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More auctions for customers in Pricebenders #Marketing #Pricebenders #Sales

4 days ago

Auctions go on for 24 hours a day, I'm sure PRM's can find what they are looking for. Personally, I'm looking for PSA ONLY and I'm having hard time to find those auctions, it depends of what time of the day you're logged on. With different time zone also is a problem, when I sign in in the morning here in Italy, I usually find auctions for electronic devises, which I can't buy because of the different voltage (110 Vs 220). But I don't give up, I keep looking every hour until I find what I want.

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Have you receive money from SFI before? in Compensation #Compensation

8 days ago

Yes, I've been receiving money from SFI every month for the last 19 years.

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SFI in Italy

2 months ago

Buongiorno a tutti,
se a qualcuno di voi venisse mai il dubbio sull'integrità, l'onestà e la legittimità di SFI, sappiate che io ne faccio parte, e ne sono fiero, da gennaio 1999.
Buon lavoro a tutti voi, the sky's the limit ;-)