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Ora Lee C.

United States

E365 Runner Up
Gold Fast-Track
Posts: 11 | Followers: 12 | 6th year with SFI

13 posts

Is my earning added to my money and where do I see it in Compensation

about 1 year ago

Go to your account and look under my reports, from there you will see my commissions.

33 posts

A message from my grandmother ... in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership

over 2 years ago

Diane you have described your "Nanna" as a beautiful person inside and out. I send my condolences to you and your family in her passing.

13 posts

Anniversay. in Recognition

over 2 years ago

Happy Three Year Anniversary!

30 posts

Why I love SFI. Proven and Paying. in Team Building #ECA #Marketing #Team Building

over 2 years ago

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to follow your activity.

20 posts

New at SFI! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #TripleClicks

over 2 years ago

Yes! This is a business you could improve your standard of living. For me, all is well!

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My Third Anniversary! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Eager Zebra

over 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing and encouraging me to look forward in my upcoming 3rd year in SFI.

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I won in Recognition #Eager Zebra

over 3 years ago

Congratulations !!! I agree, I feel happy when I win also.