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Johnny and Christine ..

New Zealand

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What happened to TriplClicks store? in Sales

11 hours ago

How long has it been since you have logged in Matthew?

The reason I am asking is that things have progressed rapidly over the last few months and have generated quite a lot of excitement. I am asking you the question because it seems you might have not kept up with the changes.

Auctions and games have become a huge focus over the last month or so. You might want to review the news for this period to get your question answered.

It's exciting times at SFI right now for us.

Good luck and hope you find your answer pleasurable

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SFI Marketing Content in Marketing #Marketing #Sales

11 hours ago

If you do use content refer such as quotes and include a link as proof ;

This is an example of a quote word for word....

Here is the link from the said quote approved by SFI

This way we eliminate rumors and false information

Hope this will help you

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How many bidders are there in an auction ? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

14 hours ago

The simple answer is yes there are a lot more than the 20 people you see bidding. You see you winnings as the flight progresses so that is proof you are on the flight.

The excitement is that no matter if you bid 1, 10, 100 or more T credits everyone wins stuff every time that will assist toward your success when you apply the winnings toward achieving such exciting is that!
For example we fly daily, Why?

We play 1 t credits some times more because we are supporting the future of SFI and our Team in SFI not so much to win now but to win for the rest of our life here. If we win with this method great but if not great also as it helps Christine and I succeed in achieving our dream using this entire platform SFI are constantly building and improving on.

It's all about building a solid foundation for a positive and financial life style that we all know comes from persistence and our actions.

Good luck and we hope you see past that which is uncertain and grasp that which will secure your personal wants for success.

Fly hard, fly high, and may you succeed with SFI...


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Can I Change My Gateway Link in my Custom Prestige Domain? in Marketing

5 days ago

You can change them at any time Prateek. Bare in mind though, that if you are promoting/advertising the current links you have set up they will no longer exists.

Personally I would only change the ones that do not have any results.



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Let's Put This Into Perspective in Marketing

6 days ago

Read these first if you haven't already
Thread 1... Part 1 & 2
"How did you do it? What's the secret of being successful?"

Thread 3
So What Does Pre-launch have to do with Internet Marketing?

Then read this
How do I generate Leads?

The first question in business that you should ask is "How do I generate leads?" If you're in business you need leads or prospects. These are people who may be interested in joining or buying from you.

Here's what most Network Marketing companies on the Internet are offering their partners as a lead generation strategy... "Just tell 10 of your closest friends and relatives about this fantastic opportunity and get them to tell their friends and so on"... WHAT A LOT OF RUBBISH!

Let's put this into perspective. Here you are with little or no training in business or Network Marketing. One day, some company in Wackoland promises that if you just pay $29.95 you'll be on the crest of the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen. Not only that, if you pay your money now, you'll get into this business before it's even a business! You'll be getting in "pre-launch"!! Not only that, you'll only have to work a 1 hour day. In the space of a few months, you'll be driving a Porsche, taking your family on world trips and living the lifestyle you've always dreamed about.

Do you seriously believe this stuff? And even if through inexperience, you quietly slip the company your credit card number, just in case it's true, are you seriously going to approach your brother, sister, mother, father and your local religious leader with the same story? If you did, how big do you think your organization would get?

The only people that are going to benefit from this lead generation strategy are the people who took your $29.95. You see, and I can't emphasise this enough... "There are few sellers in the land of dreams".

Now that you have read the above and would never fall for a company that just sells a lot of sizzle, what happens when you come across an established Network Marketing company with a great product? Do you need a lead generation strategy that goes beyond marketing to relatives and friends? My idea is that you do.

You see, most of the people who buy Internet based businesses are recruited through the Internet. Most are not experienced Network Marketers. The fact that they themselves, along with thousands of others, are joining businesses as a result of on-line promotion is evidence that the Internet works as a great lead generation tool. This has led me to the conclusion that Internet Based Networkers (IBN's) should provide their business partners with the tools and the strategies to promote their business on-line. In fact, as you were recruited on-line, you should demand the same opportunities for your investment and your downline.

Most, if not all IBNs, give you a web site to promote. Few give you the tools to promote. Having the best web site in the world without the tools or the knowledge to promote it is a bit like having a really nice brochure of your product on the top shelf of your wardrobe. You can invite a few friends home to have a look at it and that's about it. Think about it. Currently there are billions of web pages on the Internet. Therefore, the odds of someone finding your web page, without promotion, are about 1,000.000.000 to 1.

If you're going to do Network Marketing on the Internet, invest in the tools and programs that will continuously generate new leads for your business. If you're going to have any significant business growth in this cyber market, you need a constant supply of leads.

There are numerous tools and programs on the Internet that will help you generate leads. Deciding which ones work and which ones are value for money can be a challenge. We have been through this process and admit it was very time consuming. To give you a start, we describe a lead generation system that can help you build your business on the Internet in our next few threads. There are 3 reasons why we talk about there products…

They deliver on what they promise
<li>They are reasonably priced
<li>The level of support is exceptional

Share all of this with those who have joined you. We will give you a week to get your people up to speed with you and will continue with more... MUCH,much more

Christine and I hope this will bless you with exponential explosive growth, wealth and happiness.

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So What Does Pre-launch have to do with Internet Marketing? in Marketing #Marketing

7 days ago

Well, according to tried and proven InterNet Marketing (IM) principles... absolutely nothing. The concept of the 'pre-launch' has more to do with 'Get IN Quick' AND 'Get RICH Quick'. It has nothing to do with building a stable and profitable business for people like you and me.

No wonder established internet companies are tearing their hair out. They watch in horror as newbie internet companies launch themselves down cables into your living room and into your wallet. What they see is a lot of damage being done. Damage to people and damage to the this Industry.

It's not so much what is being sold in these programs, it's how it's being sold that is of most concern. Thousands of people are being lured into programs by visions of luxury cars, holiday homes and unlimited income. Nothing wrong with this picture except...

To make your business stable and profitable, you need a lot of people in your business selling product; dreams of owning cars, houses, bagfuls of money and incredible lifestyles!

What happens when you get a whole lot of people in your business chasing such a dream? If you haven't already guessed or been through the experience, let me tell you... You get a whole lot of people in your business dreaming!

If there is one concept about this thread that I want you to take away with you after reading this, it's this... "There are few sellers in the land of dreams."

If you were sold a dream, guess what you're going to have to sell to the next person? When the hype dies, so will your business. Unfortunately, so will your dream and the dreams of many others. This, of course, raises questions about responsibility and accountability... So, how do you build a stable and profitable business using the internet?

Well, the first step is to get your thinking right. Internet Marketing is a people business so you first need people to join with you. Then be successful you need to stop thinking "What can I get?" and start thinking "What can I give?".

This is sometimes referred to as moving from a mind-set of survival to a mind-set of contribution .

A definition of survival thinking is focusing on what you need to say and do to make a living. This is evidenced by playing life safe, rarely stepping outside your comfort zone, working a 9 to 5 and focusing on retirement. People who are in survival mode need constant re-assurance. This is, for example, why people rush home from work to catch the 6.00 news and avidly thumb their way through daily newspapers. Here they find constant re-assurance in the stories of all those poor people who didn't survive. Surprise! One of the most watched television programs of all times was called 'Survivor' where 99% of people didn't survive!

As long as you think survival you will stay there. In fact, you'll be trapped! This thinking will limit your success in all that you do including, what you learn, your relationships, your work, and life itself. One thing is for certain... If you go into Business thinking survival, you will fail.

For your business to be successful through Internet Marketing, you need a whole lot of people in your business SELLING product. By offering a fantastic lifestyle and not much else, you will attract a measure of BUYERS. Your success, however, relies on SELLERS.

The BUYERS you attracted are mostly survivors. These are not the people you want in your business. These are not the people who will step outside their comfort zone and sell product. I'll say it again... "There are few sellers in the land of dreams".

Now, here is what I call a Blinding Flash of the Obvious...
Your success in Internet Marketing depends on your ability to turn BUYERS into SELLERS.

The only way you can do this is to start from "What can I do that will help this person in my business succeed". You've got to take an interest in people. You've got to teach them all you know; give them all you've got. Contribute until it hurts! AND when you do, teach them to do the same. Can anyone do this? Yes. Is it hard work? Yes. Will you have ups and downs? Yes. Can it change your life? Yes!

Network Marketing is the most efficient means of marketing any product or service. It can be as exhilarating as it is exciting. It can bring you all the financial rewards it promises. The difference between those that win and those that lose is how you play the game.

    Believe in yourself and your product

    Invest in your product

    Set personal goals

    Invest in tools to promote your business

    Systemize everything

    Contribute - be willing to coach others

    Work hard at the start

    Enjoy the ride!

There is more to come so please stay tuned and use this if you think it will help those who join you in your business and need guidance.

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Finding difficult as a beginner to sale product in Sales #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

8 days ago

If you go to the bottom of your triple click site you can set your preferred currency to your local currency.

This in turn allows you to then plan your budget of spending know exactly how much you need to save .

Your commission earning is in US$ so effectively you get the US amount that when collected converts to your currency’s. The concept of what you are asking would be a logistical nite mare for any programer let alone for SFI abmin account management.

The cost is the same for all concerned here in both spending and earning if you think about it this way

This is what is considered a mind shift in thinking and once understood I am sure you will comprehend that.

Ask any one if they would like $100 dollars US and my bet is they would quickly understand how much that is in there country 🌈.

Work hard and be happy.

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impossible to buy with unstable local conditions in Sales #Localvantia #Sales #TCredits

8 days ago

Hi Alberto,
I am sorry but the above as you have mentioned does not compute in my mind, I see that you have nothing left once you use commission earned. that I understand as you use all to reinvest in your growth with your online endeavors understand the same is for me here.

The Payoneer Card can only be used by you and is US currency which if used in your country will deduct 40 peso for every US dollar and this is dictated to the currency exchange on any given day. So if you are watching the exchange rate you should be able to take advantage of the movement and spend when the US dollar gives more peso in exchange.

Without moving further on this issue I ask that you respond to this as I wish to understand your demise and maybe in working toward helping each other understand better how to overcome your issues.

Can you do that for me please Alberto?

respectfully yours


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impossible to buy with unstable local conditions in Sales #Localvantia #Sales #TCredits

10 days ago

Opps I forgot to mention there is an option to use commissions to pay for what is purchased...I use that always until I have more and when that happens I use the card provided by SFI which remains in US dollars and is converted accordingly when I spend from it.

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impossible to buy with unstable local conditions in Sales #Localvantia #Sales #TCredits

10 days ago

In New Zealand when I purchase something for example 100 t credits, it will cost me NZ$51.10 that is US$35.00 .

When I earn US$35.00 in commission I would have NZ$51.10 enough to purchase next months T credits.

It is all relative to any country in the world.

Hope this helps you focus and understand that anyone anywhere in the world can do this.

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"How did you do it? What's the secret of being successful?" in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

10 days ago

Part 2 of 6

If you don't know anything about business, take some comfort in the fact that one of the world's most successful businesses is run by 16 year olds!

It's called McDonalds.

In 2006 Each McDonald's store turned over, on average, about $2 million per year. The average age of a manager is around 21 years. The average age of an employee is around 16 years.

The success of McDonald's depends on everyone in the business following a system. This is one of the key secrets of their success. Grasp the importance of this and you can achieve great things in SFI.

To understand how systems emerge in business, imagine 10 people started a widget company. Statistics would show us that after the first year in business 7 out of the 10 that started would be out of business for one reason or another. Now there are just 3 companies left in the widget business.

Over the next 5 years it is likely that one of these 3 would also close its doors. Now there are just 2 companies left in the widget business.

The question to ask is what did these 2 widget makers do that the others didn't? What made these 2 companies successful? If we could find the answer we could start another widget business, do exactly what they did and we'd have a good chance of success.

This is, of course, the basis of a franchise. We simply take a success formula from one business and duplicate it in another. The formula comes in the form of a system. Systems consist of lots of smaller systems for everything we need to say and do to make the business a success. Here's another way of looking at it...

Think of your business as a stage. On the stage we have a number of actors. In order for the performance to be a success, each actor needs to follow the script. Back to the McDonald's example… When someone says to you
"<I>would you like fries with that?</I>"

you are hearing part of the script. The McDonald brothers worked out that if they asked every customer "would you like fries with that?" 3 out of 10 would say yes. That's a 30% increase in the sale of fries! Now here's something that a lot of people are not aware of...

You've been given a script too! SFI not only write scripts/systems for you, they also write them for their customers. These scripts are either subtle or direct instructions to customers to help you as an affiliate become more efficient and profitable.

Take McDonalds for example, a subtle customer script is an '<I>In</I>' door and an '<I>Out</I>' door. Don't laugh! What this script says is that if you want to buy something from me you have to walk in through this door. When you leave walk out through this door. Don't believe you've been cast in the role? Try walking ' In' through the ' Out ' door! Not only will you feel like you're being a bit naughty, other people in the store are likely to glare at you with disapproval. Remember, they've been given the same script! What about more elaborate scripts...

Probably the most successful and elaborate customer scripts have come from banks. Bank executives worked out how much it costs to do a transaction over the counter. They also worked out that if they could train you and me to do their work for them, they could make a lot more money. All they needed was a script. They developed the script, and relatively quickly, were able to get you and me to do exactly what they wanted. I'm referring to the use of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM's).

The script that the banks came up with was so elaborate that it alone would probably have done little to change our behaviour. So to get us to follow the script they used basic psychology in the form of the "carrot and the stick" approach. The carrot was, and still is, lower bank fees if you use their ATM. The stick is, higher bank fees if you don't. Pretty simple eh? It's also quite scary. What the banks did was to succeed in changing the behaviour of 100's of millions of people in the space of less than a decade! And in doing so reaped, and continue to reap huge profits.

The point is this… systems are extremely powerful tools in business. Your task, as an SFI affiliate owner, is to develop systems for your business that maximize your profits.

For most people new to SFI, the question is " Where do I start? " To help you answer this, here is a framework that you can use to systematize your business.

In business, there are only 5 areas that determine how much profit you make. When you develop a system that works for one of these areas, you will increase your profits. As you systemize each area in turn, YOUR PROFITS WILL MULTIPLY ...

The 5 areas are...

1. Lead generation
2. Conversion
3. Number of Sale Transactions
4. Average Dollar Sale
5. Profit Margin

You can use the above framework for any business. If you're using Internet Marketing to promote your SFI business, you'll find some helpful information on Lead generation, Conversion within this tread as I expand on these over the next few weeks.

In the mean time you can read through the SFI web site course if you are wishing to continue learning more HERE.

Over the next few weeks I will discuss Lead generation and Conversion here so make sure you follow this post.

I make no apologies for my detailed posts, I keep to the exact point I want to get across so that it gives everyone the same clear path to follow and succeed. Thank you.

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"How did you do it? What's the secret of being successful?" in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

10 days ago

I believe this will not only interest you but you will be able to help others understand more about Online Business.

One of the world's most successful businessmen was being interviewed. During the interview the interviewer asked... "How did you do it? What's the secret of being successful in business?" The businessman replied... "Well, it's simple really. I just buy something for one price and sell it for a higher price."

As you read through this web site, you will discover that the answer the businessman gave was a great answer! It doesn't matter if you have been in business for 20 years or are just starting out. To be successful, you must know how to make a profit; how to buy low and sell high. There is no other reason for being in business.

You can start off in business because it's something that you enjoy, something that your mum or dad did, however, ultimately you are in business to make money.

So why do some people succeed and others don't? As you read through this web site you will get the business principles necessary to understand how to make a profit in any business. This includes any business you start on the Internet.

There are people who start online and then do absolutely nothing . And I mean, they don't even monitor their site for opportunity nor do they communicate with others to create opportunity.

This is a lot like whispering down a well about your business. The only thing that's visible is your rear-end and no one can hear you!

Don't let this happen to you...

Having a business on the Internet is just like having a business anywhere else. The same principles apply. Most important of all are generating leads and turning leads into customers. To be successful you must get leads and turn some of these leads into customers.

As you continue reading over the next few weeks you'll get an understanding of what's required to get leads and turn them into customers. Also there are tons of examples that you can relate to in everyday life together with many other great ideas that you can put into your SFI business immediately.

So get ready! You're about to get a lesson in business like never before!

It will benefit you to book mark this stream.

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Mysterious bidder! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

10 days ago

Thanks Igor,
I should have asked how many t credits does the player forfeit all of them or just what the winning bid amount when the flight lands?

If the bid only reaches 301 when it lands and they forfeit the full 900 T credits all I can say Is to that winner is Thank you very much for your donation and for helping fund SFI...

Seriously though, how does bidding that amount to win some thing valued at a lower cost benefit any business when you can purchase it and claim back on the costs your business incured?

Or am I missing something here???

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Mysterious bidder! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

11 days ago

This begs to be answered correctly so here is my take on it.

If I put up 900 tcredit and the bid reaches say 3 or 300 exaggerations I know.

My thinking is at 301 the person who placed 900 or what ever wins but does this mean they only pay this mean they have to pay the 900 or just the 301 tcredit?

Just asking so as to clarify the amount submitted to the amount actually payed to collet the win. Is it 301 or the full 900 that in this case has to pay?

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What exactly should I be doing to earn as soon as possible in Getting Started #Compensation

12 days ago

Hello Joel,
I have a question for you and if you can establish a definitive answer for YOU, then you will know what to do next.

How can anyone get to where they want to be, if they don’t know where that is?

I will also answer what it is I do to make money to keep me going in SFI.

Christine and I simply budget our income monthly and include SFI in that budget to ensure we have what is needed to achieve EA. In other words Joel, what we earn in life and what we have budgeted for is reinvested every month in everything needed to survive.

Why we are always EA or higher by months end is because we know were we want to be in the next 4 years. That's our initial goal/target that we are seeing help us reach the end goal.

We only focus on and monitor those who do stuff in our team all the while planning how we can further help and encourage them do the same we do.

As far as earning money as soon as possible I would suggest to anyone that a second income might help them until their online business plan using the SFI teachings makes money to sustain growth as some have achieved. That's what we are doing currently to ensure our online plans and dreams with SFI survive while we work to achieve them. Yes we are making money with SFI and yes we work on the Plan daily.

In conclusion, we utilize what money we invest to benefit growth for both us and our team.

We hope this helps motivate you to continue and stay the course.

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What do you do if you have doubts - fake account in Miscellaneous

17 days ago

I am not 100% sure what it is you wish to convey here so I will show what I understand this to be.

If you believe someone in your line has multiple accounts or are breaching any rules SFI have written then as Team Leader you must report this immediately to them.

However in doing so you would also show good character and true Leadership to those who this may affect by communicating your attentions to them personally and explain to them why you feel this way first.

Doing so might resolve your demise before they destroy others.

If this is not the case please forgive for my lack of understanding and accept my sincere apologies.



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Top scorer of VP in VersaPoints #E365 #Team Building #VersaPoints

19 days ago

When you log in you can go to Power Rank Leaderboard at

click the little down arrow in the ALL Affiliates box and when the drop down appears simply click "MY Class"
and then click the little "Submit button"
This is where you can view who has done what in your class...

Your Welcome

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Holding seminars and workshops around us. in Marketing #Marketing

20 days ago

Hi Samkelisiwe,

This concept has it's merits and I have been toying with this for quite a while. I use to work with a system many years ago that actually helped many people world wide understand the now debunked platform. What we found was we were able to educate many people who were visual over theoretical and as we progressed those people became quite the entrepreneurs and very successful.

But, in saying that, the cost of maintaining such a platform at that time was very expensive, fast forward 10 years and I believe after working with people in SFI this concept of live basic training has a place here and I would be willing to be a coach should there be such a platform.

As team leaders we are willing to do live conference calls for our team and often request new affiliates to set an hour aside using something like Skype and utilize screen share to show and tell while doing the initial steps and and answer the question they might have. Unfortunately most people online today are on limited pay plans which in this case holds them back from accessing conference type platforms.

That's not to say it cant be done and if this is considered seriously as an option I would assist with the implementation of such courses and gladly offer my personal time and knowledge in how these sessions should be run.


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SFI Products to Promote in Getting Started #Compensation #Marketing #Sales

27 days ago

Finding the Best Affiliate Products to Promote

The Internet has become a virtual world. There is nothing that you can do in the real world that you cannot do in the virtual world including buying and selling products. This has been a known fact for some time, and when you promote products on the net it is called Internet marketing. There are a number of websites that sell products and a few large organizations that dominate the market.

Companies like Amazon and eBay are some of the most commonly known names although there are a few others as well.

We know that Amazon and eBay sell products.

You know they DON'T actively advertise don't you?

Considering their sales volume and growth – Amazon grew 16% last year when compared to 2.4% for retail sales, it is possible that they feel that they do not need to advertise. Yet everyone knows the value of advertising.

This gave birth to what is known to us all as today as SFI .

When you ask people to become a seller of products or services in a conventional brick and mortar business they promote your product and services or they become a vendor. When they do this online, they are called affiliates.

Affiliate marketing works because it is a win-win situation for both parties. The affiliate takes it upon themselves to promote a website that links to them but do not control the content or have any right to making changes etc.
This is the same as working a job only now you are not being told when were or how to do the work that is required to get the job done.

All SFI Affiliates who work the system toil hard and put in a lot of effort to increase his ranking. The result is that any product is being promoted will get the increased exposure, and they have not spent one dime, or one minute of time to do this.

The affiliate is paid a commission that can range anywhere from 4% to 30% on profits depending on the product that they are marketing and these can be found Here as an example .

Every affiliate is paid only if any person who is directed to the said affiliates site makes a purchase. You may miss your profitability per product here, but your overall profits will increase because of the increase in sales volume. You keep track of who comes to you through whom by giving each of your PSA's the proper education and training. Once a customer always a customer when ever a person who visits the affiliate site registers or purchases.

When a said person comes to you via your personal link, a cookie is activated allowing us to keep track of both the number of people we direct to our SFI and Triple click sites and the number of sales we make. This is automated and it is a system that works the same for everyone.

All you need to do is to put in the legwork to increase traffic because it is the basis of all conversions and ultimately the amount of money you make. Because you go to such lengths, investing your hard-earned money and time into promoting a product, you need to make sure that the product that you choose is the right one. There are millions of products being sold online, but not all of them will give you what you are looking for. Then there are the scam artists who are out to cheat you.

This being the case you need to be careful how you choose the product that you want to market. There are a few ways to do this and we will discuss them in detail below.

Where do you stand?

This is the first thing that you have to think of. Either you will be creating a completely new website or blog to market a said product, or you will be integrating it into your already existing site. There are pros and cons to both of these.

Promoting products on an already existing site

If you already have a site or a blog up and running, you are lucky in that you would already have a certain ranking with Google. You can focus your attention on your one site and over time you can get quite a high ranking with all search engines.

The advantage of this model is that you already have a certain amount of traffic that you are getting on a daily or weekly basis, which means that the chance of you getting a sale quickly is higher.In addition, if you have more than one product in your site, even if you put in activity promoting one product, all the other products will reap the benefit. You just have to concentrate on improving the ranking of your one site so that you increase traffic.

Once you do this, if you have made a good choice on the products and if you have designed your web page well, the sales will come.The other side to this is that you will have to pick and choose the kind of products that you can promote. For example, if you have a website that reviews dishwashers, you cannot start selling air conditioners there. You can take your pick of any dishwasher to promote, but you are pretty much limited to only one product category.

Of course, you can try to work around this by creating a generalized website where you can promote anything you like. The problem with that is that such sites have no focus at all. If you want to sell home appliances, beauty products, herbal medicines and books all in the same place, you will have to choose a name that is very general, like “” for example.

Unfortunately, it also takes that much more work to bring it to the notice of search engines first and then to the notice of the public.When a person is looking to purchase anything online, he or she is apt to click on the link that carries the name of the product that they wish to buy. For example, if you name your site people will realize that your site is providing reviews about the product xyz.

If on the other hand you name your site nobody knows if you are connected in any way to the product xyz and will not click on it. Furthermore, even the search engines will lower your ranking because they tend to give the highest ranking to those sites that carry the search string in the site name itself.

Building separate sites for different products

This is the second option open to affiliates. They can choose to create different niche websites and then actively push their product online so that over time they get a good ranking with search engines, consequently resulting in increased sales. This tactic is a good option in that everything about it is a positive. You can choose a site name that carries the keyword in the name of the site itself.

As mentioned previously, sites that carry the keyword in their address not only have a good chance of getting high up in the rankings, but are also the ones that are clicked on more frequently. You will be targeting a certain product and can focus your attention on that single product, helping you build a good site, one of the prerequisites to getting traffic. Consumers online will only remain and read what you have written if the site looks nice and if the content is worth reading.

By focusing on a single product, you are able to provide targeted content, what people are looking for. This increases your conversion ratio. On the other hand, you will have to create a different site for every product that you promote. This will increase your work a hundred fold because instead of having one site where you can sell five different products, you will have one site selling one product.

This means that if you want to sell a total of five products, you will have to create five different websites, and work on all of them so that they all start becoming income streams for you. It is a little difficult to decide what to do, and many people prefer to go the latter way, creating different sites for different products, because even if it is more work, it gives you more returns. This is the most common advice that you get with regards to affiliate marketing.

Focus is everything and if you do not target one thing, a niche or a product, you cannot hit anything. Yet, this is not always the case because if you create a generalized site but are willing to work on it for some time, you are creating a brand, and over time people will start to recognize the brand. Once this happens, the sky is the limit on what you can promote. is a simple case in point. The company was started in 1995, but did not show any profit until the fourth quarter of 2001. At that time profits were a modest $5 million on a turnover of nearly $1 billion. Now, just nine years later, it is growing at a rapid 14% while retail sales are struggling to post 2.5% growth. Their profits have grown to more than $2.4 billion, and are still growing. Yet, it is important to note that it took six years for them to become profitable.

Let us know if this is to much to take in and we will slow down so we can let you catch up?

To your Success


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Be Careful What You Wish For in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

29 days ago

Checking those nails everyday creates good habits and every time you look at them ask your self “what can I do today to make tomorrow a success story 👍

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Be Careful What You Wish For in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

29 days ago

You will be pleasantly surprised

When we think of success, one of the images that comes to mind is often one of a business man (or woman) decked out in a suit, standing at the top of a high-rise building and looking out over the streets below.
We associate business with success in this way for a number of reasons.

Firstly, success in business often brings money and riches. Secondly, success in business suggests a certain level of skill and ability and tends to yield a higher status and importance as a result. For all these reasons, business and success go hand in hand in our minds and for many, those are the specific heights that we are aiming for.

But is business success really what you want? How can you go about getting it? And what might you unwittingly be doing wrong that could be sabotaging your own success?

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at what it means to be a success in business; and how you should go about getting there.

Be Careful What You Wish For

The first thing to remember is that you should be careful what you wish for. For many, the idea of success in business is a very romantic and idealistic one. It’s something we might spend a lot of time daydreaming about. But as is very often the case, the reality isn’t always what you might have expected. And it might not even really be your dreams that you’re having.

If you read I'm here to tell you that not everyone cuts it and why!, you’ll see that the two absolutely do not go hand in hand. So we need to separate our status at work from our personal sense of pride and accomplishment. You know what? If you write a brilliant novel in your spare time and not one person reads it, that should still be just as rewarding for you.

So, take some time out.

Find your passion and follow that path. But do it on the side while you work to survive. View your day job as what it is: a necessary evil to help you get by in the interim. Over time, you can turn that passion into a way to make money. Then maybe you go part time. Then maybe you go full time. Then maybe you quit your day job.

Why Passion is Crucial for Success

When Elon Musk created SpaceX, he was not the massively well-known name that he is today. Musk was a relatively unknown name whose mission it was to encourage the private sector to venture into space. No small task. But you know what? Musk did it. And his explanation one of his explanations was that he aimed big. Many of us feel that we need to reign in our dreams and goals.

We have been led to believe that aiming too high will end in disappointment, will make us look foolish. But the reality is that aiming high is actually precisely what you need to do. Because when you aim high, you inspire others. When you have something exciting to say and when you are clearly excited about it yourself then people listen.

It’s so much more inspiring to hear someone tell you they want to go to space than it is to hear someone say they’re a hairdresser (though if that’s your passion, there’s nothing wrong with that!).If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you’re in the internet marketing industry. Let’s say you are for now. You might have a plan to launch a website, sell an ebook, make some money. There are two ways you go about that.

One is the cynical way. The way where your heart isn’t in it. The way that you see time and time again. This approach involves looking for the hottest new ‘niche’ in the market. Whether or not that’s a niche you’re interested in doesn’t really matter. Then you buy some content, maybe hire someone to write some, maybe pump out a little yourself by just regurgitating what you already can find online.

Then, you lace into that content as much SEO as you possibly can. You do everything you can to make the site sell. You cover it in ads. You call it something like ‘The Best Fitness Site Ever’. And you wait for the cash to roll in. But that will not work. Why? Because there’s no passion. If you have a site about animal welfare and you hire the very best writer in the world to write for it.

If you tell them to write you the latest, most exciting, newest content then you still won’t do well. Why? Because they aren’t you. They can’t speak for you. They don’t know your point of view. And they probably don’t know the topic all that well either.So, they’ll do their research. Learn it thoroughly and try to write something great. But it will be safe. Generic, boring content. People will visit the site and they’ll see that.

The site has no personality. No tone of its own. No ‘mission statement’ or purpose. There is no passion or love behind it and so no community grows behind it. The site dies. That’s why the thousands of low quality sites never make it big.Think of the sites that do make it.

Those are sites like MOZ blog, like Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Blog, like Pat Fynn’s Smart Passive Income. The Verge. The BBC. Forbes.

These are sites that are written by passionate experts. They are sites that have unique, engaging and brilliant content. And unique, brilliant points of view that are unique to the brand. They have high production values, slick design, thriving YouTube channels.

Do you see the difference?

Think about the sites that you read on a daily basis. I bet they are either:

A) Large teams of enthusiastic professionals


B) Single, passionate individuals

None of them will be spam designed to quickly make money. None of them will be ‘overly SEOed’. You can’t create amazing quality unless you are passionate about the topic. You have to love doing it. You need to put everything into it. You have to want to spend your free time writing articles, answering fan-mail and tweaking the logo. It mustn’t feel like a job.

If there isn’t a topic for a website you feel that way about, then being an internet marketer isn’t for you. You need to find what you are passionate about. Your calling. That is how you become Elon Musk and not ‘tired, overworked, stressed Dad who works himself to an early grave’. Do you see the difference? You can’t fake it. You have to love it.
Presenting the Image

I know what you’re thinking: it’s all good and well having the dream and the vision but you also need the skill and you need that business persona. And it’s true. If you’re going to lead, inspire and get investments then you do need to learn to present yourself and you do need to learn to be taken seriously. And this is a skill that will help you in every other aspect of your life too.

So how do you go about it?

The simple place to start is with the realization that you are a brand. Your name is your own personal brand and just like any business brand, it is your job to protect that brand in a professional manner. You know how it is so important for a website to be correctly spelled, to have great design, to pay attention to even the smallest details?
It’s the same thing with you.

You need to present yourself in a way that inspires confidence and trust. You need to make sure that every interaction that other people have with you is a positive one. You need to present the face of a service that people can trust. You need to gain the confidence that you know what you’re talking about. You do this to begin with by conducting yourself in a professional manner.

That means that you put in effort and hard work into everything you do. Whether it’s that boring 9-5 that you’re just ticking over with, or whether it is a client who is very much ‘small time’ in your eyes. If you don’t give them 100% of your attention, if you rush things or if you make a silly mistake, then that is a black mark against you. If you say you are going to get a piece of work in by a certain deadline, then you make sure you do that.

You never know where amazing opportunities might come from. And you never know what one interaction might lead to. If you deal with someone in a poor manner, or you do a sub-par job, then word might spread. If you do an excellent job, you just might get offered something. The same goes for any work that you put out with your name on it. Make sure it is excellent quality.

Next, you need to make sure that your presentation is perfect. That means learning to communicate. Learning to present yourself in a professional manner I highly recommend getting classes to help you with public speaking and elocution. This will help you to get your point across in a way that other people understand. It will teach you to sell yourself, to thrive in interviews and to win clients and backers.

You also need to think about the small details of your appearance. How are your nails? How is your hair? Do you have a nice suit? Are you in good physical shape? All of this has been shown in countless studies to make a difference. People want to bet on the winning horse and if you look like you can barely keep yourself together, then why would anyone believe that you’re going to be able to run a business?

Sell a product? Provide a great service? Again, tiny things make the difference here: things like your shoes, how polished they are, how the laces are tied. Be constantly improving yourself and investing in you in order to make a better impression. Meditate. Get enough sleep. Have enough vitamins and minerals. Be ready to take those opportunities when they come.


And learn to see opportunities where you don’t expect them. Because it won’t always be obvious. Think of Sylvester Stallone who wanted to become a famous actor. He was turned down from all the acting jobs, so he eventually got there by writing a fantastic script for a movie. That movie was Rocky and he would only sell the script if he got the leading role.

The rest is history.

Opportunities might present themselves to you that don’t seem directly related to your goal. But adapt, learn to see the alternate routes. Because success in any area can lead to success in another. It builds confidence, it gives you connections and resources. This is called ‘springboarding’, where you use one ‘win’ to launch you to the next.

If you turn down an opportunity because it doesn’t seem to exactly match your plan, then you can end up missing out on something that could have been huge. Always be looking for that next move. Business is like a massive game of chess. And once again, this is why you always need to put your best foot forward. Making the right impression and protecting the brand opens those opportunities.

Keep your goal in mind, keep winning and keep taking that next step. Don’t let yourself become comfortable. And use the lessons from our other guides to get over your fear of risk and failure to keep taking those chances.
If you do all this, then you never know where your drive and your effort might take you.

THAT is how you become a success in SFI and if not here go do another business and apply the learning SFI offers to it... What ever that business might be.

These are my thoughts for the week and hope that they help some who are struggling to set or reset their goals so as to improve personal success what ever that may be..

Respectfully Johnny V

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Validation of Email Address Before an Account can be opened in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

This works two fold,
1: They Verify or They remove them selves.
2: If they do nothing at all then they have not read the email so why bother
worrying about them right?

Never wait for those who wait... Next please.

This is your business so do what you need to do to find those who want to
do what you do, simply verify and respond with step one "Getting Started"

We wish you huge success and if the letter works for you Use it with our blessings.

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Excuses Just Won't Matter After This. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Think About Your Mind-set and Goals and Excuses Just Won't Matter

Let’s look at where you are today and then we will look at all the things you need to achieve your ultimate goal. For instance, you need a certain amount of time set aside each day, a budget to save some money over the next 3 months to invest into generating team growth and most importantly you have to commit and help others whoever they are. Only then will you be able to move forward with SFI .
There are many examples of how you can achieve goals. The thing to remember in every case is your mind-set + a goal.

The plan.

I will digress somewhat now to explain the first and most important step and then try to explain how by using The Plan to break down your main goal into smaller more realistic ones .
The objective is to look at the smallest possible actions needed on a daily or weekly basis to achieve your ultimate goal.

As an example;
Let’s say you have a goal to achieve a body like Brad Pitt over the next 12 months, stay with me here OK! This will make things really simple: The Plan would be for you to “diet and exercise”, your diet and exercise Plan needs to be written down, a list of foods you need and a list of the daily exercises that need to be performed. Now we need to learn how to prepare the food and for that to happen time needs to be allocated to learn and prepare the daily meals. The easy out right now for some is to use the excuse that it’s all too complicated … or you can take all that you have learned and with the right mind-set you can start dieting.

So What Does This Have to do With SFI?

You obviously have the right mind-set you are reading this so you want to be successful keep reading and let me help you reach your ultimate goal.

This works for every single person with the right Mind-set and commitment and does so without flaw.

This is the key.
Review your Affiliate Profile and Goals Here

Why? because by having a clear vision/ the right mind-set and letting it motivate you when the times get rough you are going to forget anything other than the daily targets you set. Right now, that is all that matters.

To help you visualize this more clearly, here is what SFI basically boils down to:

Dream/Vision/ Ultimate Goal >The Plan with small Stepping Stone Goals > Daily Targets (Daily/Weekly/Monthly To-Do Targets to achieve)

So why are they all as important?

The answer is simple really, focusing too much on the Dream/Vision/ Ultimate Goal will detach you from the why, the very reason you joined however that focuses/mind-set will eventually destroy the want to continue toward them.

For instance, Money; if you joined with a ‘goal’ to make money, then you are lacking any real Mind-set, structure or plan and that is going to make it very hard for you to focus or stick to “The Plan” to achieve the ultimate goal. We all have the why but without a serious Mind-set and “The Plan” to reach the ultimate destination you will fail.

Let me refine this further for you;

It’s all too easy to get lazy, to take shortcuts and to forget all about it. Even if your goal is more specific and time-sensitive – such as losing 15kg in 6 months to look like Brad Pit – your mind is still too detached from the reason you joined. Why?

• Because you might still think it’s okay to skip a workout or to cheat on your diet for a day, isn’t that “putting off’ that ultimate goal?

By the time you have 1 week left and you’re still no lighter, you might give up. Or what if you stick to the plan as much as possible but you still don’t see the results you want? How disheartening is that? So instead, imagine the small targets being much closer and easier to hit.

Focus just on today’s target and you will succeed if you take apply the right actions. It is entirely down to you. It’s entirely your responsibility and excuses just won’t cut it. So if you keep focusing on the daily targets, you will find that the vision of achieving the ultimate goal will take care of itself. It’s like building a house brick by brick, or taking a journey step-by-step.

Some Final Tips: Consider a few pointers just to help you stick to your Plan using the right Mind-set,
• Keep your daily targets easy to accomplish.
• Introduce them slowly into your Mind as well as your daily routine.
• Don’t be in a rush to learn everything at once follow The Plan.
• Enjoy the Learning rather than letting yourself get burned out or put off.

Basically have fun and enjoy achieving success everyday

Keep track of the days you succeed and lose. Jerry Seinfeld uses this technique and calls it ‘the chain’. Every day he does what he sets out to do, he puts a big cross on his calendar. This is rewarding and addictive in and of itself and his desire to ‘not break the chain’ is reportedly enough to keep him from giving up.

3. Use the most practical and proven methods recommended in The Plan to get where you want to be. You must believe in The plan.
I hope the above has not confused you rather that it enlightens and motivates you to improve your mind –set further.
There is a reason people go into work every day rather than work on The Plan that could make us richer!
It’s because when we go to work we definitely get paid for our time and effort…but guess what? You can have a similar plan here in SFI and it is something that will give with your time, your actions and your focus both in the short term and long term definitely get you where you want to be.

And finally: Don’t get disheartened if you miss one day of the To-Do List. The aim is not to of course. But if you slip up, go easy on yourself and just jump straight back on that horse!

These are just my thoughts that ultimately will see us all succeed by applying the right Mind-Set me thinks!
Much success and thanks for reading, until next time!

Respectfully Yours
Johnny V

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I'm here to tell you that not everyone cuts it and why! in Getting Started #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Hi James,
Try something like this using the SFI mailer as well as your own mailer if they don't respond do what doctors do naturally... Next Please! That's why they are rich I guess!

Welcome To The Best Online Free Offer In The World.

I am James you sponsor in SFI and I have just one question to ask you ~FIRSTNAME~

How serious are you about making money?

You can start straight away if you are serious by simply reading the emails you receive.
There is some extremely valuable instructions that will see your business expand even
though you have just joined.

(Now in your words James, simply let them know you will be monitoring their progress
but that it is important they respond to this welcome message so that you can start working
with them)

Do not worry if you cant answer some questions just spend time yourself and look for the
answer then get back to them with what you now also know.

Remember I mentioned Skype, well what about working on the relationship a bit and
offering a 1 on 1 (Face to Face) with those who join you? Set up a time and use say 1 hour
from the 4 hours you are working here. That way doing the math you double the knowledge
your team now has and some.

That works for me James and I do it from a little country called New Zealand. I have worked
with people living in Affrica, India, England, USA and Australia just to name a view countries,
heck I even even done group sessions. They are a bit harder but I believe some of a specific
group have even responded to this post. You have to Love Skype and yes my friend I am bias