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Are You Real? in Miscellaneous #Leadership

5 days ago

Once again, a great point of view.

I am of the belief: Without our mistakes we would not be where we are today. After all, as mentioned we all make mistakes. Those who progress are the ones who take their mistakes and learn from them. Some of the best inventions throughout history came about because of a "mistake." Watch an infant/child and we observe just how much we learn from making "mistakes."

My daughter loves to draw, but thinks she is awful at it. I have many of her drawings she has completed throughout the years hung in my room. Looking at them I see how she has progressed from drawings where one wonders what the object is to drawings where one can clearly tell what she was drawing. It is the same with all humans, regardless of where they are in their life span.

Thank you for sharing this wise view.

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Rewardicals is here to Stay, Rule & Support - You & Me-Part2 in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical #TripleClicks

8 days ago

Thank you for writing out the explanation. It is a valuable learning tool for those who are willing to expand their understanding.

When Rewardical was first introduce, you describe excellently how Gery had to patiently respond to much inquiries. This shows how we as humans commonly respond to change. The Rewardical system is an excellent way to build ones SFI profile and add to ones business. The reaction to the introduction of Rewardical can also be seen in many of the other changes which have occurred throughout SFI/TripleClicks over the years.

One thing I have learned through my time with SFI is the value of embracing change - Is it easy? Often no, but when we put our effort in working on changing, it often does pay out in some form.

Again, thank you for writing this thread for more opportunity to learn for those who make the effort.

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Why do not anyone read the rules of the Forum? in Miscellaneous

22 days ago

Sadly, it isn't only because people do not read the rules that the forum is misused. The new action of reading the Forum Rules and attaching a post is part of a new forum badge made available.

It has been my experience that we humans are constantly pushing against rules, regulation and anything telling us how we are to be. Majority follow rules, often complaining to themselves or others in quiet. Yet there are the few who WILL disregard the rules considering them stifling, a barrier, unfair, or "not necessary."

Sadly, there will always be those who do read, but still will not follow the guidelines (rules.)

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I am not saying, "Catch me, if you can." in Miscellaneous #Contests #TCredits

23 days ago

Congratulations Prabhat.

A reminder for all affiliates: T-Time Drawing resets every hour. The best way to increase you chance of being a T-Time Drawing winner is to enter multiple times within a 24 hour period.

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Is AA losing it's charm ? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Sales #TripleClicks

23 days ago

It most likely means others entered the same amount as you for Pick-The-Bid. Instead of awarding every correct entry, only one winner of Pick-The-Bid is chosen through what is known as "tiebreaker" in AA rules. I copied the tiebreakers rules and posted below for you.

In the case of a tie for the Pick-The-Bid contest prediction, three tiebreakers will be used:

Tiebreaker #1: Highest pilot tip. That is, step two of placing a bid requires choosing how many of your TCredits you wish to receive Constellation Prizes on. The auction win will be awarded to the bidder who entered the highest number here.

Tiebreaker #2: Oldest winner. If tie is not broken by Tiebreaker #1, the win will be awarded to the bidder who has went the longest without winning the Pick The Bid contest.

Tiebreaker #3: Earliest entry. If tie is not broken by Tiebreaker #1 and #2, the win will be awarded to the bidder who entered their bid first.

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Is AA losing it's charm ? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Sales #TripleClicks

23 days ago

I like how Mr. Gery stated "on a lucky streak earlier...or a bad streak now." We need to remember there is one constant in Marketing = fluctuation. This is the one constant ALL companies and businesses need to deal with in order to meet their goals. When there is a down fluctuation ("bad streak") we need to be aware of our reactions. Are we more apt to want to blame something for the down fluctuation OR start seeking ways to work through the down fluctuation and influence an up fluctuation [What many in businesses call Creative Thinking/Planning.]

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Avoiding Distractions in Marketing #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

29 days ago


I like your approach; not only does it communicate to the sender your non-interest, but opens the potential for communication about SFI. As you stated it plants a seed. They may ask questions such as: "What does SFI provide?" "Does SFI really provide everything an entrepreneur needs? "Is this program better than what I am currently doing?"

In a way you are politely declining their offer, while marketing your business.

Keep it up!

Anna D.

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Age Is No Longer An Excuse!!! in Marketing #Marketing

about 1 month ago

Individuals typically look for "excuses" as to why they are not doing something. Age tends to be a major reason; however, it falls in the "I can't" mentality. As others have written, it is ourselves that places the limitations on us. We are the ones who need to recognize we can accomplish what we want despite what others are claiming. We make our choices: Do what I want/need or Do what I'm told.

Thank you for the share, Bruce.

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Do You Snickle? in Miscellaneous #Marketing

about 1 month ago

Snickling = interesting term, but great idea.

I also work in small intervals and find I tend to get more completed overall, then when I go marathon. Though it might seem slow to some, as achievements are not quickly recognize, it does help to avoid "burn out."

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Rapport - The Forgotten Foundation in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I agree Randy, rapport is important to any business, including living in a community. From what you wrote and in my opinion, rapport is looking at a bigger picture and considering, "How can I support others," instead of only asking, "What's in it for me." Through rapport we support others and the benefit is it often helps up, sometimes in ways we did not expect.

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What Do You Have in Your Hands? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thank you, David, for sharing this motivational story and the idea of looking at "what we do have and what might be." I agree, focusing on what might be is what helps us to be creative and work towards accomplishing goals. We truly fail when we quit.

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Why Did You Rejoin SFI After You Quit? in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

1st: Thank you, Mary, Francis & Natasha and others who shared. I am honored with your sharing your circumstances.
2nd: Randy, I missed reading your posts. It is good having you back.
Lastly: I shared parts of my story in other threads, but following other's examples thought I would share more on this thread.

I have been an affiliate of SFI for 6 years. I would not be considered one who "rejoin SFI after you quit;" however, at times I have been inactive; the longest being this past year. It bothers me when affiliates assume they know the circumstance of another affiliate simply by looking at their profile. This past week an affiliate claimed he knew why I was only an EA, "but would not take it public." Interestingly, he knows nothing of my past six years, which includes what I have and have not done within SFI.

When I joined SFI, I was going on my tenth year working as a full time social worker, owned a craft business, had a house I purchased, owned a vehicle, had dogs, but most important I enjoyed the company of my lovely daughter (and still do), whom I adopted as a single person. I wanted a way to spend more time at home raising her, than leaving her in childcare facilities, this was the spark that lead me to SFI.

My first year and a half with SFI was productive. I slowly learned about a field (network marketing) I had VERY little experience in and began building my marketing business utilizing SFI's tools. I earned commission and learned to put those earnings back into the business to help it grow. I continued to work full-time and maintain my craft business, while caring for my daughter and worked SFI during the times she slept.

Then health once again decided to make living adventurous. I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to unknown cause. This resulted in a year long argument between myself and medical professionals who insisted I go onto disability. I finally accepted their suggestion when a year after being diagnosed with TBI, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. These situations negatively affected my insomnia, which has been an issue all my life; it also affects my mental health.

During the past six years, I endured 20+ hospital stays, typically averaging a week, while two were for more than a month. I have a medical procedure once every three weeks that requires anesthesia. Though being anesthetized once every three weeks is an inconvenience, the procedure helps me to maintain living outside of a care facility, enabling me to continue caring and raising my daughter.

These medical situations affect my ability to log into SFI or use any internet at times. My longest period of "inactivity" this past year followed my last month and a half long hospital stay. I lost my Silver Team Leader status, along with all my PSA/CSA. I could have easily said, "I QUIT!" Instead I said, "Well, looks like I need to build up again." During the past year I would log in when able to, which at first was very spotty, but grew to be more consistent to the point I could once again engage in "logging in daily." I earned EA this month, due to accumulated VP over the past four months. (As a side note, I have had a few short hospital stays this past year.)

Despite "losing" all my efforts and what I built in SFI over a year ago, I chose to continue to log in to stay up-to-date on SFI information, as I planned to "become active" and build a productive business once again. I've experienced the potential SFI has for everyone and I am willing to keep working towards that potential, despite what is thrown at me and may take me off the path I planned. It doesn't mean I have to stay off the path, just means I need to take detours.

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I Can't Do It! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Marketing

about 1 month ago

When my 11 year old tells me, "I can't ..." my typical reply is "Guess you made your mind and choice, you're the only one who can decide if you are going to do it." She often replies in a disgruntle attitude, but later finds she was able to do what she said she couldn't.

You are correct Randy, mental attitude influences our behaviors and outcomes more than people attribute to it.

Recently, another affiliate "slyly" suggested I was not doing enough with SFI through his wording; however, I am very aware of my situation and reason as to why I am back at being an "executive affiliate" after having gained silver team leader status almost a year ago and loosing all my PSA and CSA. I could have been discouraged and quit SFI and building a personal business after loosing my hard earned level/status and earnings due to illness. Instead, I never gave up on my business and being an SFI affiliate. Instead I continued to log in as often as I could, which was very spotty for awhile, but became more and more as time went on and I learned to work with and around my illness to the point that in the past 3 months I have been able to log in daily. I am very aware that I will need to start building my team once more in order to start earning team leader levels, but right now that is not the most important steps for me. What is more important is ensuring I am able to to work consistently at my currently level, while increasing my efforts at a level both my body and mind are able to manage.

My opinion is most who say "I Can't Do It!" looks at the finish line and think to themselves I'm not there, which translate into "I Can't Do It!" instead of looking at the path they have already walked and realize they are closer to the finish line than they realized.

Thank you for sharing this inspirational video.

Anna D

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BQ competition in Getting Started #Contests

2 months ago

Badge Quest is another tool SFI provides all affiliates as a means to build their business. I think it is safe for me to say many "older affiliates" remember when there was no badge quest. These affiliates have been around to witness and participate in many, many, many changes that have taken place within SFI which helped them build their business.

Change is hard, especially when we do not fully see the reason behind change or what the potential can be from changing. Currently, I am needing to adjust to this new presentation of Badge Quest. I am unsure what the outcome will be; however, personal experience of being with SFI for 5+ years, observing and participating in the implementation of the original Badge Quest, along with multiple changes over the years, including how commission is figured and paid, I learned patients helps while changes are being implemented and adjusting to those changes can be difficult, but once incorporated can be helpful in building a stronger business with greater outcome.

Another thing I learned from observing multiple SFI changes throughout the years is there will be affiliates excited about a change, those who are "fence sitters," and affiliates who dislike a change. I observed affiliates leave or become inactive because they disliked a change, instead of giving the change a chance. Each affiliate will have their own opinion regarding a change. The most important question each affiliate needs to ask if they are serious about building their business, regardless of change is "How can I make this change benefit my business?" (Answers do not always come easily.)

There will always be change in businesses, whether they are laws, company policies or something else that will affect how we do and grow our business. It all falls back to how we personally react to those changes that will determine whether or not we will falter or grow from the change.

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Thank - Congratulate - Agree in Suggestion Box

2 months ago

Trying to make posts/threads and the overall forum look less "busy," the creators of the forum platform chose to utilize "simple" buttons = Thank, Congratulate, Agree. As forum participants, we have the option to utilize those buttons to help keep forums thread cleaner, by avoiding simple post of "Thanks for sharing," "Congratulations on your efforts," "I agree." Although those are examples, there are many other simple responding post in similar manner that have taken up unnecessary space. Therefore, forum facilitators provided those buttons as a means to avoid usage of unnecessary space for what are typically the most used three simple responses.

This may seem a "little rough and rude" to some, but it also is in the way we individually view and interpret the buttons. The way I look at the buttons (which took me awhile to get use to utilizing them) are:
Thank = Click this button if I want to convey to the poster, "Thank you for sharing this post."
Congratulate = Click this button if I want to convey to the poster, "Congratulations on your accomplishment(s)."
Agree = Click this button if I want to convey to the poster, "I agree with what they expressed."

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50 PSA Astro Auction Stuck up in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 months ago

As another affiliate mentioned, during fueling stage, SFI waits to go towards boarding and launching auction AFTER they have received the amount of bids that will cover the cost of the item being auctioned.

Awhile back, I participated in an Astro-Auction that did not launch for over 3 weeks, due to the need to wait for the amount of bids. So, all I can say is patience. This is the one disadvantage of junior auctions, they can be VERY slow to launch. It depends on who is interested in the item and those qualified to participate - will they?

Anna D.

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Can I become a Millionaire in SFI? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

3 months ago

Hello Theodore,

Many have already given sound advice. I will add mine to their repertoire. The question is not Can I become a Millionaire in SFI? The question to ask oneself is What am I willing to do to become a Millionaire?

Everyone can ask if they can become a millionaire, but it is those who ask how and what do I need to do to become a millionaire that have the greater potential of meeting this goal, regardless of current finances, age, and overall circumstance. Once a person asks What am I willing to do to become a Millionaire? it opens up their minds towards working to accomplish that goal. Each individual is the only one who can answer that question truthfully.

There are basic steps every, current millionaire, multi-millionaire and billionaires have taken to accomplish their current goal. The very first step they each had to take was asking themselves what they were willing to do to achieve their goal(s). Once they asked themselves what they were willing to do, their next step was to set goals: The ultimate goal, broken down into smaller goals and those smaller goals, broken down into even smaller daily tasks and goals. Their next step was to work on those goals, keeping a record of what was working and what needed changes.

So, to answer your question, Can I become a Millionaire in SFI? the simple answer is yes, but what are you willing to do to achieve this desire. The question of How? Write a business plan with main (ultimate) goals, broken down into smaller goals directed to help you reach your ultimate goal, and those smaller goals broken down into daily/weekly tasks and goals. As for your question of When? that is up to you and the goals you set. Just remember, all current wealthy individuals have had to deal with set backs, but they continued to work through those set back and found alternatives towards working to achieve their goals.

Best of luck with setting your business plan and lifestyle goals.

Anna D.

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Able to buy Shirt in Suggestion Box

3 months ago

It is a prize shirt as Gery pointed out.

However, could SFI management consider another designed HIDDEN shirt for advertising purpose which could be purchased? (Perhaps even for other Eager Zebra games?)

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Kow What You Want And Get It!!! in Team Building #Team Building

3 months ago

Unfortunately, we can NOT make another's choice. We can share, encourage and prod, but they will act as they decide. Fence sitters will continue to fence sit until they make their own decision to act (stand and walk into the unknown.) Sadly, the comfort and site seen while fence sitting is too enticing for them that unless something drastic occurs that causes them to have to hop off the fence into the unknown zone, they will continue to enjoy their view from the fence.

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New Eager Zebra game...HIDDEN! in SFI News #Eager Zebra

4 months ago

Similar to you Jennie, I noted the clues I won when told after a "spotted fox" were not immediately added to my clue count during the game. As it was the first time I played the game, I monitored the "points" and "clues" counter closely and read the earnings/prize list carefully following the "spotted fox". During the game, it appeared I never got the earned/prized clues added during the game and ended due to running out of clues.

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New Eager Zebra game...HIDDEN! in SFI News #Eager Zebra

4 months ago

I agree with your suggestion, Frank.

I figured out the number of correct words I answered by counting the foxes "spotted." There are four foxes right above the "GUESS!" bar in the color of Orange, Red, Silver and White (Albino). I figured out that after each correct word a "spotted fox" appeared; mainly orange. Under those colored foxes a number tally is kept and when I added the numbers, I figured out how many correct words I earned. Despite being able to figure out "how many words I have already guessed" it was time consuming in my opinion.

It would be nice if there were a "correct words" or "words" counter, where we could just look for that information; similar to "points" and "clues" on the top of the game board. (Suggestions for SFI/Mr. Gery)

Anna D

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New Eager Zebra game...HIDDEN! in SFI News #Eager Zebra

4 months ago

Hi Tanja,

I just played the game, after clicking on link in Gery's forum announcement. Initially, I experienced what you are describing - "can't type," when I clicked the guess button. I'm also on a laptop, accessing through Chrome. After clicking the button, the box where we are to type showed up with the already shown letters and blank space. Initially, I tried to type between the letters, but no typing was happening. I finally took the cursor and highlighted the "letters and blanks" and hit delete. This seemed to do something, as I was able to finally type in my guess. I found whenever I clicked the guess button, I had to delete what came up automatically, before I was allowed to type my guess. Unsure if this is helpful for you.

Anna D.

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Why is necessary to claim AA prizes?Instead of simply autodeliver in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders

4 months ago

I agree with Scott, it has to do with marketing strategies. However, it's also to ensure it is a true living affiliate claiming their prize and not some computerized system trying to outbeat another program.

Sometimes "working" for our prize and driving our own sales up by being active reminds us what we are doing.


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Suggestion for revising the GOALS Tab in Ask Gery #Leadership #Team Building

5 months ago

I like your suggestion and understand what you propose, but do not agree with adding more VP for reviewing and changing our goals. Currently, goals can be changed anytime an affiliate wants once they have set their monthly goals. I am of the opinion if we reward every actions affiliates make, they will not be responsible for themselves. There will be no true self regulation, which is what having a business is about.

Like you, I at times set goals low, but as I review my goal tab each day, I will adjust goals as needed, despite not earning any VP. I view goals as helping me progress. This is the way it is with successful businesses. They set and adjust goals with their only reward being their business growth (and at time a slump in their business.)

Since we are business owners, utilizing SFI as means of building our business, we should be responsible to ourselves and not depend on rewards. Rewards in the form of VP, Rewardicals, T-Credits, etc. would best be viewed as an added bonus that we can utilize to build our business instead of relying on them.

Anna D.

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How do you treat SFI , Business or Hobby? in Miscellaneous

5 months ago

I know many businesses started out as hobbies that became successful businesses, some even world wide.

Hobbies turned into a successful business:
The Game Crafter
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
Score at Hand
Green Daisy
West Point Thoroughbreds
Sew What?
and so many more...

The questions are "What do I consider success?" and "What am I willing to do to be successful?"

Anna D