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New badge in Recognition #PSA

4 days ago

Respected Veronika

This is absolutely fantastic!!


Truly inspiring to do Sales!!

Speaks volumes of your rapport with your Team Members!!

Wish you more and more Team Building and Sales!!

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Just a little thought in commissions! in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Sales

5 days ago

Respected John

I think this is a fair suggestion.

We are allowed to encash Rewardicals for cash which gets credited to our Commission account immediately.

This can help many to meet their buying requirements to maintain Status or advance in Rank, etc.

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Hidden Games: Anyone else experiencing this? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

5 days ago

Respected Olufolake

A red fox sighting instantly earns you 3 free Clues (maximum 9 per game)


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Rewardicals is here to Stay, Rule & Support - You & Me-Part2 in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical #TripleClicks

6 days ago

Thank you!

1. This thread has a link on "How to earn Rewardicals".
2. Kindly open it and you will know.
3. Other wise, please play Games like Hidden every day. You stand a good opportunity to earn Rewardicals FREE.

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What happens when SFI web page is down in Miscellaneous #Leadership

7 days ago

Respected Maclinear

In that eventuality, your status will remain the same.

It will not affect your Badges. I don't think it happened in the recent past.

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Rewardicals is here to Stay, Rule & Support - You & Me-Part2 in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical #TripleClicks

8 days ago

Rewardicals were introduced on 31st October 2017 vide the following News Announcement:


Gery had to answer so many queries, questions and do lot of explanations with lot of patience.

Still, there were apprehensions as many things about this new announcement were not either fully understood or its significance realized.

Some how I deeply felt RT is going to be the future here if one expects to earn continuously.

Realizing this I made a Thread here under the Title: " Rewardical is here to Stay, Rule and Support - You & Me!!"

(Thanks to ever Magnanimous Gery it had a "Must-Read Post" Tag too).

So many opportunities were started coming our way to earn Rewardicals FREE.*

*How can I earn Rewardicals?

Today, by playing HIDDEN one stands a great opportunity to Earn quite a high number of RT almost every day as also taking part in Austro Auctions- FREE.

Accumulating and redeeming them for valuable VPs, TCredits, PSAs, CSAs, etc got introduced.

The icing on the cake is: One can redeem them for Cash!!**

Introducing…Direct Cash Redemptions for Rewardicals!

Getting something - FREE; and
Redeeming it AGAIN for Huge CASH- FREE!

Haven't it heard anything like this before especially in any similar Program elsewhere!

The success of continuing this Fantastic Program remains on our actions:

1. How are we going to popularize Localvantia?
2. What is our individual /collective responsibility to introduce more Merchants?
3. Don't we have to work to a Target in getting them Registered & Approved?
4. How can we create/ increase Sales?
5. How can we make use of Shopify Stores?***
Rewardical adds enhanced support for Shopify stores!

I am asking these questions myself! What about YOU?

Our Actions will ensure, indeed, Rewardicals is here to Stay, Rule and Support - You & Me!!

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Zackjack WIN! Game #58893888 in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

8 days ago

Respected Muhammad Azam

Very many congratulations!

Great Achievement!!

The "High Prize Points" you achieved will help you a lot in advancing in your Leaderboard Rank!!

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Practical Post in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building

9 days ago

Respected Zlatan

Your observation is 100% correct!!

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Anniversarynniversary other in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor #TripleClicks

9 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Why deceit? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

9 days ago

Respected Morgan

There is no second opinion.

Certainly, they are the losers. If they are going to keep themselves "not reachable" by all means they will never understand that they lost a golden opportunity to earn for their life time through honest business means.

They will never ever understand that nothing comes easy in life. Leave them; There are so many genuine minded waiting and longing outside to see such opportunities. Let's keep reaching out to them through all available means to us.

They will be happy to join, work and earn!!

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Grand Master in Recognition #Contests

15 days ago

Respected Mirjana

Thanks for your Wishes.

Please accept my Hearty Wishes for a Joyful and Prosperous 2019.

Congratulations! This win on the first day of the New Year augurs well for many things to follow!

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Is there a glitch in badge quest? in Miscellaneous #Compensation

15 days ago

Respected Gilbert

Indeed looks like a Glitch.

Understandable, with so many things being worked out at SFI end!

Just reported this to Admin for corrective action!!

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Special Memo: What's Ahead for 2019! in SFI News

15 days ago

Respected Gery

Thank you so much for these fantastic announcements! These will change the way people look at SFI hence forth!

Please be rest assured, "We are in"!

Certainly we will go out and build something even greater in 2019!

I equally take this opportunity to wish You and Every one there, "A Very Very Happy and Prosperous 2019"!!

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Country Forum in Miscellaneous

18 days ago


This is a very good feature.

Will be of great help in general to every one, new affiliates in specific!

Times are changing; So also SFI - keeping pace with ever changing needs of "Partners in Business"

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Forum Member Badge in Miscellaneous

19 days ago

a brand new badge that formally recognizes all members of our awesome SFI Forum.

The new, gold-trimmed FORUM MEMBER badge is quick and easy to add to your badge collection and comes with 100 Badge Quest points. Here are the two qualifications:

1. Agree to abide by our official Forum Rules & Policy (you will be directed to this agreement form the next time you visit the forum).

2. Make a post. Note: For those who’ve never posted before, simple directions are provided after completing step one.

That’s it. Your new Forum Member badge will appear momentarily.


A. With this new badge, we are requiring that EVERY affiliate, even if you’re a forum regular, to take care of the above two requirements (you can ignore the second qualification, however, if you’ve ever posted before).

B. With a2a still out of commission, and likely permanently due to the implementation of the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws, we are removing the a2a badge and its 20 points from Badge Quest at this time. The new Forum Member badge, however, with its 100 points, will give you an 80-point net gain, and take the a2a badge’s place in the line-up.

Read at:

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King of Ransom winner in Recognition #Eager Zebra

19 days ago

Respected Veronika

It's a really fantastic win and achievement. Not every player will be to do it.

Perhaps Less than 20 Players would have achieved it till now. My guess!

Please cherish and enjoy this moment!!

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What are the shipping service used for transporting in U.S.? in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

20 days ago

Just one more from the same source:

How are TripleClicks shipping costs calculated?

For items shipped from our SFI warehouse, our system database contains the weight figures for each product. The system simply adds the weight of each product you order and applies the shipping fee required by the postal service or United Parcel Service (UPS) to deliver it to you. Shipping charges for items sent from our drop-shipment partners or TripleClicks ECAs are calculated directly by them; SFI does NOT add any extra shipment charges to these or any other orders.


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What are the shipping service used for transporting in U.S.? in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

20 days ago

Respected Dakshesh

Taken from 24-hour Knowledge Base:

Can I get the US Post Office to pick up items I'm shipping to customers?
YES! The USPS offers a free pickup service for your packages. When you're ready to ship items to your customers, use the US Postal Service tool HERE to schedule a pickup right from your business or home. (limitations apply; U.S.-based ECAs only)


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Cant wait until New Year in Miscellaneous

21 days ago

Respected David

Everyone has the same feeling.

But, we have no option than wait patiently.

Isn't it??

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Millionaires In The Making in Marketing #Team Building

21 days ago

Respected Irfan

SFI (Strong Future International) is the result of over 30 years of hard work, experience, blood and sweat of President Gery.

SFI itself is a BRAND name today as the following will prove:

The GROWTH is possible because of the Branding of SFI.

Do we need anything else?

I don't think so. My personal view - With due respects to your suggestion.

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Why My Advertising Isn’t Working?? in Getting Started

21 days ago

Excellent Reply. It contains very useful Tips!! Please don't miss reading it!!

Please Read the following and learn from the Master.

Ask Gery: Where can I advertise to get good results?

Here's the thing. If we were to tell our affiliates to advertise at "Website XYZ," that Website would instantly and immediately be reduced to no value for anyone. Like a good fishing hole, if everyone fishes there, there will no longer be any fish to catch for anyone. Hence, we simply cannot recommend specific places to advertise.

That said, here are a some tips for finding good advertising sources:

CONTINUE reading this Article at:

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None working PSAs in Team Building #CSA #PSA

21 days ago


1. There can be umpteen number of reasons for their being inactive ranging from unrealistic assumption while joining that they can make money and become quick rich without any hard work, to lack of family support, work requirements, personal, etc.

2. Unless they come out and share things with you openly you can do nothing about it.

3. Being a number game, please look for more fresh signs up and continue to do your very best without losing hope.

4. You will find that Gems.

5. Not to give up attitude and lead by example are all there for us to motivate our self and move on with renewed determination to win - no matter what as this is our business!

6. We have no option than to grow, earn and win continuously!! Please do not get discouraged - Move on!!

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Why do not anyone read the rules of the Forum? in Miscellaneous

22 days ago

Respected Sanja

1. Yes. No doubt about it. Every one needs to read the Rules, understand and Post the Thread or Replies duly complying with them.

2. Same time, if any thread is found to be in violation of the Forum Rules then every Reader has the responsibility to report it..

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How Good Are You At Taking Criticism??? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Marketing

22 days ago

Respected Bruce

While constructive criticism is welcome and acceptable to any Marketer. But unjustified criticism will help no one. The intention of the person making the criticism needs to be understood by the Marketer.

More over, the Marketer needs to be well equipped with all the facts and figures of the products or services hye offers. Half hearted knowledge will result in more criticism - justified or unjustified!!

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Bidding in Pricebenders #Astro Auctions #Sponsor #TCredits

22 days ago

More auctions give you more opportunities to win more guaranteed prizes.

How efficiently you bid may help you win it! Type of auction also provides an opportunity to win!