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What's Better Old or New in Team Building #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hello Nijaz B.

The way I see it, those who are Gold and up team leaders, that have huge teams will make a lot of extra money -

But, those who are only Silver or Bronze and EA's will take a huge cut in commissions.

With the current size of my team right now the new program changes will cut my commissions by more than 75%!! That is going to hurt real big time.

The commissions earned by my CSA's will lower from 15% down to only 8% which is close to 50% drop.

The Gold, Platinum and Diamond's levels qualifying has dropped to make it easier for them. But for the Silver down levels the only change is going from 5 needed PSA's drops to three but all other qualifications remain the same.

The drop in commissions hurts in other ways such as: you still have to gain the needed VP to qualify for your rank (this remains the same as the old system) which means your SFI ranks are going to cost more because your ROI is much lower.

The only ones who will benefit from the new changes are (as always) the very top levels in SFI - Everyone else must now work more than twice as much to maintain the level we are on now.

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New localvantia merchant in Morocco in Sales #Localvantia

2 months ago

Hello Elarbi E,

I am excited for you to get your Localvantia sign up - good work!

But I must state that advertising the name and advertising site is not allowed on the public forum of SF - It is breaking the rules - this forum would be nothing but advertising from the thousands and thousands of affiliates in SFI if it was allowed.

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Why Mobile Marketing is Important? in Marketing #Marketing

2 months ago

Hello Temel P.

You could have easily added this to your first thread without creating another thread on exactly the same subject.
If you notice other people's post you will see how they add more information without the need to create
another thread that only take up more room on the computers slowing the overall system down.

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versa point in Getting Started #E365 #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Hello Arman A,

What you need to do is to realize that the 1,500 VP that you need is the total for this month not the total from the date you joined SFI.

Each month we need to collect 1,500 VP to reach the EA level for that month.

The reason I am bringing this up is that your badge still shows an green affiliate and that means you have not yet collected 1,500 VP for this month of April

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How do you feel in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Forum post and Etiquette- What we have forgotten in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership

4 months ago

Hello Robert - (and all),

When I come to the forum and see the answers to posted questions, I do not see this horrid amount of crude and disrespectful answers as you are suggesting. Most of the replies are kind and very supportive to those asking the questions.

The problem comes in when someone sees your answer to the question and does not agree with it then the stuff hits the fan. I thought a forum was set up to share different opinions and solutions to the question being asked but many times you are slammed dunked for your "difference" in how you answered. This should not be - but it goes on all the time.

I have been personally told, on this public forum, by a Platinum team leader and also by a Gold team leader to "GET OUT OF SFI" simply because I did not agree with what they were telling a new person to do. I have also been told by the same levels of top affiliates that I, and others, will never be successful if we do not do things exactly the way they are doing it. This should not be going on, but it is, and it is allowed because these people are in the top ranks in SFI.

So the real problems is not about others jumping all over the new people - I just do not see this happening - the problem is more about those who think they are Gods gift to the forum and it is either do it my way or get out of the way!!

I try my best to answer questions in a helpful manner every time I respond to a thread - I have no intentions of ever putting someone down for their questions - nor do I try to put others down for the answers they are giving, I may state that I do not agree with them but it is not to "hurt" them or dishonor them - it's just I didn't agree with them and that stirs up the hornets nest almost every time even when there were no bad comments directed at them personally - they take it that way then jump all over you.

That is one of the main reasons that I have quit coming to the forum to help others - simply because if your answer is not what the higher levels in SFI likes they jump in and brow beat you publicly until your replies to others mean little or nothing.

Some day maybe this forum will be a place where everyone is able to share information that is different in opinion than someone else and still be accepted as someone who is trying to help others instead of being ran off by the hot shots.

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Rewardical tab in ECA Program #ECA #Rewardical

5 months ago

Hello all,

This may be off a little bit but all the Rewardical stores (all of them so far) I have visited do not have any listing as to how my "tokens" you will receive for a purchase of any product.

If we are using these stores to promote "rewardical Tokens" what good is it to send people there when there is no indication of how many tokens they will receive for their money spent.

It is the same when we look for VP in the TripleClicks stores - the VP is listed and we "know" what we will receive with the purchase - but that is not so with a purchase from a rewardical ECA - we do not know how many tokens for any purchase made.

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It all depends on you in Getting Started #Getting Started

5 months ago

Hello Milorad A,

You basically repeated your post again with only a few minor changes - you could have just added to the thread you had already written instead of starting another hard to read thread on the same subject.

Break up your thread so it is easier on the eyes to read - no spaces causes confusion in trying to stay on track with what you are saying.

Still Trying to Help - To Your Success

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Why every member has a chance to succeed here in Getting Started #Getting Started

5 months ago

Hello Milorad A,

A nice post - except for one thing - you need to put some empty spaces in between some paragraphs to make it easy to read.

My eyes are old and they hurt when I try to read something that never give your eyes a little rest - It will look so much better and be easier to read if you use spacing between your thoughts.

Just trying to help - To Your Success

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Paid advertising sites money goes into flames. in ECA Program #ECA #Marketing

5 months ago

Hello Clarence W.

The closure of the ECA may not be due to "FAILURE" - My ECA was not a "failure" - I had a three day delivery time, I refunded all shipping charges - I contacted the person making the purchase the day I processed their order and notified them of the day they should receive their products along with tracking (all on my own cost)

My store was closed along with the other 95% of the ECAs weather they were bad or not - just simply closed to fit in SFIs new system - so don't be telling others that the ECAs were "FAILURES" That is being disrespectful and judgemental.

They were closed simply to new policies and new programs and leave it at that please!

To Your Success

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Just a Suggestion in Team Building #E365 #PSA #Team Building

5 months ago

Hello David A,

Just a day or so ago you asked the same exact question on this forum - you were given a lot of really good answers

Posting the same question again just a day or two later is against the rules of the forum and should not be done. This is wasting everyone's time because you are just going to get the same answers that you received on your other thread.

To Your Success

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This is the reason why Gery is the leader of the pack in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

5 months ago

Hello Earl,

While I was away, I did a inventory of my products (had to for tax reasons anyway) I have over $675 in product (wholesale cost) retail value over $1,500 that I have to just eat.

I also looked up the invoices for when I had a e commerce site and it cost me over $400 for a 1 year up front hosted site and I was paying over $50 a month just in fees for processed sales and that was 7 years ago! So I know the price has gone way up from that. So there is no "alternative" system for me to resort to.

That is fine - I got the message - just don't have a store front any longer - do something else.

I will no longer purchase any "extra" items from any ECAs or TripleClicks except to do the bare basics that I need to do to keep rank and grow my team. I will find other places to spend my extra money (which I really don't have any extra sense I had to close my other businesses 6 years ago.

And I can not find it within in my self to teach or share about the ECA rewardical system to my teammates or prospects because there are no commissions paid out for purchases with these stores - you get nothing for purchases from PSAs, CSAs or PRMs, except one token out of ten - I will let each person find out for themselves - and if they want to participate in it fine that is their choice.

I wont post on this subject again because I am not welcome to voice my opinion because it doesn't fit what Gery is trying to accomplish. Those who have a different opinion from the "hot shots" are quickly reprimanded for speaking out Even when we put in support tickets (like we are told to do) we get reprimanded for even doing that - twice I have been told by support to "leave it alone" - and "Your making to big a deal out of this and your poison to SFI."

Believe me I really do want the system and all that is involved with SFI to work - but I see it so unfair when where told to shut up and get out of the way of those who think differently or quit SFI and go somewhere else.

signing off - disgruntled (to say the least

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This is the reason why Gery is the leader of the pack in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

5 months ago

Hello Earl,

It isn't just your response only, , many different people are stating how those who feel hurt by this should just get out of SFI because we are not built for a on-line business, were not a entrepreneur so get out -and it doesn't help that you state "Instead of feeling like a victim because our ECA stores have been "shut down,"

I don't have the right to feel bad because my ECA is shut down and now it is going to cost me a lot more to try and get a hosted site approved for e commerence and also be a secured site and also pay the fees for processing cards and Paypal.

Who are you to say I am wrong for feeling like a victim - I am - my store was shut down and I am being told go do it on my own and it wont cost hardly anything at all to set up - Why is everyone spreading a lie like that and getting away with it - It cost a small bundle and I can not afford it so I am totally out of the system and now I have all my stock from my store and no way to sell it so I have to eat it as a cost over $500 in products just sitting there and no money to set up a on-line store.

Everything is being presented as a one-way to think and if you don't think that way - you're no good and will never succeed!

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This is the reason why Gery is the leader of the pack in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

5 months ago

Hello Gery,

I really do appreciate the consideration that you have for those who are affected by the changes - I also believe that you are doing what is best for SFI - I would not be here if I though differently.

You say stop blasting SFI on the forum but it is OK for those who are in agreement and pleased with what has taken place to just blast away at those who got up-set - is that fair - why not jump on those who are putting down those who feel hurt by this change? Or is SFI just blind sighted for the purpose of lifting up only those who agree with everything that is done without the courage to question the reasons for changes or what might be in store coming down the pike that we have not been told about except to accept the status quo.

I have to courage to speak my mind even though I KNOW without a doubt that I will get jumped on for doing so - I do not do those things to draw attention or to put others down someone or to put down the system - Most of the time I respond simply because someone else is slam dunking others and getting away with it because they could care less except to receive yellow stars as their brownie buttons for agreeing with every thing going on. or agreeing with every thing you say.

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This is the reason why Gery is the leader of the pack in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

5 months ago

Hello everyone,

T think it is so unfair for everyone to be jumping all over those who are upset for having their ECA closed - we put a lot of work, effort and money into trying to do a really good job in supplying quality products to the affiliates and PRMs in SFI and TripleClicks.

We are now told "Go do it on your own" pay for all the fees it takes to have a E-Commerce site and the fees to process payments - everyone keeps saying these services can be done free - That is not so - it cost me over $50 a month before finding the ECA platform in TripleClicks - Now I am being told pay SFI 5% and also pay the super charged fees for processing payments and a hosted site as a added cost - I am now out of business and everyone is saying "so what" buck up and get with the program!! Have a heart someone -

I do not think it is fair to declare that you are not a entrepreneur simply because we are upset whit what has taken place - I have been self-mptivated all my life. I have own and operated my own business's for several years until I became medically challenged and had to close my businesses and now I am trying to accomplish that on SFI and just keep getting told by the so call hot shots that we are no good as entrepreneurs because we get upset over changes with little or no consideration given to those who are affected.

To Your "unfair" evaluations of others.

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Garage sales in ECA Program #Sales

5 months ago

Hello Nermina K.

Garage sales and member listing no longer exist due to the new program in Recordical Tokens.

The garage sales and member listing was not working any way - very few people ordering and many who did order never received their products - I see it as a good thing that the member listing and garage sales were ended.

To Your Success

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Friends, Lets look on the brighter side! in Miscellaneous #ECA #Localvantia #Rewardical

6 months ago

Hello John L. I.

We came to SFI to build a team of affiliates who purchase products and attempt to build a home business based on sales of offered products.

This new Rewardical program is going to take a lot of those commissions out. NO commissions are paid when your PSAs, CSAs, PRMs or Zingers make a purchase in a so called Rewardical ECA.

The only thing gained is one Token for each ten they received for their purchase - one token is less than 1/3 the value of 1 VP. And to make its value even less you only gain one of those out of ten. Meaning you will have to have thousands of those tokens to even reach $1 in value.

Commissions are going to go down because everyone is so keyed up on this microscopic tiny bits of a penny for their efforts in raising PSAs, CSAs and PRMs. Rewardicals will not pay my doctor bills, Rewardicals will not put gas in my tank or food on the table neither will Bit-coin.

I am trying to raise a team of those who want to earn commissions for sales and that is now reduced to super low value unless your team only purchase from TripleClicks direct and no where else.

It will take millions of rewardicals to replace lost commissions within your teams.

I do not see the benefit of the entire program simply because it removes the commissions made when your direct team is purchase from these new Rewardical ECAs

There are a lot of different things set up in SFI now that when your down-line purchase them ther is no commissions paid and now there are a lot more of that and SFI is encouraging everyone to jump on the wagon and earn rewardicals because that is where the money is - That is not so!!

Very concerned -

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Getting Started with little or no money.... in Getting Started #Getting Started

6 months ago

Hello David B,

I must disagree with you about one of the fastest ways to earn money in SFI by using the SFIPPA link.

You need to study the rules of that program to understand how that $10 bounty is earned. The affiliates you sponsor through this program must perform within the top average of all the affiliates that joined on that day - if they don't you get paid nothing for your efforts.

Then if that person you sponsored into SFIPPA program becomes active at a later date you would be missing out on possible hundreds of dollars in commissions because you would not be that persons sponsor.

I would suggest this program only to those who have been in SFI for a long time and has a lot of experience in obtaining new PSAs that they do not want or need.

This program should never be shared with "New" affiliates - they think it is fast money and it is NOT - it takes a long time to earn anything at all in that program. So I recommend that you do NOT advise new affiliates to use the SFIPPA links.

To Your Success