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The Path to Silver in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

22 hours ago

Scott, great advice and very clearly explained. I hope my downline reads it and heeds. I appreciate your contributions in the Forum please keep them coming.

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Sometimes is so boring :/ in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

Dear Sonja
The key word in this is growth!
Do you not think that during the years of building this great business Mr Gery did not get bored? If not bored, he certainly became disheartened numerous times.
That process is known as growth.
You learn from what does not work and you take it one step at a time to find something that does work.

School children get bored with their lessons. Usually it is something they do not understand or do not find interesting. My twelve-year-old grandchildren are shining examples of this. The girl gets bored over one thing while the boy is bored over another. BUT! Give them something they are truly interested in and the joy comes back into their life. They cannot put it down before learning something new.

Adults are no different.
As numerous affiliates have suggested, it is a matter of setting goals and one of those goals is to learn something new each and every day you live on this earth. I make it a challenge to learn something new about SFI or renew information I have forgotten every day. I also do that in other areas of my life. There is no time for boredom in my life. There is too much to do, too much to learn and too much to share with others.

The process, again, is growth.

There are numerous affiliates who have been in much longer than I have and throughout the years no matter what adversities were thrown at Gery or them they hunkered down, put their shoulders to the plow and trudged forward.
They all kept on learning and growing.

We should be no different in our endeavors. My biggest challenge in building this business is my health issues and lack of computer skills. What do I do about it? I keep trudging and keep working on those skills.

I wish you the very best in your journey and hope you will look for the positives and not the negatives. Fly with the Eagles and not with the Chickens my friend. You will be grateful you did.

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I just won! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

7 days ago

Congratulations ! Use them wisely where they will do the most good to build you business. Keep working! It does pay off!

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Throwing out a well used backpack in ECA Program #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

8 days ago

Good way to advertise in some of the different avenues available. Thanks for sharing the idea.

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Team message to send to inactive PSA Members. in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

Great idea, Maree. Thanks for sharing how you go about it. Also thanks for allowing us to follow you lead and example post.

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A Living Example in Inspiration/Testimonials

11 days ago

Yes, it is sad when you mother dies. However, Dr. Ben's mother was such a wonderful example for her two sons I am sure they treasure every moment they shared with her while she was with them.

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How To Promote These Free & Linked Gateways in Sales #Marketing #Sales

11 days ago

Thank you, Arnab, for sharing this great information. Very helpful!

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Very Valuable Information to Save! in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

Thank you Ronald. I was now aware of this feature.

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just suggestion in Suggestion Box

12 days ago

I agree with the others who have replied. I have my own order of operations. Also, depending upon how close to the new hour it is I often go play T-Time first. Then later as I am finishing for the time period I go back and replay T-Time if I did not win already that day.

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A Living Example in Inspiration/Testimonials

12 days ago

A Living Example

Dr Ben Carson shared this today on Facebook.

I feel it is such an awesome tribute to his mother, the life and example she lived and as a success guide for her sons to follow that we all should read it.

Today, November 6, 2017 we lost my dear mother, Sonya Carson. Although she came from an impoverished background with very little formal education, she somehow understood how success was achieved in our society. If anyone had a reason to make excuses, it was her, but she absolutely refused to be a victim and would not permit us to develop the victim mentality either. Whenever we made an excuse, she quoted the poem "Yourself to Blame." The poem is included in this post. May she rest in peace.

Yourself to Blame by Mayme White Miller

“If things go bad for you
And make you a bit ashamed
Often you will find out that
You have yourself to blame

Swiftly we ran to mischief
And then the bad luck came
Why do we fault others?
We have ourselves to blame

Whatever happens to us,
Here is what we say
"Had it not been for so-and-so
Things wouldn't have gone that way."

And if you are short of friends,
I'll tell you what to do
Make an examination,
You'll find the faults in you...

You are the captain of your ship,
So agree with the same
If you travel downward
You have yourself to blame”

Hope you are have a great week so far.
A day spent working our business is a day of progress.
My best to you always
May God bless

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How Much Do I Invest? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

12 days ago

Great analysis, Kevin. You are so right on! As far as how much money to invest, that depends upon your situation financially and also how quickly you hope to reach your goals. Dedication is the real key here.

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How to increase badge points? in Miscellaneous

12 days ago

Nisrin, I believe the easiest way to answer your question would be to refer you to the page that has all the badge question information, rules etc.
It is: www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=222445
Any question you might have on badge quest I believe will be answered on this page.
Good luck! Keep working! Have a great week!

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Instead of frustration, enjoy getting ahead!:) in Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

13 days ago

Fantastic share, Pamela. Simple precise and easily understood. Also like the add on for emphasis. It is up to us and all with our attitude whether we enjoy or make it a burden. A positive attitude will win the game.

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Are we being 100% Truthful in our recruiting of affiliates? in Team Building #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

19 days ago

Excellent post Joan. Honestly always pays off. You never have to worry about what you told them. One lie will have to be covered up by another and another, etc., etc., Eventually they all come back to bite you.

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How can the disabled join SFI in Miscellaneous #PSA #Team Building

23 days ago

Anyone can be successful. Please as others have said never use the word dumb. No one is dumb it is simply a matter of not being educated to a certain topic.
I for one am physically impaired. I cannot get out and go do things like the localvantia as others can. I have a problem with my eyes and have to enlarge the font a lot to be able to read. I am certainly no computer whiz.
However, my daughter assists me with these problems when my health issues are causing issues.
I would suggest that anyone who has health issues of any type but still wants to build a successful business find someone in their family or a close friend to help them.
I watched a NCIS show the other night wherein a big time computer hacker was a blind person. There are ways and means with the technology available to day that people with disabilities can and do build successful businesses and lives.

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Beginning in Getting Started #Getting Started

28 days ago

Wise words Martina! Well said! The thing you will learn is the learning never stops. There is always something new to be read, study, and practiced or rereading, restudying, and trying new practices. I wish you well on your new journey.

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Here is a better understanding of my T-time Tip in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Getting Started #TCredits

about 1 month ago

Sanchia, Great suggetion! I like the way you laid out your plan. I do this quite often and have won numerous times.

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Basic Lesson to be learnt by New Affiliates in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Great post Bupathy!
It definitely is worth sharing.
Hopefully, some of the new affiliates will take heed and follow the steps you have laid out.

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He Became a Millionaire Selling Potato Peelers! in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales

about 1 month ago

Thanks for sharing, Munish, this is one everyone should read and heed.

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5 Common Leadership Mistakes You're Probably Making in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thanks for sharing, Tatjana, great information for all.

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How does SFI forum impact your knowledge? in Miscellaneous

2 months ago

You hit the nail on head Michael. Every bit of knowledge you gain by reading these and all the other information from SFI will benefit you greatly in building your business.

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I win T-Time in Recognition #Contests #TCredits #TripleClicks

2 months ago

This is from the SFI Solutions page.

What is T-Time?

T-Time is an hourly drawing in which 30 members are awarded two free TCredits each.

How it works: every hour (24 hours a day) at TripleClicks.com, members have the opportunity to submit a free entry to win two free TCredits. At the end of each hour, we draw 30 winners--that's 720 winners each day! NOTE: Members are limited to 18 entries per day.

Submit your entry RIGHT NOW at: www.tripleclicks.com/t_time.php

Hope it clarifies how many times a day you can enter.

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I win T-Time in Recognition #Contests #TCredits #TripleClicks

2 months ago

Congratulations! Those TCredits are always welcome. Keep entering everyday and even more than one time a day to keep winning. I have lost count of how many times I have won.

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My Saddest SFI Moment! in Getting Started #Compensation #Getting Started #Team Building

2 months ago

Thanks for sharing Max. Maybe it will help some of us also.