we have so much support at the SFI Forum, a2a friendship ... Please try the following link as well:- www.sfimg.com/Reference/Glossary

Kind regards.

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weekly Action: PSA/CSA mail? in Ask Gery #CSA #VersaPoints

over 2 years ago

Hi Jithender E,

Just find out when were you last awarded the 30vp. It could be the beginning of the week (Sunday November 29th) which falls within the month of November. You also have to be an EA2 as stipulated in the To Do list.

Kind regards.

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I Won 50 Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) in Recognition #CSA #Pricebenders

over 2 years ago

Congratulations Khalid. Keep on going with the good work.