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SFI The Home Business Trainer That Work!!! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #TripleClicks

2 days ago

As an entrepreneur in 2018 business opportunities are easy to find, but to be successful in most you have to invest some monetary value into the offer, with no assurance of success. In SFI that is not the case, there is no investment unless you individually choose to make one, the stability that drive the company is it's longevity in the industry (20 years) and it's growth level of it's affiliates program, which teach affiliates how to building a profitable SFI business.

There is an organized training approach that is customized to each affiliate's own business strategy, the key to affiliates being successful is determined by how they learn where they are trying to go in SFI from a financial level. The challenge in SFI for most affiliates is finding enough active affiliates to teach how to earn an income from SFI, once they start understanding what they are doing the progress is what motivate them to continue developing their home based SFI business.

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Developing a Residual income ( SFI Earning Potential) in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing

3 days ago

Every SFI affiliate who is successfully in business as an independent contractor of SFI, has established an income earning approach that is intended to create an individual wealth plan building an SFI business working from home. To accomplish that each one of us who are reaping success , had to learn the basics that apply to how to succeed, and then apply them to our earning approach that we have put in place.

SFI have three basic ways for affiliates to generate income, they are direct commissions, co sponsor commissions, and executive pool profit share commissions.

The key to affiliates becoming successful and learning how to build a residual income is, to access the affiliate center daily and perform the task required to progress in their earning effort. Once they get to the level that give them more earning options to implement then they are where they need to be, all they have to do then is decide how much of an increase they are trying add to their present residual income.

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SFI ( The Dependable Home Business) in United States #Marketing #Sales #VersaPoints

5 days ago

The e-commerce industry has been worldwide now for some time, and the work from home opportunities have expanded because of the internet. Because of the economy and the present job market, most people have to generate more than one income to sustain their expense budget.

The diverse number of successful affiliates that makeup the SFI affiliates membership, with some having been with the company since it started 20 years ago, is a clear indication that with work and training anyone trying to earn a risk free extra income from home can accomplish that as an SFI affiliate.

The 6 step rank approach to earning, teach affiliates how to learn and teach others, to succeed following their time tested earning plan that is already reaping success for the people in their upline. The only thing required of all affiliates is simply review the 15 daily action tabs, and apply what you learn from the information that is customized to their needs, as dictated from the individual affiliate profile which have documentation of your SFI business direction plan
and intended goals.

The multiple income streams that are generated from within the compensation plan, is supported by one network for online shopping, playing games, bidding in auctions, and receiving rewards from customer loyalty programs. The work involved in affiliates generating an extra income is simply developing an idea of how much success they plan to have as an SFI affiliate.

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What do you Expect to Earn from SFI ? in Compensation #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

7 days ago

The SFI affiliate marketing program is a earning opportunity that uses a basic approach that give affiliate three ways to earn :
1.Direct Commissions
2.Co-Sponsor Commissions
3.Executive Pool Shares

The affiliate membership don't require any money to join, and affiliates can start earning income by performing task and learning how to use the marketing methods and aids available to help affiliates earn what is called a residual income, that eventual grow into a leverage income over time.

The basics earning approach in SFI give all affiliates a stable foundation, that will enable multiple income streams which is available within the program to enable affiliates to increase their income from tasks that earn business progress bonuses for accomplishing different task that increase profit share amounts.

The top earning level in the SFI earning opportunity is reachable, but to get to that level affiliates will have to work, plan an organized earning approach, learn from the SFI training how to use the resources available to help them succeed, recruit affiliates to train, find enough at each level to teach how to follow your success approach, help them develop their own earning approach that can work for them, and support them as much as possible.


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Uderstanding Your Business Plan ( SFI Team Leaders) in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

10 days ago

While browsing the forum I ran across a post by Bing O an 18 year member of SFI and a Platinum Team leader, his post covers everything that can generate success in SFI from a organized and planned approach he has proven to be successful for him and his present SFI team that he leads.
Goal Setting Process for Your SFI Business Success
Updated April 24, 2018

A. Goal setting must be done by writing down what you want to accomplish for your SFI business PLUS creating a written PLAN to reach your written goals.
***** SFI has already done this for us with the best written PLAN for everyone to follow.

***** SFI has already CREATED for us six simple clear steps to execute, at the same URL:

I noticed the experience he has gained from the content in the post, and the simplicity in the information enable anyone who take the time to review the information to gain knowledge from first hand experience. The concept that apply from the approach presented is easy to follow when you apply the 4 G's, the success is determined by how you individually implement your business success plan.

“What should the objective be in SFI to be a top earner? What is THE plan for maximum success and
income in SFI?
In the simplest terms possible, your goal is to attain the rank of DTL (Diamond Team Leader). The
requirements to be a DTL are:
• 1500 VersaPoints from sales and/or purchases (monthly)
• Develop and maintain 5 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders)
That's it!”
***** Let’s review the Steps On Your Way To DTL, here at the same URL:

***** SFI has also provided us easy to understand FAQs to read, at the same URL:

B. Creating the Written Plan is the most difficult thing to do but SFI has done it for us. So the most common cause of failure of Written Goals has been eliminated for us by SFI

C. This SFI “THE PLAN” narrows the gap between the end result we want to attain and where we are now, with this clear plan.

D. Using Goal setting with your SFI business and achieving success will give you greater success with setting and achieving personal goals too.

E. Business Goal are typically written in an annual basis. Throughout the year for our SFI business, we need to have weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews to track our progress towards our annual goals.

F. Daily Reviews are best for us to use. We are being trained by SFI to do our DAILY To-Do-List. Setting aside about 10 minutes daily before going to bed at the end of each day, we should review what we have accomplished for the day. Then we need to make a short list on what to prioritize for the next day, to get us on track with the weekly and longer-term goals.

G. To helps us accomplish our Written Goals, let’s adopt the “SMART” acronym
• Specific - For example, I want to become an Executive Affiliate before the end of this month.
• Measurable - "becoming BTL" or "recruiting/buying 20 PSAs" are measurable goals "reading more" or "playing more games/auctions" are not really measurable.
• Attainable - your goal should be exciting but attainable. If you are a newbie, trying to be In the Top 3 SFI recruiters for the month, is a pipe dream.
• Relevant – your short-term goals should be directly aligned with your long term plans.
• Time-Related – attaining the DTL status is the long-term goal, in 5 to 10 years - or sooner. Reaching and keeping the EA, BTl, STL, GTL and PTL levels need a specific time frame too

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Learning From Experience ( SFI Team Leaders) in Team Building #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

11 days ago

While reviewing the Forum today I looked at the post by Michael A., which really summarized how to be successful dealing with others, because of the change in the way people respond to criticism and complaints, honesty and appreciation, and realizing what they may want, you have to first get their attention.

As Entrepreneurs we are all independent contractor of SFI, who have went through the training and learning process, to become successful working from home earning a residual income that once leveraged, leads to some level of financial independence, once you reach the first of six Team Leader positions, which increase your earning potential at each level you move up too.

The concept is to develop an active team that can function as a group, by teaching each member how to reach EA position and maintain it, by using the basic earning approach that lead to affiliates earning a monthly commission.

Once affiliate learn the earning approach they are in position to decide for themselves, how much they want to earn from SFI. The funny thing about a successful business is that once you start progressing, all you have to do is attract people who enable you to stay in business, by using your product or service.

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SFI and the Daily Grand Drawing in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery #CSA #Sales

18 days ago

The Daily Grand Drawing give all affiliates different ways to build their SFI business, the contest allow affiliates to have multiple entries daily, award several entries for earning various amounts of versapoints, and entries for accessing the home, and alert tab, and completing the actions required to get those entries.

The daily action tabs are important too, because to enter the drawing you have to click the Daily Grand entry tab in the win it section, the number of entries for the next day's drawing are submitted and you see how many entries you have, rewardical tokens are won daily by 410 affiliate who win a share of 18000 (RT) given away to the winners.

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Opt in builder bundle in Team Building #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

20 days ago

You have to understand that the majority of PSAs you attract will not become active, use your own example as encouragement, in a short time yo have reached EA, now all you have to do is come up with an approach to start structuring your earnings.

Depending on your business goals, there are several things available that can help, the builders bundle is a good one, but there is also a PSA to Go ( 10 Pack) Just $35.45 with Auto-Delivery, which can help.

Being in your first year, you still have time to try to win the E365 contest which help you to understand how to develop a structured approach to earning an income. What keep you busy is the large amount of information available that will help all affiliates who are attempting to succeed, for example some affiliates have results generating sales from tripleclicks.com, some have results from PSA, CSA, and PRM sales profits, some have results from developing a team, but the reality is that this take time.

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Understanding Profit Shares in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Sales #TripleClicks

22 days ago

The main purpose of all SFI affiliates who are active, is to continue to maintain their rank and increase their income which is growing with time. To do this affiliates have to have a organized earning plan that function in a way to produce success, the earning compensation plan in SFI determines the total commission volume (CV) of all sales, and 40% of this total CV amount becomes executive pool sales profit shares.

The reality to starting an independent home based SFI business, is to determine how much of an income you are trying to build using the SFI earning system, the initial earning process start by actively doing the things that earn you versapoints, and accumulate enough points ( 1500 minimum) to earn profit share commissions from the executive pool.

Once affiliates become EA ( Executive Affiliates) the earning potential increases, along with the executive pool profit shares, you can also earn direct commissions at 45% of ( CV) from PSA or PSM members who purchase products or services from the tripleclicks,com store, there is also a 15% ( CV) from CSA purchases affiliates generate.

The Versapoints Matching bonus shares are extra shares that are banked, which are earned by reaching a certain team leader rank that enable the shares to be added to the commissions earned that specific month, the one year limit before the banked shares expire give affiliates an incentive that encourage progress.

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Anti - Wealth or Any Wealth ( SFI Team Leader) in Team Building #Getting Started #Sales #Team Building

24 days ago

Because of the way the job market is changing, there is a lot of earning opportunities that enable individuals to gain employment that let them earn their income working from home. But the problem with that specific job may be that it is only able to generate income from a limited market, in the SFI affiliate marketing program that is not the case, the earning approach is easy to follow, the training when applied produces results that help you develop the skills needed to understand how to help others duplicate success that encourage financial independence.
Compensation Plan-https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan

In SFI there is an earning plan in place that give affiliates an organized approach, to developing and building an income that will increase over time from the different income streams that earn the income. The Versapoints minimum of 1500 VP to enable executive pool profit share, which is the start of a residual income that can payout at 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase–companywide every month to qualifying affiliates.

The income increase after the EA rank can be accomplished, but for success to be obtained you have to follow The Plan that drive the income increase which is to become a Bronze Team Leader, the key understanding here should be to develop 5 EA, and help at lease 1 or all of them to reach BTL. This is how the leverage income begin, the way that SFI help all rank Team leaders is by the matching VP that come from the downline they have built overtime, which determine their monthly profit share amount.

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The SFI Three Way Earning Approach !!! in Getting Started #Marketing #TripleClicks

25 days ago

The home based business industry is daily growing, and SFI is helping people worldwide to become apart of the successful few who learn how to earn an income working from home.
The earning approach presented to all SFI members is a simple three way approach which generate the earnings.
Direct Commissions
Co Sponsor Commissions
Executive Pool Profit Shares

But the key is that the executive pool shares aren't earned without having a minimum amount of VersaPoints ( 1500) to qualify to receive a share from profits earned from sales, the EA rank is where the earning potential increase from purchases you make www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=78 , sales you generate www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=38, and affiliate action you take to develop your business www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=38.

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Executive Pool & Matching VPs in VersaPoints #Compensation #Rewardical #VersaPoints

25 days ago

The changes that are occurring with the rewardicals ( RT), being earned for doing what we all who are active have been doing, and the understanding of the compensation plan, the focus should be to maintain your present rank and do the same thing you've been doing to get where you are, and teach your down line.

Here are the training links that my help you with your questions.

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

26 days ago

This is a good move for SFI affiliates and Team Leaders, what I see this do is encouraging activity that lead to personal choices, of how to learn what it take to earn an income in SFI, the new look and the direct links within the information, make it easy to access and the information group is easy to navigate.

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Accumulating VersaPoints while Building an Income in United States #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

While browsing the forum I noticed a lot of affiliates asking, how do versapoints help them earn cash?

The simple answer would be, understand their purpose, and value and realize their worth to business progress and growth, from the start all affiliates are orientated to performing actions, which can generate an income from reviewing 15 daily action tabs that have customized information, that will teach them and guide them on how to become a successful SFI affiliate.

The key to turning the versapoints into cash, is to learn the different earning approaches that generate the required number of versapoints to give you the rank, that will start as a residual income from the profit shares that are earned from products or services that produce a commission, the EA ( Executive Affiliate ) rank which have a minimum of 1500 VP a month requirement to enable profit shares to be earned is how the process start that enable versapoints to be turned into cash.

The reality is VersaPoints primary use is to determine your rank, which give you more profit shares when you advance in rank, the more VP you collect monthly increase executive pool share commissions every month, but where versapoints really show their true value to your SFI business, is when you advance to the rank that put affiliates on the team building training plan that can lead to increased commissions generated from active EA that you train as a Team Leader.

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E365 Entrepreneur Challenge !!! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

All affiliates who join the SFI income earning offer, are given the opportunity to enter themselves into the E365 contest, I have been one of the affiliates that competed and came close to being the champion, but even though I didn't win the contest I did win in other ways. I learned that the way to success in SFI is dependent on how you understand the use of the resources available to help you build a home based business, and let them work for themselves to help you reach your intended goals.

When you follow the process in place that qualify you for the entrepreneur challenge, you are really deciding that you are becoming an independent contractor by becoming an SFI affiliate, the six steps it take to qualify for the contest are simple task that are important for all affiliates who are intending to succeed to complete.

The E365 contest give affiliates incentives like daily drawings, monthly champion prizes for being the E365 "VP Champion of the Month" and 1000 Rewardical tokens for being the top VersaPoints earner for the month, the key to the contest is to maintain the rank of EA, which is how you qualify for the drawings. The time span of one year give affiliates 12 months to develop an earning approach that work for them while learning how to build from multiple income streams.

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Determining Your Direction ( SFI) in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

The SFI affiliate marketing program was started in 1998, as a way to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access the opportunity to tap into the worldwide e-commerce revolution, because of the world economic oppression which drive the lack of financial security, most jobs do not enable people to accumulate enough finances to sustain them past their able working years, SFI's intent is to enable all affiliate to learn how to become successful as an independent contractor as outlined in the affiliate agreement, the available training which is customized to the individual's response from the affiliate profile information during registration.

The process of learning how to use all the resources available in SFI, normally will be determined by how you access the information and test the knowledge of it's progression level for your efforts. For example to understand the compensation plan and the benefits you have to relate to how commission volume (CV) relate to the multiple income streams, the product's wholesale cost and retail price which is the gross margin difference which determines the ( CV) that is paid from the sales profit of all products and services that a sponsored PSA, or refer PRM order.

The reality of building an independent home based business using the different resources available in SFI, is once you start seeing results it is encouraging because of the different ways just performing the daily action tabs task progress your business from you efforts. The rank that start all members to build a residual income with out a lot of effort is EA ( Executive Affiliate), which require a minimum of 1500 VP to earn one share of the Executive Pool sales profit which is paid as direct commissions every month.

Once affiliates reach EA rank and start getting daily, weekly, and monthly benefits that progress their business, the level of success is determined by how far individually they are trying to get financially, for example training how to duplicate your success is really developing your own personal approach to how you build and increase you SFI commissions over time. As A team leader I am focusing on the basics to getting to the next available rank to increase my income which is STL, but I'm not in a rush.

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SFI The Diamond In the Rough !!! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Team Building

about 1 month ago

While reviewing the forum I looked at a E365 champion post which was encouraging, and gratifying to see, in the post the affiliate highlighted the assets that is enabling success from individual efforts, and the training and resources affiliates have to work with in their effort to earn an income working online. The post gave me the picture of an uncut diamond waiting to be cut into a shape that reveal it's value, the 33 years of knowledge and experience Gery Carson bring and maintain by keeping the resources that crate and maintain the success of the individuals consistent with the changes of times and markets.

The compensation plan is a clear overview of how to organize an approach, of how to maximize your earnings from the multiple income streams available to tap into. The objective of all affiliates who are attempting to earn an income online is to earn a 6 figure income, which is a challenge in itself but possible, the problem this industry have is that most of the people that attracted to the earning opportunity, fail to get pass the initial registration and confirmation.

The reason SFI is a diamond in the rough, is that the claim to produce success, is proven by the members who have took the time to follow the plan and involve themselves in one of the most successful international network marketing business in the industry. The reality to building a large income is to have a residual starting point, and work it into a leverage point that will produce an increase of income over time

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Motivating Others Require Education ( SFI Team Building) in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Today my aim is to encourage and motivate, the post is titled Motivating Others Require Education, because to do that we have to educate ourselves on how to do just that to be successful in SFI. The first thing we have to educate ourselves to is, that the earning opportunity in place is only successful when we learn the three basics ways to earn an income, which is:
1.Direct Commissions
2.Co-Sponsor Commissions
3.Executive Pool Shares

The next thing we have to educate ourselves to is, without the proper training we can't expect to succeed, in SFI once we become affiliates we have a 59 Lesson Launchpad training tailored to each individual affiliate's goals for developing a business using the earning resources available from SFI.

We then have to educate ourselves on how we plan to get there, my goal now is to just advance to STL, which will not only prove my individual success, but show that success can be accomplished and shown in real time, which should remove all doubt of what SFI have to offer to anyone will to learn how to earn a real extra income working from home, that can be developed into a reliable earning resource that can be increased with time and exposure.

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The Getting Started Tab in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

In the To Do List there are 8 task tabs with various actions that award 1 or more versapoints for completing the action, the Getting Started actions Tab have 20 task that when completed affiliates have accumulated 550 versapoints, but there is also another 295 versapoints that can be earned by reviewing the 59 Launchpad lesson.

The first three tasks are very important to every affiliate's success in SFI, because it help them to develop an understanding of organization from learning how to earn an extra income, the registration confirmation enable SFI to communicate with affiliates through a built in email system, that enables email communication through mail@sfimg.com, which is really a safelist, and the affiliate profile is a detailed progress report which is a real time report you can access any time.

The other 17 action tabs are filled with vast amounts of information that help affiliates, connect with important upline members, there is also an a2a section that connect other SFI members, different task that enable affiliates to develop an awareness to detail by performing the task daily. There is also tasks that focus on the sales and earning potential which can enable an earning process that affiliates can build from the ground up.

All affiliate that plan to succeed in SFI, must focus on the Getting Started Tab to at least get the earning process to start, and then develop a plan on how to maintain each month.

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Affiliate Activity Check ( SFI Genealogy) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

The Genealogy section is one of the most important tools we have, when it comes to assessing your PSA & CSA activity, the affiliate manager is how you assess who are interested in succeeding, and if they are responding to your communication attempts to help if they need it, the real time report enables team leaders to see who are active and who are not.

The information in the affiliate manager show you the affiliate profile score, the current month versapoints accumulation, their referral level ino SFI and the sponsor who refered them, their join date, their last login date, their affiliate profile completion status, their auto delivery status, registration confirmation status, email whitelist status of mail@smng.com to their email they used to register in SFI, and their goal setting status.

The Multiple choices in the section where you can filter the information can help you, isolate affiliates to see how you are growing or regressing as a team, you can also see what each individual affiliate is doing on their own.