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Building On Little Doubt in United States

14 hours ago

As a Team Leader since May 2017, I have absorbed a lot of information, and implemented several plans to get to BTL rank, it didn't take long when I finally started to see progress that proved the claim of the Launchpad training. From the SFI compensation plan the entry level position is Affiliate which enable you to earn 45% of the CV value for any product purchase from TripleClicks.com by PSA (personally sponsored) or TC ( personally referred PRM) as a direct commission.

Notice all you have to do, is learn how to generate potential customers to TripleClicks.com which the Launchpad Training teaches, but generating sales is only one of several income streams that can be tapped into. When you start with a foundation that's solid, you have to learn how to understand the Basics which carry the success that can be obtained, By following the SFI Three Step Plan.

From the Three Step Plan affiliates who have no experience, eventually learn how to make money with SFI, depending on how they develop an understanding of the compensation plan their earning potential can become limitless to a point.
The learning process is beneficial if you take your time, and learn the different way to earn an income from SFI the TripleClicks.com Executive Pool profit sharing is another income stream available to all SFI Affiliates, but to qualify to earn profit shares of the pool, which SFI put a whopping 40% of the Commission Volume of EVERY order at TripleClicks into a revenue pool for affiliates to share in, you need only to score a minimum of 1500 “VersaPoints” monthly.

Scoring VersaPoints and generating sales at TripleClicks.com, give all affiliates a foundation to build an income from SFI, but there is still several more ways to increase your SFI business earning potential by learning how to employ Team Sales, this type of earning approach is called sponsoring. The objective once you start team building should be, to develop a group of 5 people who are PSAs ( personally sponsored affiliates) to teach how to become and maintain EA ( Executive Affiliate), once you start developing the EAs you open the door to allow the residual income from your successful training efforts to start building , as well as initiating a leveraged income from the activity of your personally sponsored affiliates.

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How can we identify our PSAs and CSAs who rate their Sponsor? in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

Michael you can go to the VP ledger of all affiliates, and check the monthly actions tab to see when the affiliate rated you as a sponsor, if they have there will be a date the task was completed and the VP they earned showing .
10 For completing the SFI/Sponsor/Co-Sponsor ratings form 01/01/2018 10

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Team Leading and SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

As a new Team Leader and an independent contractor of the SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program, I can say that the earning opportunity that is available can be very rewarding with time and work effort. But to get the most out of your effort you have to learn how to lead a team in SFI, to do that you have to work your way through The Plan which will enable you to start building your earnings from 6 different ways to generate a commission each month.

The challenge I am having isn't attracting prospects to the program, but getting them to become active is what the challenge is. I haven't understood yet why some people ever expect to earn something without having to do anything, or realizing that no activity will eventually cause them to fail.
Affiliate Agreement:
35. Affiliate understands that if he/she fails to log in to the Affiliate Center within a 45-day period, Affiliate will automatically have his/her payment option set to "Accumulate my commissions." Affiliate must access the Edit Commission Payment Info page and change this setting back to the preferred option. Note that logging into any SFI account other than your own is strictly prohibited.

36. Should Affiliate not achieve Executive Affiliate (EA) status at ANY time during a continuous 6-month period, Affiliate understands that he/she will forfeit all accumulated commissions.

37. Affiliates who fail to log in to the SFI Affiliate Center for one year and ARE NOT at least EA will lose their SFI affiliateships. They will, however retain their TripleClicks memberships indefinitely and their original SFI sponsors will continue to earn on their member purchases. When an SFI affiliateship is forfeited, all PSAs and PRMs from that former affiliate will roll up to his or her sponsor.

Building a team will take some time when starting a new team because, you have to attract at least 5 people to the opportunity and hope you can get them to become active, once you do that and they become EA ( Executive Affiliate)you have positioned yourself and them in a way that as a team you can all generate a pretty good residual income each month which is leveraged by the group's activity.

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Understanding Self learning in SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

2 days ago

While going through the forum I came upon a post titled " Are you an Autodidact" which is a self taught person, when I read it I was impressed by the way the author dealt with the challenges, that some of us may have faced when we joined SFI. Anything that is new need to be learned, and as a new affiliate in SFI to position yourself in the group that is successful, you have to learn the basics that apply to everyone who are attempting to earn an income using the resources available in SFI to enable independent success from the efforts.

The different things mentioned that hinders success, the author covered in the post, but they also gave suggestions that will help, the first thing we all can attest to is that no support will reap failure, and no knowledge will drive disappointment. But that still don't dictate individual success or failure, and with the changes that are occurring at SFI to stabilize the business for successful affiliates it is getting easier to attract new members.

The fact that some successful Sponsors, and Co Sponsors aren't helpful can flustrate that shouldn't hinder your individual progress, because of the Launchpad training, and other resources available for every affiliate to access and learn from. The reality is that everyone of us are able to learn something we don't know, and all of us like to be motivated in a way that excite us individually.

As the post stated concerning the different things imperative to success in learning this business, all affiliates have to access the Launchpad training which help you individually develop a serious approach to learning, the Rules Of Success which help you to have an understanding of how to plan how successful you are trying to be, and the reference section of the resources that covers every area of information that will help you understand the ability of how to succeed and encourage others.

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Understanding ( SFI) Marketing from an International View in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

3 days ago

As SFI affiliates we all are independent contractors, who have decided to become a part of the few ( over 1.6 million SFI affiliates in more than 200 countries) among the many ( 8,016,142 TripleClicks members in 204 countries), who have the entrepreneurial spirit required, to encourage others to become involved in the proven earning opportunity available in the SFI affiliate program.

The different opportunities available which create multiple income streams, give affiliates different earning approaches, depending on how they understand the training to apply it to their earning efforts. If they plan to approach their earning plan as a Top earner in SFI, all they have to do is learn how to become EA and then increase their next rank at their learning and marketing knowledge pace.

The only challenges I have encounter as I progressed to the BTL position, has been getting affiliates that join to become active, most just signup and never respond to email, log in, complete their registration, or ask for help. This don't discourage me because of the approach to developing my personal SFI business is to let what I have invested as a budget get me to the next rank from effort. The building process is slow but it does work, for example the benefits that help you see your progress, is the bonuses you earn along with the rank increase which increase your monthly commissions.

Anyone who are serious about earning a worry free, safe and secure income online SFI, TripleClicks.com and the Launchpad training index , and Rules of Success index, is available for you to take advantage of the opportunity available which can give you 6 income streams to earn from while learning an building gradually as you develop the knowledge to own a business that is earning an income online.

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The VersaPoints Ledger and It's Value in VersaPoints #PSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

4 days ago

The VersaPoints ledger is one of the most important tools in the SFI resource center, along with your daily, monthly, and current progress, the ledger allow you to see what you have accomplished to the date in SFI. To team leaders the VP ledger is like a report card on all affiliates they sponsor or co sponsor, leaders can see how they understand what they are doing or not do well, and how they may try to help if they can.

To new Affiliate my advice would be to concentrate on the daily, monthly, weekly, and getting started tabs, which will orientate you to the daily approach of activity that in time will prove successful to your efforts to developing an income, from the multiple earning streams available. The 61 lesson 10 chapter Launchpad Training is important and should be reviewed in the order they are published and if you fail to understand something your sponsor if active should be willing to help.

As you progress through SFI your accumulative amount of VersaPoints earned, is the primary method of determining rank and monthly profit share earnings, but to qualify for the profit share you have to have 1500 VP which is EA. Once you advance to EA you are building a monthly income however small, that can grow with time and effort, while learning how SFI can become a fulltime business.

My VP Ledger:

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SFI Affiliate Training For Newbies!!! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Getting Started #Marketing

4 days ago

As a 6 year member of SFI and one of over several million affiliates worldwide, I can say with out a doubt that the SFI training Launchpad is very consistent, in developing entrepreneurs into independent business owners who are successful home based businesses earning an income from the SFI compensation plan.

The ironic thing about people today is, that most are distracted by either social media, poor reading habits, no desire for knowledge, or no plan of direction. They may think they want to make money, but they don't access the resources that enable them to understand how. As a new Team Leader in SFI who see the big picture of the earning potential in the compensation plan, which is a step by step income building approach that increases the earning with each rank advancement, starting from the EA ( Executive Affiliate) rank which have a 1500 VP minimum monthly requirement to qualify for profit sharing from 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase–companywide.

Before you can gain success you have to know the Rules of Success, which are made from your Dream !!!
Leave small thing small- www.sfimg.com/ROS/ROSMajorMinors
Start you Big Picture- www.sfimg.com/ROS/ROSWinBegin
have a Desire to Learn- www.sfimg.com/ROS/ROSLeadRead

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SFI and the E365 Contest and Class Cash Drawing in Inspiration/Testimonials #Compensation #Getting Started #PSA

8 days ago

The challenge that all SFI affiliates who have put in the time to build their individual businesses have is, team building which is disappointing in that most prospects fail to become active. The advertising and marketing aids in SFI are productive in that all you have to do is access the training and learn how to use the resources available to generate and develop an earning approach that is comfortable to how you work.

To expect any compensation or success, you have to complete some level of daily activity to see any progress, all affiliates who join SFI are able to take advantage of the E365 contest which allow them to compete with all class members who joined SFI the same day they did for 1 year, to compete for the most accumulated VersaPoints.

The Class Cash drawing is another incentive to encourage activity, in that all new affiliates can choose to enter or not, but the advantage of entering is that you have a chance to win $250 if your entry number is picked. The requirement to qualify for the cash drawing is log in at least ten times over the next 30 days and collect a minimum of 300 VersaPoints.

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Hello me work with my PSA's in United States #PSA #Team Building

9 days ago

I noticed you just joined in November, my suggestion to you would be to go to the to do list and concentrate on the 15 daily actions tabs, and the 20 getting started actions tabs to help you understand how SFI function to enable success, complete your affiliate profile to allow SFI to customize your training in a way that help you develop an approach to earning in a way that is comfortable for you.

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ROS - Rules of Success Revisited in United States #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

12 days ago

While training this morning I was looking in the ( ROS) index and looked at rule 8 and 9, in rule 8 Gery focus on the importance of daily activity in the affiliate center, reviewing all the action tabs, accessing the Forum to gain insite from business peers, also educate yourself by finding books galore for free that will allow you to run circles around the non-readers of the world now days on the internet.

In rule 9 Gery deals with restraints, that hinder people from seeing their potential to how to succeed and encourages learning all you can to reach your highest potential which is possible through learning.

The real question all affiliate should ask themselves is this, What am I trying to accomplish as I build an income from the multiple earning opportunities in SFI, and do I plan to turn it into a fulltime home based business?

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SFI the DIAMOND in The ROUGH in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

13 days ago

As we head into 2018 I am hoping to encourage and inspire by, reflecting on how SFI as a business opportunity compare with other similar companies within the network marketing, e-commerce, internet marketing, traditional affiliate programs, franchises, and direct sales. In comparing SFI to other companies we who are successful members are show verifiable proof that the opportunity does work and produces success, my story is like a lot of other members who are in business now because of SFI.

I joined the affiliate program in 2012 and went through the training, and now I am developing an online business working from home as an independent contractor of the SFI business opportunity, that help people learn how to earn multiple incomes from one source. The main objective of all members of SFI should be to earn as large of an income they can develop, from the compensation plan that give them an organize approach to follow, as they start building and income that increase as they progressively advance in ranks which in turn gradually increase their earning potential.

In conclusion I will reflect on what the last word in the title of this post ROUGH reflect concerning how SFI, when compared to other companies in the industry stand alone.
Reliable- one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world
Organized- a proven, debt-free organization with a long, successful history.
Universal- Anyone of legal age in his or her country can become an SFI affiliate
Group oriented- Additional commissions can be earned by building and leading affiliate groups.
Honest- SFI's parent company, Carson Services, Inc., is now in its 32nd year of business and is registered with Dun and Bradstreet.

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What Information Should I giving? in Getting Started #Getting Started #TripleClicks

15 days ago

In the Genealogy you have a link you can click to see a PRMs Report, which will have all your PRM who you have referred, the PRM are Tripleclicks referred members. These are members you encourage to purchase from tripleclicks products they purchase else where, these are not PSAs or CSAs, so you have to treat them like customers instead of affilites.
Here are some links to help answer your question:

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New Bronze Team Leader ( BTL) and it's Challenges in Recognition #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

17 days ago

AS a new BTL, I am grateful to God for enabling me to say that without a doubt SFI is one of the best marketing online businesses in the industry, in that it allows everyone to succeed from the LaunchPad training that can teach a child how to be successful, what it does is groom you to reach for your hidden potential to be successful.

The time I intended to be a team leader that I predicted in May 2012, I reached it 6 months sooner, and if my co sponsored affiliates become EA I know that I can help one become BTL, but right now I plan to slowly build a team. I have 1 CSA that reached BTL rank today, I realize that the key to a strong team is activity and communication, along with a planned direction.

The next rank with the team build is not hard , but for the team to be strong and the BTL position stable from an earning standpoint, I have to find 4 more sponsored or co sponsored affiliates to train and teach how to become EA The key to the earning potential is the matching VP override commissions from all EAs which will increases my income.

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BTL or EA What is the best choice with no downline? in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

17 days ago

James I have been a BTL now for 6 months and what I have learned from the training, is that once you realize your what you are attempting to accomplish all you have to do is exploit that . For example from the affiliate profile I review my goals which enable me to keep a focus, and I organize my next move, then a set a daily progress goal to move my business forward, then I train to understand how to use all the resources available.

Here is the facts, as an EA you earn direct sales commissions,executive pool commissions, co-sponsor commissions, milestone shares, and the other benefits associated with that rank's earning level, the BTL rank give you a boost which enable you to see what you can accomplish with work, the component that drive the progress once you reach this rank , is the JEWEL hidden under the blanket of all the other resources available and it is what leverage your income efforts.

The JEWEL I'm referring to is Match VP override commissions that BTLs earn from all EAs and CSAs they have in their Genealogy six levels deep.

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Understanding Sponsoring and SFI in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

18 days ago

The Launchpad training is consistent in how the training helps, you to learn how to keep it simple when it comes to understanding how to sponsor people into the SFI earning opportunity.
The basic approach as a sponsor :
•Provide the personal, one-on-one relationship that SFI Corporate can't.
•Offer friendly guidance and support.
•Be there for your PSAs when they need you.

The key to a successful approach to sponsoring, is to encourage all affiliates sponsored by you to check out the actions outlined in the To-Do List at their SFI homepage, offer assistance, as well as guidance if they need it. Try to get them to Get Started trying to score versapoints which help them earn a higher rank and commission earning from profit shares, earnings can vary until you develop a stable group of active EA, and they begin to develop some of their affiliates into EAs also. Here is a snapshot of what an active team leader with 5 active EAs in the first Generation who are active and then 3 more EAs under them can earn from their efforts over time.

Earnings Calculator

Based on the information you entered, your estimated commissions will be:

$135.30 per month after 6 months ($1,623.60/yr)
$983.10 per month after 12 months ($11,797.20/yr)
$2,057.70 per month after 18 months ($24,692.40/yr)
$3,521.10 per month after 24 months ($42,253.20/yr)


1. This is an estimate only! Your actual results will depend on you.

2. Estimate is based on a typical CV (commission volume) per Executive Affiliate (EA) of $20. It is assumed you start as and maintain EA (min. 1,500 VersaPoints) status for yourself.

3. You will likely have some attrition (EAs not meeting the min. 1,500 point EA qualifications) each month. To get an idea of how attrition would affect your commissions, do an estimate that takes attrition into account. For example, if you think that 25% of your EAs will drop below the EA level, instead of basing an estimate on 4 personally sponsored EAs per month, use 3 per month.

4. Additional income can be earned through ECA Royalties, Direct Sales, SFIPPA (Pay Per Action) and SFI contests.

5. For tips and resources for sponsoring Executive Affiliates, click HERE.

For more information on the SFI Compensation Plan, click HERE.

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Financial independence From SFI in United States #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

18 days ago

As I was looking over the Launchpad Lesson on Matching VP ( Matching Profit Sharing) in the second paragraph I clicked the tab this LaunchPad lesson which took me to Getting off the Anti-Wealth Plan , which is described as the "40/40/40 Plan." That is, work 40 hours a week for someone for 40 years and retire with $40 in the bank.

From the lesson it summarize how residual income which is started by you and your personal work efforts, which is leveraged by profit sharing commissions from sales of products and services, not only by you but by everyone you attract to the earning opportunity.

The key is to find 5 people willing to learn how to become successful EA ( Executive Affiliate ), and motivate them to want to attempt to become a Team Leader, once you receive your first PSA you are in position to help them learn the basics that lead to success in SFI, which is reviewing the action tabs daily, and apply what they learn from the information in the action tabs.

The earning potential as an EA ( Executive Affiliate ) is 2 ways to earn an income, direct sales commissions at 45% of the CV (The difference between the product's wholesale/base cost and the price the product sells for), and 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase–companywide–into the TripleClicks Executive Pool for our affiliates to share in. Every VersaPoint (VP) you accumulate during the month, you will receive one share of the month's pool.

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What is the best combination to build a TEAM?PSA's CSA's & PRM's in Getting Started #CSA #Getting Started #PSA

19 days ago

The best way build a team is to stay with the concept of the Plan, which is to reach the maximum earning rank ( DTL) and income in SFI, by developing 5 affiliates into active PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders) and maintaining 1500 VersaPoints from sales and/or purchases (monthly) to have a stable SFI business.

The starting rank which is EA, is easy to maintain with effort and daily activity because 1500 VP are not hard to accumulate with the 15 action tabs and the prizes from the daily grand and T-Time drawings. Here is a suggestion that can help to ease a lot of stress at maintaining EA every month, there is a TCredits - 125 pack (SFI Affiliates Only) for $ 36.25 if you set it up for an auto delivery and you get 1500 VP and 32 Rewardicals for making the purchase, which qualify you for EA.

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The Daily Grand And T-Time Drawing benefits to Your SFI business in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Rewardical #TCredits

20 days ago

This week has been a good week for my Team Building efforts, I have managed to accumulate enough Versapoints to advance to STL ( Silver), but I haven't gotten the 1 BTL I need to qualify. The T-Time drawing accumulated me 6 t credits from drawing wins on the 22th, 23rd, and 25th, and the Daily Grand drawing accumulate me 65 Rewardicals for wins on the 24th, and today, from the 5 total Daily Grand drawing wins I won I received a total of 195 Rewardicals which enabled me to get 43 VP by redeeming 129 Rewardical tokens.

The daily grand is a drawing that award affiliates rewardicals, which can be exchanged for products that can be used for your business building efforts in SFI, you can earn different amount of entries by completing tasks which earn you up to 8 entries a day. To enter each day you have to access the win it tab, and click the daily grand entry tab to have a chance to be one of the 410 affiliates to win a share of 18,000 rewardicals daily.

The T-Time drawing is a ( 24 hours a day) end of every hour drawing that award 30 affiliates who have submitted an entry into the drawing to win two free TCredits . Both the Daily Grand and the T-Time drawings are activity motivators in that to enter the drawings you have to submit your desire to be included each day to be able to have a chance to be one of the winners.

The DAILY GRAND is an exclusive daily drawing for SFI affiliates. Each day, 410 lucky affiliates win a share of 18,000 Rewardicals that can be exchanged for a variety of cool products and other irresistible goodies.

Every SFI affiliate is eligible for up to eight (8) entries daily:

• Earn one entry for producing at least 10 VP during the previous day

• Earn a second entry for producing at least 20 VP during the previous day

• Earn two additional entries each day for maintaining BCQ status

• Earn one entry each time you win a full PSA in the Bid & Build program. Limit 2 DG bonus entries/day.

• Earn one entry for reviewing alerts and posts on your homepage's ALERTS tab

• Earn one entry for turning all your Home page action tabs green

To enter each day, simply visit the "WIN IT!" tab on your SFI homepage and click the "Enter Today's Drawing" button. You MUST click this button to enter each day. No purchase necessary to win.

PLUS...With every 10 Rewardicals won by your PSAs, YOU will win one Rewardical! To maximize your referral tokens, be sure to encourage your team members to enter the Daily Grand every day (with the maximum number of entries possible). Note that referral tokens are paid to you on the first day of every month (e.g. referral tokens won in November will be deposited into your Rewardicals account on December 1st).

• Maximum of one prize per day per affiliate
• Maximum of 5 prizes per month per affiliate or 20 prizes per month with BCQ status

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Understanding Sponsoring in 2018 (SFI) in United States #Compensation #Sponsor #Team Building

20 days ago

While gong through the Launchpad Lessons this morning I was reviewing the introduction to sponsoring training, and from the links within the lesson when clicked I accessed several other lessons, which helped to understand the ability of the different resources available for use.

The first link explains the ability of the S Builder Co-op, and how it helps affiliate who don't have the time or knowledge of how to attract quality PSAs to the SFI earning opportunity, develop there business team through the worldwide advertising campaigns which attracts interested affiliates that are looking for an online earning opportunity.

The second Link explains the Basics of internet sales, and how it relates to just simply advertising products from the TripleClicks.com, which earn you commissions for all purchases generated by your SFI personal sales Link. And also enabling you to invite others to sale their products online.

The third link explains how to develop a personal plan, which eliminates limited finances by understanding how to build a personal home based business, by learning how to earn an income every month from sponsoring affiliates and training them.

The sponsoring of affiliates isn't the hard part, getting them to become active is what challenge ever team leader, for example I have 50 PSAs and 139 CSAs, in my new team build I only have 1 CSA who made EA this month, I have some CSAs who will be eliminated from my downline because of no activity starting next week.

Affiliate Agreement:
35. Affiliate understands that if he/she fails to log in to the Affiliate Center within a 45-day period, Affiliate will automatically have his/her payment option set to "Accumulate my commissions." Affiliate must access the Edit Commission Payment Info page and change this setting back to the preferred option. Note that logging into any SFI account other than your own is strictly prohibited.

36. Should Affiliate not achieve Executive Affiliate (EA) status at ANY time during a continuous 6-month period, Affiliate understands that he/she will forfeit all accumulated commissions.

37. Affiliates who fail to log in to the SFI Affiliate Center for one year and ARE NOT at least EA will lose their SFI affiliateships. They will, however retain their TripleClicks memberships indefinitely and their original SFI sponsors will continue to earn on their member purchases. When an SFI affiliateship is forfeited, all PSAs and PRMs from that former affiliate will roll up to his or her sponsor.

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Opti-Build and Synergya Team Building Asset in Team Building #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

21 days ago

The SFI affiliate team building system is like an octopus, it give you more than one proven way to develop a business, and several ways to generate multiple income stream working from home. Today I will focus on one of the tools that play an important part in the workings of success in SFI, to build a team you need interested people to attract to the earning opportunity which SFI have to offer.

You then have to draw their attention to the benefit of the earning opportunity, to help them progress to where they can start generating an income from SFI as well, this is where opti-build come in to play. The success concept of opti- build is to find 5 sign-ups to teach and mentor into a BTL ( Bronze Team Leader), encourage them to stay active and to follow the same success pattern that is working to keep the team successful, the synergy of the opti build is what take the risk out of the program's success because of the 5 separate efforts that are personally compensated as well as rewarded also from their combined efforts as a active TEAM.

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Milestone Shares and how they Business Boost in Miscellaneous #Sales #Sponsor #Team Building

22 days ago

The Milestone shares program is a very good incentive for affiliates in that it motivate and support independent business building progress. From the start affiliates are earning shares that will accumulate at 10 shares for every 10 VP they earn, as affiliates, or executive affiliate, then they increase by 2 shares up to a total of 18 as you move through the 4 team leader ranks ( BTL, STL, GTL, PTL) that enable the shares to be distributed at each milestone in that month's commissions as a one time payment bonus.

The advantage of the milestone shares is that you can accumulate more VP, that will help you reach the next level up notice, you receive shares at the 10x rate for the months you are an EA...and at the 12x rate for the months you are a BTL, these shares determine your milestone shares earning rate which are banked only on the PERSONAL VP you earn.


The way that the shares are banked give you time to work toward the next rank without rushing, the accumulated shares are banked for one year before they expire, each level up until you reach the PTL rank will accumulate shares that are distributed at each milestone in that month's commissions as a one time payment bonus. After that they cease to be accumulated , because by then you will have an active SFI Team, that can sustain itself as a team of independent business owners.

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Facing Adversity and how SFI has helped me in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

22 days ago

As I reflect on today December 25, 2017 I am thankful first to God, for enabling me to see it and PRAISE home for his Grace and Mercy. I retired officially from the employment sector this December and am now in the category of dependency on what I established through work to live on the rest of my physical life ( Retirement income).

In preparation of this time I started in 2011 searching for a way to earn an extra income, in April of 2012 I joined SFI and went through the training, from that point on I have allowed SFI to teach me how to succeed by developing a residual income from earning VersaPoints which build my rank that will increase my commissions from Profit shares that are earned by rank from sales company wide at 40% of the Commission Volume which I receive a share of.

The Team I am presently building is just starting to come together I have to PSAs that are active, one has already advanced to EA rank and is training. I will earn my first Co Sponsor (EA) VP match commission this month and also tripleclicks ( CSC) commissions from my CSA's purchase as well. Notice I mentioned 2 different payment sources within the SFI compensation plan that produce results.
The Executive Pool profit Share, the co sponsor commissions from purchases they make.

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Know Your SFI Marketing Potential in Marketing #Localvantia #Marketing #Rewardical

23 days ago

As SFI celebrate 20 years in the industry, I would like to say I am PROUD to be affiliated with such a remarkable earning opportunity that really work, just like everyone else who has reached a level of earning, by learning how to build a residual income, in to a leverage income that increases with time.

As a 6 year member who has trained to the level of Bronze Team Leader (BTL), I have finally started to see how hard it may seem but with the proper knowledge and training, everyone who desire to learn how can earn an income from SFI. But for this to happen you have to develop a daily time limit to focus on logging in and performing task that enable you to progress in you effort to develop an income stream from the resources available to earn you direct commissions immediately at no cost as an affiliate.

The key to the success of the SFI independent businesses of all the over 7,000,000 TripleClicks members, is their individual dedication to understanding how the different building resources help them succeed in developing a part time income stream into an eventual 4, 5, or 6 figure income by just following the training instructions and performing the basics which is to Review your action tabs every day , and Apply what you learn.