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Pamela B.


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Feeling overwhelmed with all the information in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 months ago

Hi, Brucy, Baby,
I'm always just a music beat away, you hear! " 5wisting the night away!" 😎


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Feeling overwhelmed with all the information in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 months ago

Hi, Tanisha,
Log-in everyday or as often as you can within every month & you'll be just fine.

PS. Congratulations on the brand new bouncing baby, happy mothering, too!

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Laptop computers, smartphones, Free PRM Astro Auctions! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

4 months ago

What can we say, with SFI , SKY IS THR LIMIT! We can reach beyond the stars!

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Have you heard The latest Buzz... Read all about it! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

5 months ago

Hi,Brucy, Baby,

Soooooo! Promise you won't tell, but I heard it from, the " GRANDMASTER!" himself, coming soon!! ShooOOOPO! OK!

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Have you heard The latest Buzz... Read all about it! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

5 months ago

Have you heard the latest buzz? I was ease dropping in another post & I picked up this!

Good News! "Read All About It!"

Soon come, New Team Leaders Astro Auctions, will be Dropping it hear, like its Hot!

Bring it On! I can't wait!

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Do you know how to get 100 VP for 1 TCredit? in Astro Auctions

5 months ago

Hi, Max,

Congratulations, on your winnings! I won 100 T-Credits x 2=200 T-Credits, in 2 different Astro Auctions, plus the rewardicals, matches, daily crown entries...etc. Haven't hit those Psa's & Prms & my 1st win, yet but I gunning for them, winner takes All!

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How Important is Team Comunucating, to you? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

5 months ago

Hi, Sherwood,

Wow! In your 19th, year, congratulations! It's me that should be asking you that question.

Being here, 6 years, my self, I totally understand your question, too. What do you, continuously write, week after week, month after month, year after year?

Simple, even thou, it might seem hard, to keep up, with & stay dedicated, to, too!

I agree, SFI, already sends information/emails!

SFI, can't share, your 10 years & my 6 years, experience, with our teams, only we can, right!

In as much as SFI, covers everything about this business, It's us, that have to make our team, believers, in us, as their Team Leaders & believe that, this business, is the real deal!

We should always, be excited, passionate, driven, determined, encouraging, empowering, never boring or negative or demanding, nor bossy!

We should be encourage, our team, communications. Team working, guidance on how to understand & do, all the information, SFI provides.

You'd be surprised, at just how many, don't get it & won't even think, to re-read, twice!

We need to share our own journey & experiences, here. So our team members, can know were alive, this business, is live & kicking!

We should be writing & duplicating, what we do here, too!

But making our writing, a journey, an experience, our team don't want to missing out on, instead, would want, to jump on board, too.

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How Important is Team Comunucating, to you? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

5 months ago

Please excuse my misspelling in the Topic! That's "Communicating!"

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How Important is Team Comunucating, to you? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

5 months ago

How important is team communication to you?

Some of you are Already There, hands on dedicated, everyday, week, month, year, for years, right!

This Post is not to bring out or on any of your personal frustration, OK. So can we please refrain from the negative aspects of it!

With all the awesome new upgrades & new SFI opportunities, I'm suggesting this:

Can we all turn over a new leaf! As of this moment, can we at least as Upline & Downlline members, post a Stream posts, weekly, team letter, send chats, e-cards, quotes...etc. What ever it takes, to keep our team, active & alive!

Some will say, I'm Already do that! And yes, you are!I've been doing that for years! I'm doing that & getting no response...etc.

The point is, to never, ever stop or feel your doing it, in vain. That's not turn, at all! The thing is your doing it & were to continue doing just that!

As long as your doing it, guess what! Were Leading by example, were staying true, to form, true to team & our business, here.

Were keeping up the true "Team D's, to Success, here!

Team Duplicating, Team Dedication, Team Determination!...etc.

See it matters whether, your a Newbie or a Veteran here, that somebody is in your corner, somebody cares!

So, it's the little things, that matter, here, too! Like team mailing your team, posting a Stream Posts, Sending an E-Card, Sending A Chat, too.

And we have to learn how very important it is to respond back, too! Be it in the form of a like, or reply! Our Upline & Downline are humans & They both need team Encouragement & caring, too!

You have to be more of a Team Player, to get your team in the game, too! Not every post has to be serious, it can be happy, has to be, positive, but most of all caring, encouraging & empowering!

Can we Strengthen our team comunication, just as strong as our forum, quick response & strength, here, too! Yes, we can!

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What's Your Substitute For Good Old Hard Work? in Marketing #Marketing

5 months ago

Brucy, Baby,

you know me, No one can out last me on the dance floor! oh! No One! or in the ocean, Sunday, I dance in the ocean, all day, too!

"Lady Mermaid!", "Out of the Sea! I'll be back in the ocean, crack of Dawn! before I ready for Work!" You know the deal! "Make Your Work Your Play!" "Play Hard!"

"That's the REAL FUN Of IT All!" "Live your Life!"

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What's Your Substitute For Good Old Hard Work? in Marketing #Marketing

5 months ago

Hi, Brucy, Baby,

There it is! Work! Work!" Work!" Work!" Work!"


"I hope you Dance!"...

You all know me, "unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela.

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From 100-0! From 0-350% in Team Building

5 months ago

Hi, Sead,

1st of all, How are you, my friend? And 2nd of all, so sorry you missed the 100 pass to go & only got the 20 pass to go!
Yes, indeed, Sead, "Gery, "Grand Master!" & our Awesome team, were spoiling us, like that, back then when I started, just as they are still, spoiling us, in more, today! Giving my utter most, "Thank You's!", to all of them , that makes it happen for us, here! I will be forever grateful for EVERY FREE VP!
We lipped Danced, that by the way side! With complaints, about no Team activity, no upline support...etc. When our mindset, should have been more, positive...and our energies, should have been more into, appreciating, what we did have & working harder with, Gery, 'Grand Master!' & our Awesome Team.
Like I've said, 'that's a TINY, TINY matter!

After, all we have, Bigger & Better benefits & awesome bonuses, on the,


I'm just loving, "The New Smart Start!" & "Com Plan" & Astro Auctions!"...etc!"

How can SFI loose, with the STUFF, we Us!"

Were, on the Biggest, Ever, "SFI RISE UP!", then ever before! So it's not the time, to ease off or to stop , our, "We Team!". communicating, see we must always remember, our KEY FACTOR, here, that being, "We Team!"" Were Dedicated to Duplicate Every thing we Do, here!

So, those VPs, were a TINY, TINY Matter, The BIG MATTER, Is, "We TEAM!"

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From 100-0! From 0-350% in Team Building

5 months ago

From 100VP, for team mailing, to 0, for team mailing. That's all right by me, Cause, I go the extra miles, to communicate, uplift & encourage our/my team, The"We Team!"

And for every minus bonus VP, there's been a new bonus upgrade on the rise up, too!

Yes, we use to earn 100vps, for team mailing our teams per week. But we Lipped Danced away, those bonus, encouragement points, to they became a fade, by the way. That's quite OK. Yes, the points are a missed, incentive, but if your for your team, they're not the matter.

For me, the Matter is & will always be, our/my, "We Team!", comes 1st, than me.

In order to go forward in this business, your teams, too, must always be, your, "We Team!"

Every member of your team, must always come 1st, too. They must grow beside you, too!

Never, behind, you or under you, always besides, you.

you, have to LOOSE, the "I", mindset & GAIN, the "We, mindset! "We Team!", is the only SFI Trail Blazer, we must Journey together!

We must feed our mindset, with positive food & feed on it for our teams sake & growth. If my team, were to never responded, verbally, that's the, tiny, tiny, matter, to me

My big concern, is if my team, never ever produces, Productive Team Actions!

That's my concerns, that's my BIG MATTER!" Cause we a, "We Team!", that means, we have to apply more & more bindings, till were a knitting project, in process!

So with that, said, I will continue, to communicate with, encourage, empower, respect, earn the trust, care, give all my support & love to our team & produce, Team activity & production, within our, "We Team!", that's more, than enough bonus points, within, our/my. "We Team!"

The only, "I', I'm allowed, to apply is:

"I Love My Team, Love them All, More, than that, Too!"

You'll know me, "Unstoppable Lady!", Me,Pamela.

With our/my, the, "The Unstoppable "A" team", Our, "We Team!"

I believe in: "Trust The Process!" , and Making It Happen, with conviction!

PS. @ Pamela's menu: I'm just giving you encouragement, empowerment, love and: "FOOD FOR THOUGHT!"

@ Our, "We Team!", "Rise Up!" From 0-350%!

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Astro Auctions Vs Pricebenders in Astro Auctions #Pricebenders #Rewardical #TCredits

5 months ago

Hi, John,

I;m loving them, both! But what I'm loving even more, right now, is the even more chances of winning, Pricebenders Auctions, right now, with the Majority, distracted over to Astro Auctions, The odds of winning Pricebenders Auctions, will sore even higher & much more often.

So in as much as I'm playing our new Astro Auctions, I'm not leaving Pricebusters, I'm staying at them, too! Bet your Boots, I am!

Our boy, "Kenny Rogers", was no fool! "Know when to hold them...no when to run...you never count your money....when your sitting at the table...there be time enough for counting when the deal is done!...

I'm not counting nothing, I'm sitting at the table..."The Gambler!"

You'll know me, "Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela,

I love this game!

I love this Life!

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!st Things, 1st & Then Time for Fresh Fun, Too! ;) in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

5 months ago

Hi, Brucy, Baby,

I see & read all of your replies & in some cases, I have been back, to answer you, but unfortunate, the posts(My posts were, locked already, OK).

For example, You asked how old, I went? Well the question was for you'll to guess? no one guessed? You made my day, think you said 35 & think the other was 30, both warm, but no that's not my age? So I'm afarid you all will have to try again next year, OK. And it was a milestone, The BIB ONE!

So never, think, I'm not responding, just following protocol, can't reply, Brucy Baby, if the post, is already locked, OK. Lovely!

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!st Things, 1st & Then Time for Fresh Fun, Too! ;) in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

5 months ago

Oops! I forgot to mention, the most vital thing, I did 1st & foremost!

I also, Immediately, upgraded &re- freshen, my Welcoming letter, too!

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!st Things, 1st & Then Time for Fresh Fun, Too! ;) in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

5 months ago

Do you know what time it is?

Well the very minute, I read, the newer version, "Smart Start & Bigger!", Guess, what I did

I read the forum alert, then jumped on board the forum discussion. Bookmarked it & also, took notes on it it, too!

Then I Immediately, left the forum, discussion & Went Straight to My Team Leader's page, to upgrade it. It's was Done, 1st thing, July, 10th, 2018!

That's what's Up! My Team Leadership Page, is Upgraded, so not one of my incoming new affiliates, will be mislead or confused.

They get all the new, Smart Start Bigger & Better & Astro Auction, Info From & SfI & A Warm Fresh Welcoming Letter From:

Me, Their Team Leader, You'll know me, "Unstoppable Lady!"

PS. It's so very Important, that I do my best, to stay on top of my game always, for my team!

Cause,my Team is Spelt= "We Team!" There is never no "I", in my Team, it's, "We Team!" 24/7!

All day, all night, , the "We Team!"Our team, is getting this Launch Pad Thing right!

Blast of Smart Start!

Then, I went & played, my 1st few Astro Auctions, Won & hope I got in, in time, to earn that new badge, too!

Now, it's time, to go back & participate, in the auction, discussion.

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Forum Feature Request in Suggestion Box #Leadership

5 months ago

Hi, Tanja,

Yes, we are notified, directly, via SFI. But were not talking about direct notifications, here.

Were talking about say, I posted a post here & I Tagged you, in the my post. that two totally separate things.
It's my post, I tagged you, so your automatically, seeing my post & your automatically, included, too.
You can just view it, or you can join in my post, too.
Not just you can be tagged, others can be tagged in the said, post, too, including your team members, as, well, too.

Imagine, the growth in more forum, affiliates & more team participation, this can bring forth, too.

Were hear, more & more complaints, everyday, my upline doesn't contact me, my team is inactive.. do we not?

Even our Sponsors & Co-sponsors, downline, will be able to have a 1st hand peep in just what' were doing & what's going on in our Forum participation, too. You/ We can't knock that Bonus, a tagged will bring on for all!

A tag, will encourage, much more unity & team growth, too.

A Tag will take us all here in this Forum, to a whole, brand new higher level. Imagine that!

Our notifications, are just what they are a notification, to us the individual.

Now, you & I both know as long with a whole lot of others, that one of the most vital factors, in this business is what? You Ready? "Duplicating!"

That's what a Tag will bring forth to our already Awesome Forum. A Tag @ka more Forum participation & more Forum Duplication!

Who wouldn't want to encourage, that!

Knowing at all times, you don't have to respond, but that would be the ideal, to call on more participation & support from our other forum members, our team members & to have even more hands on participation, with our forum, too.

Imagine that!

You'll know me, 'Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela,

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1000 Rewardicals won in Daily Crown in Recognition #Compensation #Contests #Rewardical

5 months ago

Hi, Sikiru,

Congratulations, to you & me, too! I won, 500 Rewardical tokens, in Today's Daily Crown contest & free T-credits, in our Flash Draw, too!

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Forum Feature Request in Suggestion Box #Leadership

6 months ago

Hi, Leon,

I think most don't really understand, posting here or in social media. Only those on line can see your post, at the time, just like on social media, if they get individual notification, then they can go back & view your post.

Most don't understand, just how Powerful a Tag is!

We hear it every day, "i don't think my team members are receiving, seeing or reading my emails...my team is not reading my stream posts...my team is not active...I send team mails, messages, emails, chats, gifts...I get no responses...etc.

Do they, realize the significance, the magnitude, the volume, the power, a Tag, can bring to the table?

Not only can you Tag other Team Leaders, Forum members, you can Tag your Team members, too.

So, a Tag, would only be another Powerful tool, another asset for us all. It would be another means of bring more harmony, unity, team interest, education about SFI & team participation &more interest & involvement for members, too!

It will bring on much more awareness & participation, too.

For new members & matured members, It would bring on more caring & interested, too. Nobody would be left out or forgot about, here. Everybody gets a chance to e included, too.

The more, I meditate on your great suggestion, the more excited, I'm getting!

You, know me, I think out side of the box, like there was never any box!

Yes, I'm Brain Storming on this One BIG TIME! Bring IT ON! I just see sky is the Limit & we can reach beyond the Stars with this one!

For me, It's A Yes! A Tag here in our Forum is the 1 missing vital tool. I sure hope it gets the thumbs up, here.

It give me more Hope for the Greatness I see it bringing on board, here.

It's will be so healthy, refreshing & positive. I sure Hope its inputted, real soon, like yesterday!

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Forum Feature Request in Suggestion Box #Leadership

6 months ago

Hi, Leon,

I'm just loving your SUGGESTION, It's not a requirement, it's just as you said, a suggestion. I'm in agreement with your request, 350%!

Yes, we already receive, Individual Notifications, when someone replies, to our post. Totally different from your suggestion.

To tag one is to include them in your post & give them the invite to view & participate by choice. To Tag one, doesn't obligate any one to participate via replying, it includes them, to join & be a part of one's posts, to view only or view & join in, by their own choice.

What I'm loving about your suggestion, the most is:

If your a busy individual or out working, participating in other daily tasks, you can miss out on a lot of forum posts, during the course of one's daily day.

Yes, we have our 24/7 Alerts, we can search & follow other members, too.

But you can still miss out on a lot of forum posts everyday & no one can never view them all!

I find the suggestion of Tagging other forum members, very healthy, another team members & forum members great participating incentive. I personally feel, nothing but more forum greatness & growth can come from this!

Keeping in mind always, you never have to reply or like the posts, just view it & be a part of it.

But if your mind is right, you'll love being included in the tag, especially, were & when, one could have missed the whole entire posts, now you get to be made aware off, be apart off & included in vital educational forum members, incentives & our forum members , unselfish team encouragement. Where we can included our input, too.

Leon, thank you for exciting me, you hear me. Even thou. it's just being suggested & hasn't been approved, YET! I think it's just a PHENOMENAL Suggestion. I say, Yes! :fire

Bring it on!

And if, it happens, YOU"LL please, please, Pretty Please, included me, in your Tags, thank you much in advance!

This is so positive!

Again, thank you for such an Awesome, suggestion, Leon! I'm just loving your mindset!

Tag..Tag...Tag...Me! "Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela.

P.S. Already, I'm excited about being able to participate, in far more posts, especially, those, that get away from me, daily!

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This is how we DO IT! :) in Just For Fun #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

6 months ago

Up Early, knocked out rounds.

Daily To-Do-List. T.K.O.

Team Check. T.K.O.

Checked-in a the Form. T.K.O.

Advertised. T.K.O.

Knocked out my competitors, in this mornings auction. T.K.O! Won me another T-Credit Pack. 1st round! T.K.O.

You know me, "Unstoppable Lady!"