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Horace T.

United States

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Building for the Long Term ( SFI Team Leaders) in Inspiration/Testimonials #E365 #Sponsor #Team Building

5 days ago

Today I will try to encourage, and inspire someone, to see the value in building for the future as an SFI affiliate Team Leader, to start with I will try to highlight the different resources available, to enable success getting to the first team leader rank which is Bronze Team Leader.

The SFI success plan have an earning approach that has already been tried and tested , so that once you learn how it work you have something to use that will enable you to reach for the main objective, which is to be a top earner in SFI as a Diamond Team Leader.

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What's a good strategy to attain Team Leader status every month? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

5 days ago

Sofia you are doing fine, I would suggest that you go to the training and look over the information on versapoints, the diamond plan, and the forum to better understand how to work your earning Plan, here are some links that may help.

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When Opportunity Reflects Knowledge (SFI) in Inspiration/Testimonials #Compensation #Getting Started #Marketing

9 days ago

While browsing the forum I read several post, and looked at several questions in the great question section, the one question everyone is asking is How do you succeed in SFI ?

My question to that question is, what do you see for your as success in SFI and how do you plan to have success ?

My response to the question is this, to start progressing in SFI you have to :
Learn the business you are building.
Start With the Basics-

Understand you earning resources.
Learn how to build an income stream-

You decide how successful you want to be.
Take time to decide how much you are trying to earn-

WORK as defined in the dictionary can be applied, as an activity that achieve a purpose, or render an expected result from the completed mental or physical labor. In SFI the work that reap success to us as affiliates can be defined as a function that operate according to a plan or design.

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Follow The Rules in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Sponsor #VersaPoints

19 days ago

In SFI there are several resources, that help us to build, and maintain our home based SFI business after we start progressing in the business from our individual efforts, one resource that is not only encouraging but educating, is the SFI Rules Of Success.

Along with the 62 Launchpad training lessons, which guide you through the learning process of how to be successful in SFI, and help you develop an earning approach plan that allow you to earn an income from direct commissions, co sponsor commissions, or executive pool profit shares, the rules of success is essential to your individual success or failure.

But these aren't the only rules to follow, there are simple things that automatically start your progress like, logging in daily, completing actions that earn versapoints, reviewing information that lead to daily business progress, learning how to increase your earning potential by advancing in rank that qualify you for more business building benefits.

The big picture in SFI is, though the business is challenging it is very stable and easy to maintain, and once you get to the Team Leader rank, from your progress, you should be able to maintain the rank even if you have to make a small investment.

Once you start to developing a team and producing activity, all you have to do is train, support, encourage, and lead by example, to continue to progress your SFI home based business.

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SFI and the Different Ways to Success in United States #Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor

20 days ago

In April 2012 I never thought when I joined SFI, that I would be doing what I'm doing today, which is trying to encourage, motivate, and help, anyone that read this article know, that success is real and can be achieved by different individuals.
The uniqueness of the marketing approach of SFI, make it easy for affiliates who go through the available training to become independent contractors , working from home building an SFI business.

Just like a brick and mortar job, to become successful in SFI you have to do some work, otherwise you are sure to eventually fail, in SFI when you register from one of the opportunity offer links, you are going through the process of applying for an extra income earning opportunity working from home.

The Basic approach to earning in SFI give affiliates three ways to make money :
1. Direct Commissions- Every time one of your referred members or personally sponsored affiliates (PSA) purchases a product at one of our sites (, for example), you earn 45% of what we call the "Commission Volume" or CV for that product.
2. Co Sponsor Commissions-As a Co-Sponsor yourself, each time one of your CSAs places an order at one of our sites, you earn 15% of the CV
3. Executive Pool Shares- 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase–companywide–into the Executive Pool for our affiliates to share in!

The three basic ways to earning is what enable affiliates to have different ways to be successful, some will be successful at referring, and build their income stream by focusing on referring, others will be successful at sponsoring, and build their income stream focusing on sponsoring, others may have success earning from the co sponsored affiliate purchases, and others may be more focused on following attempting to start building a business from executive pool profit shares, which can increase as you develop a team of successful EA from the sponsored affiliates.

The challenge isn't how successful you can be in SFI, once you start succeeding, but how far can you get In SFI, in your attempt to earn an income from SFI, that enable you to feel you have accomplished what you intended to do to succeed in SFI.

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SFI ( Internet Marketing Success Trainer) in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

28 days ago

Six years ago I never thought I would be working from home, let alone writing forum post trying to encourage affiliates to start to attempt to earn an income working online. While browsing the forum I ran across a post " What is our business in SFI"? they also explained their answer clearly concerning what the SFI business is, but today I will be a little more detailed in my answer.

In the affiliate center there is 13 menu tabs that when hovered over give you a drop down menu full of different subjects, under the Reference tab there is 15 subjects, which address all information valuable to becoming successful in SFI. The affiliate agreement is like an application for inclusion into the affiliate program, which provide all members with a way to earn an income working from home.

All affiliates who join are provided professional Websites for marketing SFI's products on the Internet. SFI also provides all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment – all at no cost to the affiliate, there is also extensive train available that will educate affiliates on the multiple income streams that are available as you progress through the different ranks that increase your earnings for your SFI business.

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Team Leaders advantages in SFI in United States #CSA #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

As a 6 year member of SFI, and now a very active independent home business owner, that is daily learning the value of proper training and developing an online business. I am thankful that I have taken advantage of all the resources available to make this opportunity easy to learn and succeed in, while learning how to build an online home based business.

Since I became a Team Leader ( BTL) in May 2017, I realize the work involved in developing a team of active affiliates isn't getting signups, but encouraging PSAs, and CSAs to become active. Everyone who has been in this industry for sometime now know how hard it is to succeed, and how much effort it take to be reach their goals.

What I am learning now from SFI, is how to exploit my known strengths that I have gained from experience, and use them in a way to not only benefit myself but help someone else also. To succeed in anything you have to know how the earning process work, in SFI the process begins either from a direct sales commissions at 45% of the CV from purchases, then there is an EA rank which have a 1500 VP a month qualification requirement that enables an extra Executive Pool profit for affiliates to share in, which is 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase–companywide. There is also a co sponsor purchase commission earned at 15% of the CV of the product.

But the benefits don't stop there, lets give a short assessment of benefits:
1. - Personalized Training
2. - A clear earning Plan with reachable goals
3. - All the necessary Tools
4. - Verifiable references
5. - 24/7 Support

The Team leader rank is where affiliates start to develop their personal home based business, some will be drawn to sales ( TripleClicks), some to services ( TripleClicks), and some to affiliate team sales ( sponsoring / co sponsoring).
The Team Leader ranks enables Matching Versapoints on all your EA earned VP, the bonus shares which are banked can help once you accomplish the milestone required to earn them.

Once you find 5 people to help become EA, and encourage them to stay active you are on your way to eventual financial independence, you are also in position to organize a strong, group action supported Team.

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Appreciate Good Earning Resources ( Carson Services, Inc.) in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing

about 1 month ago

As a 6 year member of the SFI marketing group I am proud to say, thank you to Gery Carson and the vision he had in 1998 when he started SFI, which has grown into a worldwide e-commerce earning opportunity, for anyone with a computer and Internet access. The earning opportunity have no obligation or purchase requirements of any kind to join, all you have to do is submit an online registration form and complete all the registration requirements, to begin taking advantage of the proven earning system.

The advantage new affiliates have that join now is, that all they have to do is follow all the instructions, take advantage of the available resources to help their business development approach, have a clear understanding of how to use all the available tools, set reachable business goals, and have an earning level plan.

The resources available in SFI are so vast in material, the different articles can help individuals find different ways to approach what they do, and how they do things. The reality of most people who have no success is, that most of them have a problem with organization, which is the key to less stressful success, an organized office and a business direction is important. They also have to have a daily approach to managing and progressing their business efforts, by learning what they have available to work with and how to get the production expected from the resource.

The amazing thing about SFI is that once you start training and learning, and you start seeing how time and freedom can be balanced with organization, and how easy it is to follow the Plan, which is to reach the maximum earning and success level in SFI, which is Diamond Team Leader.

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SFI The Extra Income Stream in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Every type of work require an office, and in the SFI affiliate center is the office all affiliates, EA, and Team Leaders who are actively working from home, are daily accessing to earn an income doing what they have established through the multiple incomes streams available in SFI.

We all who have progressed individually to the different rank levels, are proving that training is important to understanding how to succeed at your own pace in SFI. What surprise me is that if you look closely at your upline and it is strong, you can see the real potential of a successful active team, and once you work your way up to the rank of team leader, all you have to do is follow the plan that is working to progress your success.

Question: What can you accomplish in 2 hours?
Answer: In SFI affiliate Center could:
1. Review the 15 daily action tabs
2. Access the Launchpad Training
3. Review several training lessons
5. develop an earning approach plan

I hope that this information help someone looking to start earning an income, gain the courage to start helping themselves by joining SFI today and beginning a future home based business.

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Tools of the Trade in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

In every industry you have tools that are required, to perform the work that generate an income for the products or services, in SFI there are tools that cover every aspect of the business. The tools that are essential to the e-commerce marketing industry are the basic things that are in place to enable success, when properly used. In SFI affiliates have more than enough resources to be successful all they have to do is decide how successful they want be.

As a BTL who is serious about what he see he can accomplish with work, and really only relating from real experience which is, I started working at 12 years old, I stopped working and retired in 2015 and started receiving social security, and other retirement saving I had accumulated from working. In preparation for what I understand about finances, I started looking for a earning opportunity to make an extra income, and signed up as an SFI affiliate.

The 6 years that it took to reach the first rank level of the Plan BTL, has been educating and encouraging, the knowledge I gained is invaluable because of the vast amount of information, and the organized way it is presented. The work it took just to document the information was time consuming, but now all affiliates have to do is access and read to learn, the marketing , communication, and team building, tabs are located under the Tools tab in the main mini of the affiliate center, each tabs index is full of things needed to efficiently develop an income from the SFI earning opportunity.

But to really understand what you are doing, you have to review the extensive affiliate training to give you a foundation to carry you in your profitable business building efforts. The marketing tab supply all affiliates with available advertising material, at the present time affiliate, can market the SFI affiliate program, tripleclicks consumer products and services, pricebender auctions, and eager zebra games, to attract interested people to the earning opportunity.

The communication tab have all the different communicating tools like 3 different mailers, 2 messengers, the icebreakers tool, and the private the forum ( team leaders only) that enable affiliates to communicate from the affiliate center. The last tab which is the team building tab, is the one that help all affiliates who follow the plan, accomplish their earning and business goals they have set.

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Earning VersaPoints and Becoming EA in VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

The SFI affiliate program is a marketing opportunity that enable individuals, who desire to do so, train and learn how to become independent contractors working from home, and earning an income promoting SFI Compensation Plan and SFI products and services, the marketing for affiliates is provided by SFI, and everything needed for starting and generating a commission.

But the real earning potential of the Affiliate program isn't seen, until affiliates start to see the big picture, which is to understand the basics ways of making money in SFI.

Direct Commissions- referred members or personally sponsored affiliates purchases which generate a 45% commission volume from the product sold.
Co Sponsor Commissions - each time one of your CSAs places an order at one of our sites, you earn 15% of the The SFI affiliate program is a marketing opportunity that enable individuals, who desire to do so, train and learn how to become independent contractors working from home, and earning an income promoting SFI Compensation Plan and SFI products and services, the marketing for affiliates is provided by SFI, and everything needed for starting and generating a commission.

But the real earning potential of the Affiliate program isn't seen, until affiliates start to see the big picture, which is to understand the basics ways of making money in SFI.

Direct Commissions- referred members or personally sponsored affiliates purchases which generate a 45% commission volume from the product sold.
Co Sponsor Commissions - each time one of your CSAs places an order at one of our sites, you earn 15% of the commission volume.
Executive Pool Shares - companywide profits are shared at 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase into the Executive Pool for our affiliates to share in.

The way to earn executive pool shares is to collect a ( minimum 1500 VP) monthly, this amount of points also enable affiliates to qualify for the rank of EA. New affiliate have several ways to approach the challenge of becoming EA but the less costly approach is to accumulate the needed versapoints from the To Do List . The 15 daily action tabs allow affiliates to earn 1VP a day from 13 tabs, and when you play an eagar zebra or place a bid in pricebenders using a t credit you earn 1VP for each t credit spent, you also earn 1 bonus VP each for playing a game and placing the bid.

The getting started actions tab is really the one all new affiliates need to focus on, because it has the majority of the versapoints needed to ease affiliates attempt to reach the EA rank. When new affiliates complete all the task in the To getting started actions section they earn a combined total of 810 VP when they include the 310 VP for reviewing and completing all of the 62 Launchpad lessons, the intermediate actions tab also enable affiliate to earn up to 550 VP for all the completed action.
From the information above if you start earning the 1 versapoint from the daily action tab you can earn in 30 days you would have earned 390 VP from 13 tabs, and if you manage to earn the other 2 VP from the game and auction tab you earn another 60VP in 30 days for a total of 450 VP for the month.

Daily action VP- 450
Getting started VP- 810
1 T-credit 20 pack for $9.20 when set up for auto delivery ( 363 VP and 10 Rewardicals earned)
This is only one of several approaches that can be used to become EA, the key after that is maintaining the Rank.

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Earning VersaPoints and The ( E365 Contest) in VersaPoints #Getting Started #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

When affiliates join SFI they are presented with several offers, the first one is the Class Cash drawing which award $250 to one affiliate every day who has entered the drawing and met the requirements to qualify for a chance to win the cash, which is to have a minimum of 10 log ins and 300 VersaPoints in the first 30 days of joining SFI. The next offer is the E365 Entrepreneur challenge, which is a contest where you compete against other affiliates that joined the same day you did, by accumulating more VersaPoints over a one year period and win the Challenge.

The E365 is one way to earn money while educating yourself into a successful SFI home business contractor, the key is to access the affiliate center and perform as many action task you can that will accumulate VersaPoints. To enter the contest affiliates have to do Six things over the course of their first year to qualify for an entry in the contest, they have to verify their email, Whitelist the email addresses of SFI and upline members, Complete your Affiliate Profile Basics, Upload your account photo, Send your commitment letter to your sponsor, and Achieve EA status.

From just the first five actions new affiliates can earn 410 VP outside of the 300 VP for the 10 log in and daily actions performed to accumulate the VersaPoints. There are also 5 daily action tabs that earn VP but affiliates have to access them and perform the required action to earn the Versapoints, the Eager Zebra game tab, and the PriceBenders auction require TCredits to enable you to earn the VP for those tabs, but when you play the game or bid you earn 1 VP from TripleClicks .

The Alert, Badge, and Win It tabs only require reviewing the information and confirming access to the information to earn 3 VP daily, notice also that once you start accumulating VersaPoints all you have to do is stay consistent and learn how to daily progress in your effort to earn more.

The objective to getting yourself in position to take advantage of the earning opportunity, is to reach the rank of EA, which have a basic requirement of 1500 VP earned monthly. Once new affiliates reach that rank they are in position to share in daily drawings and receive prizes, which help them to progress their SFI business development.

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SFI Compensation and Commission Volume in Compensation #Auto-Delivery #Marketing #Sales

about 1 month ago

The gem within the SFI marketing system is the TripleClicks store, and the products and services that all have a value that is determined, by the product's or service's margin (The difference between the product's wholesale/base cost and the price the product sells for), which is the commission volume that can be paid out at the maximum amount for that product.

This is how SFI enable affiliates to earn commissions, without having to invest out of pocket to start earning, and give all affiliates the option to choose if they want to invest in their SFI business progress, product and service sales profits generate 45% of the CV as direct commissions from PSA, and PRM purchase orders, from the PRM purchases you also earn VP on the order which earn additional Executive Pool shares.

The Executive Pool shares are 40% of the CV companywide profits from purchases made from, that is shared by all successful SFI affiliates, and team leaders. The Diamond Plan is really the starting point for the serious independent contractor, because it challenge you to organize and plan your progress, as a Bronze Team Leader I am developing a clear understanding of, working alone but not alone,.

The reality is that all of the Team leader positions are reachable, but to get viable results you have to follow the plan and learn, how to make it work for you. For example my focus is trying to find 5 people in my downline, who will take the time to respond to the opportunity by following up with at least a return log in after signing up or a response to the emails they receive from SFI and my team mail communication. The way for Bronze Team Leaders to reach the Silver Team Leader rank is to develop the 5 PSA they bring into SFI into EA, and encourage one to reach the Bronze Team Leader rank.

The good thing about all the Team leader positions is that once you earn each rank you are rewarded matching VP on all EA in your downline, as well as CSAs which at affiliates you receive 2 at a time each month your maintain EA rank , which also earn you a 15% of the CV from their purchases as well.

As you can see from this information alone there are three ways mentioned, that generate commissions that can earn you a monthly income from your work efforts.

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VersaPoints and Your SFI Business in VersaPoints #Sales #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

All affiliates in SFI that are successful business owners working from home, started from where ever they were, and went through the same training process to get where they are today. The reality is that most of us have had support as well as reliable business connections, because of the understanding needed to develop and build a team, that can function and grow at a viable pace.

The entry level position in SFI which enable all affiliates to start earning an income, is one that enables members to earn 45% of what we call the "Commission Volume" which is the maximum amount of commissions paid out on a given product/service, and every product for sale on, to receive this direct commission all you have to do is sponsor an affiliate or refer a person that make a purchase order.

The Executive Affiliate position is the business progress booster, in that once you get there you see the real earning potential of the marketing system developed for the SFI business building approach. The key then is developing a strategy, on how to accumulate 1500 Versapoints each month, there are several ways to approach the challenge and more than enough benefits to help you reach that goal each month.

The way that VersaPoints not only support your business growth, but also encourage daily activity to enable gradual earning progress, it is important that affiliates earn as many as possible. The importance of VersaPoints to all of us who are established as independent contractors is understood, because of the reality of what they are worth to each of us who don't struggle to earn them any more because of how they are accumulated from both our residual income that is still growing as well as the leverage income that also grow with each new affiliate that see the potential to earn an income as a member of SFI.

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Finding Encouragement After Ranking in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Today I hope to encourage everyone who may read this post, I daily try to live in a way that I feel I am making a difference, in the world today, I rarely watch the news because of the facts that are present in the attitude of society, which is no moral values, no respect for authority, and no self respect. As an experienced retired automotive technician ( mechanic) 44 Years, who has been in the internet marketing industry since 2011 and a member of SFI since 2012 I can say, that SFI is one of the best affiliate program in the industry with a proven success rate.

The challenge that all of us who are EA, or Team Leaders at SFI are having isn't getting people to train, but getting them to become active. I have been a BTL since May 2017, and I reach the required number of versapoints to qualify for STL, I also have the PSAs, but none are EA and none are active enough to help me qualify for STL. I have one PSA with potential but they aren't consistent, they don't train, and they don't complete all the daily tasks, I try to encourage them by live chat and e-cards.

I also have a CSA that's doing well, they recently joined SFI and I am their co sponsor, with my help they have became EA and seem to be maintaining that rank. The have the potential to become a team leader, but that won't help me other than them enabling me to earn 15% of the CV as co sponsor commissions from their purchase orders at, and matching VP from all EAs in your team as well as yours and theirs CSAs.

All I need is one PSA to reach BTL and I can advance to STL, but since I have 3 months to reach that level to receive the banked milestone shares waiting for me to when I reach STL, it is worth the effort. From this experience I have learned how to overcome FEAR, of Failure.

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Please help out with this in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

The best answer to any question, is the only answer that covers and remove all doubt of how the opportunity work, and here is the best answer. In the Launchpad training of the SFI Basics there is a related lesson section which have the information concerning how to make money in SFI.
Here is the Link:

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SFI Affiliate Getting Started Section and it's Value in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

The SFI affiliate program is a no cost to join opportunity, with exclusive training that is customized for each individual that join, from how they respond to the registration information. In the affiliate profile there are six headings with pertinent questions that when answered, gives you a picture of your personal intent as a affiliate of SFI, and your projection of how long you plan to invest your time to get there.

The first header general information deals with the purpose that lead you to SFI, and your language preference for communication purposes, the second reflects on your work experience you acquired before joining SFI, the third header addresses your business strategy for your intended progress in SFI, and how you plan to accomplish it as an affiliate, the fourth header have support information concerning your sponsor and other people who have an interest in your personal success.

The fifth header is to me the most important because of the fact that you, reflect on what you see are your personal goals and the level of success you are trying to accomplish in a certain amount of time in SFI. This information is how SFI customize it's training for each individual affiliate who submit a completed affiliate profile, the getting started action section enable all new affiliates to earn versapoints, which enables them to start generating an income from the tasks they perform.

The value of the getting started section, and the reality of how it can help all new affiliates is limitless when they complete all the task in that section, the tasks are not hard to complete and the versapoints you earn from this section is quite a few. If affiliates complete all the getting started tasks they earn 750 versapoints, if they complete the 62 Launchpad lessons they earn another 310 VP, then if affiliates perform the 15daily action tasks they accumulate another 410 VP in a 30 day month.

When you become active, it become easy to accumulate what you need to earn enough points to qualify at the EA rank which give you profit share for maintaining 1500 VP for the month.

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The Value of the Win It Tab in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

In every business there is knowledge that is require, that will enable the business to prosper, in SFI there is a lot of information that have to be reviewed to give affiliates, the Knowledge to succeed in the internet marketing industry.
ln SFI we all have to train, so that we individually gain the knowledge needed to build an income working from home, the training in SFI is consistent in developing affiliates who put fort the effort, into successful independent home based business owners.

Daily I access the affiliate center and do things to progress my home based business, I start with the win it tab first and perform the tasks to turn that tab green, but I do more than just confirm that I reviewed the information. The information you see when you open the tab enable you to see your progress from your previous day work effort, and give you the opportunity to benefit from your effort.

There are four things you see when you access the WIN IT TAB, you see your daily grand entry total you have earned for the next day's daily grand drawing, there is also a SFI biz quiz question that if answered correctly enables 50 affiliates entered in the daily drawing to earn 50 rewardical tokens. There is also a T- Time drawing that take place at
the end of each hour which affiliates can submit a free entry, and have a chance to be 1 of 30 affiliates to win 2 free T-Credits.

What I have noticed is that from the biz quiz question the answer have to be found in the Launchpad training which help affiliates to better understand how the resources, help them to learn how to gain the knowledge useful to train others,as well as encourage consistent daily actions that lead to their individual success in SFI.