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Marija B.


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Let's Create More Creativeity!!! Why Not??? in Marketing #Marketing

3 days ago

Hello Mr. Bruce,
Great thread once again. Creativity is important in all aspects of human life. So, it is the same in business - more creative we are, we gain more success.
Thank you for sharing those wonderful posts with us.
Have a great day!

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I just won 16000 Supernova... What a lucky day! in Recognition #Astro Auctions

5 days ago

Congratulations on your great prize! I won Supernova with similar amount and that was so exciting!
Good luck to you in the next auctions!
Have a great day!

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Molim za komentare. Da li je ovo kraj za ''obične'' SFI-jevce? in Serbia #Sales #Sponsor #Team Building

8 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Molim za komentare. Da li je ovo kraj za ''obične'' SFI-jevce? in Serbia #Sales #Sponsor #Team Building

8 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Prayers Requested. in Just For Fun

11 days ago

Hahaha Ray,
At the beginning I really thought something bad has happened, but I read the whole story to see if you are OK.
When I got to this part I realized you are apsolutely fine!
the manager of the grocery store came out and unplugged the machine. But then he had the nerve to take the rest of my quarters so I wouldn't attempt to drive the Batmobile
Thanks for the joke, next time have some considerations to our poor hearts, lol!
Have a wonderful day!

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i have a particular concern ! in Team Building #Team Building

14 days ago

Hello El Kamili,
If she is only EA and opted in the Opti build, she can't recieve the new PSAs as she needs to be BTL to participate in Opti build. If she gets her share anyway, you can send the team email to the whole downline who joined that day and offer your help.
I hope this helps.

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Never Give Up in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

15 days ago

Hello Ray,
Another great story among many others. I really enjoy reading your posts. You are one of the most positive and motivating people I know.
Thank you for sharing those wonderful stories.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Gabs ongom! in Recognition

16 days ago

Congratulations Gabs! Great job!!!

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I feel unlucky in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Contests

18 days ago

We are lucky in love

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I feel unlucky in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Contests

18 days ago

Don't worry you are not the only one, it happens to all of us.
For example, I play from 5 to 10 AA per day - I never won Rocket Box or Supernova. Quantum is in another dimension away from me :)
I wish you more luck next time.

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Play and Win in Recognition #Eager Zebra

19 days ago

Well done Milica! Congratulations!
I become an Astro auction fan, spending all my free time on them, lol.
Maybe I will try my luck on the sports games too.

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still waiting for Astro Auctions advertising tools or not in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

19 days ago

Hello Mary,
As I have read, we still wait for AA promo materials. But you can share any of Astro auctions by sharing it's link found here:

Hope this helps.

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Do I have a wrong impression? in Miscellaneous

19 days ago

Dear Anđa,

Thank you for your post. It seams many people are concerned about same things.

Let me tell you my point of view.
Yes, I was very much concerned when the new comp plan was introduced. In fact, my commission went down pretty much. But, that was not the main problem. The main problem showed with people who have only one PSA and small depth. They were hit with the changes the most - even small commission become much smaller. Their motivation went to zero!

Now, let me remind you - we all freaked out when we lost double MRPs, now with Astro Auctions we have a chance to win even more prizes then on double PB auctions that we had. Also, don't forget that we get RT from our PSAs/PRMs and CSAs.
In fact, with really small investment and a bit of luck, anyone can become EA and get Team Override from 3 generations.

I am keeping my GTL rank even I cover my generations with STL. It would be a bad reputation if I go down in rank after two years being GTL constantly. So, encourage your team to build the downline and go further in ranks. I know it is not easy, but slowly we will adopt to changes.

We, Balkans, have a really hot blood! We want everything NOW! And if we find an obstacle, we would start grumbling and sitting there deeply hurt (but we have a BIG hearts).

Anyway, what I have noticed - people are slowly accepting the changes and moving forward. Regarding AD, I never, really never told my new PSA to set AD immediately. I know, without buying, we don't get commission and that is clear - but I always leave to them to make their decission. Some of them told me the first day they join that they don't want to buy anything. I would say OK, I respect your wish - in some further days, they would give up or decide to invest. This way I have slower progress but no stress.

If you refer about higher commission that some high positioned leaders have through Team Overrides - well, maybe one day we would be the high positioned leaders too In fact, some people are here 10-20 years longer then us. They invested much more time in the company then us, shared good and bad days.

Regarding calculating TO, I already wrote in one thread about it - go to your Genealogy; in the top left corner there is a table, add all CVs (without CSA CVs) and multiply with 4%. You will get the exact amount of your commission generated by your downline.

Only thing I am not quite happy is RECA and ECA program. I still believe we need more versatile and stronger ECA program to generate more sales. I know there were many stupid things among the products on TripleClicks, but I believe if we were charged for every product we list on TripleClicks (maybe as a monthly fee), we would take more care about products we offer and buyer satisfaction.

I hope I could clear some of your doubts.
Wishing you a great success and as dedicated leader you are, I know you will succeed!

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Holding seminars and workshops around us. in Marketing #Marketing

20 days ago

Hello Samkelisiwe,
SFI gives you free training for new affiliates

Also, you have Mr. Gery's Rules of success

General training you can find on this link:

I really like Expert Reports:

How do I organize a training? I use all those resources and share useful links to my team members through my Facebook group, website and online seminars.
Hope I helped.
Wishing you successful business.

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Astro Auction completed boarding & became ready for launching in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

21 days ago

Thank you Stephen,
My mistake.
When you translate those words the meaning is almost the same.

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Astro Auction completed boarding & became ready for launching in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

22 days ago

Ratan is right.
The prizes are delivered on the day when we redeem them. I was late redeeming prizes last few days, so every time I redeemed them, they were added that day on my account.

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how to stay motivated in Getting Started #Astro Auctions

25 days ago

Thank you Padmini,
Great post!

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EA in Southern Europe #PSA

25 days ago

Čestitam Slavice,
Idemo dalje!

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Day to be proud in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Leadership

28 days ago

Hello SFI family!
I am so proud to say, today is my 5th Anniversary at SFI. It is a honor to be with all of you all these years.
During this time, I failed, I succeed ... I was near to quit and I decided to stay. It wasn't easy all the time but it was always tempting, addictive and fun. When SFI enters your bloodstream it stays there for good!

I learnt a lot, made friends for life. Last year was very hard for me in my personal life but the people with big P stayed with me and encouradged me, I have found a rescue in them. I would not probably meet them if I haven't joined and stayed in SFI.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank my PSAs, my downline, my CSAs, my upline and SFI management ... also, to the people who I follow on the Forum and people who are not here with us anymore for various reasons. All of you thought me something and left something in my life.

Hope we will share much more successful years together in SFI!
All the best to all of you from my heart!

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50. Knockout Trivia in Southern Europe #Eager Zebra

29 days ago

Čestitam Nikola!
Svaka čast!

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Online store at TripleClicks (ECA) in Suggestion Box

about 1 month ago

Hello Mirjana,

I do agree with this. For example, I sell my products on Etsy where I pay monthly fee for each product listed (0.28$ per product monthly). I would agree to pay a monthly fee for listed products and in this case (if it is not free) people will take care to put interesting, competitive, high quality products in their shops and be more responsible to fulfil their obligations toward the buyers.

All those new changes we have here are really good but I strongly believe we need new ECA program to push all this in right direction. I know SFI and TripleClicks had a lot of problems with giving refunds for ECA's which do not fulfil their obligation also with buyers which make false accusations, but I believe it could all be sorted out.

I hope SFI management would consider your proposal.
Thank you for bringing this up.
Have a great day!

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Commission from Rewardical ECA? in Compensation #Compensation #ECA #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Hello Stewart,
Thanks for your answer. I know about this, but I am asking about this specific line:

"Previously, all CV (Commission Volume) on Localvantia and Rewardical sales just went into the Executive Pool. Now, Direct Commissions, Co-Sponsor Commissions, and Team Overrides are earned and paid out directly on ALL these vendor sales! To put it another way, whenever a vendor dishes out Rewardicals to a customer, commissions to Sponsors, Co-Sponsors, and 12 upline EAs/Team Leaders are immediately generated!"

As I have talked to other people, this is much confusing to many of us.

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Commission from Rewardical ECA? in Compensation #Compensation #ECA #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Dear Mr. Gery, dear SFI family,

I had a question from my downline on which I can't give a proper answer. She asked me do we and how much we earn if we sell something from Rewardical ECAs.

While ago I had an argument in which I got an answer that we are getting commission if we sell something from RECAs, I told her we do, but I do not know how much. Also, if we read the new comp plan it doesn't say we are earning commission from products sale from RECA or I do not understand.

I would really appreciate if someone could point me in right direction regarding this matter.
Thank you.