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15 "daily action tabs" in United States #Sales #Sponsor #Team Building

7 hours ago

The Launchpad Training has 14 tabs in the index, which address different topics that explain the way affiliates can earn an income in SFI. The 2nd tab which is the SFI Basics, have 12 related lessons that can be accessed for knowledge of how to learn and apply the information to accomplish success.

When you access the SFI Basics tab the first thing you read is, Success starts here then the rest of the information given is focused on the importance of the 15 "daily action tabs" and how essential it is to thoroughly read, digest, and, most importantly, consistently APPLY the information to your business.

As you go through the different tabs daily, you gain knowledge as well as incentives, which give you earned bonuses which give you help developing your income potential, through actions you apply from what you learn from the training.

The multiple income streams that enable the income are not hard to apply, affiliates have to learn the different processes that enable the income to be generated. In SFI there are 3 Basic ways to generate income, but the income resources that are available consist of an “umbrella network” under which all our properties reside and is consolidated into one earning process from the 6 different resources.

The success of each individual affiliate, is determined by how far they individual plan to go in their planned earning efforts. The 15 "daily action tabs" when accessed will enable progress which is easy to see over time, and the reality of the stability of SFI as a real home based business can be seen, if you are connected to an active and supportive upline, which not only motivate you to continue work for your business, but also enable you to progress along with them.

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SFI ( The Real Home Business Builder) in Inspiration/Testimonials #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

1 day ago

I don't know how many team leaders, executive affiliates, or affiliates, read the newsletters but I do realize that as an active member who is seriously developing an SFI home based business, that all who aren't accessing this available important resource is cheating their progress of success.

All the potential prospects who respond to the earning opportunity, is presented with an organized approach from the different links that direct the prospects through the information which help them learn how to be successful using SFI earning approach.

The Challenge for all executive affiliates, and team leaders, isn't reaching the next rack up from effort, but when developing a team, you have to have patience and do different things to find and train the people you can draw to the opportunity, once you do that all you have to do is encourage them to maintain their progress, give them support in their efforts, and help them develop an earning approach that work for them.

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You Get What you Work For !!! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

9 days ago

While browsing the Forum I went to several post, and while looking I ran across an old post that asked the question ( What attracted you to start building a business with SFI? ), I responded to the question along with other SFI members and I was able to reflect back on my real movement in SFI.

This internet marketing earning opportunity is one of the best home based businesses in the world, the training is extensive, but once you go through it all you have to do is log in daily, and apply something you learned to your work efforts which will help you develop your earning from multiple income streams available.

The reality is, because of the ability to reach people all over the world, affiliates with experience can experiment with different approaches to developing an income. Once they do that, their earning potential is determined by how far they decide to go Financially,

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Six Year Progress ( SFI) in Inspiration/Testimonials #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

17 days ago

Six years ago in April of 2012 I joined SFI, with no experience in internet marketing or e-commerce sales, but from the training and resources available, to help learn how to become independently successful at my own pace I have been able to reach the rank of Bronze Team leader (BTL).

My story is like this, I started working when I was 15 years old, I managed to have a good lifestyle and retire from my chosen professions in 2015, I then started focusing more time into SFI and became impressed with the way the training is customized to your individual business approach, started training and now I building a team.

I'm making progress but the process is slow, but I'm not discouraged because the big picture is, to reach the next rank all I have to do is help one affiliate rank up to BTL, which then enable me to become Silver Team Leader ( STL), this earning option is what you call leverage income, because you earn from other people efforts as well.


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Reliable Business Tools ( Daily Action Tabs (15) in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

24 days ago

In every business there is a routine that apply for everyone to progress or benefit, depending on the business or service there are needed tool that are necessary to perform the service, in SFI the 15 daily action tabs is one of several tools available to SFI affiliates.

The 15 tabs give you a daily progress report, as well as help you organize your daily business development and growth progress. When affiliates follow the instructions and review the action tabs they get a knowledge of the available resources that can give them an understanding, of how to apply what they learn to their daily action.

Once you implement an organized business development approach, and develop a consistent daily involvement in utilizing the available resources to progress your business daily, you will eventually start seeing earning results from your actions.

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you!
If you are determined to learn, no one can STOP you!
--Zig Ziglar

Learning is Earning!!!

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Time-Your Greatest Asset. What Value Do You Put On A Minute??? in Miscellaneous

27 days ago

Thank You Bruce, you are so right about your assessment of the value of time, for example in 15 minutes you can walk over a mile depending on your pace, prepare a meal, wash your car, and more. Since I started in 2011 I have learned that, some people never learn how to structure their days around efficient use of time.

The amazing thing about SFI and the earning resources is, anyone who is seriously attempting to develop a business that can earn an extra income can go through the Launchpad training , and learn how to earn an income using the multiple earning options in the SFI income earning plan.

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Forum ( The Message Board to SFI Success) in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

29 days ago

While browsing the affiliate center, I realized that SFI is one of the few internet marketing businesses that is making a difference in the world. With over 7 million Zing Network members worldwide the proof of success is easy to see, and the stability of the business is proven by the longevity of some of the members in the upper level earning positions.

The 15 daily action tabs are the essential office tools for running and developing a successful SFI business, you have an organized approach to initiating an earning plan that you can use to build your income as you go through the training to understand how to use the resources available to generate an extra income.

The most valuable information for all affiliates trying to understand the SFI business is found in the forum, in the index there are 22 categories with different references that help affiliates learn how to become successful, by getting answers for questions they may have, relating to business challenges they may face that someone else may have experienced also, finding an answer to a dilemma they may be having concerning the training or the income earning plan.

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Have you equip yourself to succeed in SFI in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thank you for your encouraging post, as a recently joined member you are a prime example of how individually you can succeed in SFI with work and training. The SFI affiliate program is the best in the market, and what make it easy for individuals is that they don't have to spend any money to start generating some type of income, they just have to signup submit their information, and business plan, and then just log in daily and perform the required 15 daily action tabs.

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The Hidden Value of SFI in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

With the recent changes that have occurred, the EAs and Team Leaders that are leading active teams should be seeing some earning increase. The good thing about SFI for us who have built successful home based businesses is, we have a dedicated founder who still have a passion for enriching the lives of people through honest work.

The strength of the SFI success is the Launchpad training, which is customized for every affiliate who take the time to complete the affiliate profile, the affiliate profile is really a resource of how we individually understand the aspects of owning a business, and how we plan to progress in the business.

The real value of SFI is there is no cost to join, and any investment made is your individual choice. The Zing Network give SFI members 6 ways to generate an income, any member who go through the training will eventually see success but, depending on how active they are will determine if it is a slow or fast progress.

The members who have established businesses in SFI just have to take advantage of the changes by learning how to implement them into their earning approach and let the changes take effect, and then strategize how they can use the changes to progress their SFI business.

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SFI - Know your Altitude in Team Building #Marketing #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

While reviewing the affiliate center and reading some forum post, I began to feel grateful that I am on such a remarkable Team, my sponsor is a BTL with 9 years in the SFI business, me being a BTL in his downline give him the option to advance to STL, but that's not what I'm posting on. As a 7 year member of this earning opportunity with a business history to verify I can say, if you are serious about earning an extra income and willing to put the time in to learn from the training, how to do that, you found the right opportunity.

From the start affiliates are encouraged to develop an organized wealth plan, there are 3 ways to generate earnings in SFI.
1.Direct Commissions
2.Co-Sponsor Commissions
3.Team Overrides

The challenge in all businesses is growing with time, and sustaining a certain level of stability that keep it moving forward, SFI make it easy for us who have put in the time to learn, how to create our individual successful businesses from the plans in place for us to apply to our earning approach.

The understanding I have come to realize from experience in this industry is, most people looking for opportunity miss it because they don't take the time to access the information that will give them an understanding on how to create an earning plan from the multiple income streams available to produce an income.

The key to any success in this industry, that will enable limitless earnings is to develop a selfless attitude, versus a selfish attitude, the reason being, to benefit from other people efforts you have to motivate them by letting them know they are not alone, in their efforts.

"Failure is the path of least PERSISTENCE."

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Why do you lose all VP at the end of the month when you get status? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

You don't lose your versapoint at the end of the month, points you scored last month qualified you for the perks and payouts you received (or will be receiving) for last month. My suggestion is review the training to understand this business, and apply the knowledge you gain from the training.

This link show clear up the confusion if not knowing.

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Fast track member in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

I noticed that you have just started, and don't realize that the only answer you need to give is what you already know, as a manager in SFI where I am building a team, as I analyze what I see from your results since you joined, you have a good earning approach that when duplicated will be profitable.

From your snapshot I see you have grasped the understanding of how to apply the different earning resources, all you have to do now is teach all your sponsored affiliates how to duplicate what you have established as a successful approach to earning an income as an independent contractor of SFI.

The other advantage you have just joining, is not having to work through confusion long. Continue to daily be active, review all the available information, and have an earning approach that you are comfortable with.

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Understanding The purpose of Training in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

When you understand something it is easy to apply what you know, but if you don't understand something you have to review the information, that give you the understanding you need. In the SFI affiliate program there is exclusive training that is provided, that will train affiliate on how to create a personal Wealth plan.

Every successful business have an earning plan in place that will generate an income, but for affiliates to create an income they have to review the training that will teach them how to use the resources available to understand how to generate an income.

As a team leader who has been in SFI now 7 years I understand, that everyone who try to be successful in SFI have to really work, and learn how to help the people they attract to the income offer understand, that lack of daily activity is fatal to any attempt of success, and lack of training will leave you uneducated to what it take to accomplish any success in SFI.

The desire of every serious business owner is, to become successful and earn as much money as their business can generate, as an SFI member all you have to do is access the training,and follow the instruction, which will guide you through the process that it take to become a top earner, which is the maximum success and top earning level in SFI.

There is also a complete section in the SFI resources that help members avoid mistakes, that can hinder their progress, the content is established rules that apply, and when followed will lead to success.

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Managing Your SFI Business in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

All SFI affiliates who are building or have established a home based business, using The SFI Launchpad training, Rules of Success, and the Diamond Plan, have all become managers but depending on their experience, some are struggling to understand how to develop an earning approach that can work for them and others.

Every skill have a starting position or an entry level, in SFI the position the start the Residual Income which can leveraged over time is EA ( Executive Affiliate), this position enables affiliates to tap into the multiple ways to generate an income in SFI.

Affiliates can decide to stay at EA, or choose to increase their earning potential by learning how to become a Team Leader, once affiliates become a team leader they need to understand that with work they can earn up to 4, 5 or 6 figures with the right approach.

As affiliates of SFI we shouldn't have any excuse for failure, because all we need to manage our individual SFI businesses, is the understanding of how to use all the available resources, knowledge of how to apply the resources to our individual business approach, and a consistent daily physical involvement of progressing our SFI business.

How do you manage your SFI business, do you struggle to earn or do you reach the goals you have set to approach how you earn an income?

In Conclusion I will leave the definition of manager as a challenge to all affiliates in SFI who consider themselves independent contractor, to really look at their answer.

Manager - a person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization.

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What is some desires on your mind ? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

The question asked in the title is intended, to get everyone that read this post to really look at how the answer it. I also have a hidden word within the title that identify several traits that apply to how it benefit everyone that obtain it.
The several trait that apply are :
Gain knowledge and principles that develop into skills over time - Launchpad Training

Understand how to put what you learn into action-[url=https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan] Compensation Plan

Develop qualities that prove your experience - [url=https://www.sfimg.com/the_plan]The Diamond Plan

In this business the desire to earn as much money as you can generate is obtainable, but the reality is that with time and effort the potential of increase is dependent on what you desire.

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Applying ( Rules of Success) in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

While reviewing the Rules of Success index I was impressed in the new look, under the heading there is caption that states " A Guide to Hitting It Big in SFI", then Gery's name under that.

Outside of the Launchpad training the Rues of Success information is important to all affiliates who are serious about becoming successful in SFI, as the statement reveals, the information in the rules of success is a guide to hitting ( earning ) it Big in SFI.

There are 20 rules given in the index, that need to be addressed and applied to understand how to become successful in SFI. I will give a brief summarization of each rule, and I will also state the fact, that to ignore them is fatal to any effort.

1. Make a commitment
2. Have a personal involvement daily
3. Be willing to Lead
4. Identify potential affiliates willing to learn
5. Learn your personal SFI ( tripleclicks ) store ( included in membership )
6. Communicate with your downline
7. Realize that you determine your Success
8. You have to absorb as much information as you can.
9. Know your ability
10. Have some direction in where you are going ( goals)
11. Have a business earning approach plan
12. plan your starting point
13. Have an business focus
14. Assist and encourage your downline
15. don't get discouraged enough to quit
16. Have high expectations
17. Stay Positive
18. Don't be a dream stealer ( negative thinker)
19. Everyone isn't teachable
20. You have to be dependable
How do you see Your Success?

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Organize and Update ( SFI Checkup) in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

With all the changes in the last few months, I am having to restructure and organize my earning approach leadership approach as a Bronze Team Leader. Because my team is small I'm not challenged much, because I have learned to have long term plans for my SFI business, right now I have the 3 active EAs I need on my first generation but the challenge I'm having is getting them to respond to my offer for help.

The only way to successfully earn an income in SFI, is to learn how it's done by reviewing the Launchpad training which will give you a clear understanding, and an earning approach plan that works for you individually. Depending on your own personal desires, once you learn the income earning system all you have to do is decide how much income you are trying to generate and go to work.

To the New affiliates who joined recently, I would like to encourage you to really take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to earn an income working online, as one in over 8 million Zing Network members who is proving that SFI is a reliable home based business, that can work for anyone who is serious about become financially independent all they have to do is learn how to apply the multiple income streams that dictate how to successfully earn an income in SFI.

The thing that I noticed which set The SFI marketing group apart from it's competition is, the personal involvement of Gery Carson and his valuable knowledge which is easy to understand and follow. The Launchpad training, is extensive because to be successful in this industry, you have to have a long term approach with reachable goals and the training gives you a earning approach which you can initiate without having to invest a large amount of money.

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SFI Affiliates ( Know Your Value) in Inspiration/Testimonials #Sponsor #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

While looking at some forum post I ran across one that really encouraged me, the affiliate was expressing their gratitude to SFI for being a reliable online business. In the post they covered several things that factored in to their progress in SFI.

They explained how they accomplished different things to get them through the first year, and they also shared the different perks they earned during their 1st year in SFI. From this post I also realized that once you become an active member of SFI, your value level within the established success line is dependent on your personal desire, and your intended level of earning you are trying to reach.

The intent of most people who are attracted to this earning opportunity is to earn an extra income, but most of the prospects that join have no experience or knowledge of how this business work. The training is available to help all affiliates learn what they need to be successful in SFI.

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Team Building with SFI in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

All earning opportunities that are successful today, were started from a planned idea, and established from
a learned effort, SFI is one of those opportunities. The difference between SFI and a lot of other earning opportunities is, that you are not asked to invest to join the earning opportunity, and any investment choice is totally in your control.

The affiliate Launchpad training is a 57 lesson business information plan that is customized, to the individual affiliate's own business plan that is built from your SFI personal profile, the main thing all affiliates should focus on is the Daily action tabs, and the understanding of how to apply the information to their business earning approach plan.

The multiple income streams with in the compensation plan give affiliates different ways to generate an extra income, the good part is, that the training teach you how to implement an earning approach that is comfortable to your personal work effort. The reality of earning an income is reachable in SFI, but depending on how you learn to use the earning resources available, your success in SFI and earn level becomes limitless once you reach Team leader rank, which enable affiliates to build on their income as they help others that they attract to the earning success of SFI, to learn how to develop their own SFI business.


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Real Earnings That increase with Time ( SFI Earning PLAN) in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

As independent Business owners, all SFI members who are ranked EA and above have had to train in some way to get where they ( we) are, in SFI. Some had some experience when they joined, some were inexperienced when they ( we) joined, but they have learned and developed an earning approach that works for their earning plan.

Everyone who join SFI are doing it with an intent to earn an extra income, the challenge to all successful affiliates that have started building their SFI business, is getting the PSA's, and CSA's, they sponsor to become active, and realize that with time the earning potential of their independent business, becomes dependent on the level of the team activity which automatically increase the commissions because of the total amount of the multiple income streams.

The amount of time you individually give to your SFI business don't determine what you make but, the results from your efforts and the approach you take to progress your business, is dependent to your understanding of the SFI earning opportunity ( Compensation Plan).