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Does Country Of Origin Matter? in Team Building #Team Building

1 day ago

Hello Bulelwa,
What a great concern you have and you asked the right question to address your
SFI is a global company and they will like you to think also that every walk of life has the
Same opportunity to succeed in this business and they advertise all over the world in
My opinion which ever country they are allowed to get in to.

There is also some flawed that's comes with it that indicates some countries are better
than others in terms of getting active affiliates because of their origin also might have
Enough sources or easier access to invest to grow their business.

One simple example for this is the auction we have here PSA from selected 5 countries
In other words developed countries to think they will be more active than others. That's
The message we are getting and it has to cost more to to get those as well.
I see that practice in ECA too.

While it is true in most cases we see more activities from devolved countries that doesn't
Even means also a guaranteed catch.

To me country of origin doesn't matter in most part because when one has a desire to
Change his/her life as long as they have that will they will succeed from what ever origin
They Came from and they will find a way to better themselves and the once arround them.

Most take this opportunity than others because they know they don't get this opportunity
In their own country to succeed no matter how hard they work in their country for someone
And also the high unemployment rate in their country.

I see affiliates that we think because of their origin and restrictions of their country to
have an access for Global marketing diong their best and put themselves in leadership

Don't hang up in that taught even if it seems too. Yes some countries are active than
others, but it is not because of origin but as an individual the desire they have to succeed.

I have more inactive affiliates from my own country than active ones.
In fact most of my active affiliates in both PSA and CSA comes around the world.

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AA TWEAK for implementing the WIN LIMITS in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders

1 day ago

I think to look at it in different way also the way you gave example the higher bid
Is mot necessary the winning #
By what I am saying is you gave an example of highest bid as 240
Let's go back from starting point for less value item one bid 100 and
The next 125 and so many small numbers and another person comes and put 240 to
discourage others and to Win it at 126 one higher than the last 125 bidder if no one
put more than 240

How is your example wor?. I see already that is existing and I see others chasing to
Preventing that by bidding one less than let say 240 since they have nothing to lose
And get all their credit back and in the mean time winning the pick the bid price and
I think few sit down and watch those carefully.

So the one limit is the right way to me.

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Where is the promised replacement of Spin & Win ? in Miscellaneous

3 days ago

Hello Endurance,
I don't think we have a time frame to replace something by another. I believe things
Are coming with priority bases so we might have to wait the appropriate time to see
One thing I am still waiting to see is the popular Nutrition product which is used
To be in liquid form but because of the the shipping cost and not enough orders and
Was discontinued almost three years ago, and was going to be replaced by powder
form which is still we don't have it.

So if we are waiting for this product this long we can certainly can wait for spin and
win replacement a little longer.

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I'm Your Customer Who Never Comes Back!!! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing

4 days ago

That's a great analogy Bruce , you said it well.
It reminds me of one of my friend I used to work with, who has a beautiful woman
Tattoo on his ankle.

I asked him who is that, is that your wife? He said no it is not my wife. Rather a
Woman that doesn't complain, nags or get mad on what I do and say. I thought it
Was a humorous funny thing.

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Pricebenders Auctions! in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

4 days ago

On the other note go to Astro Auction. It is like "Houston" we have no problem
Over there.
A lot of prizes for just as little as one Tcredit spent.

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Pricebenders Auctions! in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

4 days ago

Yes Dusica
For some reason it was only one auction for few hours then on the last auction on the
Count of two froze for few seconds and stop working.

I am sure it will resume sometime unless we have some changes.
However the last auction winner is posted on the winner circle.

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Silver Bar AA has Taken 13 Days! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TCredits

6 days ago

Well Johnna .
That particular Silvery auction is approaching almost to one month mark and I
Have no doubt it will get there if it continues the way it is.

I think it was placed in mid November between Nov 10 to 16th mark.

I remember once we had the same thing in the past around the month mark and
The management put a 5x or 10x rocket box drawing and from that point it started
Moving because I believe people start bidding in one or two or more TCredits
Just to win the prize even if they don't have the chance to win the gold bar.

I think if the management doing this kind of prizes on the items that takes 10 days
Or more including this most will participate just to win the rocket prize and in the
Process it will speed up to shorten the length of time.

Other wise it will tide up most bidders Tcredits to participate on other auctions
Like you mentioned that you are waiting to end.

I think they are still in learning progress to make everything right.

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Need motivation in Getting Started #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

7 days ago

The best is yet to come Bouchrae
Having small Team of PSA and CSA slso more than 7000 hits in this brief moment
you have been here is remarkable.
You already knew where to advertise and how to get that kind of hit is a great
Start and wonderful results.

The more you do this the more quality number of active affiliates you are going to
Put through the pipes so don't stop doing what you are doing and also keep your
Activists in high standards.

Not all the affiliates that joined going to be active but the more you have the better
And soon you will get few percentage of active Team Members that will help you to
Advance to the next level.

You already also made the BTL status so you are going to the right direction.
Investment is good but also you can achieve it by selling Tripleclicks products
Which is doesn't cost you to do that.

As your PRM and active affiliates grow that will cover all your cost from their
Stay strong don't discourage you have a great start and keep cultivating it.

Reaching the Leadership status in less than two months is a remarkable achievement

Keep up the great work.

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What is your "New years resolutions" Zingers? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales

9 days ago

Hello Marilyn,
Very good suggestions on what to accomplish in the year 2019 and everyone should
Do what is best to advance their business.

But for me I look at it in different ways. I have never made a new year resolution
For the past so many years knowing it is just a habbit for someone to do that every
Year then two or three months later go back to where he/she was a year earlier
And wait the next year to do the same again.

Being also in fitness industry thought me a lot and I did see it all since that is almost
90% of the people who do that promise every year but not following it through.

I rather do my yearly goal. Then break it down to 6 months. Then 3 months. Then one
Month. Then a week and then a day to do what makes me achieve that goal for the
Year. In that sense it will keep me in line knowing if I don't do my daily task that it will
Be hard to reach where I want to be at the end of the year.

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Celebrating SFI 20th anniversary in Team Building #PSA #Sales #Team Building

15 days ago

Yes congratulations to SFI and a happy 21st anniversary.
And this is really a great deal that we all ought to take advantage of it.
Deals like this comes once in a while.

The VP also will help for those who are close to be qualified for at least
EA status and strength others their Leadership positions while all building
A reliable Team. Members.

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Should I hang on to my PSA? in Team Building #Team Building

25 days ago

Hello Bulelwa,
Expectations are the worst things to lose hope and to be demoralized in life.
When we expect a return for a good deed sometimes it leads us to what you are
Feeling right now when you don't see the result for your good deed.

As I see you have been here for a little over a month and certainly the affiliate you
Sponsored is newer than you and you are also fortunate enough to communicate
With him soon after he joined. Most they joined and will disappeared for months
If even they come back ever.

Well the truth is also I have affiliates who has been here for a year not even have
1 VP on their ledger yet I will get a notice for their anniversary and their
in involvement doesn't stop me form sending them a happy anniversary e card
And invite them to come back and use the opportunity.

My point it you have a one year clause with your new affiliate even if he is not
Logging once so why not drop him an opportunity feedback time to time.

Don't use your time frame. Evey one is not like you rather try to understand
His point of view and give him time to come back on his own when the time is
Appropriate for him.

Six weeks is very short time to give up on him, but also learn for future how
To handle things properly.

Sometimes people surprised you when you expect the least. Give it time.

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He's BACK! in Miscellaneous #Compensation

26 days ago

Well well , well nice to see you Randy. I was wondering where you were and I wasn't
That much on the other side when we used to chat and give comments and feedback
to each other.
However great to have you over here once again and I have no doubt that you will
Surpassed where you were and beyond with no time.

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Thank - Congratulate - Agree in Suggestion Box

about 1 month ago

I think it depends how you look at it and what they have in mind when they
Added this extra recognition.

I will read it this way in mind

Thank him/her for his or her in put
Congratulate him/her
Agree with him/her

On the other note
Thanks or thank you
Congratulations and agreed
Will indicate also in the past what was already happened.
But at the end both have the same message.

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KO Trivia Prizes in Suggestion Box

2 months ago

Hello Helen,
I believe Astro Auction is the one taking away more players not only from that also
From price benders auction.

I wasn't a big player of Knock out Trivia in the first place but since Astro Auction
I haven't visited it for long time.
There were a lot of players even after the Tcredits discontinued but I think a
Language barrier for many also be the choice for many to switch to another popular
I personally play the Kard king for another benefit reason to do my daily green.

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How can I know how much I have won on my bidding in the Astro Auctions?". in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

2 months ago

Hi karani,
Here is the result for your bidding question.

You can also click the rocket logo from the astro auction site and on the next
Page you can type 2118 on look up auction box and click go,

I hope you already launch it by now because your 7 days grace period was yesterday
I believe.

AA# 2118 TCredits - 400 pack Sun, September 30, 2018 - 2:54 PM
Goca_mm / 471

1,000 Rewardicals won by Zsela33

No winner/rolled over

500 Rewardicals won by MissMadonna

500 Rewardicals won by fadel777

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How to qualify for the rank 'Bronze Team Leader'? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

3 months ago

Hello Tshering
In order to be qualified for Bronze Team Leader you have to have a minimum 3000
VP which is 1500 VP from sales/purchase and at least 3 PSA's in your Team or your

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Experiences in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

Hello Yahyn,
Every one have different way of doing business, some doing it full time and most
Doing it part time. The field of the job is also different for everyone and one don't
Have to have certain kind of job to start the business. It is from all walks of life.

But it is also advisable to start as part time while one have a steady job that supports
The household or even for self since the business take time to grow. Without having a
Job start the business at least from my experience not good and it will lead to failure
And quiting the business if there is no enough revenue coming in.

Develop the business part time then as revenue growth and equaled or surpassed the
Other income job then can do the business full time.

As far as investment it depends to what one trying to accomplish. It certainly need
Investment in both time and money to get a maximum growth potential. It could be
Direct buying or selling as well as building a strong Team for residual income.

Strategy to build the business one has to follow all the free guide and lesson we have
Here also helpful outside sources that will help to develop knowledge and understanding
What it takes to be a successful business man or business woman.

One only give up when he/she is not informed and have no discipline as well as patient to
to work on the business diligently day in and day out.

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Eager Zebra HIDDEN - I won 5 Badges in my first attempt. in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

3 months ago

That's very impressive Godson. Keep up the great work. It's a good game that
Sharpen our brain by connecting and simplifying correct words.
Wishing you more success.

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Card King game in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

3 months ago

I too like Csrd King especially when I play with Tcredits, and found it more beneficial
Than other games at least for me in general.

While free game is good when one is able to reach the day's top 100 for Tcredits
Rwanda Just playing on one Tcredits if one is lucky enough he/she can win with
Spin The likes of Rewardicals, Tcredits, CSA's, as well as king's Ransome and more.

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3 months ago

Hello Mohammed,
Yes SFI is strobg company with excellent track record and also yes you can invest
In it to grow your business.

But it is not upto SFI to make you successful in your investment. We are all here to
achieve the sane efforts to reach to the top.

The money you have will help you to allocate your investments in different areas that
Will help you to build a strong Team since that is the core of the business.

If SFI was a public traded company ( stocks ) you will definitely profits from your
Investment if you only know even then how to trade stocks
That's why they say no guarantees you can make it all or lose it all.

My point is giving you that example when you do business and invest on it it is all
Up to you to be successful and profitable.
It is not like you put a chunk of money in one thing and then expect you will get a
Positive return on it.

Rather first study what is SFI is all about and what is the core of the business to get
Succeed in the business.
First and for most you have to invest building your team , that's
1, be a subscriber of S Builder

2. Subscriber of opti builders ( if you are not designated diamond ) qualified
In case you are not one of your upline top 5 by becoming at least Silver Team Leader
Then share your sign ups with your Team Members

3 Or subscriber of 125 Tcredits pack that give you 1500 VP to get qualified for EA
4 on materials that will help you to gain your knowledge.
Also on Tripleclicks side
Selling products

Also tangible and digital products that you can win at pricebender and turn around
To sell it if you are looking for profit other than your own use. ( what is allowed to
Sell )

Also you can invest to become ECA as well as TCurrancy supplier to SFI affiliates
You have all the tools here to help you achieve that you just have to tap into it.
In your country.

These are few things you can do and more, but still up to you to make it happen.

Invest wisely and strategically..

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Spin and Win in Suggestion Box #Contests #TCredits #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Hello John,
In reality when we are going to school unless on is in residency in higher education
One don't get paid, rather we go to school to gain knowledge and apply that knowledge
In later days when and if we have a job or business to get paid for it.

Here you get VP's for reading the news or what is going on in the latest round about our
Business to get updates.

How VP is losing it values when your everything you do here depends on it including your
On the other side people who don't read the news no matter what other changes occurred
Even the way you suggested will not doing it anyway because reading is not in their blood.

We don't need to be compensated with rewards for the things we supposed to do it anyway
To grow your business other than what we get commission for our sales and other activities
That brings us income.

All the other extra things are just for motivated factors but not obligated for them to do so.
Just be thankful and do it with or without.

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The difference between Astro Auction and Pricebenders auctions in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders #Rewardical

4 months ago

It is really a matter of preference and a mater of ones choice. Both are good in a way
One that fits one style of participating and winning. I participated on both and I see
People are spending a lot of Tcredits on both,.
Sometimes one can win with little Tcredits on pricebender auction and at times with
More than the cost of the product, also for none winners with a lose of Tcredits except
Gaining 10 rewardicals per Tcredits spent.
Astro Auction is more of a fair game for most and it fits all type of participant with little
Or a lot of Tcredits specially having a junior auction for all as long as one have no more
Than that particular product required Tcredits.
Here is my Take,
I haven't purchased matches and moves since the start of Astro Auction.
I haven't got less than 12 rewardicals even for just one Tcredits I spent on
constellation Prize I entered, that's translated in to 4 VP,'s verse 3 and at times I won
straight VP's by itself.
When one win an Astro Auction the final price is the Tcredits already spent no out of
Pocket extra money and the reward for none winners is getting all their desired Tcredits
Back to use it over and over again.
I think in all to participate in Astro Auction is a no brainer in my opinion, but like I said
at the beginning it's a matter of choice. Both are worthy for time being and I see both
Have participant but I also see more an more on Astro Auction than pricebenders.

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Astro Auctions - TCredit 3 Month Subscriptions in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

5 months ago

Yes Helen, there is a limit on Astro Auction on 3 months Tcredits subscription.
Ome win every Three month just like price benders auction.
If you won one and try to bid again it will tell you , you reached your limit and can
Only win one every ninety days.
I believe they just put that today.

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I have 24,775 Rewardicals Tokens... How would you use them? in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #Sales #VersaPoints

6 months ago

My goodness how is the silver exchange is high, when we get the rewardicals for
Free? Are we living in the past?
The only time we can lose is if the silver value is down to ziro. Even that is not a lose
It's breaking even , Free and Zero
Guys invest while you can, that's why i also said I like tangible stuff.

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I have 24,775 Rewardicals Tokens... How would you use them? in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #Sales #VersaPoints

6 months ago

Well everyone hss his/her own way of doing things what it fits them most. Buy slso
We have to see things from business prospective.

Have we ever thought of this is a digital world we live in? And things are changing
So fast we can't even keep up with it. It is good you have that much rewardicals
But if you don't use it with timely manner while you can it is like putting your
Money under the mattress with no certainty what is going to happen to it.

I prefer tangible stuff what ever it maybe, and convert it to other things what
strength My business for now and for time to come.
For your question what would I do, I will invest it on the things what i think
will worth to me in the future but certainly I wouldn't accumulate it till i have
6 or 7 figures unless I know what the future holds
MRP is a good example.