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Marvell H.

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Using All Your Tools in Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing #Sponsor

1 day ago

Lebron James has my deepest respect. I have seen where he and his sons helped a family renovate a house that really needed and made it livable again.

I agree with you about your lessons as I came from a very poor background and I have not let it stop me from moving forward. Thank you for reminding me.


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SFI'ers I Need Your Advice/Opinions in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Don't give up. What are you doing daily to grow your business? So how long have you been working on that. How long have your been working on your dream? And you have nothing to show for it. People are going to do that to you. " That is all you got to show for it. And some people will stop. Because they don’t see the instant results. It doesn’t happen quickly. They STOP. Oh, no, no, no, no. You got to keep watering/working your dreams. That’s not going to happen as quickly as you want it to happen. A lot of things are going to happen, that will happen to catch you off your guard. Therefore, you will deal with it and will handle it when it comes. And not only that, but that faith and patience will drive you into action. You’ve go to keep moving. And keep plugging away. During these hard times, when you don’t know you are making progress. During those times when you fail and things don’t work out. They are nowhere to be found. Do you know what I discovered? When you are working at your dream, magic happens. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. Oh, it’s sweet to you. It’s good to you, and the magic continues.

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Lets Eliminate ALL the Excuses Why We Can't Succeed... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I love what you always post. For every excuse why I can't succeed there is always at choice to choose what will help you to succeed. I have a can do attitude and I never ever quit. For me quitting is not an option.

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Are You Too Impatient To Count To 10??? in Marketing #Marketing

about 1 month ago


I also say thank you, what did I learn from this? There are times when I get to thank 7 times or more before I know it is alright. What did I learn from this? For me there is a always a reason and lesson. I get to be honest with me.


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Setting Goals in Getting Started #Compensation #Getting Started #Sales

3 months ago

I also set my goals in increments of 1 year and then I break in down to 90, then 60, 30 days and then I break it down to weeks. By my doing that I have doable weekly goals and which leads to the end result of my goals. I also have a support team which I check in with on a weekly basis. Then I am accountable for my results.

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"Tips" Tab in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

The daily information on the Tip Page is priceless. It's about getting information in small amounts that in the end is great.

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Where does the changes begin? in Miscellaneous

6 months ago

Thank you, Lesil,

Very well said. Change doesn't happen over night. It comes from small steps at a time, which leads to great results. Never give up, never ever give up. The change comes within. Believe in yourself, you can do it. I believe everyone who applies themselves and believes in themselves can do it. You can do it, I know you can. So follow Lesil and others who work the business.


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Take steps forward in your 'SFI' business. in Team Building

7 months ago

Very well said. By taking little steps to go farther out of your comfort do you actually grow. Then the bottom of your comfort zone also rises.

What it will take to get out and to stay up out of the comfort zone? It will take courage. Because you are in a whole new territory. Not being without fear, but stepping into it.

I sure helps to have strong support people around you who can see you up there. It can come from friends, family or even your team and up-line.

You get to see why it's worth it to you, and why and how you or I am served by working through that discomfort.

Having the best thing for that is a strong sense of purpose.

When I am clear-eyed about the results of this business, then I have a strong position to come from. Then you will be able to turn things around...

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Achieving Excellence Through Perfection. in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

7 months ago

Thank you Agwu,

I would also add that look at the successful people methods not at their results. It 's the method that is getting the result. Then put the methods that work for you into your own business. As you stated it takes work, some times lots of work. Who cares, only you care when you see what you are achieving.


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Inactive PSA in Suggestion Box #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

9 months ago

Thank you Howard,

This is what team work is all about. My friends Randy Revell and Kathleen Carrie it takes a team to build a village. We are that village.

Marvell H

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It is never too late to be what you want to be! in Inspiration/Testimonials

10 months ago

This is so very good to hear. I always have advised never to give up. Thank you, for your message again.

Marvell H

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PTP Contest Tips Sharing in Pricebenders #Contests #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders

10 months ago

Thank you, Bing for sharing your wisdom and experience.

Marvell H

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What Is Best To Connect? in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

10 months ago

One on one skype is good. However, I prefer Zoom when there is more. The advantage of zoom you can pre-schedule meetings.

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How to Change of my email. in Miscellaneous #Sales #TripleClicks

10 months ago

Go to your account

Then go to Account Info - that is where you can make the changes.

Marvell H

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Special FREE book offer! in SFI News #Sales #Team Building #TripleClicks

11 months ago

Thank you Grey, Books for me is a key to learning.

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The most common excuses! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

11 months ago

As my friend Kathleen Carie states we have our reasons or excuses to not do something. In order to get the results I/you want we must take action. Thank you for the information, it is right on.
Marvell H

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Automatic Classified Ad Submitters in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

11 months ago


There is free advertising site out there. It really takes about 90 days to build a list and get the results that you want. It's a slow build.

Marvell H.

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This is very strange! Is this a bug? in Miscellaneous #CSA #Team Building

11 months ago

I believe the individual entered it into their profile when signing up and has not corrected it.

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LIVE Signup info on Free Gateway link! in Suggestion Box #Marketing

12 months ago

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Excited E Card suggestion in Suggestion Box

about 1 year ago

I agree with Steven H. I am a woman and I have had my own business for over 25 years and have had a wonderful time building equally from men and women. If you look for the wrong or prejudice you will find it no matter where you look. If me with me is working then everything works.

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about 1 year ago

Fabian E, it has also been my experience phone calls are more effective, especially when I am looking for volunteers for some other activity. Have you tried the chat or the newer icebreaker.

Marvell H

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Yes, You Can Do It! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 year ago

You have that right. You have the choice to work for your own benefit. You can do anything you set your mind to.

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Success is by choice, not by chance! in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

about 1 year ago

Very well said Ibe. I have had this brought home to me many times. We are always at choice. When making a decision that is not on course with where we want to go. There is always course corrections. Then I ask myself what did I learn from this. For it is another lesson learned. I teach this to my clients in another business.

Marvell H.

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Starting an SFI Home Business in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sales #Sponsor

about 1 year ago

Thank you, very good post and the reminder of successful habits get to develop their business.

Marvell H