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Pamela B.


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This is how we DO IT! :) in Just For Fun #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

2 days ago

Up Early, knocked out rounds.

Daily To-Do-List. T.K.O.

Team Check. T.K.O.

Checked-in a the Form. T.K.O.

Advertised. T.K.O.

Knocked out my competitors, in this mornings auction. T.K.O! Won me another T-Credit Pack. 1st round! T.K.O.

You know me, "Unstoppable Lady!"

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Leadership Pages - have they fallen away? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi, Helen,

I check my Leadership page, every month, to 3 months & upgrade as I go, in between & every year.

We set the pace for our team.

There's this very unique word right in the heart & start of the word, "Leadership!" It's lead. We should do just that, LEAD by example.

Then there's this other unique word in Leadership, too, it;s, "Ship!"

Every ship should have a Captain & no Captain, should ever set sail, without, a PLAN!

My/Our Leadership page, should Map our Plan. In order for our Ship to sail on course smoothly & to be able to weather any storm & get through it to safe seas.

I hope this encourages, you to ride the SFI WAVES!

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Blocked from getting followers in Miscellaneous #Leadership

8 days ago

Hi, Manual.

I'm 1 of your followers, already, still following you at this moment. You can relax, OK. You can't follow you, that's all. We see the FOLLOW you icon, not you.

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Team Mailing to Team Members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

9 days ago

Hi. Ofuonyebi,

Let's be clear on this, we can still rate our Sponsor & SFI, too. It's our Co-Sponsor, we no longer can rate, from , my understanding of it, all.

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Who sees our Stream posts? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor

9 days ago

Hi, Gery, "Grand Master!"

Thank you much for replying, so quick, as usually you always do.

OK. Still don't know which part, they play? I'm assuming their my new Co-Sponsors? Not sure yet, cause, their still rocking the same icon, only?

Booster Club Members, their pending Bronze Team Members, too. I'm familiar with their faces from the forum, too.

From the beginning before, I posted, this post, I checked their profiles, too.

Just trying to figure out, if their upline or down line members. I'll keep checking for the sorting out via my stream post page, too, OK.

Last check 1.44am. Bermuda time. That's 11.44pm SFI time, still the same, icons on their profile, OK.

Again, thank you, for always, looking out for us, your appreciated, Big Time!

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Who sees our Stream posts? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor

9 days ago

They are sporting the Builder Bundle Icon, are the members of different generations of my team, I don't thinks, so?

Are they a2a friends, I don't think so?

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Who sees our Stream posts? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor

9 days ago

Who sees are STREAM POSTS?

Since our new upline upgrading. I haven't seen 4 new Co sponsors, just 1, thus far.

What I am seeing is people responding, to my STREAM POSTS, who neither have, the Upline or Downline Icon? Their not my upline or PSAs or CSAs?

Is Stream post now opened to other members of SFI, Too?

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Team Mailing to Team Members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

Hi, Sudip, Possibilities are looking mighty great & promising for us all! Bet Your Boots!

But nobody can assure anyone or thing, till it happens, were in the process of making it happen.

I am referring to the CSA Team Mailing section in our To-do List. It can be found & utilized from other areas but its not visible there.
I'm Referring to Communications, not benefits, forth coming.


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Team Mailing to Team Members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

Hi, Emma,

Your absolutely right, 4 Co-Sponsors letters per week. That would drive me crazy, too.

I just think w should be left with our Top Co-Sponsor, to still team mail their co-sponsored affiliates, & the other 3 should be titled Co-Sponsors assistants, that intervene via stream post..etc..

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Team Mailing to Team Members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

Hi, Fran, How are you doing. I'm here everyday, new upgrades means, fresh re-training for me, to always be 2 steps ahead of my team, for my team. Even thou I don't know everything, rest assure for my team, I best know a lot, OK.

Rest assure, I'm here at this forum, everyday, reading you'll s posts. But in order to be the best, I can be for my team, I must sacrifice, having fun, an including my input, for studying all the upgrades, yes I go the extra miles for my team. I have, too, girl!

Have a look at your To-Do-List Tab/weekly, OK. This is what I'm referring to, OK.

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Team Mailing to Team Members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

The new upgrade sound great, a Big 4 Co-Sponsors purse, word up. But we should also be very mindful of how we depersonalize our teams, too.

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Team Mailing to Team Members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

And I'm not complaining, venting, no totally the opposite. I'm just caring!

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Team Mailing to Team Members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

No, longer can, we Rate our Co-Sponsor, OK. So wence can they get team support & encouragement, going forth. They need support, too?

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Team Mailing to Team Members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

Inquiring about all of this, yes, I see we still have our chat button, attached to each Csa, still, but I asking will we be steping out of boundaries?

And what about, Csa's welcoming letters are they still allowed, too?

For most of us, our Csa's are are strongest hold & Most Active, Loyal, Dedicated, Hard Working Team Members. Their our Strong Hold!

Yes, we have Psa's that work very hard, too, but the bigger numbers are with our Csa's for the majority of us, while we try hard to build our Psa's numbers, stronger, too.

I built some beautiful team binding relationships with many of my Csa's, is this still going to be possible or will this have to cease, too?

Just need to be clear, going forth.

Plus I love my Co-Sponsor, she's been a great friend & we've been mentors, to each other, woman to woman.

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Team Mailing to Team Members? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

With the new co-sponsors upgrades Question?

We can not no longer send team/group mail to our Co-Sponsored affiliates?

I've observed in our weekly section. only Psa Mailer & Genealogy Group mailer. Csa mailer is no longer, included.

So Psa's being the soul responsibilities of their Sponsors, now, we can no longer team mail our Co-Sponsored Affiliates. Are we still allowed to send them individual chats & emails?

Are they allowed to in return reach out to us, still?

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Let this FREE Gateway get signups for you like they did for Me! in Getting Started #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

12 days ago

Hi, Tommie,

Thank you for being so caring & sharing, too. When you never, ever, had, to. But still you choose, not to think of ones self & your always reaching out, to each of us, encouraging & educating, us, to rise up & go forth, for the sake of our teams & this entire business, too.

I appreciate you.

You'll know me, Unstoppable Lady, me, Pamela.

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Before I send it in Team Building #CSA #Leadership #PSA

23 days ago

Hi, John,

I love the last paragraph, starting from throw away... I read that & I'm in hook line & sinker.

Don't get me wrong, the whole read is great! But the last paragraph, would set of sparks in my fire & keep it burning, too.

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Something I've absorbed from new sign ups! in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

How, many times do we have to revamp our introduction? I could say, I love the old Launch Pad, which was far less reading . Which encouraged 30 days, to complete our Launch Pad. Or I could say I love the new with far more additional reading. And so many days to officially get started.

They both directed you to our home page. bottomline, "Readers are Leaders!"

Your either interested or your not!

I must say, Scott I love your image, too.

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What's your Favorite Method? in Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

What's your favorite bidding method & why? Answer A. B. or C.

A, Bid rescue.

B. Bid assist.

C. Bid Log-in.( just logging, clicking & bidding, randomly).

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Best Time To Use Self Discipline!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hi, Brucy. Baby,

Did you just call me? "

Self Discipline
Self Control
Self Determination
Self Desire
Self Dedication
Self Awareness
Self Meditation
Self Achievements
Self Progress
Self Success

That's Me, Roll call, Present, Brucy, Baby,

You can deepen on Me!

You'll know me, "Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela.

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Thankyou for my Birthday wishes! in Recognition #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

To Gery, "Grand Master!" & our Awesome Team,

Thank you much for the Birthday greeting, You made my day. Especially cause its a very extra special birthday, mind you they all , are!

Now to the rest of you, who's going to be the 1st to guess my age & how many of you can get it, right?

Happy Birthday, to me...

You'll know me, "Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela.

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How to ensure everyone neccessary gets my new email? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Pamela,

What I was suggesting is to do a Google query: "How to import email contacts to email @"xyz".com from digicel.blackberry.com "
OR another:
"How to export email contacts from digicel.blackberry.com"
And perhaps this one:
"How to access email from my digicel.blackberry.com with another device"
You may also want to contact digicel's support team?

Again, I hope this helps.

Hi, Harold,

I went sleep trying, to thank you again, last night but not, tonight,I'm getting it done.

Thank you, yes, I did try searching it, but I wasn't sure of the right keywords, to use. Thank you I will try again & I've bookmark, this post, OK.

Your just Phenomenal!

Thank you for being here, for me. Wish me luck in my search.

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My Suggestion for how to Input Smart Start. in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Marketing #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Hi, Brain,

I tend to differ, Smart Start isn't even completely 1 day old yet, we still have a few more hours, to go.

And I'm not racing anything, OK. You posted in & were following, the original announcement, right.

Did you not read above, that Gery, "Grand Master!" Stated, He would welcome suggestions, as to how we can input Smart Start in to our Gateway List.

I'm just following protocol, & supporting, this great new Incentive for all of us & throwing my support behind it & Gery, "Grand Master!" Excellent Upgrading.

We all know if there is going to be any additions, they will have to be tweeted & studies 1st, don't we

All I'm doing is getting the ball rolling, OK.

And as for enjoying the newest greatest announcement, yet! I'm already on it & into it, can't you tell! See my post from a positive incentive view & not as a negative one, OK. I'm not asking to change any of our awesome gateways. I asking just to change a line & I know it would been in the due, time.

We in life, miss out on so many opportunities, cause we waste so much time, thinking about it & failing, it before we even check it out, don't you agree. Then what happens, yesterday is gone, we missed the opportunity sitting on it, instead of putting it on paper & putting it into action.

Smart Start is giving us all a chance, I see & think beyond, the box, like there was never any box.

We all should be rejoicing this latest alert!

All new affiliates, have double choices, to fast track in 48 hours & reap the benefits or to take their time & reap the remaining benefits. No one can beat that!

Can't you see it, the Big Picture, SFI is about to sky for each & everyone of us!

We all need to play are part & get more active recruiting & bringing even more affiliates homeward bound.

This is the time we all need to bethinking, positive, celebrating Gery, "Grand Master!" & our Awesome Teams, Upgrade & holding tight to our seats & embrace ourselves, for SFI Biggest Launch, yet!

We need to: "Trust the Process!" & make it happen, starting right now!

PS. And I never said anything was wrong with the present line. I'm just suggesting, 1 way we could possible input it, hold on to your hat.

Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela. Yes! I'm dancing!

This by far, is my happiest day here. I'm just so over the moon for the incentive that's been introduced today for all new team members & every active team.

I see our futures looking awfully bright!

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My Suggestion for how to Input Smart Start. in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Marketing #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

To ensure your taken, to our www.joinmySFIteam.com page, please included your own SFI ID, OK, all.

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My Suggestion for how to Input Smart Start. in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Marketing #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Hi, Mary,

Respect your opinion & understand your individual starting up. But did you read, the option, too?

I haven't suggested, that we change anything elsewithin our gateway list, thus far.

Have a re-look & read at for instance:

www.joinmySFIteam.com/xxxxxxxx in our gateway listings, when you do click on read more & you'll see just where, I've suggested we can input, it.

And remember, it's a suggestion.

Gery, has stated his looking forward, to our suggestions, as to how we can introduce it, OK.

And this is the 1st one, I've come up, with, thus far.

See the : GET STARTED EARNING MONEY WITH SFI NOW. That's were I'm suggesting to input it: