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Less than 200VP Each Month - Growth or Failure? in Team Building #PSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

2 hours ago

We are here to do the business.
So obviously, my first priority is, to do the business sincerely.
For this, some chit chat, gossip are most welcome to maintain the friendly environment.
But, too much is not acceptable which dislocate the focus.
It is suggested, if anything is there like this, try to return to the right track.
Thanks for sharing the same.

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2019 New Years Resolution in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started

4 days ago

Thanks for your reminder and greetings of 2019.
You are absolutely right, that there is no shortcut to get the success.
Everyone has to study, learn the procedure and implement the same accordingly.
Many are there, who are joining as flyers to earn instantly. Sorry, this platform is not suitable for them.

Expect that, the all inactive members will turn round and take the active participation from 2019.
The contribution of everyone will help to grow and develop this business.
Hope for the best. Cheers for 2019......

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Where can I find info of our Network members by country? in Miscellaneous #Localvantia #Marketing #Rewardical

6 days ago

You are absolutely right from one point of view.
The figure shows that there are 79,24,727 members as per present scenario.
But the question is, how many are there as ACTIVE members.
Many are joining everyday but a very little take the initiative to learn and develop this one.
The fact is, flyers are more who wants to earn from day 1 without doing anything.
The members of 123 countries are associated with this system and most inactive members are from India.
Some lucrative systems are to be implemented to motivate and boost them.

Thanks for sharing the same.

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New to SFI???? Only 3 SIMPLE things you got to do to SUCCEED! in Team Building #Getting Started

10 days ago

Most welcome to SFI.
This platform is very much interesting and attractive who are ready to involve in this system.
Well equipped lesson plans which helps to guide step by step.
More over, forum is very supportive platform where we can discuss our doubts openly. Many of us, utilize this platform to share our views.
I want share 3-D, i.e DISCIPLINE, DEDICATION and DETERMINATION are the three key points to get success in SFI.
Also, don't believe on rumors. Do your work sincerely. Result will come definitely.

Thanks for your views and sharing the same on this platform.

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Read,click and Do! Simples!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #VersaPoints

13 days ago

You are absolutely right.
Time to time, many changes take place at this platform.
Really, it helps to boost and motivate us.
SFI is very simple and equipped platform to learn and earn.
Moreover, SFI blog is very much familiar to clear our doubts, as well as share our views to discuss.
It is confirmed that, all active members are enjoyed the same.
Thanks for your post and sharing the experience.

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How To Close The Unknown Gap When Marketing !!! in Marketing #Marketing

16 days ago

Valuable discussion, when we all are involved in marketing.
Marketing is an art to reduce the gap and building up the relationship.
Relationship builds bonding between us.

Thanks for your fruitful thinking and post in this platform.

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Build Team in Team Building #PSA

17 days ago

We understand your pain.
Really , it is painful, when someone eager to learn and clear his doubts, no sponsor and co-sponsor is there with you.

As per SFI policy, sponsor cannot be changed; But co-sponsor can change by management team.
I suggest you, please send a mail to support team with your problem. You will get the reply definitely.
Another option is there, you can post ASK GERY forum where you can get the suggestion and guidance of senior members.

But, don't feel alone.
SFI Forum is very useful platform and sometimes it is more than sponsor or co-sponsor.
We all are here to support and guide you, if you face any problem.
Take this as a challenge and prove that you can build this business.

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Want to know a secret to success with SFI? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

18 days ago

Thanks for your observation.
You have observed that, there is a good amount of commission, if we go with WIDTH.
You are 100% right sir, and there is no doubt on that.

If we choose DEPTH, and average 3 members are there, then at the 12 th level, the number of members are :-

1 generation 3
2 generation 9
3 generation 27
4 generation 81
5 generation 243
6 generation 729
7 generation 2187
8 generation 6561
9 generation 19683
10 generation 59049
11 generation 177147
12 generation 531441

I think, these number of members cannot be handled by own.
You have to maintain the office for this .
So, I feel, I should maintain the width that much which I can handle smooth and properly, as I have to teach the 1st generation only.

However, I feel, team strength is coming, when you go DEPTH-WISE, NOT WIDTH-WISE.

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The Best Way To Recruit: My Story in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

18 days ago

Nice to see both of you in this platform.
I feel, you are not friends, it is more than that.
Nothing to say more but pray, this friendship should remain same upto the last day.
Healthy life with smiling face is an asset for anyone.
Thanks to both of you and SFI, for this golden moments.
Maintain this bond for ever. All the best....

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I am really Inspired! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #VersaPoints

19 days ago

Most welcome to this small and equipped planet.
One day, I was like you, when I have joined in SFI.
Last 05 years, I have noticed a lot of change and improvement.
Still it is going on. Thanks to Mr. Gery and his team for this continuous effort.

In this regards, I want to say, Forum is one of the best platform in SFI.
You can share your views & ideas as well as gain a good amount of knowledge.
When you are having doubt, please post it here. You will get the best answer with explanation.

Thanks for your contribution. Keep it up always......

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SFI Expansion for TripleClicks Sales in Sales #Sales

20 days ago

Thanks for your idea.
As per SFI policy, every tripleclick products is having its own shipping policy and most cases, price is included with the item.
If a separate agency is involved, then the product cost will be increased which is not justified.
Secondly, SFI is having its Affiliate Agreement ( www.sfimg.com/Reference/AffiliateAgreement ) which you have agreed, before joining at this platform.
Management can think about the new policy when it is viable to them.

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May be possible in Suggestion Box

22 days ago

It is not confirmed to me whether Indians are eligible now-a-days or not.
Because, I have tried many times earlier for this but failed to do the registration as country name India is not included in SFI platform.
However, any Indian can do the registration, if he/she apply directly to Payoneer.

If the policy is changed and allow those countries which are out of the existing list, then it is a very good news for all members of those countries.
It helps to grow the business.
Thanks for sharing the news.

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Need some clarification about opti build in Team Building

25 days ago

I don't think, it is nowhere is written that, there is a equal distribution to downline members.
I think, it is system generated and distribution is automatic.

As per Opti-Build programme ( www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=230243&referrer=search ), we have to remember 5 important things but there is no mention about distribution.

May be, distribution is set by Versa Point of individual or who are invested more.
But I am not sure on this.
Expect that, Management will throw some lights in this regards.

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Success can be yours in Team Building

25 days ago

It is a team game.
I am successful when my team achieve something.
If team members are getting something, then it will help them to boost and motivate.
Our duty is, provide the proper guidance and right path.
Team successful means, I will be benefited to move upwards.
Thanks for your post and valuable advice.

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Help in Getting Started #E365 #Getting Started #Team Building

26 days ago


You are absolutely right. Many are there like you feels the same.
But at the same time, it is also true that, many are there, who are not understand how to start the same.

For this, Team Leaders (TLs) are fully responsible.
It is his/her primary responsibility to represent the procedure to the newbies.

Any how, to resolve this issue, SFI management make the system simplified.
The detail is available at www.sfimg.com/path

Apart from that, I always ask my members to study the following:-

Person to person, procedure may differs, but ultimate goal is same.

Hope, it will be beneficial to you.
So don't loose your hope. We all are here to help and guide you.
All the best.....

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Do You Know What Your Customers Need And Want? - I Do! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

28 days ago

Very brief and nice explanation.
SFI is business platform and we need the customers/ followers to grow and develop this one.
Many are joined here but few are active who take this business seriously.
It is very clear that, investment is a part to increase our business.
It is not possible that someone will come to push us upside.
We have to build our own team. Need to spare a very little time for this.

Thanks for your valuable guidelines and suggestion.

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YOU make it happen, no one else can do it for you! in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

You are absolutely right.
Spoon feeding cannot help to boost and motivate the down-line, if the Team Leader is unfit to act.
Moreover, SFI platform is very much friendly, if anyone want to learn the tactics.
There are many methods, which we have to adopt to grow and develop this business.

The main motto is:-
If you are DETERMINED, DEDICATED and DISCIPLINED, then your WILL POWER push you forward.

Thanks for share the same.
Have a good day......

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Team Leader rank qualifications simplified in SFI News #Compensation #Leadership

about 1 month ago

"Be positive and think positive"
It is a very good proverb to motivate and boost.

But SFI Management thinks differently.
They know how to grow and develop this business.
Always monitoring and nurture with different plans.
And I think, this is one of the best implementation so far.

HATS OFF to Mr. Gery and his team for this continuous hard work and effort.

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55 marketing methods in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thanks for your contribution.
It is a great lesson for newbies as well as brush up our memories who are associated for a long time.
Time to time, revision is very much essential to boost and motivate ourselves.
And this platform is very good in this regards.
Hope, you will post more like this to nurture our memories.

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Great 24 hours in Recognition #Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago

I can say that you are an expert in this field and hope you will win more prizes in near future.
But, I want to know a little bit more from you i.e what is the secret behind these.
I as well as all SFI members will be happy, if you share, how to study and judge the same.
Expect your advise in this regards......

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Where's earnings in Compensation

about 1 month ago

Mr. Munish Y,

I avail all the systems;
But Team Building response is much better than others.
My Team leaders and myself, all are prefer Diamond Plan and select auto delivery of OPTI-BUILD programme.
You can get the details at www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?catid=26444&id=230242

All the best. Keep it up always.....


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Where's earnings in Compensation

about 1 month ago

Mr. Munish Y,

Thanks for your communication.
I agree with you that sales is the best option to start.
For this there is no investment. Only post the ad to public or social media to attract the same.
Now, the question is who are the buyers? The answer is mostly FLYING CUSTOMERS.
Otherwise, who are well known about the products as well as companies.
In this scenario, Marketing plays the key role. Also needs the good communication for this.
It is my observation, most affiliates are from non English speaking and the delivery of English not that much sound.
It is a drawback for promoting any items. Advertise helps to get the popularity of SFI but individual are not able to earn handsome.

On the other hand, Team Building helps to grow your team. To maintain the BTL rank, you have to purchase/sales to collect the points. Option is there, go with sales and collect VP. Purchase yourself, whatever VP is less to achieve that. It is very simple and easy to boost and motivate the team.

Moreover, you need to train and guide only your 1st level (atleast 05 members). 2nd generation will be recruited by 1st generation. Implementation of duplication helps to grow faster.

It is my advice, you have judged the followers , how much education, he/she is having ? Which job profile is suitable for him/her.
So, needs, to and fro communication continuously to understand each other to prepare the training platform.
Person to person, it varies. This is my personnel opinion in this regards.

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Ready Made Youtube Promo Videos in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Fantastic idea to grow and develop this business.
Also, I suggest, voice should be in different languages to boost the newbies.
Many are there, who are not that much familiar with English but eager to participate.
I am not telling that, they are not having the knowledge of English but not sufficient to motivate them.
If, local language system is introduced, it will be more beneficial for all newbies.
Expect that management will study and take the best one decision in this regards.

Thanks for your innovative idea and suggestion.

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Where's earnings in Compensation

about 1 month ago

You are asked a genuine and logical question?
You are working hard but failed to earn.
But have you checked whether, you achieve your target or not?
Marketing and Selling is very typical to get success.
Rather, TEAM BUILDING is most easier than this.
As per my knowledge, BTL is the best one level for initial earning.
You have to invest something to maintain that level.

You need to recruit atleast 05 active members under you.
Train and guide them in the same fashion, so that, they invest and maintain the minimum same rank (i.e BTL).
These 05 guys, will recruit their next level and so on.

As a BTL, you can earn upto 6th generation where in EA, you will get only upto 3 level.
Moreover, you will get the 1 share second home CSAs i.e around 25-30 nos. CSA under you.

Initially, it is time taking to get the right members but keep patience till you reach that target.
Hope, you will get the success very soon.